Reincarnator chapter 366



From within the swarm of Quirae.

A small group was struggling.

“Dammit… Even if we want to back out, we might not be able to survive!”

“Shut up and maintain your position! Don’t move until N-Aroel finishes activating it!”


R-Zairon Nell shouted at his comrades and then sliced apart a Quirae with his nanoblade.




One man ignored the countless Quirae jumping towards him and was pressing various buttons that were appearing in the air.

R-Zairon Nell watched N-Aroel, who was deeply focused on the panel in front of him as if he couldn’t hear the loud noises around them. And he thought to himself:

‘Hmm, I guess he does his job well. Anyway, for such a chance like this to appear within my life…’

Although it was a life-threatening danger, it was also a tremendous opportunity.

Pompeion was pushing their forces back.

If he could smash all these things into Pompeion’s territory?

If he unleashed these things on the countless cities unprepared for something like this?

He didn’t even need to think about what would happen.


If everything went according to his plan, they could easily push back the enemy’s forces.

And he would gain the merits for this and increase his presence within his clan.



R-Zairon Nell started to laugh as he smashed away another Quirae.

He felt his mind brighten at the thought of his promising future.

But he quickly regained his senses at the looks of the other Dragon God Soldiers.

‘Right. It’s not the time to laugh right now.’

He hadn’t succeeded in his plan yet.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: “6528c948fadfcc003f9827ee”, id: “pf-6108-1”})Even if he did succeed, it would be an issue.

The biggest variable was themselves.

And the aliens.

It was pointless to use force to deal with them.

They had clearly seen their prowess.


‘Yeah. Too strong.’

R-Zairon Nell thought to himself as he watched Kiriel in the distance. Even as she massacred the Quirae, that girl managed to keep her guard up.

Even if he could succeed in ambushing her from the back, a single mistake could kill off at least half of the nine.

She may look tired, but so were they.

But he had a hidden card up his sleeves.

‘The Quantum Transmission. How can I use it in the most efficient manner?’

R-Zairon Nell continued to think as he looked at Kiriel, who was slashing her dagger from side to side.



The Mjolnir smashed the 5th-level Quirae’s body.

A loud sound occurred as cracks appeared on its crystalline exoskeleton.

But they only existed for a moment.


The crystalline structure continuously changed and rebuilt itself as it absorbed and dispersed the force.

It deflected away parts of Mjolnir’s lightning while absorbing other parts to strengthen its exoskeleton further.

Of course, it couldn’t fully negate the shock.



Although the exoskeleton dispersed the majority of impact, the strike from the combination of five dragons smashed onto the Quirae’s body and pushed it back.

And the sounds of something breaking rang out from beneath the armor.

But it was only pushed back for a bit.


It smashed its feet into the ground and received the full shock with its body.

It then made a fist.


The right fist of the Quirae flew and struck at Hansoo’s blue armor.


A strange sound occurred beneath the blue armor, a sound similar to what he’d heard when he attacked the Quirae.

His bones broke, and his muscles exploded.

The blue armor also turned crystalline and absorbed most of the impact, but the residual force still drove deep into his body.

Of course, he didn’t get pushed back or anything.

His response was quite similar to that of the Quirae’s.

He raised his Demonic Dragon Reinforcement to the limits and protected his important intestines and muscles.

His Immortal Soul connected his broken bones and healed his flesh.

And after gathering all the strength in his body—


—he swung the hammer in his hand.

Just like how the Quirae had done.

Their actions were similar, and so was their strength.

Withstanding attacks with their body and then counterattack.

The battle between Hansoo and the evolved Quirae was a dogfight, nothing more.



Dozens of attacks were carried out with every second.

Armors broke, and the flesh beneath crushed.

And countless 4th-level Quirae continued to charge towards them.


Even as he fought the blue creature in front of him, he didn’t forget to kill the others as well.

Hansoo clenched his fist at the tremendous change taking place in the fragment inside his body.

Changes were occurring at a rapid pace.

At least until the moment he died, the damage he was receiving was causing his body to change at a crazy rate.

The Immortal Soul frenziedly fixed and grew in order to keep him alive.

‘Just a bit… just a bit more!’

Hansoo’s insides continued to compress and explode as he glared at his opponent in front of him.

His stamina continued to drain, and his body had turned into a mess.

Although the Immortal Soul was working as hard as it could, his current opponent and the swarm of others around him continued to flood towards him.

But thanks to this, his fragments had reached the very limits of their growth.

The Quirae realized this instinctively and attacked him with even more fervor.

To stop him and smash him apart before that change occurred.

The actions of the 5th-level Quirae as it rushed forward, heedless of how much Hansoo smashed its whole body, proved it all.

But Hansoo smiled as he continued to attack it.


The Immortal Soul had grown a lot.

Its current level could no longer compare to its form of just a few moments ago.

And thanks to this, his overall strength had risen.

Even when the Quirae had smashed his body apart, and his bones were creaking, the increased strength of his skills proved it.

“Kuhuk… Ahhh!”

Hansoo, who’d endured its attacks until now with the blue armor, could no longer hold back the pain as he screamed and got pushed back.

The expression of the 5th-level Quirae turned ugly.

It realized instinctively—

—that at this rate, the change would fully occur before the opponent tired out.



But only the 5th-level Quirae, which had been able to stay sane, could detect this.

As the other Quirae pounced at him with even more fervor—


—changes occurred among the surrounding Quirae.

No, not on the bodies of the Quirae, but rather in the air surrounding them.

Blue particles appeared around the Quirae’s bodies.

A familiar aura.

‘Quantum Transmission!!!’

Hansoo realized what the people who’d gone to control the Quantum Transmission had chosen.

They had decided to throw the Quirae onto the planet, Angkara.

‘This isn’t good.’


Hansoo smashed away a few 4th-level Quirae, frowning as he looked at the smiling face of the 5th-level Quirae.

This was not good at all.

If he’d fought just a bit more, he would be able to move forward.

And only with that strength would he be able to grasp Clementine’s underlings, as well as Melchizedek, and smash them all into the ground.

Neither tactics nor technology mattered in the face of absolute strength.

He needed to get to the level of a 3rd-Star to at least handle them.

But if the transmission succeeded now and the ones in front of his eyes disappeared, things would take much, much longer.

It would be hard to find a new hammer to temper him as efficiently as these creatures before him.

But soon—

—he realized that the transmission wasn’t only sending the Quirae away.


Blue particles started to appear around his body as well.



“Just hold on a bit more.”

“Ahhh! This beast!

The Dragon God Soldiers screamed as they fought.

Not the Quirae, but another being.

“These kids… you dare trick me?”


As Kiriel swung her fang, cracks appeared in the air.

The single line that she’d drawn flew forward towards the Dragon God Soldiers, threatening to slice them apart.


One of the Dragon God Soldiers freaked out and tried to back away.

Of course.

He witnessed her slice one of his comrades down the center of his body.

Even with the Dragon God Armor, that attack would kill him instantly.

But Kiriel continued slashing with her dagger while receiving attacks from all around.

‘Damn… it!’

But as the Dragon God Soldier was about to scream out loud at the approaching dagger—



—R-Zairon Nell charged in from the distance and attacked her from behind.

And Kiriel quickly backed off at seeing him, her teeth clenched with frustration.

She could heal if she got hit, but Enbi Arin could not.

‘You evil bastard.’


Kiriel couldn’t finish her goal, so she quickly jumped into the air.

And as she landed, countless particles lingered around her body.

R-Zairon Nell laughed at this scene.

“Hahahaha! Think of it as an honor! You’ll be able to face the right before your eyes!”

The location that the two—no, three, including the one on her back—aliens would be going to was the planet Angkara.

To the center of the deep within the planet.

Even they wouldn’t be able to survive if such a force were to sweep through them.

No matter how strong they were.

The insectoids would go to Pompeion.

The aliens to the heart of the .

And they, the Dragon God Soldiers, back to their headquarters.

The Quantum Transmission continued running.

Kiriel frowned at this.

‘…Not good.’

There were seven left.

But it would be impossible for her to get through them in a short time while also protecting Enbi from harm.

The Quantum Transmission was continuously analyzing her atoms in order to send her away.

It was taking a long time simply because there were too many entities, but sooner or later it would send her off.

Kiriel breathed in and said:

“…You bastard. Just wait.”

“Hahaha! Are you going to survive from the Flame? How delusional!”

R-Zairon Nell laughed at her.

It was only called a Flame in name, but in truth, it was like a small sun.

The internal sun that provided a tremendous amount of energy and strength to the creatures of Angkara.

There were no other plot twists.

They would die, and he would become a hero.

As R-Zairon Nell laughed—


—something was flying towards them at a rapid pace.

Tiny, but extremely fast.


‘Is that dangerous?’

It was moving way too fast to figure out its identity.

A mysterious object that was cutting through the air like a meteor.

But even before they could fully react—

—Kiriel jumped into the air and caught the object that almost flew past her.


As the Dragon God Soldiers looked at her in confusion—


—a smile soon replaced the gloomy expression on her face.

“Never mind. Let’s not wait—I’ll deal with you now.”

Kiriel smiled as she looked at the violet crystal in her hand— she could feel a condensed energy that was countless times denser than the ones she’d acquired.

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