Reincarnator chapter 401


Chapter 401: Guerrilla Warfare (2)


‘It’s a bit noisy outside…’

K-Adelaia Ron flinched at the sudden noise but soon refocused her attention.

There were much more important tasks to consider

‘What… is his goal?’

The aliens.

They had come as visitors and didn’t have that much of an effect in the beginning, but the moment a strange elevator descended from the sky, they started to grow stronger at an extreme pace.

And now they had grown to the point of fighting on the same level as the Dragon God Soldiers and their ships.

Some had even grown to the point that they couldn’t be ignored anymore.

Existences that can rip apart ships with their bare bodies.

If those beings didn’t exist then they would’ve long wiped out the rest of the other aliens.

Although this newly appeared man wasn’t as strong as those freaks…

But from what he has done so far, he was far worse than the rest of them.

‘…For a single man to be able to cause an entire war.’

Although they had pushed it aside, some high-ranking members within the family actually believed that the problem they’d had with the Nelkipa was somehow related to these guys as well.

‘That’s not what’s important.’

They didn’t need to care about the Nelkipa anymore anyway.

They had to deal with the two problems they had at hand first.

K-Adelaia Ron pondered for a moment and then spoke to the other family leaders.

“The task of defending against the Pompeion Empire will be spread out around the three families. The Nell family will watch over zones 114 to 272. The Pael family and Ron family should watch over their own respective areas.”

The other two leaders nodded.

Although it was sudden, they all had the same goal.

After all, those stupid monsters couldn’t seem to discern between the sides.

This might actually be a good chance.

Dealing with the giant opponent they’d been fighting against all this time and acquiring the chance to take over this entire planet.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: “6528c948fadfcc003f9827ee”, id: “pf-6108-1”})‘Well, we three will probably fight amongst ourselves after that, but…’

K-Ukatan Pael nodded and asked:

K-Adelaia Ron looked at the screen K-Ukatan Pael had pointed to, observing the monsters devouring the energy from the Great Furnace. She then replied:

“You two just need to agree. Using the relic during a most dangerous time… Do you two agree?”

K-Ukatan Pael’s and K-Merrow Nell’s expressions stiffened up at this talk of the relic, but they soon loosened up.

They nodded.

They both knew that the current situation was really dire.

Even they themselves might need to head to the frontlines to aid them.

Although they disliked the thought of having to act, but that bastard Pompeion might come as well.

They needed to prepare themselves in order to defend against him at all times.

Preparation against Pompeion directly entering the battle and destroying the ships on his own.

‘That monster..’

As if all three had thought of Pompeion at the same time, all their expressions had stiffened up.

K-Adelaia Ron quickly erased Pompeion from her mind and spoke towards the two other leaders before her.

“Good, then it’s settled. Let’s focus on our own territory.”

At that moment—


—K-Adelaia Ron received a message.

‘I told them that I was in a meeting and that they shouldn’t send any reports up…’

K-Adelaia Ron frowned and started to open up the message.

But then—



—the other two leaders received messages as well.


K-Adelaia Ron was shocked at this scene.

And K-Merrow Nell, who had an impatient personality and had read the message first, frowned as he spoke out.


K-Adelaia Ron frowned as she quickly opened up the message she received.

She felt like the three messages they’d received separately had similar contents.

Although they were thousands of kilometers away and it was unlikely that they would simultaneously receive a similar message, her intuition was telling her something else.

And soon—

“…Those bastards.”

—K-Adelaia Ron’s expression turned into that of rage.




Cities blew apart alongside the sounds of explosions.


“What the hell! Where’s the army?!”

The citizens of the 14th City, Etoreim, ran away while roaring in rage.

For N-Levels like them to receive such a lack of protection…

N-Zairon cursed as he continued to flee.

“How dare they allow these trashy aliens to come all the way up here and cause a scene! Dammit!”

At that moment—

—a man walked out from a nearby street with a frown.


As soon as those words ended—



—N-Zairon, who had been kicked in the abdomen, felt as if his stomach had been ripped off as he started to roll on the ground.

John Stone, the man who had walked out from the nearby street, spat at N-Zairon and mumbled:

“You bastard… I’m really not in a good mood.”

But as he was about to crush the man’s head with his feet—

—a woman who had followed John Stone from behind, stopped him and said:

“Hurry and continue. If you want to kill each and every single person like him then all 423 days of the year wouldn’t be enough.”


John Stone swung the axe in his hand as if to vent out his anger.


He looked in satisfaction at the building that had been cut into two as the woman continued to talk to him.

“We have no time.”

“Damn… Let’s go.”

The woman who was wearing the Dragon God Armor started to dash away as John Stone quickly followed after her.


While dashing through the air at a very quick pace—

—John Stone continued to curse inwardly.

‘Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!!!’

He should’ve quickly run away and headed up.

For him to have been forced into this war…


He could feel the ships aiming towards his location.

If the city’s worth was much lower than their own expectations then those ships would’ve long blown this place to pieces.

Since those things were originally designed to cruise through space and destroy stars.

Although he could deal with one or two ships, any more than that and even he’d be forced to run.

But it was too late.

‘Damned bastard. Damned bastard. Damned bastard.’

As John Stone frowned at the red energy that was squirming around inside his body—

—the woman who was running alongside him pointed towards a structure.

“We need to break that.”

“…God dammit.”


John Stone exhaled deeply and then tightly gripped his axe.



The reinforcement placed around the blade of his axe exploded out and slammed into the building the woman had pointed at.


As if it was an important building, a few bright pillars appeared and covered the building with a bright shield but it didn’t last long.


John Stone’s attack smashed right through the shield with ease and started to cut the entire building into two.

“Aahhhhhh! What the hell?!”


A building that was easily hundreds of meters tall had been cut into two and had started to crumble as the people beneath it began to freak out and run away.

Although they had set up defensive structures so that even a Dragon God Soldier could not get through this place.

John Stone, who could even destroy entire ships, could easily break this place apart.

Since this building had been designed to defend against Dragon God Soldiers who were similar to level 2-Star Transcendents, it could not defend against John Stone who was at the 3-Star Transcendent level.

As John Stone looked at the crumbling building in satisfaction—

“Let’s hurry and continue. Since we destroyed the communications tower, there should be a huge delay in their communications. We need to destroy as many important structures as we can while they fix it.”

—Metionell, a woman from the Kalkata tribe, pointed towards the other building as John Stone frowned.

But he soon sighed and nodded.

“Haa… Fine. Fine.”

He just wanted to watch his handiwork for a moment, but for her to speak out right away…

But her words weren’t wrong at all.

The faster they disarmed this city and left, the higher the chances of their survival.

John Stone started to run with Metionell as a question appeared inside his mind.

“Anyway, you know this city very well. Do you have a map or something similar?”

The city was extremely large and the buildings were all very similar to each other so it was basically a maze.

But for her to be able to find the important structures this easily…

Metionell replied to John Stone:

“It was originally the city of my tribe.”

“…This was your land?”

Metionell nodded.

“That’s why Kiriel moved us here.”

How could she forget?

Her homeland which she had lived in for decades and had been driven away from.

She had never forgotten it and had always thought about it.

‘But now… We have to break it.’

It wasn’t theirs anymore so there was no need to hold back either.

At that moment—



—a few beings appeared before John Stone and Metionell.


Dragon God Soldiers clad in their armor.

The person who had been standing at the very front spoke out in a cold voice.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do, Metionell.”

At that moment—

—Metionell’s eyelids shook.

“…Karass. You filthy traitor.”

Karass welcomed Metionell’s disgusted expression as he tapped the Dragon God Armor surrounding his body and said:

“I’ve been able to wear this because of that betrayal, and I’ve even been promoted. But for you to run away to that trash dump and now to join hands with the aliens… I don’t know how far you can fall. Let me finish you off here today.”


John Stone yawned while watching the two converse, thinking:

‘It’s good to have a rest, but… why are they acting so confident?’

For them to be so confident in their Dragon God Armor.

It was something he’d fought against when he was a 2-Star Transcendent—it was nothing more than scrap metal to him now.

He could easily cut apart those beings with a single slash of his axe, and for them to act this confident…

Karass made a strange smile at John Stone’s expression.



‘It seems like everyone is doing well…’

Hansoo, who had been looking at Neoreim from the top of a skyscraper, turned to look behind him.

And he saw seven people who were conversing behind him with excitement.

“I wish they choose us.”

“Well, we’ll know soon enough when they take off their capes.”

The seven Dragon God Soldiers who had arrived beside them.

Kiriel frowned at their conversation.

‘There’s no way that they’re this stupid.’

There was no way they didn’t know their level of strength since they’d observed Hansoo and her from the sky all this time.

They should know that the Dragon God Armor wasn’t nearly enough to deal with the two of them.

But then—


—a tremendous aura exploded out from around the Dragon God Soldiers.

And the Dragon God Soldier who had been standing at the very front spoke excitedly.

“This is your first time seeing the Flame’s Blessing, right?”

“…Wait, I’ve heard this line before.”

As Kiriel mumbled at the words of the Dragon God Soldiers—

—Hansoo looked at the red marks on their necks.

‘Hmm… There’s someone helping them out in using the relic.’

There was no time to be lazy anymore.

Hansoo thought of the Nerpa and then felt the newly found seed near his heart.

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