Reincarnator chapter 399


Chapter 399: Continental War (3)


The Haetara made a strange expression as it moved.

Just up until this exact moment, there was the aura of a delicious meal in the location it was heading to.

An aura of a meal that would allow it to far surpass its siblings.

But the aura had suddenly disappeared.


The Haetara pondered for a moment and then stopped heading forward and turned around instead.

—boom! boom!—

Because of its sheer mountainous size, just a simple turn caused giant dust clouds to form around it.

And there was a very dissatisfied expression on the Haetara’s face.

It had almost reached it, but for it to suddenly disappear…

But there was no time to sulk over this matter.

Since its siblings were already far ahead of itself, moving toward other sources of food.

Although there were a few flies clad in steel armor that also aroused their hunger, these little things were nowhere close to being able to satisfy them.

Instead of wasting time on these little things, they needed to move.

In search for that one large chunk of meat that could fill up its stomach.

—boom! boom!—

The Haetara turned around and then started to proceed towards the far distance that radiated another delicious aura.

And in the location the Haetara had previously headed to…

‘Good, I’ve stopped it before things got more annoying.’

Hansoo mumbled in annoyance and then started to descend.

Towards the Nerpa who had attracted the Haetara with its tremendous energy but was now laid out on the floor, powerless.


“Ughhh… Kuhuk.”

The Nerpa puked out blood.

One strike.

It only took one strike to destroy this weak body currently under its control.

Even if the body had the power of his soul, it was useless.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: “6528c948fadfcc003f9827ee”, id: “pf-6108-1”})Since the moment he started using it, what was left of his weak body would start to disintegrate.


The Nerpa looked despairingly at Hansoo who was descending from the sky and then glanced at the crystal in Hansoo’s hand.

And at that moment, Hansoo’s words flashed by.

‘I’m… a fake?’

This being the reason why he could not use the controller.

But the Nerpa denied this.

‘No. How can I be fake?’

Then, what were these memories in his head?

From waking up from the crystal to having his body stolen by Melchizedek.

And stealing the body of N-Aroel who was nearby.

It remembered everything.

Even his goal of saving his race and achieving glory.

But at that moment—


The Neropa’s expression turned grim.

And it wasn’t from a headache or the pain from the injuries on his body.

But because of one thing.

‘…I can’t remember.’

When it tried to think of its past memories, the clear memories started to blur and he started to slowly forget them one by one.

As if he was someone who had simply passed by, picking up things other people had talked about.

If those memories were truly his, then something like this shouldn’t be happening.

‘What the hell… What’s going on?’

While the Nerpa was raking through his memories—

—he heard a very familiar voice inside his head.

And the moment he heard this…

Chills ran down the Nerpa’s entire back.

He knew this voice.

This voice.

It was his own.

Of course, he couldn’t think for long.

The moment he heard this voice, his consciousness quickly came to a halt.

Every thought process stopped and his memories were erased.

The Nerpa understood what was happening as he fell into despair.


And with this word as his final thought.


The body of N-Aroel that the Nerpa had controlled weakly slumped down onto the ground.



His body stopped moving.


Overloaded from the Flame’s powers, N-Aroel’s body could not withstand the energy coursing through it uncontrollably and soon disintegrated.


Kiriel landed next to Hansoo and then looked at N-Aroel with a frown.


‘I can’t read anything like this…’

She needed at least a small remainder to read a body’s memories.

But since there was nothing left, there was no way she could read any memories.


She placed her hand on the ground to test it out, but couldn’t read anything.

‘He looked like he had a lot of information we could dig out… Damn.’

Although she hadn’t participated in the battle, she had witnessed it from afar.

The moment Hansoo said he was fake.

The Nerpa had flinched and Hansoo used that opening to send a fatal strike.

She had run over because of her curiosity, but for the Nerpa to have become like this…

‘Shall I ask?’

As Kiriel was about to ask—

—Hansoo turned to her and spoke first.

“Let’s move.”

“Huh? Where?”

Hansoo glanced at the crystal in his hand and then said:

“Towards the location of the second object.”

The closest location was the Neropa Union.

It wouldn’t be hard to go there.

Within Erunheim’s memories that Kiriel read, there were clear memories of the Neropa union.


Hansoo replied.


Neropa Union’s capital city.

A core city inhabited by a hundred million civilians.

Kiriel raked through her memories relating this giant city and then muttered:

“…It won’t be easy.”

The Neoreim existed within Erunheim’s memories.

Since everyone under the Neropa Union would have been to the capital city, Neoreim.

But there were two reasons she said this.


Neoreim was too far for them to reach with her Cloudy Movement.

Of course, this wasn’t such a huge issue.

Since they could reach the city by using her skill multiple times or just run over there.

They were Transcendents after all.

But the main issue was the second problem.


Kiriel’s expression turned pale as she thought of the Neoreim.

Countless mechanical soldiers and Dragon God Soldiers.

Thousands of ships flying through the sky.

She had realized it on the Arkreim just a moment ago but the power of these ships was far above that of the Dragon God Soldiers.

According to Erunheim’s memories, the ships that were either at K-Level or above were especially hard to deal with.

And hundreds of such powerful ships were in the air, so of course things would not be easy for them.

Of course, the ships wouldn’t turn their own city into a sea of flames.

‘And it seems like they know about us now too.’

Kiriel looked towards the distance at the ships that had stopped approaching them.

The giant ships that were clearly visible despite being hundreds of kilometers away.

Of course with their technology, they would’ve seen what had just happened here.

If they started to set up their defenses, it would be almost impossible to breach them.

But Hansoo shook his head.

“It won’t be that bad.”


Hansoo continued.

“They… won’t have the time to care about us anymore.”



The slowly moving mountain-sized creatures.

The Haetara that continuously searched for food.

They had already moved far out.

‘They would be of help, at least for now.’

Their strength was not something that even he could deal with, at least not yet.

Although he would need to deal with the Haetara eventually, they would help him out for now.

Because if those things went berserk… his opponents were the ones that would lose much more than himself.

Hansoo thought as he watched the giant creatures that had already moved past the Flameless Land and were proceeding further.



“F***! Block it! Blow it apart!”

In the distance.

The commander of the Akaroun Fleet, R-Aeuran Ron, shouted as he watched the giant beasts wreaking havoc beneath him.

And the Technorat, N-Kadiak, made a hesitant expression at these commands.

“But… beneath us…”

He couldn’t finish.

The location that giant creature was stomping on was one of the Neropa’s Union three main defensive cities.

It was the largest city out of the ones that the Ron family controlled, a city located at the very outskirts of the Neropa Union, the first line of defense that guarded against the Pompeion Empire.

If they attacked, it would sweep away their entire city as well.

R-Aeuran Ron shouted with rage.

“Do you think I don’t know about that? Just blast it! It’ll all be over once they’re dead! Fire!”

R-Aeuran Ron pointed to the location the beasts were heading to.

A structure that was only built on giant or defensive cities that held the power of the Flame. The structure drew out this power from inside the planet and used it to supply their soldiers and weapons.

The Alpha and Omega that fueled the Neropa Union.

They were only nine of these in the entire Neropa Union as well.

This meant that if at least one of them ended up smashed apart, a large chunk of the Union’s strength would be lost.

Sadly, R-Aeuran Ron’s shouts were in vain.




The beast ignored their attacks as it headed straight into the Great Furnace, slammed its head inside and started to devour it.


The attacks from the surrounding ships and the city’s defensive weapons weakened at a visible rate.

With the severing of the Flame’s power, the army that moved using this power began to stop as well.

And it was the same for R-Aeuran Ron’s fleet.


Amidst the sounds of the engines weakening—

—R-Aeuran Ron wasn’t looking at the beast but rather in the opposite direction.

“Damn… Report it. They’ve started their attack.”

The beast wasn’t the only issue.

This next opponent was an existence that they’d despised for so long.

The reason for this city’s existence.

‘War… This is war. Damn. So sudden.’

As the strength behind the city came to a halt.


The Pompeion Empire’s great fleets that were scouting in the distance started to head towards this city.

R-Aeuran Ron gritted his teeth.

Reincarnator – Chapter 399: Continental War (3)

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