Reincarnator chapter 353


As these words came out from the visor.



The machine parts surrounding the lifeform broke away.

Everything from the core and the armor fragments.

They weren’t needed anyway.

All these machine parts that transcended past the limits of a normal human were nothing against the likes of Hansoo and the other Transcendents.

But if it were something created from a 2-Star Transcendent, then that was a different story.

‘Is it finally going to show itself?’

But something else outside of his expectations then occurred.


The thing that appeared through the white steam was not a humanoid form.

A smooth and shiny set of armor, like that of an insect.

And the bright blue organs and muscles visible between them.

Living armor.

Connected via various tentacles and spines, the living armor perfectly covered its body even after shedding away the machine armor.

‘So that’s the thing that deflected my Nine Dragons strike.”

A strange liquid seeped out from inside, quickly fixing and mending the cracked part of the armor, caused by his previous strike.

A powerful-looking armor that was comparable to his hammer, Mjolnir.

But the armor seemed indifferent towards its owner—it continuously sucked something away from the user through the spines and tentacles.

“Aren’t you being too shy? To be clad in such armor.”


He heard Melchizedek’s voice coming from the being’s head.

‘This is a female?’

Well, it was easy to misunderstand it as a male because of its size—it was wearing two layers of armor.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: “6528c948fadfcc003f9827ee”, id: “pf-6108-1”})Of course, it was only this big because it had two sets of armor… The being inside was definitely a female.



Tremendous amounts of energy started radiating out of the bright blue armor.



Kiriel struck the Dragon God Soldier with the fang in her hand.



R-Korun Nell, the Dragon God Soldier, shouted as he resisted the force threatening to destroy both his arm and the shield protecting it.



R-Korun Nell restructured his body parts and then looked at the small female pushing him back.

Her arm was so thin, like a child’s.

And that tiny bone dagger in her small and white, delicate hands.

That dagger should be something that decorated a house of royalty, and not something to be used in a fight.

But the reality was harsh.

The thin and feeble-looking arm of this female had enough strength to crush him and take his life the second he let his guard down.

‘What… in the world?!’

R-Korun Nell continued to scream in his mind.

Every part of the Dragon God Armor, the ultimate agglomeration of his planet’s technology, trembled as if about to break apart at any moment.

R-Korun Nell screamed again as he squeezed out the energy of his two main cores and eighteen sub-cores to their maximum limits.

‘Damn… I hope she doesn’t realize.’

He was sending the messages through brain waves, so this monster of a girl shouldn’t be able to hear him.



But sadly for R-Korun Nell, Kiriel’s trait had long been activated and currently in use.

‘Hmm? Did he say she needed to restart the Quantum Transmission?’

Kiriel, within that small moment of contact, had read the memory within the visor.

They shouldn’t be trying to reactivate that thing this desperately just to send some random presents or snacks.

Which meant that they were trying to call something that could turn their current situation.

Kiriel thought to herself:

‘There’s more coming?’

If that happened then things would get much more annoying.

Although she was pushing him back, he was still extremely annoying.



Kiriel frowned as the Dragon God Soldier pushed her back with his shield and backed off.

Her forte didn’t lie in prolonged battles anyway.


And as she backed off, two beams exploded out from the barrels on his back.

‘Ugh, why is a personal armament so strong?’

That armor was not a simple one.

Kiriel stared at the armor that allowed one to fight on the same level as a Transcendent and then she changed her priority.

‘First…I need to stop them from gaining reinforcements.’

And that looked easier anyway.


As she drew a line with her fang, a bright line appeared in the air and shot towards the researchers.

She’d left them alone because they hadn’t done anything worth killing them for, but if they were preparing such a thing behind her back, that was a different matter.


As her attack closed in on them, something rose up from the ground and created a translucent barrier.


Kiriel sighed as she looked at the strange mechanisms the Dragon God Soldier had thrown the moment he arrived.

It looks like he’d prepared meticulously for this possibility.

The barrier didn’t look simple either.

At this rate, her long-range attacks wouldn’t be enough to destroy it.


Kiriel dodged the attack from the Dragon God Soldier, spun around and smashed down onto the translucent barrier.




As N-Maria screamed fearfully, the machine responsible for the Quantum Transmission started to light up behind the researchers.


As Kiriel was about to swing her dagger again at the machine—



R-Korun Nell desperately charged forward and slammed onto Kiriel.



As Kiriel, whose focus had not been on the Dragon God Soldier, flung forward onto the ground.

R-Korun Nell gasped for breath but soon started to laugh.


‘We won!’

Although the armor now only worked at 60% capacity since he’d constantly overloaded it during the fight, it didn’t matter.

The Quantum Transmission had already started.

The Fusion Reactor pumped in energy into the machine, enough to power three cities.

The Quantum Transmission’s cooldown had ended.

And R-Korun Nell stood up, looked at the bright light that signaled the start of the transmission and cursed at Kiriel.

“You damned b****! It’s all over now! Hahahaha!”

‘You won’t die peacefully.’

She could wield such strength with just her body.

She would be a good research sample.

She would be dissected over and over again until they unraveled all her secrets.

He and the Neropa Union.

He and the Nell family, the controllers of the fleet of flames, would become much more powerful.

As he thought about combining that strength with the Dragon God armor, his heart pounded.

And not only that.

He would receive a tremendous reward for achieving this battle merit and take a giant leap upwards in his family’s hierarchy.

‘Before that… I’ll play around with you for a bit. Damn b****.’

He’d felt pain until now, but wasn’t it a royal’s job to give joy to the people as well?

Although he would have to share that joy with the one arriving soon, that was fine.

Since comrades should share the acquired loot anyway.

Kiriel sighed as she looked at the man staring at her with a perverted gaze while licking his lips.

‘I wish a prince would just pop out of thin air to save me.’

The situation was not good.

Although she was stronger than him, he wasn’t some scarecrow.

And it was impossible to stop the transmission at this point.

Looking at his confident expression, it looked like another Dragon God Soldier was coming.

Kiriel held tightly onto her knife and thought:

‘It was just getting fun, too…’

Up until now, her life had been very boring.

Training and becoming stronger, that was it.

There was nothing that made her feel joy except when she followed Hansoo’s tracks.

She had finally found the owner of those tracks and things were just getting exciting, but…

‘No…I must stop this.’

If she backed off here, then these things would continue to crawl out.

She had to stop them here.

If not, then Hansoo would really be in danger.

“Hahahaha! Why? Aren’t you going to keep fighting?”

‘I will. Calm down, you damn bastard.’


As Kiriel prepared to charge at him again.


A tremendous shockwave rang out from a distance.

Energy so powerful it shocked both R-Korun Nell and Kiriel.



The moment both of them exclaimed out loud—


—the sound of a loud explosion occurred, followed by a blinding light, as a third of the train turned into nothing behind them.

Including the Fusion Reactor.


“No… No!! NOOOO!”

‘The Quantum Transmission!’


N-Maria started freaking out as the bright light began to dim.


“…Not bad.”


Hansoo, who had dodged the bright light that had blown away a third of the train, looked at his own burned skin and muttered to himself.

What power.

He’d blocked it with the Mjolnir and even dodged to the outermost areas, but it still managed to damage him this badly.


Hansoo looked at the trembling Mjolnir that seemed to be in pain and stared at the one who’d caused all this.

‘No, using something like this isn’t free.’

And as he expected—


—the bright armor crazily sucked out more energy through its spines and tentacles.

Hansoo stared at Melchizedek freaking out and thought to himself.

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