Reincarnator chapter 352


Chapter 352 : A legacy from the depths(1)


Hansoo’s sneak attack had been quite effective, actually.

He’d successfully struck the enemy before the strange being next to Melchizedek could react.

Of course, this didn’t mean the attack had hit the head exactly.


Hansoo’s hammer flew through Melchizedek’s head and smashed into the wall behind him.

‘Tsk. Hologram.’

Hansoo shrugged his shoulders.

Its aura had felt so real that he’d tried to attack, but it was a fake.

Countless nanoparticles were recreating the image where the hammer had gone through.


The nanoparticles gathered together to quickly re-form the image of Melchizedek.

Melchizedek smiled.

“Hahaha! You think I’m a retard? Why would I come here with my actua—”

“Shut up.”


Lightning crashed onto the spot where Melchizedek had stood on.

The countless nanoparticles burned up since the hologram couldn’t maintain the image anymore, disappearing along with Melchizedek’s annoying voice.

‘Too bad.’

There was a chance that it was the real thing since Melchizedek was quite a curious being, but it seemed to be quite cautious in its movements.

And at that moment—

<Tsk, how ruthless. I just wanted to chat.>’

—the being clad in the strange mechanical armor began to speak.

Hansoo chuckled.

“I see you don’t know much about manners.. You’re supposed to meet face-to-face if you want to chat.’

<Please understand, I’ve received quite a blow from your kind, you see.>

‘Your kind, huh?’

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: “6528c948fadfcc003f9827ee”, id: “pf-6108-1”})Hansoo then realized why Melchizedek was being so cautious.

‘Looks like it wasn’t an easy victory.’

Although he’d known that the Nelkipa was under Melchizedek’s control since it was moving towards Angkara, it seemed that the process hadn’t been a painless one.



He heard the sound of a large collision in the distance.

Followed by a shockwave from two high-energy attacks smashing against each other.

One side seemed familiar, the other was not.

Only one thing was clear—their strength levels were similar.



Various small and large collisions continued on as the whole train shook.

There were no artificial transcendents that could fight on Kiriel’s level.

Which meant only one thing.

‘The Dragon God forces are here.’

He wondered where they connected the Quantum Transmission, but they seemed to have connected directly with the fleet.


Hansoo decided to hurry as he felt the trembling grow increasingly stronger.

The opponent would be attacking at full force, and he didn’t know what would happen to Kiriel.

‘I’m…going to smash them apart.’


— he heard a voice from the being’s visor.

<I’ll give you one last chance. Give up and back off. I don’t like unnecessary fights and I have enough things stressing me out.>

He could even sense a slight aura of annoyance from Melchizedek’s voice.

Melchizedek did not like variables.

Immensely so.

It didn’t have any methods to deal with people from climbing up from below since that was handled by a higher being.

And the situations on the higher floors also made it difficult to manage the lower ones.

In the midst of this chaos, its control over the lower floors had been taken.

There had never been a case like this in the past.

This armed being had also been raised to fight the two things on the upper floors, not this kid.

It had barely been able to pull enough precious materials together to make this armor, and meanwhile some crazy bastard had climbed up from below and started to take over the research center.

How could he not be annoyed?

Hansoo shrugged.

“It’s possible.”


Melchizedek’s voice brightened at this.

If this mechanical armor was damaged, it would make his current situation even worse.

It was best to avoid a fight.

But Hansoo continued to speak.

“Yeah, if you change the trajectory of Nelkipa to any direction other than Angkara. If you do that, then I’d gladly help you smash apart Clementine’s forces.”


The armed being started to activate as soon as Hansoo finished his words.

And a hateful voice came out from the visor.

If it had an actual face, Hansoo would be able to see its enraged expression.

<Give up my goals, huh?… I believe you guys use the phrase ‘you f***ing bastard’ in situations like this, right?>



A giant shockwave of energy resonated out from the barrel behind the mechanical armor.



‘Ugh. I guess they’re fighting, too.’

There seemed to have been a collision on the other side as well.

She inferred this from the giant shockwave that rose into the sky in the distance.

‘Yeah… something like that wouldn’t just let him leave in peace.’

Kiriel thought of the horrifying aura she’d felt before as she looked at her own opponent.



Kiriel stared at her opponent with annoyance—they had created a hexagonal shield to block the fang in her hand—and she continued to charge at it.



She and the armored Dragon God dodged, deflected, and re-directed each other’s attacks, with the energy from each encounter causing countless explosions to occur around them.

N-Maria sighed as she looked at Kiriel being slowly pushed away from her.

‘Good. Good. I didn’t expect the Dragon God force to actually come…’

She was skeptical throughout the entire process of calling for help.

Aside from their job of guarding the three royal families, the Dragon God forces were only implemented into the most important missions.

She, a Technocrat, had no authority whatsoever in even minutely requesting a Dragon God soldier who wielded the secret weapon, the Dragon God armor.

But she had asked anyway, because she needed something at this level to go up against that monstrous female, Kiriel.

She realized that her choice was not a mistake.

That power.

Enough power to push Kiriel back.

“Uhhh, Maria? Weren’t we in an alliance?”

“Oh god… it’s a Dragon God soldier.”

The countless B and A-levels were at a loss.

They had never expected to see such a scene in their entire lives.

N-Maria refocused and said:

“We’ll now focus on controlling the other robots. The Dragon God soldier will deal with the alien.”

Her underlings were still confused at the current situation, but they nodded.

They realized that this was the only thing they could do.

But at that moment—

<You dumb b****! What are you doing!? Hurry and restart the Quantum Transmission! The cooldown ends soon!>


While N-Maria was at a loss from the orders that came from the Dragon God soldier in the distance—

‘This dumb b***!’

The Dragon God soldier of Kalkiroun, <R-Korun Nell>, shouted with rage.

<Hurry and reactive the Quantum Transmission! This…I’m being pushed back right now!>



The Dragon God soldier was smashed through the walls of the train as he landed onto a building in the distance.

<Dammit! What is this monster!?>

R-Korun Nell charged back towards Kiriel as he cursed out loud and shouted at N-Maria.

<You dumbass! Hurry and reactivate it while I block her! There are other Dragon God soldiers waiting to be transferred!>

“Ah! Yes! Everyone, please! Help!”

N-Maria hurriedly started preparing to re-activate the Quantum Transmission again.

With a question on her mind.

‘…There’s more than one Dragon God soldier?’

The Dragon God soldier was not someone so easily deployed.

They were designated in crucial parts of Angkara, constantly prepared for situations that desperately needed their services.

Even if the sons and daughters of royal families were in danger, having more than one Dragon God soldier at the scene was too much.

It made no sense.

R-Korun saw N-Maria stumbling and seemed to have realized her confusion as he answered:

<Do you really think we’ve come to save a few low-ranked members of royalty?>

“…Is there something going on in Nelkipa that I don’t know about?”

As N-Maria’s expression changed—

—R-Korun shouted:

<Yes! Yes! So hurry! Hurry and reactivate that thing, you b****!>



R-Korun Nell roared as he saw the alien charging towards him, a pair of terrifying eyes locking into his own.



Hansoo realized that the strikes had weakened to the point where he could ignore them as he smashed the artificial being with his hammer.


Mjolnir smashed away the outer circuits, causing sparks to fly everywhere.

But then—


The being released clouds of white steam as it grabbed onto Hansoo’s arm and started to squeeze.




Hansoo felt the bones in his left arm cracking as he kicked away the being and then smashed it with his hammer again.


With a much more powerful attack than before.

The Mjolnir, surrounded by three dragons, smashed apart the being’s core energy system responsible for powering up its energy strikes.


<Hahaha! Not bad!>

Despite its broken core, Melchizedek’s voice continued on through the visor on the being’s head.

At this moment, Hansoo spoke out.

“This isn’t something you can make on your own. What have you done?”

The armor was just a shell.

It was much inferior in quality in comparison to the Dragon God armor.

The secret behind it was not the shell, but the thing inside it.

Something that made it different from the other artificial transcendents.

Even Melchizedek couldn’t make this.


The laughter from the visor stopped.

<You know too much. What are you?>

An uncomfortable voice was heard from the visor.

And through the broken armor—

—Hansoo saw a bright lifeform, one that did not fit the machines surrounding it.


The Ark-Roa’s crystal, which he had gained from the floor below, began to vibrate.

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