Reincarnator chapter 398


Chapter 398: Continental War (2)


Hansoo whistled as he looked at the power of the Flames.


A power that the natives of Angkara had to pour every bit of their effort to use.

But this man was covered from head to toe with this power.

In a much more efficient manner too.


Hansoo blocked the energy charging towards him with his armor and swung his hammer towards the opponent.

And as the Nerpa saw this, he twisted his fingers in a weird angle.


—a giant barrier made of condensed mana appeared next to him.


The collision between the hammer and the barrier created a tremendous shockwave.

Hansoo, who had been flung away from the rebound force, stood up and shrugged his shoulders.

‘His control over mana is something else.’

The Nerpa didn’t seem that proficient in a battle.

But he had an absurd amount of strength that could easily fill up his lack of combat proficiency.

It was like attacking a mountain.

Of course, for Hansoo, who could easily blow away a mountain, the Nerpa really was very strong.

Hansoo touched his tingly wrists.


The forces of Reyunion.

The ship led by the nation of , led by Eruinheim, the Arkreim.

The Nerpa scoffed at the attack beam which could easily wipe away an entire city.

“Pieces of scum.”


The attack beam suddenly trembled intensely and soon dispersed into countless tiny rays.

And by the time the attack reached the Nerpa, it had lost all its strength and breezed past him and Hansoo.

The Nerpa looked at Hansoo with a cold gaze.

“I’ll make you regret it. All of it.”


A huge sound reverberated from beneath the Nerpa’s feet.

A sound so loud that even those in the middle of running away turned to look at the source.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: “6528c948fadfcc003f9827ee”, id: “pf-6108-1”})“Oh my god…”

“Run! Run away!”

Everybody freaked out when they saw a giant pillar of flames that resembled a volcano’s eruption.

It was like a giant red dragon ascending into the heavens.


The Nerpa grasped onto the power of the Flame that had risen from the ground beneath and smiled at Hansoo.



The Nerpa’s hands had created a red orb.

Seven beams of light exploded out from the orb and shot towards Hansoo.

Like a burst of light from a sun.

Despite being made from one’s hands, its strength was countless times stronger than the attack made from the Arkreim.

Hansoo started to prepare himself when he saw this.


He exerted pressure on his entire body.

The survival instincts he squeezed out from this turned into a destructive force and then gathered around his hammer.

Hansoo felt the raised mastery level of the Nine Dragons Strike and then smashed his hammer towards the beams of light that were flying towards him.


The two powers collided and shook the heavens and earth around them.


The blue armor tried its best to resist the surrounding flames as it sucked Hansoo’s energy at a quickened rate.

But despite this—


—countless cracks appeared on the blue armor as flames entered through those gaps and melted his skin.

‘It seems I’ll reach the 4th level soon. They really given me no time to take a break…’

The Nerpa looked at Hansoo with a cold gaze and said:

“Are you regretting it yet?”

Hansoo shrugged his shoulders and pointed behind the Nerpa.

“Behind you.”

“What a petty tric—”

Why would he fall for such a dumb trick?

As the Nerpa scoffed—


—the sound of something huge cutting through the air whistled behind him.

The sound of a giant piece of metal flying at a tremendous speed.

The Nerpa frowned and turned around.

“…You really have all sorts of tricks up your sleeves, huh?”

The Nerpa’s frown deepened.

The Arkreim.

The ship was now charging straight towards the Nerpa.

‘Since the Flame doesn’t work… How unsophisticated.’

It was stupid, but effective.

Even he couldn’t easily stop an engine that ran on the Flame’s power.

But he could just dodge it.

As the Nerpa was about to move—

“It really seems like you aren’t used to fights.”


—Hansoo spoke a few brief words as he charged towards the Nerpa.


The Nerpa looked at Hansoo who was trying to corner him in place.

“You dumb bastard… You’ll get swept away too!”

The giant ship would not be able to discern between friend and foe due to its size.

But Hansoo smiled and swung his right arm.


The Nerpa breathed in as he saw the hammer approaching him and then blew up the red orb in his hand.


A red light extended out with his body as the center, as if he was creating a miniature sun around his body.

And behind this explosion, a giant ship was flying towards him while Hansoo was charging at him from the front.


As the Nerpa shouted—


—the giant ship, Hansoom and the Nerpa were all swept away by a miniature supernova.



Everyone above the ship started to scream.

This giant ship had smashed into two small beings.

But they were the ones screaming, the people above the Arkreim.


The shields shattered in an instant as the engines overloaded.

The immensely powerful alloy walls of the ship broke apart in an instant as the flames of the explosion melted everything within.

‘What in the world…’

Erunheim was at a loss at this scene.

She thought that she would be able to solve this issue as long as she started up the ship.

But the scene before her eyes was far beyond anything she could imagine.

Taking into account the ship’s mass, they should easily be able to run over two tiny humans no matter how strong they were.

But as if the ship had crashed into a giant mountain, it had ended up ripped apart by the two beings in front of it.

‘To die like this…’

As Erunheim closed her eyes at the flames approaching her.

“Hey, now. I’m not THAT petty, you know.”



Someone appeared by Erunheim and covered her body with a mass of white clouds.

Erunheim opened her eyes…

And saw the ship, which she had just been standing on, crashing down in the far distance.

‘When did we…’

As she looked around, she could see all the passengers above the ship, all of them gasping for breath.

‘…I really cannot see through them.’

Everything from their abilities to their goals.

As Erunheim looked at Kiriel with a strange expression—

“Damn… He really is a cockroach.”

—Kiriel frowned as she looked at the scene through the rubble of the falling ship.



Through the half-melted and crushed apart rubble of the ship.

The Nerpa, who was flying in the air , cracked his fingers and smiled.

“This is nothing…”

But unlike his words, the Nerpa’s condition wasn’t at its greatest.

Countless parts of his body had melted and his right arm was broken.

But there was a reason why he was smiling.

Because his opponent had suffered more.

The blue armor that was barely maintaining its shape, and the body of Hansoo burning inside it.

“So… have your thoughts changed?”

While listening to the mocking tone of the Nerpa, Hansoo replied:

“Why aren’t you using the crystal?”


Hansoo looked at the Nerpa and repeated himself.

“The crystal in your hand, why aren’t you using it?”

The Nerpa scoffed.

“That’s because I don’t nee—”

“Not yet?”

As Hansoo asked…

The Nerpa’s expression froze.

It was if Hansoo knew about the controller more than himself.

And at that moment, a line of thought appeared inside his mind.

‘Right… why didn’t I use it?’

The Nerpa thought as he looked at the Crystal in his left hand.

He wasn’t in the greatest of conditions anyway.

If his strength had been slightly lacking then he’d be the one falling to the ground and not the ship.

But then—


—the Nerpa suddenly had a headache.

And a dull voice called out.

“So you’re a fake…”


As the Nerpa looked at Hansoo—


—chills ran down his entire back.

His opponent, who was dying before his eyes, had disappeared in that small time frame he was looking at the crystal.



—the Nerpa felt a tremendous aura behind him.



The Nerpa was flung away as he grasped onto his left wrist.

One strike.

His weak body had been turned into trash from one attack.

‘This is not an item a fake should be holding.’

Hansoo grabbed the crystal that had been released from the Nerpa’s hand, looking at the Nerpa embedded in the ground beneath him.

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