Return To Player Chapter 122


Return To Player Chapter 122: Mary Sue (1)

“Is it here already?”

“Yes, it’s right here.”

At the words of the man in a black suit, roughly five or six men grunted as they carried in a gigantic metal box.

The man in blue martial attire watched the scene before asking,

“Is the item bigger than expected?”

“Not at all. We had no choice but to seal it like this; otherwise, the murderous intent from the sword would make it difficult even to breathe.”

“Indeed, a weapon befitting of SS-rank.”

The man with long black hair tied in one, dressed in black, approached the box that was laid on the ground.

Despite being made of heavy iron that completely blocked the magical energy and aura coming from within, it couldn’t hide its true nature.



When the man in blue martial attire opened the box, a suffocating murderous intent enveloped the surroundings.

Some of the men who had carried in the box stared intently at the ‘sword’ inside, their faces turning red.

The man in blue laughed at the sight.

“You want it, don’t you?”

“No, no, I don’t…”

“It’s alright. It won’t matter if you hold it just once.”

“Really? May I?”

“Yes. Go ahead. Hold it all you want.”

With these words, the men who had carried the box exchanged looks and rushed towards it without hesitation.

“Move! That’s mine!”

“If I just have that sword, if just I possess it!”

The appearance of ordinary men was long gone.

They fought like demons, attacking each other as if they were mortal enemies until only one remained.

“Heave, ha.”

The last man, riddled with wounds after casting a glimpse at the dead bodies of his five comrades, approached the box.

Inside it was a bizarre sword with a jet-black blade, more akin to a twisted tree branch than a sword.


“Oh, ooooh!”

As soon as he gripped it, a deadly aura seeped in, discoloring his arm.

His eyes moved erratically in opposite directions and began to turn purple, as his body started to twist grotesquely.

“Incredible. With this power, I can do anything.”

The man who had become the host of the slaughtering sword, turned his gaze towards the man in blue martial attire.

“Wei Longhua, I will kill you!”

“Impudent fool!”

As the man lunged forward, the man in the black suit stepped in front to intercept with his sword. However, his swing only cut through the air, and the man in the black suit was split into two, spewing blood like a fountain.

“Ha ha! Weak. So weak! Now, I am the strongest!”

“Truly, the power of the slaughtering sword is tremendous.”

Wei Longhua, the young man in blue, watched the scene and shook his head.

As his god had said, the power of the slaughtering sword was terrifying.

If only he could find a way to control it, it would be perfect, but he had no such intentions.

Getting swayed by such a sword to obtain strength was futile.

“Crahaaha! I’ll cut you in half with a single…”


The man’s head burst instantly.

The headless body trembled briefly before slowly falling backward.


The fallen slaughtering sword rolled, coming to a stop at Wei Longhua’s feet.

With the host dead, the slaughtering sword attempted to tempt Wei Longhua with its deadly aura as before, but he simply chuckled and with a light gesture of his hand,


The slaughtering sword floated up on Wei Longhua’s command and neatly returned to its original case.

“Even I would be in danger if I held it.”

To be honest, it was a close call.

Even he could have been tempted without the protection of his god.


This was sufficient for his plan.

That would leave only one dragon remaining in China.

The slaughtering sword was, after all, just a tool.


“Is it true that the Changcheon Guild has an underground arena?”

“Yes, and they apparently have an auction house as well.”

I didn’t return to the hotel until late at night.

Min-ah and the two kids had been asleep for a while, and with Changwoo and Luke the only ones awake, I was able to bring up the topic without difficulty.

“So are the auction house and the arena your objectives?”

“Not quite.”

“Not quite?”

“Mr. Luke probably thinks I’m going to eradicate the auction house or the arena, but I have no such plans.”

“Then do you plan to leave such inhumane places as they are?”

Changwoo asked, clearly perplexed.

I shook my head.

“Of course, I do not intend to leave them as they are, but that’s not something for me to do. Whoever rules this place should take action directly.”

“You’re talking about the Changcheon Guild.”


Jisoo rested her head on my shoulder with her eyes closed.

She didn’t seem to be asleep but showed no signs of movement.

“And while the arena can disappear without consequence, the auction house cannot. With a little refinement, it can be put to good use.”

“Put to use?”

“Yes. With server-to-server travel now possible, items from all servers will circulate. Naturally, there needs to be a place to sell and buy those items.”

Luke’s head slowly nodded.

He seemed to understand what I wanted.

“You plan to take control of the auction house.”

“Control… that’s a little different. As you know, I don’t have the time to manage an auction house directly. What I need is a right almost equivalent to that.”

The items that Siwoo creates are not inferior to those dropped in dungeons.

They may be somewhat less desirable than named boss items, but they could certainly compete up to sub-ultimate items.

Until now, I had introduced these items into Korea bit by bit.

But without a proper trade line, my solo efforts had limits.

‘Nothing improves the players’ levels around the world quite like equipment.’

Therefore, what I wanted was this auction house.

A place to distribute Siwoo’s creations worldwide.

And the ones who reigned over that auction house were the Changcheon.

My intention to contact Wei Longhua was for this reason.

However, after meeting Xiang Guan Yuan, things had shifted a bit.

Wei Longhua was a capable individual, but he was duplicitous.

So, while pondering how to bind him, Xiang Guan Yuan appeared.

To top it off, he was deeply involved with the slaughtering sword.

I felt that if things went smoothly, it could all fall into place more easily.

‘Well, I’ll need to first deal with the imminent incident.’

I recalled the event in my mind.

The great disaster that occurred in Beijing.

Most of China’s influential players who participated in the auction were wiped out in one fell swoop.

Since everyone who was there died, the exact circumstances of the incident remained unknown.

‘Anyways, Dainsleif will be on auction in a week.’

By then, Yuan will have obtained Dainsleif.

Although I had no idea how, there was still time.

“How about we all go to the arena tomorrow?”

“All of us?”

“Lin and Baekseol too.”

“Didn’t you prefer not to show them what happened today when the two of you went out?”

“Yes, but it seems better than I thought.”

At least it was far more tame than what I saw in the first playthrough.

“Lin and Baekseol need some actual combat experience now anyway.”

“Combat? They’ve already experienced that with Mamajack…”

“They’ve never truly fought with people before, have they?”

Luke grunted and crossed his arms.

He always softened when it came to his daughter.

But there was no better place than the arena to learn about fighting between players.

“I’m sure my daughter is talented, but… I can’t guarantee she would win against those who are seasoned in a place like the arena. That’s something to consider at the final stage, after going through the process.”

“Really? I think differently. The process doesn’t matter to Lin.”

Of course, the same went for Baekseol, who inherited Lin’s genes.

They were monsters who naturally followed the process once the results were provided.

They weren’t at the pinnacle of humanity for nothing.


Li Jianjun (李建军) was a veteran player who had been managing the auction house since the moment it opened.

He always worked on-site, dealing with possible troublemakers, and kicking out any unremarkable auction items from his sight.

‘Another worthless item has come.’

Li Jianjun frowned at the sight of a man walking in.

At a glance, the player didn’t seem particularly strong.

Items from such players were typically within the D to E rank at best.

‘Wait, a man in black?’

He recalled a player who had recently defeated Xiang Guan Yuan in the arena— a player dressed in black like a crow, with black hair, black eyes, and a black cloak.

‘Surely not, that’s impossible.’

The man before him was young, completely nondescript.

He lacked the grace of a strong man.

Above all, his gloomy demeanor was not fitting for someone who could have vanquished Xiang Guan Yuan, a valued member of the Changcheon Guild.

“I’d like to submit something for the auction, how can I do that?”

“Sir, I apologize, but we have high standards here.”

The black-clad man’s eyes twitched at Li Jianjun’s response.

“Is that so? Then I shall look forward to your discerning eye.”

‘He has quite an attitude.’

Li Jianjun wanted to kick the arrogant man out right away, but he lacked a valid reason to do so and held back.

After all, who knows, this gloomy player could have brought a treasure, by some remote chance.

“What do you think?”


The man presented a spear.

Judging by its shimmering silver appearance, it was likely made of mithril.

Li Jianjun took it, examined it carefully, and shook his head.

Just as he suspected.

“Mithril spears are indeed valuable, but now, plain mithril spears can no longer be auctioned.”

Despite being worth using, Li Jianjun politely declined since the man’s attitude was off-putting.

“Plain? Ha, for someone managing the Changcheon Guild’s auction house, you sure can’t recognize an item’s value.”

“What did you just say?”

“I meant exactly that. If this is a plain spear, then the Changcheon Guild must be much more splendid than I thought.”

The man infused the spear with magic power.

It was the first time Li Jianjun had seen a player who could control magic power so delicately. His eyes widened in astonishment.

That wasn’t all.

As magic coursed through the mithril spear, it began forming a faint golden barrier.

“What on earth is this?”

“This is no ordinary mithril. It’s an alloy made with a metal called Esther. Never heard of it?”

Esther? It was the first he’d heard of such a metal.

He wanted to dismiss it as a lie, but the aura emanating from the mithril spear felt genuine.

The infused magic power swelled to several times its original strength.

Swinging that spear would result in several times the power of a regular mithril spear.

“May I try it?”

“Be my guest.”

Receiving the mithril spear from the man and channeling magic power into it produced the same effect.

Li Jianjun gazed at the faint golden glow in rapture.

‘It’s a hit!’

At least a B-rank item, if not A-rank.

With the potential to fetch at least 20,000 points at auction.

More impressive was that it wasn’t a drop item.

“Who made this?”

“Sorry, but it was our guild’s blacksmith. I can’t divulge any further information.”

“Guild-affiliated? Which guild has such a blacksmith?”

Knowing the guild’s name would have led him to propose a partnership immediately to secure regular shipments or bring the blacksmith into the Changcheon.

The metal Esther might be unfamiliar, but a blacksmith who could create such alloys was worth inducting at any cost.

“It’s called Deicide, based in Korea.”

“Excuse me?”

“Are we in or out? If it’s a no, then I’ll just take it back.”

As the man began to stow the mithril spear back into his inventory, Li Jianjun hurriedly interjected.

“No, we’ll absolutely take it!”

“Is that so?”

The man grinned.

Handing over the mithril spear to Li Jianjun, he reached into his inventory again.

“Then, these will be fine as well?”


As the inventory opened, a considerable number of swords and spears fell out—more than ten in all, along with various types of bludgeons.

“You can’t mean… Are all of these the same as this spear?”

Li Jianjun’s eyes looked nearly ready to pop out as the man simply nodded.

He had merely intended to give a taste today.


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