Reincarnator chapter 349



Hansoo looked at the giant train in the distance, then asked Kiriel, who was standing next to him:

“You’ve finished the preparations?”


Kiriel started looking worriedly between the giant train and the corridors around her as she mumbled:

‘I read it with my Psychometry, but… didn’t find any traces.’

Her Psychometry wasn’t all-powerful.

If the suspect wasn’t present on the scene, it was hard to figure things out.

The only people who could suddenly stop the repulsion-coating system were the N-levels.

And they could do it from anywhere within the armored vehicle, so there weren’t any traces for her to find.

Even if she looked them over one-by-one, it would still be a huge issue.

This whole thing was controlled through brainwaves.

Although she could see a person’s actions and hear them speak, she could not read minds.

‘Should we just flip this over? Hold them down one-by-one?’

They’d easily spit it out if they were tortured.

But Kiriel signed out.

‘That’s not something we can do to an ally.’

Right now, she and Hansoo needed their strength.

And it would be the same for the inhabitants of Angkara.

Kiriel saw N-Maria walking hurriedly towards the two of them with a worried expression.

“Are you really okay? The coating has not been finished…”

N-Maria looked at Hansoo’s body.

A body that was trained to the point of looking beast-like./having beast-like strength

But N-Maria, the one who had invented the repulsion coating, could see the holes in the coating.

In a situation where one would still feel uneasy even after smothering oneself with the coating, the sorry state of the coating on Hansoo’s body weighed heavily on her mind.

window.pubfuturetag = window.pubfuturetag || [];window.pubfuturetag.push({unit: “6528c948fadfcc003f9827ee”, id: “pf-6108-1”})‘Hmm… Is she pretending?’

Whether she was really worried.

Or pretending to worry.

Kiriel glared at N-Maria.

Hansoo chuckled as he said:

“You said that it would take two more weeks to fully prepare again, right? Then…those things will likely double in number.”

There were numerous methods if they had the time, the materials, and the manpower.

But they were lacking in all three aspects at this moment.

N-Maria looked in the direction Hansoo had pointed towards and fell silent.


The artificial transcendents that withstood against the flaming pillars that were falling down from the sky.

And the tens of thousands of robot soldiers that marched in rows in front of the giant train.

Even now, a countless number of these soldiers were being created and sent out from inside the train.

It looked as if they were preparing to meet a special guest.

‘…Melchizedek, you’re really going overboard now.’

N-Maria clenched her teeth as she looked at the soldiers.

Melchizedek was no longer laying low and was openly going against them now.

If this monster they were standing on arrived at the Neropa Union then all these soldiers and artificial transcendents would descend down onto Angkara.

‘And if they take over the Plant…’

The problem would become even worse.

‘No, I must stop it.’

N-Maria started to tremble.

Did she come all the way to this isolated place just to lament about her fate?

She had to change this.

For him.


N-Maria mumbled someone’s name and then looked towards Hansoo.

“So…while you breach through their defenses, you want us to sneak inside and take over the control center, right?”

Hansoo nodded.


The enemy’s forces were mainly divided into two groups.

The small elite, which comprised of the artificial transcendents.

And the mass-produced soldiers.

The former would be hard to take over, but the latter was a different story.

If they could connect this armored research vehicle, , to the control center then they would succeed.

And of course, they had the ability to.


The look in N-Maria’s eyes changed; they were now much more focused and filled with resolution.

“Let’s begin then.”


As soon as Hansoo replied—


—red smoke began to surround Hansoo’s body.


Lightning crashed down from the clouds.


Countless cracks appeared on the ground.

With the swing of a hammer, lightning blew dozens of soldiers away, like leaves in front of a powerful gale.


Red smoke spread out and entered the bodies of the artificial transcendents.



As the artificial transcendents slumped forward, their skin melting down and their bones shattering from inside, two more flaming pillars fell down from the sky and swept over Hansoo and everyone around him.


Though the red smoke was a skill, it was still made up of organisms in the end.

Because the organisms hadn’t received the repulsion coating and had no resistance to fire, they stuttered for a bit when the flaming pillar struck down.

The artificial transcendents jumped into the fire as if they were taking a shower, and then started to charge at Hansoo again.

To crush his head in.

Hansoo stood in the center and smiled at the artificial transcendents charging towards him, his skin still burning.

The photon strikes and the attacks of the artificial transcendents.

As well as the numerous foot soldiers.

An attack that would have been a threat to him in the past.

But now, Hansoo only laughed as he swung his hammer.

‘Even if the coating is incomplete… it’s still useful.’


Hansoo’s right arm smacked away the artificial transcendents, and they crashed into the foot soldiers behind them and rolled into a ball together.

In the small gap he had created after blowing them away, Hansoo raised his hammer to the sky.


Five dragons extended out from his heart and started to compress themselves above the hammer.


When the blackened Mjolnir smashed the ground at Hansoo’s feet, it created a shockwave unlike anything seen before now.

Even Nelkipa’s bright skin, which hadn’t reacted to anything else other than the photon strikes, had hardened in just a moment.

Nelkipa’s skin, which looked like it was about to break apart, quickly crystallized as it repelled the force of the Nine Dragons Spear, no, the Nine Dragons Strike.

A good turn of events for Hansoo.


The repelled force rose back up and smashed the countless soldiers surrounding Hansoo.

Hundreds of soldiers turned into dust in an instant, and it even shredded apart two artificial transcendents as well.

And N-Maria watched this entire scene in a dumbfounded daze.

‘What in the world…’

The strength of that attack was slightly stronger than even the main attacks from a mid-sized cruiser.

Only a select few of Angkara’s ships had the rights to control Angkara’s , and for this man to be able to wield a power stronger than that with only his body…

But N-Maria quickly regained her senses and shouted:

“Charge at them!”

The B and A levels, who were also watching this scene in a daze, woke up and started to focus on their work as well.

And soon, the giant armored vehicle charged through the path that Hansoo had created, towards the giant research center in the distance.


‘This is seriously just insane…’

N-Maria clenched her teeth.

Though she had executed the plan because she had to, actually experiencing the situation was a whole other thing.

She had never expected to get mixed up with such a stupid plan in her life.

Though Hansoo was clearing the way in the front, the enemy still had a tremendous number of forces left.

Plus, countless artillery fires and the flaming pillars continuously rained down from above.


—tink! tonk!— 

The Melkasus shook as it charged through the masses of robots and artillery strikes.

“Remaining shield amount is 87.3%! The 3rd and 4th fusion reactors are becoming overloaded!”

“Catastrophe activated!… Damn! One artificial transcendent has attached itself to the vehicle!”


Sparks flew through tiny gaps that were cut away from the roof of the vehicle as something started to crawl through it.

A very simple-looking blade.

N-Maria was at a loss as this extremely average-looking blade bore through what should be the latest and most advanced technology of Angkara.

How was this even possible?

Anyway, if that thing were to actually break into the vehicle then it would be a catastrophe.

They only had a single soldier among them.

If that thing managed to crawl inside then they’d all be massacred.

As N-Maria looked at the slowly moving blade.


They heard a loud sound above the vehicle and the blade disappeared.

As if it had been flung away along with its owner.

“I’ll deal with these things, so just focus on driving!”

A beautiful voice, unfitting for this battlefield, came from above.

‘Right… we had one more.’

N-Maria mumbled as she heard that voice.

She saw the battle around the vehicle and calmed down.


One man was charging through a giant army.

Through the artillery shells.

Swinging his weapon from left to right.

At first she’d thought that this mission would require some form of heavenly luck, but not anymore.

If that man continued to pave the way like this, and Kiriel, the woman, defended them…

At the same time, something weighed down on her mind.


N-Martin, as if he had sensed N-Maria’s gaze, used his brain waves to send her a message.


Since she could utilize her brain waves to send messages, N-Maria simply listened.

N-Martin continued.

And N-Martin’s words weren’t unreasonable.

Melchizedek was strong; this was the truth.

But it was still an AI in the end.

They knew a lot about it, and it knew a lot about them.

Which meant that the only thing remaining between them was a battle of strengths.

And in N-Martin’s opinion, Angkara would not lose on that front.

But these aliens were different.

They were creatures shrouded in mystery.

They could train their M-Waves to the point of smashing apart spaceships.

The scarier thing was… this was not their limit.

N-Martin knew.

He knew that above that powerful man…

There were even stronger people.

He had seen it.

‘Damn it… You haven’t even seen our true strength.’

N-Martin grit his teeth as he thought of those two monsters currently somewhere on Nelkipa.

He couldn’t let them get to Angkara.

He had to stop them here.

But N-Martin woke up from his thoughts.

They had already arrived at the giant train, the Main Research Center.


“We’re going in!”

Along with N-Maria’s shout—

—Melkasus charged through the hole that Hansoo had created at the giant train’s side.

Into the darkness.

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