Reincarnator chapter 354




N-Maria freaked out as she looked at the dying light.

‘No! How is this real?! What is this?!’

The size of a city.

The research center’s train wagon’s were huge—just one wagon was the size of a larger city.

And the Fusion Reactor was divided into different sectors so even if a part of it were damaged it would still work.

Theoretically, even if 60% of the Reactor were damaged the Quantum Transmission would still work.

But she had never expected an entire wagon, the size of an entire city, to disappear in just an instant.

Of course.

How could the battles of these ‘human’-sized people be on such a large scale?

But this was the reality.


As N-Maria looked at the stark spot where the giant wagon had been.

“Oh. It doesn’t look like it’ll activate for quite a while?”


“So, what were you saying to me before? Huh?”

A cold voice rang out throughout the area.




R-Korun Nell screamed alongside the sound of a huge collision.


Both sounds woke up N-Maria from her daze.

‘Noo… No!’

At this rate, everyone would die.

Before, there was more than enough time to summon one more Dragon God Soldier.

But not anymore.

Now, Kiriel had more than enough time to kill them off before they could summon another Dragon God Soldier.

N-Maria clenched her teeth and stared solemnly at R-Korun Nell, who was desperately trying to resist.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: “6528c948fadfcc003f9827ee”, id: “pf-6108-1”})‘Think. Think. THINK!’


N-Maria’s teeth trembled.

She had to think of something.

To solve this situation.

If not, she would really end up dying.

If she failed here, then her chances of survival would be close to zero.

‘…The robots? Should I control them?’


But N-Maria shook off this thought as she heard more loud sounds of impact.

No way.

She’d just melt them away before they could touch even a single strand of her hair.

‘Threaten? That I wouldn’t cooperate?’

She shook that thought off as well.

She didn’t know if she was needed anymore, and she wasn’t confident either.

She wasn’t confident that she could withstand the possible torture that person would put her through.

‘I… I have to reverse the situation!’

Whether it was helping the Dragon God Soldier or ending this fight.

She had to stop it.

And as N-Maria racked her brains.

“Ahhhh! You b****!”

R-Korun Nell extended his arm towards N-Maria.



The Barrier Reactor on the ground flew towards R-Korun Nell.

R-Korun Nell had concluded that there was no more hope for the Quantum Transmission and took back the Barrier Reactor, hoping to run away.

R-Korun Nell had given up on the researchers who had no more value.

N-Maria and the other researchers screamed at this scene.


“No! If you take that…!”

N-Maria screamed.

She would be exposed to her attacks now.

Even if their bodies were enhanced, even a tiny fragment of energy from that battle could kill them.

‘Damn! And here I was trying to turn the situation…!’

As N-Maria looked at R-Korun Nell with hateful eyes.

Her gaze met R-Korun Nell’s.

And then realized.

That she’d deluded herself.

‘…What have I done?’

Despite being pushed back, he was looking at her with worry.

But there was no warmth behind those eyes.

They were cold.

Cold eyes that were worried that she would actually survive and not get killed.

And after seeing those very eyes, N-Maria came to a realization.

That her death had already been determined.

The one that really wanted her dead was not that monster of a woman in the distance.

Even if that woman didn’t kill her.

Even if R-Korun Nell won.

They would die anyway.

This place had a secret so important that the Nell family had even sent a Dragon God Soldier to hide it.

How could they survive, even if they were only slightly related to the whole thing?

Especially her, who had even illegally borrowed the Nell family member’s emergency code to contact them.

N-Martin’s face flashed past her eyes.

The man who believed that he had sacrificed himself for everyone.

But she now had a revelation.

‘…Bastard. He knew all along. That this would happen.’

And as she realized that her destiny had been set in stone.

“Hahaha… Ahahahahaha!”

N-Maria started to laugh maniacally.





N-Maria watched in despair as random fragments from the battle flew towards them, killing the researchers around her.

For what had they struggled?

‘And… he’s the one killing us.’

Ironically, the one killing them wasn’t Kiriel.

R-Korun Nell, even as he ran away, was sending attacks towards her and the researchers.

N-Maria’s expression hardened.

‘Yeah…this is my final gift to you…you….You damned Nell family.’


N-Maria’s fingers started to move quickly amidst the explosions around her.


The research center started to whirl as N-Maria inputted her final commands.


N-Maria dropped her hands with a satisfied expression.

At least she’d accomplished one of her goals before she died.

‘Let’s see…’

As N-Maria scratched something on the ground and looked around the research center with a relieved expression—

—she heard a brainwave transmission in her head.

As R-Korun Nell’s message ended.


A tremendous piece of structure flew towards them.

R-Korun Nell had thrown it amidst his struggle to escape.

‘Hah… I can read him like a book.’

N-Maria chuckled at this entirely expected situation.

‘Whatever, struggle a bit longer if you wish. I’m going to rest now.’


N-Maria closed her eyes as the house-sized piece of metal flew towards her.




Hansoo felt disappointed as he looked at the armored being that was charging towards him again.

‘Too bad. Could’ve been an easy way out.’

It was an attack on the same level as one that used all nine of his dragons.

Of course, an attack of that level had a price to pay.

An attack that squeezed out every drop of mana in one’s body to use.

If he had dodged the attack a few more times, then it would’ve run out of energy.

But as Melchizedek started to control it, instead of firing out more of those strikes it instead contained the energy within its armor and charged towards him.


His Thousand Soldiers Armor broke apart a little more every time it hit him.


Hansoo smashed her away with the Mjolnir and then checked his armor.

‘I guess it lasted quite a while.’

The Thousand Soldiers Armor was an artifact that had existed during a time when the Abyss had still been closed.

And it was soon time to replace it.

‘Even if it’s not an abyssal monster… I just need to defeat something strong, right?’

The Ark-Roa’s core resonated with the blue armor in front of him.

Which meant that they attracted each other.

Which meant that he could combine them into one and receive a greater reward.

‘Seriously, that fairy is the only one that takes care of me it seems.’

As Hansoo chuckled and grasped tightly onto Mjolnir.


A strange wave of energy pulsed from the wagon.

And as he sensed this.


Hansoo frowned.

He’d felt this before.

‘The Quantum Transmission has activated? Kiriel left that alone?’

According to what he knew, Kiriel shouldn’t have lost in that situation.

And as Hansoo was engrossed in his confusion—


—a mocking laugh came out from the blue-armored figure.

And Hansoo replied simply:

“I need to be careful when I break you since I’ll be using it next.”

As Melchizedek felt enraged at Hansoo, who seemed to look down on his invention.


The Quantum Transmission activated in the distance.


“Quantum Transmission. Activated!”

R-Koronaita Nell, the captain of the Kalkuroun fleet, started laughing gleefully.

“Hahaha! Good! Send them in!”

Since they’d been ready for quite a while, multiple Dragon God Soldiers quickly reported their statuses.

‘Good, time for us to handle this now.’

For such scum to give them such an opportunity.

R-Koronaita Nell decided to erase all those annoying alien members as he spoke to the leader of the fleet’s Technorat team.

“Prepare and contact R-Korun Nell.”

‘Tsk. If the communications aren’t working properly, then you should be making it work.’

R-Koronaita Nell’s good mood had been disturbed, and he was about to squeeze the technicians below, but then—

N-Akuon, one of the Technorats in the cockpit, spoke out.

“It won’t work!”

“What? The communications?”

N-Akuon shook his head.

“No… The transmission won’t work!”

“What do you mean! You said it was activated, right? You useless…”

N-Akuon made a wronged expression as he shouted:

“No, it’s not a request for transmission, but the opposite!… It’s transmitting something else over here!”


‘Huh? What?’

R-Koronaita Nell frowned at N-Akuon’s words.

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