Reincarnator chapter 400


Chapter 400: Guerrilla Warfare (1)

‘Where did these monsters jump out from…?’

A woman frowned as she received a report from a ship.

But she wasn’t actually frowning at the monsters but rather at the ones that went to war the moment a chance sprang up.

“Pompeion, that crazy bastard.”

Inside a decorative office, surrounded by twenty Dragon God Soldiers guarding her, a woman sat in a chair as she gritted her teeth.

K-Adelaia Ron.

A title that only one person in a family can hold.

The woman with the ‘K’ title, held only by three people within the entire Neropa Union, frowned as she read through the endless reports that were being sent her way.

The seven monsters that popped out from the land where the defeated had gathered at.

They were the spark that caused the sea of flames that was raging through the lands right now.

A hologram in front of K-Adelaia Ron spoke with an amused expression.

K-Ukatan Pael.

The patriarch of the Pael family that ruled over the giant territory in the west.

K-Adelaia Ron frowned at his words.

Of course, he didn’t care so much since he didn’t need to defend from his side.

The monsters hadn’t gone towards Ukatan’s city but rather the Pompeion Empire’s.

His fleet was probably planning to demolish the Pompeion city that was currently being crushed under the monster’s feet.

Another hologram next to K-Ukatan Pael chuckled as he spoke.

K-Ukatan Pael shrugged his shoulders at the negative tone that was coming out from the mouth of K-Merrow Nell, the patriarch of the Nell family.

K-Merrow Nell continued to frown but soon sighed.

It was not a wrong decision.

They needed to destroy at least one city to have some breathing room against Pompeion.

K-Adelaia Ron then said:

“That’s not the main issue, we need to deal with the most basic problem first.”


K-Adelaia Ron thought as she looked towards the mythical creatures.

‘Where in the world…’

Of course, the monsters weren’t the only things on the screen.

Around the monsters themselves…

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A fleet of warships was attacking the giant creature in front of it.

Sadly, their efforts seemed futile.


It looked like the attacks had damaged the monster but the rate it was healing at was much faster than the rate of damage.

Healing with the energy from the Great Furnace.

No, it wasn’t just healing.

‘It’s even getting bigger.’

K-Ukatan Pael looked at K-Adelaia Ron who was staring at the monster that was becoming larger and larger, saying:

K-Adelaia Ron felt a headache.

Catastrophes were flying over in bulk quantities.

The Neropa Union, who should’ve only had a bright future of expanding their territory, was suddenly faced with countless dangers.

But K-Adelaia Ron knew.

That all these incidents were linked.

The alien that took over a relic.

The giant monsters that appeared out of thin air and were now shaking the entire planet.

The Pompeion Empire’s invasion.

These were all caused by those aliens.

And the person who caused all of this was…

‘This man.’


K-Adelaia Ron looked at the changed image in the screen before her.

A couple who was standing right in the center of their highly advanced satellite camera.

K-Adelaia Ron saw the blue-armored man holding a hammer, and the woman who was standing very close to him.

Of course, the issue with these two was miniscule when compared to what was going to happen in a bit.

But she didn’t feel comfortable leaving these two alone.

K-Adelaia Ron smiled as she said:

“Well, we know who’ll be able to deal with them. Family matters should stay within the family, right?”

K-Adelaia Ron switched off the communication panel.

She didn’t know where that man was heading to.

But it didn’t matter.

Maybe if they were hiding inside the trash dump where the power of the Flame was sealed, they would be safe, but…

The moment they came out, they won’t be able to escape her eyes.

‘Do you think you’ll be able to escape?’

K-Adelaia Ron chuckled as she looked at the face of Hansoo on the screen.



In the land where the monsters have stomped through.

Thousands of people had gathered.

‘Haa… We have to move.’

Erunheim, who had gathered all the remaining survivors, looked towards Hansoo in the distance.

The relic wasn’t here and the fence that was protecting them had disappeared as well.

Although they could use the power of the Flame…

She could feel her confidence shredding apart as she looked at the battle between the Pompeion Empire and the Neropa Union.

The sky was collapsing as the earth was flipped upside down.

The ship that they were on seemed nothing more than a small cargo ship in comparison to the ships in the distance.

She was in disbelief.

‘No way… Their technology has advanced this far already?’

She was at a loss.

It had only been two years.

The level of technology between them hadn’t been that different back then.

They were just much weaker in terms of the number of resources they had.

But those ships in the distance.

They were at least a whole generation ahead of them.

And it had only been two years.

‘…What happened? Weird.’

Erunheim gritted her teeth as she looked towards the ships in the distance.

A whole generation of differences meant that at least 90% of their weapons were nothing more than scrap metal.

Their opponent would be able to attack normally but their own gear wouldn’t allow them to attack their enemies as freely.

It would be a massacre.

And as she thought up to this point—

—Erunheim stood up and walked towards Hansoo who was talking in the distance.

‘He… He might know something.’

He was acting so confidently while everyone else was crying in despair.

This was more than enough to stand out in this crowd

“Do you have a plan? Or anything we can do to help…”

John Stone spoke out from nearby.

“Damn… What can we do? Our amazing Kang Hansoo will solve everything! Killing monsters! Crushing ships!”

John Stone lay down on the floor while yelling sarcastically.

‘F*** it. F*** everything. I’m just going to go up.’

His original plan of trying to go against monsters like Hansoo was flawed from the get-go.

He should have just gone up to work under somebody right from the beginning.

Hansoo, who had been looking up into the sky, turned towards John Stone and smiled coldly.

“No, there is a lot you can do. A lot.”


John Stone felt shivers run down his back as he saw both Hansoo’s cold smile and Kiriel’s look of pity.


“We’ve caught them”


R-Eronia Nell, who had been assigned to the rats, smiled.

He had long felt pissed off due to the fact that he was assigned to dealing with rats instead of fighting the Pompeion Empire.

Even more so since he, an R-level, was being watched over like the rats he was trying to catch.


If he could deal with them himself then at least he wouldn’t be this pissed.

R-Eronia Nell decided to hurry and finish this mission, and he asked the Technorats:

“Where is it?”

One of the Technorats scanning the entire planet with the satellites replied:

“The 14th City. Etoreim.”


A scene appeared on the panel before them that displayed an area near the factories on the outskirts of Etoreim.

Showing the alien pair who were covered in a dark cloth.

‘Amazing… How did they activate the Quantum Transmission with just their bodies?’

R-Eronia Nell shrugged his shoulders as he looked at the pair who were walking out from a cloud of white smoke.

He didn’t have to deal with them anyway.

‘Not a bad choice but… still.’

R-Eronia Nell chuckled.

Although this was the original territory of the Kalkata tribe who eventually ran off to the trash dump, it was still one of the four cities that was protecting a Great Furnace.

If they took that city down then it would be a huge blow as well.

They had expected those two to do something great but for them to be aiming for such a small goal…

R-Eronia Nell scoffed at the Nell family’s leader who had ordered him to watch over these two.

‘Well, it’s good for me since my job is done.’

“Send the report, tell them to activate the Quantum Transmission towards Etoreim as well.”

But then—

—countless voices started to speak out.

“…12th City outskirts, three aliens have been located.”

“The Capital, Neoreim. Aliens have appeared in seven locations all at the same time.”

“A total of 181 aliens are heading towards the nearby 54 cities within the Reyunion territory.”

“Damn… This location. 2nd City. Three aliens are heading towards this location! Hurry and prepare the Dragon God Soldiers!”

Dozens of panels started to appear before them.

Hundreds of aliens covered in dark clothes and powerful auras appeared.

No, they hadn’t just appeared.



As he watched them begin their attack—

—R-Eronia Nell felt something snap inside his head.

“These rats… Wait. What about that guy? The guy with the blue armor?”

“He cannot be scanned. Due to the countless auras exploding out…”

As he heard the flustered Technorat’s report—



—R-Eronia Nell stood up and slammed his fists on the panels and roared towards the countless aliens on the screens.

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