Reincarnator chapter 386



Kiriel went through the elevator, looking at the gift the fairy had given her and made a content expression.

She then turned to Hansoo and asked:

“Where shall we go from here?”

She didn’t care about his psychic ability or whatever.

She only knew that she could just trust in him and follow him.

After hearing Kiriel’s question, Hansoo thought:

‘Planet of the Flame, it’s been a while.’

The planet of war and the Flame, Angkara.

A planet of continuous internal strife because of the underneath the planet’s surface.

There was only one thing he needed to do there.

Take over the .

If he could take over the Flame that was the country’s source of strength…

Then the natives of Angkara, who had built their entire civilization upon the power of the Flame, wouldn’t be able to threaten him anymore.

The differences in their physiques existed after all.

So this time around, he just needed to take over the controls of the .

There was no need to kill them all or drive them away.

‘Well… just because I don’t have to kill them doesn’t mean it’ll end peacefully.’

Hansoo thought.

It was similar to modern society.

If a random existence came along and tried to steal all of humanity’s electric power, nobody would stand idle.

And to them, the Flame was something much more important than electricity.

They could not hand over control of the .

‘Well, whatever happens… I must hurry.’

If he didn’t take control of Angkara, matters would become difficult.

Since if he didn’t, sooner or later they would start aiming for the Nelkipa again.

If waves and waves of fleets like the Kalkuroun Fleet came along, then there was no way the humans below could deal with them.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: “6528c948fadfcc003f9827ee”, id: “pf-6108-1”})The strikes from space would sweep them all away.

And he could not let that happen.

Not just because he had to take over the 6th Zone but because he had to keep the 5th Zone safe as well.

“Well, we have a guide this time so it should be easier.”

Kiriel looked at the man standing next to them who was making an unpleasant expression.

And from her look—

“Ugh… You damned monsters.”

—R-Korun Nell, the man who fought Kiriel in the past, looked back at Kiriel and Hansoo.


‘Damn. I didn’t want to get mixed up with them again…’

R-Korun Nell thought to himself.

He’d realized the moment they forced him to blow the train up that he had fallen into a nasty trap.

He’d ended up slamming the research center straight into Aokan.

Crazy bastards.

But they had somehow found him in order to use him again.

It was his fault for just quietly hiding away, thinking that they had no more use for him.

Kiriel chuckled as she looked at R-Korun Nell.

“Don’t look at me like that. What were you going to do without us? Were you going to live here forever?”

From those words—


—R-Korun Nell merely gritted his teeth and stayed silent.

Because her words were right.

He’d quietly hid himself in a nearby refugee center awaiting rescue because he knew even having ten lives wouldn’t be enough if he got swept up with them.

Trusting in the fact that the Kalkuroun Fleet would not leave him behind, a Dragon God Soldier from the Nell family.

And how he had rejoiced when he saw nine Dragon God Soldiers descending from the fleet.

But he had been in despair ever since.

The Dragon God Soldiers never came to his rescue.

Aokan, where they had charged into, had blown up.

And the Kalkuroun Fleet, after sending down a single ray of attack, had left for Angkara.

Lost in despair and wondering what to do from that point on…

These people came to find them.

They had somehow found him deep in hiding and simply dragged him along.

To this strange elevator.

And at this moment, they were rising up at a fast pace.

‘…I’m not sure if this is the right choice.’

He didn’t have a choice really, but because he was feeling the dangerous aura the two were letting out with each second, he didn’t feel quite comfortable.

Kiriel tapped his shoulder and said:

“Don’t feel so burdened. We even gave you back the Dragon God Armor, right?”

Kiriel had changed out of R-Korun Nell’s Dragon God Armor to one in better condition, taken from the nine Dragon God Soldiers.

Of course, she returned R-Korun Nell’s original armor.

R-Korun Nell clenched his teeth.

There was only reason why they’d given his armor back.

Since they had the confidence to crush him no matter what he tried to do anymore.

This overbearing aura.

‘What in the world… Did those aliens go through a metamorphic stage or something? How did they get this strong in such a short amount of time?’

R-Korun Nell looked fearfully at Kiriel.

This girl had been at a similar level as him back at the giant train.

Well, she’d pushed him back, but they still had a good fight.

But look at her now.

She had evolved into a powerful existence far beyond his imagination.

An existence that even a truckload of people like him wouldn’t be able to handle.

He’d felt a similar power level of a Dragon God Soldier when she wore the armor in the past, but it was much more different now.

The fleet.

Angkara’s proud Fleet of Flames.

That small body was letting out an aura that was as strong as an entire fleet.

A fleet that was designed to destroy entire moons.

‘Ugh, whatever.’

R-Korun Nell stopped thinking about it.

He decided to just go with the flow.

There was no way for him to beat them anyway.

‘Anyway… something like this existed, huh?’

R-Korun Nell looked around the elevator.

Although most B and A-Levels, and even N-Levels, did not know much about these aliens.

He, being a Dragon God Soldier, an R-Level and a member of a family, had picked up some stories.

‘Anyway… I didn’t know how they appeared, but this is how it happened, huh?’

R-Korun Nell looked curiously at the elevator, which they couldn’t make even with their advanced technology.

But then—


—as if the elevator was stopping, it started to slow down.


The elevator doors opened as a bright light seeped in through the gap.


A strong wind entered the space of the elevator.

And R-Korun Nell’s eyes twitched at the sight that appeared before him.

‘We… really arrived.’

He had been skeptical.

But they had really returned to his planet through this strange elevator.

A familiar scene.

Amidst the ruins.

A few buildings that still seemed to be in use stood tall while maintaining their structural integrity.

And the old armored vehicles moving through those buildings.

R-Korun Nell frowned when he saw this and spat out:

“The trash dump… I wondered where you guys popped out from, but I guess this was it.”

“Trash dump?”

Kiriel looked at R-Korun Nell in curiosity.


Planet Angkara.

Although the owners of Angkara had succeeded in creating a great civilization with the power of the Flame, they couldn’t stay in peace with one another.

They had fought for a thousand years.

They needed more strength to win over their opponent, so they continued to create new and powerful weapons.

Although there were countless empires, families, and nations, there were bound to be those who were more advanced than others.

So during the thousand-year battle, they had increased their strength by either uniting the other nations or destroying them entirely.

“The Neropa Union and the Pompeion Empire are the two largest powers that remained after all this.”

R-Korun Nell said as he looked at Kiriel.

The Pompeion Empire that had devoured the entire Pompeion continent up north.

And the three families in the south.

The Nell, Ron, and Pael families.

Although these three families had fought each other in the past to increase their individual strength, that was something they couldn’t afford to do anymore.

Since the Pompeion Empire was on the cusp of sweeping them away.

So after feeling the dangers of the Pompeion Empire’s fast expansion, the Nell, Ron, and Pael families decided to unite and create the greatest alliance ever recorded in history.

The result of this was the Neropa Union which succeeded in rivaling the Pompeion Empire.

“This is the place where the survivors hide—in the shadows of the ruins that the two forces created while they were busy battling each other.”

R-Korun Nell’s expression turned dark as he spoke.

Small and weak countries, unions, families, and tribes.

Their endings were clear from their limits in strength and power.

Either stick to one of the two sides.

Or be erased from history.

The history of war up until this point had proven this.

But these guys picked neither of the two choices.

No, they were using the situation for their own benefit.

By keeping the balance between the two forces.

Or making ridiculous requests by threatening to help the other side if they didn’t comply.

But their strength was a bit too significant for the two forces to simply ignore, so they often fulfilled their requests.

‘We’ll make sure to destroy you all once the war ends. You presumptuous bastards, making such requests without any kind of backing…’

R-Korun Nell suddenly flinched.


Did something exist in the trash dump that they could trust in?

At that moment—

—Hansoo chuckled as he spoke to R-Korun Nell.

“We’ve come to a good spot.”


Out of the three locations, he didn’t know where the elevator would arrive at.

But the place the natives called the trash dump, or the , was the perfect place to come to.

There was something he needed to acquire here.

‘The External Flame Divine Tool.’

A divine tool created to control the external Flame.

The entire planet.

A divine tool of legends that had the power to control the hidden within the planet.

‘Just wait a bit, I’ll bring you some friends. Of course… there are probably a lot of flies buzzing around you.’


Precious artifacts were destined to have flies swarming around it.

Mainly, people who didn’t know the true value behind them.

Hansoo looked at the Mjolnir in his hand and chuckled at the beings who were approaching them from a distance.


A woman asked a man in front of her:

“We just need to trust you, right?”

The man nodded.

“Yeah. Once we have that, we can turn things around. The Neropa Union will become a beacon of hope. That Sangjin guy told me this.”

Sangjin, nicknamed the King of Hell.

The man laughed as he spoke the name of the man who’d led the army of the fallen.

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