Reincarnator chapter 380


‘Ah… I wonder what Hansoo is doing? I really hate this. I’m just wasting time with a crazy girl.’

Kiriel pouted her lips as she looked at Elis.

And Elis continued to shout more loudly at Kiriel.

“You crazy b****! We need to blow this up now! If not, then we’ll all die!”

Kiriel looked at Elis expressionlessly and then shrugged her shoulders.

“Then what about those who come after us?”


As Elis was left speechless from her response, Kiriel shrugged her shoulders again and replied:

“If we do blow it up, what will happen to those who come after us?”

Elis was at a loss.

Of course, considering their and Clementine’s goals, it didn’t matter at all to them, but Kiriel really cared about this issue.

After all, she had seen Enbi Arin, who had been full of a similar sense of heroism, for a very long time.

But the situation right now wasn’t exactly the same.

“You dumb b****! What then? If we don’t blow this up, then do you think the ones who come after will survive? Do you think that Melchizedek will treat them fairly? If you don’t blow this up… everyone who comes up after us will only be experimental rats!”

Elis shouted in rage.

Her words were right.

There was no way Melchizedek would leave them be while he was in a war against Angkara.

How annoying had they been for Melchizedek?

Melchizedek should’ve long felt the dangers they brought—there was no way Melchizedek would leave the humans alone.

And it wouldn’t simply kill them.

How had it treated the humans up until now?

It modified them to use as its own force and used the females as hosts for that strange insectoid race.

And it would only get worse as the war proceeded.

Instead of persuading the persistent humans, it had found the more efficient and safer way of using them as weapons instead.

Kiriel shrugged her shoulders.

“No… I know what you mean. And having to kill Nelkipa is correct as well, according to your words. But…”

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: “6528c948fadfcc003f9827ee”, id: “pf-6108-1”})‘…But?’

Elis perked up her ears.

She grew curious.

“That’s only… if Melchizedek wins. If Hansoo wins, everything is solved, right?”

Elis was dumbfounded.

And then she was enraged.

Her words were like that of a diehard fan who’d do anything and agree to everything their idol did or said.

‘This crazy b****… Doesn’t she understand the situation?’

Of course, if Kang Hansoo did win, then there was no reason for Kiriel to worry and there was no reason for them to blow up Nelkipa.

Since Nelkipa needed to be alive for the humans to survive afterward.

But Kiriel should know.

That the Nelkipa was not something that they could handle.

Even they, the 3-Star Transcendents, could only think of transcending.

If this Nelkipa were something that they could deal with through simple brute strength, she and her brother would’ve long allied with Kiriel and her comrades and gone off to kill Melchizedek.

But that was not the case.

If this were fully activated, they would all die.

And Melchizedek had more than enough power now to control this giant creature.

But Kiriel was continuing to spout nonsense about Hansoo.

However, the thing that happened afterward infuriated her even more.



Elis freaked out, barely managing to dodge Kiriel’s attack while she poured energy into the crystal.

“You b****!”

“Oh my? Why did you dodge? Continue?”

Kiriel pulled back the fang she had used to attack and giggled at Elis.

That bloody Kiriel.

And Elis, despite seeming to be in a hurry, was completely fine in terms of outer appearance.

No matter who looked at the situation, Kiriel seemed to be at a disadvantage, but in fact, Kiriel was the one in control of the situation now.

Their goals were different.


Elis dodged another attack from Kiriel and shouted:

“You crazy b****! Stop it! That Kang Hansoo is going to die now! Wake up and face reality!”

Kiriel giggled.

“That’s your reality, not mine.”

To Elis, Hansoo was just an annoying fly who got in their way from time to time.

There was no way that Hansoo, who was merely a human like them, could go against a godly creature like this.

But it wasn’t the same for Kiriel.

To her, Hansoo was an existence that brought one miracle after another.

If this giant creature was a mythical creature, then Hansoo was a hero told in the legends that slew those creatures.

He had taken over the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Zones and led them to a new world by himself.

Then… wouldn’t he succeed this time around as well?

The 5th Zone wasn’t much different.

‘Syllogism is more than enough to prove it.’

Kiriel shrugged her shoulders and chuckled at Elis.

“A new wind is blowing. You said you’ve been here for twenty years, right? If you haven’t gotten used to it by now, then it’s time for you to get replaced. You old hag.”

“This b****…”

Elis gritted her teeth at Kiriel who was even using her age to attack her.


‘Wonder why my ears are itching…’

Hansoo thought as he swung the Mjolnir.

Of course, this didn’t really matter.



The Nelkipa’s skin had turned into countless blades which were assailing him from all around.

No matter how many times he broke them, they continued to rise up.

And they weren’t so weak that he could break them off with ease.


Another spear shot out from the ground, and because he hadn’t been able to block it, they slammed into his armor.


Hansoo clenched his teeth as he heard his armor cracking.

‘I guess a final boss is a final boss. For once, can’t they just hand it to over to me peacefully?’

But thinking about it, there was no way the fairy would do that.

The fairy’s notion of something being a ‘present’ meant that they had to put their lives on the line.

The storm of attacks around him proved it.

‘…It’s not easy at all.’ 

Hansoo thought, looking at the surface of Nelkipa which was becoming more and more chaotic.

The blue metal that was the same material as the blue armor he was wearing.

Except that the quantity he had to deal with was the entire surface area of the giant moon-sized beast, Nelkipa.

The bigger issue was that there was a tremendous amount of energy hidden inside it.


Hansoo broke seven spears flying towards him with the Mjolnir and thought.

The blue sun that he had seen in Aokan in the past.

The blue crystal located below the Aokan.

An even greater amount of energy than the amount hidden inside that crystal was now flowing through the entirety of Nelkipa.



Each attack was so violent that even walking forward was hard.

And as for Melchizedek’s attitude…


Melchizedek looked at Hansoo from a throne he had created from Nelkipa’s skin and laughed.

It seems he had no thoughts of joining the battle.

‘Well, there’s no reason for me to do it.’

Melchizedek thought as it connected to Nelkipa.

It had jumped into the battle with faith in its body, but that was only for a moment.

It had underestimated the Nelkipa too much.

There was no reason for it even to fight.



Melchizedek looked at the blue waves and smiled in contentment.

The skin held Hansoo down if he tried to move by creating tens of thousands of spears and blades to block his path.

At this rate the result was clear.

He would die.

He would either die from exhaustion.

Or get shredded apart.

‘Nice and clean.’

Melchizedek looked towards Hansoo swinging his hammer as he thought about the inevitable clean result.

‘Anyway… he really isn’t that strong, huh?’

Melchizedek was at a loss.

With just a single hammer, he was going against a giant moon sized-creature that was threatening to kill it.

With just his bare body.

Although he had the hammer and was wearing armor, that was the same as being naked in Melchizedek’s eyes.

A difference in strength like this was something that would cause anyone to give up, but Hansoo never did.

If Hansoo died—

—it would then proceed to drag Nelkipa over to Angkara, destroy the entire planet and then massacre every alien that came up later.

But then where would it be able to meet someone like him?

Watching Hansoo who was swinging his hammer despite being in such a perilous situation, it felt a tint of regret at having to kill him.

‘I acquired a body, but there’s a lot of unnecessary things that got dragged along with it.’

Melchizedek sat upon the blue throne and thought as he looked at Hansoo.

A very unfamiliar feeling.

It had never made such thoughts when it was just Artificial Intelligence.

Melchizedek felt a bit of resistance towards this strange new change but soon made a decision.

To focus on the current events.

It had finally achieved a new body and had to live with this body from this point on.

It was best to get used to it as fast as possible.

“How about you give up now? Didn’t you fight enough?”

Hansoo’s eyes twitched at Melchizedek’s words.


‘Look at this.’




“Emergency! Emmeeeerrrgency!”

“Damn! The captain’s room has been taken over!”

“Every system… Everything’s hacked! We’re losing control over the fleet!”

Unlike the entire Kalkuroun Fleet, which was utterly in chaos.

There was a single calm location on the fleet.

“Mmm. Good.”

N-Aroel smiled as he looked at the panel before him, R-Koronaita Nell sprawled on the ground next to him.

‘How ancient and simple. This’ll make my life easy.’


N-Aroel tapped the panel as he zoomed onto the surface of Nelkipa.


Soon the screen that was viewing the Nelkipa zoomed in millions of times and showed a clear image.

An existence swinging his hammer and Melchizedek before him.

‘Let’s see, how shall I solve this?’

N-Aroel thought, looking at the scenery below.

This is a way of proving some things using 2 or more deductions. An example is : All humans die eventually. I am human. I will die eventually. In Hansoo’s case : He has won in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th zones. He will win in the 5th zone. etc.

Something koreans say if they feel someone is talking about them. Some 6th sense stuff

he died from starvation listening to n-aroel’s story

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