Reincarnator chapter 355





R-Korun Nell, covered in his broken-down armor that was letting out sparks, sat on the ground and looked despairingly at the woman in front of him.

It wasn’t just that his armor was overloaded, he felt like he was tied down with invisible chains.

He was trapped in place.

‘Damn… I can’t even run anymore. This monster…’

He had tried so hard to run away, but it was all futile now.

R-Korun Nell grit his teeth as he looked at the woman slowly approaching him.

He couldn’t die here.

Born of the Nell family, his abilities had been recognized and he had lived in luxury after rising to the R Level.

The Dragon God Armor had acknowledged him, so even the upper ranks of the clan couldn’t mistreat him.

With this basis, he had massacred his way up to this point.

He had too much to lose—he couldn’t die here.

R-Korun Nell breathed in and out and spoke to the woman.

“Let’s make a deal.”


R-Korun Nell stared at Kiriel, who raised her dagger with an annoyed expression, and continued to speak.

“I said… let’s make a deal.”

“Didn’t you just say this was the end for me or something?”

R-Korun Nell’s insides burned with the flames of rage as Kiriel continued to mock him.

‘You b****, you’re really acting wild just because the situation has turned, huh?’

R-Korun Nell almost blurted angrily for her to kill him, but then stopped, managing to calm himself down.

Surviving was the most important thing.

“Just listen up. I’m more useful than you think. Let’s say you kill me. What then? It seems there’s only you and that man in the distance… Are you going to go against the entire fleet with just you two? There’s at least a few dozen Dragon God soldiers like me on that ship.”

Kiriel flinched at R-Korun Nell’s words.

‘There’s more than I expected. There’s really that many?’

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: “6528c948fadfcc003f9827ee”, id: “pf-6108-1”})That armor’s power really went beyond her expectations.

One or two might be okay, but if there were dozens of them, things would get very annoying.

‘You’d feel intimidated.’

He had succeeded in threatening her.

R-Korun Nell continued to speak as he looked at Kiriel who was lost in thought.

“So instead of killing me, take me hostage. Our planet is currently at War, so people of your level would gladly be taken in as guests. I don’t know what your goals are, but I can be the bridge between you and my people!”

R-Korun Nell continued to speak confidently.

‘Yeah. It has come to this already.’

He’d blurted out the random suggestion because he wanted to secure his survival but after saying it, the idea didn’t sound half bad.

And it wasn’t that bad for him as well.

If he could persuade these barbarians to join his side, it would be beneficial for his own strength as well.

Would these barbarians, who’d fought all their lives, have ever experienced the luxury served in Angkara?

Even his kind, the Dragon God Soldiers, melted from such pleasure.

How could these barbarians not?

R-Korun Nell continued to feel more and more confident.

“Don’t do anything you might regret and release me. I’ll put in a good word for you! Our fleet will arrive soon!”

‘…Look at this kid.’

As Kiriel looked at R-Korun Nell who stared back at her with confidence.


She heard the strange sound of a machine activating from the distance.

‘…It’s still activating. Wasn’t it supposed to stop once she’s killed?’

Kiriel left R-Korun Nell behind and ran to where the sound was coming from.

R-Korun Nell looked at this scene, but didn’t hold much hope.

‘Dumb b****. What’s the point of activating it after everything ends?’

Kiriel could just break the machine outright, and even if they did come over, she could easily ambush them.

It would only mean something if he still had any ground to hold.

As R-Korun Nell looked hatefully at the place where N-Maria had been.

Kiriel quickly arrived before the machine and examined it.

If it were transferring something, she’d break it, but the situation felt a bit different.

‘Something is different.’


She saw the words written by her feet.

‘Hmm? What’s this?’

Short, but to the point/casual.

Kiriel started to use her Psychometry and began to read the memories within the message.


And soon she saw N-Maria’s expression and actions as she wrote the message.

The hand that scratched at Nelkipa’s skin.

Carefree eyes that held a tinge of sadness.

And as Kiriel stopped at the scene of when she’d given up on everything.


The Quantum Transmission started to activate.


The train, which had maintained its speed despite having its last wagon blown away, started to slow down.

As if its engine had turned off.

‘Wait. Engine…?’

As Kiriel looked at the sky.

Towards the distance.

A small light shone in the distance.

It was like the birth of a new star.

It was extremely small compared to the vast universe, but…

‘…That should be huge.’

Chills ran down Kiriel’s body.

If it could be seen from this far, she couldn’t imagine how large the explosion really was.



R-Korun Nell started screaming in despair.

And Kiriel chuckled as she stared at R-Korun Nell.

“It seems there’s nothing to bridge to anymore, what to do?”

Though it was nice to see him beaten down another notch, she soon coldly calculated the situation.

Although it felt nice now, it didn’t seem like everything would be solved with just this.

‘Let’s see… I really need to stop wasting my time.’

Killing him was a waste too.

But if she gave him an inch, he might ask for a foot.

‘I’ll just knock him out and take him.’

She wasn’t the leader anyway.

Hansoo was the one that decided things anyway.

Kiriel made up her mind as she spoke coldly.

“Take a nap for a while.”

“What are you ta—kuhuk!”


Kiriel punched R-Korun Nell’s stomach through the broken part of the armor and knocked him out. She gazed into the distance.

‘I should go help now.’



The shockwaves from the collision transferred all the way to her location despite the flaming pillars continuously raining down from the sky, the impact shaking the entire Nelkipa.

‘…It’s going to be hard. Would I even be able to help? Hmm.’

Kiriel looked at her battle-scarred body and frowned.

Although she’d won, it wasn’t without a price.

That armor was indeed strong.

‘Stupid armor…’

Kiriel felt various parts of her body throbbing from pain and looked at the armor.

But then—

A line of thought appeared in her mind.

‘Can’t… can’t I wear that, too?’

Kiriel looked at the broken-down, but still usable-looking, Dragon God Armor.



Hansoo smashed his opponent down onto the ground.


The impact created a loud sound as various cracks appeared on the Nelkipa’s bright skin.

As well as on the blue armor.

But the blue-armored figure quickly swung her fist and attacked Hansoo’s chest.


The attack pushed deeply in the area around Hansoo’s chest.

Almost a fatal strike.

If she had pushed a bit further, she might have been able to smash apart his heart, but only a shocked voice came out from the visor.


Hansoo didn’t back off by even a single inch as he slammed the blue-armored figure deeper into the ground with the Mjolnir.


Melchizedek, who had been watching the entire battle, shook his head as he looked at Hansoo’s regenerating body.

‘…It seems there are still a lot of things I don’t know about. I didn’t know such a dull creature existed.’

Having faith in its constantly regenerating body, it continued to fight over and over again.

With its bare body, it withstood attacks that would’ve killed a normal human being several times over, and then used that timing to retaliate with even stronger attacks.

Looking at it logically, there was no reason for his creation to lose in any aspect.

It was already strong and Melchizedek had even modified it personally.

It even had a secret hidden inside, just in case.

If Melchizedek had sent his creation to the Nursery he’d prepared beforehand and fed it some crystals, it would’ve been an easy matter to take over the entire Nelkipa.

But sadly, it seemed impossible that his creation would win over the being in front of his eyes.

He had never thought that there’d be such an insane being that would bait its own heart in order to attack its opponent’s head.

‘…I guess there’s nothing I can do.’


Melchizedek made a decision as he continued to look at Hansoo slamming his creation down onto the ground.

To release the limiter.

The limiter inside the heads of these things allowed him to control them, but the price for doing so was that they lost their most useful card.

And this being that he’d modified had a trait that was amazingly suited for battle.

This was not the time to worry about controlling it.

At this rate, it would soon turn into minced meat between that hammer and Nelkipa’s skin.

Melchizedek quickly spoke out through the visor after making his decision.




Melchizedek released the limiter, and his control over his creation disappeared.

The voice from the visor stopped as the body shuddered.

But only for a moment.


The blue-armored being raised her arm and grasped onto his Mjolnir.

‘…Her strength?’

Like magic, in just an instant the blue-armored woman’s strength had exploded past that of Hansoo’s and pushed the Mjolnir back.

And Hansoo saw familiar eyes through the helmet.

There was no sense of consciousness, only rage.

And he realized who it was.


Orange Zone, the ruler of the Cross clan.

And his old comrade.

‘Who caught you and made you into this…?’

But before he could finish.

“Ahh… AHHHHH!”


Her Trait, had activated, exchanging her rage into strength as she started to attack Hansoo.

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