Reincarnation of the Swordmaster Chapter 50

“Filthy creatures.”

Taekan spat out in contempt and kicked the magic form. The sword burst in admiration.

[Relentless. A magic form is what constitutes everyone born of magic. It’s akin to a mother, yet you trample on it mercilessly.]

“What are you just watching for? Kill it.”

Asher drew his sword.

The magic form was still incomplete. Even with dozens attached, it had only the strength of an ordinary human. Within minutes, they were all torn apart and disappeared.

“You’ve grown stronger.”

Taekan muttered while glancing at Asher’s fight.

“Faster and sharper than before. Yes, that’s right. That’s how you ought to be. Then you give me something to aim for.”

Taekan glared at Asher with blazing eyes. Asher passed by Taekan without a word. Taekan chuckled and flicked his chin.

“That golden sword, what is it about it? It feels unique somehow.”

Asher stopped in his tracks, but soon continued walking.

“It’s just an ornament.”

“Do you take me for a fool? It feels significant… It’s not ordinary. What is it?”

“What might it be?”

Asher was slightly shocked. Even the legendary swordmaster Reika hadn’t noticed, and the sword itself said that no swordmaster would realize its nature.

And a mere goblin figures it out?


The sword admired.

[I know you’ve reached a high realm, but to recognize me? You can’t hear my words, though… Only the master can hear that.]

“I heard you.”

[That’s because the previous you was an exception. Anyway, this goblin is remarkable. If it keeps trying until it dies, it might become a swordmaster. Ah, but goblins have short lifespans, so maybe that’s tough?]


A goblin as a swordmaster.

Asher scoffed at the irony. Taekan looked puzzled, but Asher simply kept walking forward.

“Let’s find the rift quickly.”

“Click. It’s not far. An annoying sensation echoes.”

True to Taekan’s words, they soon saw a rift about to open.

[Almost fully opened.]

Cracks spread in the air, expanding their territory. Each flicker sent magical forces swirling violently around.

Asher approached with his sword and stabbed into the rift.

– Aaaaahhhhh!

With a scream, the rift shrunk. Magic contracted, and the darkness gradually faded.

Eventually, the rift closed. Asher sheathed his sword. Taekan watched him casually.

“Is it over? Then let’s return.”


“Are you alright?”

Arareyna rushed to Asher, who had appeared, and examined him anxiously. Asher gently pushed her away.

“It’s no big problem.”

“Such a concentration of magic should not be accessible to humans… You truly are impressive. I remember he was like that too.”

A bitter smile flickered across Arareyna’s lips but vanished quickly.

“Were there any issues with the goblin?”

“Quieter than expected.”

It merely watched as he killed the magic forms and closed the rift. Rather than being calm, it seemed to dislike the darkness itself.

Now the path is clear. The guards grimly gathered their gear, and Taekan stood afar, gazing distantly.

“Thank you, Lord Asher. And forgive my boldness for making another request.”

Arareyna bit her lip and bowed her head.

“Can you continue to assist us?”

“To the Master of the Abyss?”

“Yes. Lord Haiban has left, and the empire lacks the strength.”

“Even if they lack strength, there’s more that can be done.”

Only a small unit of the guard was present. Even if other units were busy with vital tasks, none could be as crucial as dealing with the Master of the Abyss.

Arareyna grimly smiled.

“I’ve raised it above before… they are half-believing. They think the Master of the Abyss is just having some troubles. Nothing major, they assume.”

It was a somewhat reasonable argument. After all, the Master of the Abyss had never forsaken his duties.


“Thank you! We will surely repay you!”

Asher had no intentions of just returning. He also wanted to see how an old friend had changed, and why they had changed.

Arareyna, oblivious to these thoughts, looked up at Asher with dreamy eyes.

‘Such a person exists.’

Asher was not beholden to the empire’s patronage; whether the Master of the Abyss fared well or ill mattered naught to him. Yet to go to such lengths to help…

In Arareyna’s heart, Asher’s esteem grew considerably. Unbeknownst to Asher, Taekan approached him.

“Click. You’re entering too.”

Asher nodded silently. Taekan turned the spear with a joyful expression.

“Better to be among fakes.”


Arareyna held her firm expression and her sword.

“Be careful. From here on, we venture into the unknown.”


Although Arareyna was tense, initially, there were no issues. Asher and Taekan had already moved ahead after clearing the rift. And thus, they moved deeper into the passageway triggered by the rift.

“…It’s starting to show.”

Arareyna’s voice was tense. Shortly after her words, they saw bodies. Unmarred in appearance, they looked as though they had seen some horrendous beast, their faces grotesquely distorted.

“Mokoi. You’re here…”

He muttered with a somber face, but soon gathered his emotions and moved forward slowly. As Asher approached the corpse, he scanned the body but saw no wounds; it seemed to be a mental shock.



[Yes. A creepy sensation. Is this really the earthly realms? Overturned with all sorts of filth, ordinary people wouldn’t last long here.]

As the sword had said, the faces of the guards all looked grim. Some were struggling to catch their breath.


Gerran followed behind Asher with a stiff face. Though shocked, he didn’t panic, possibly due to his experience wandering the world and seeing terrible things. As the successor, his complexion also seemed alright.

“What is this…?”

“Who knows.”


At that moment, a scream was heard ahead.

Asher quickly drew his sword and ran towards it.

A soldier was writhing on the ground clutching his head.

“Arion! What’s wrong?”

“No, I hate it! Go away!”

Areina shouted urgently, but to no avail as the screams continued. Without a choice, Asher knocked him out with a blow to the chest.

“What on earth…”

– I just touched his mind a bit.

A voice like that of a beast, yet using human speech, was heard. The guards hastily grabbed their spears. In the darkness ahead, wings fluttered.

– Hello, humans.

A small being with red wings and horns on its head appeared. Its eyes glowed red, about the size of a human’s chest.

– Suddenly, the magic weakened, and there’s a shattered rift. What? How did you get here?


Areina cried out in anguish.

“…How can demons be in this world!”

– The barriers have weakened a lot. Moreover, this place feels particularly familiar. It’s almost like being in the demon world. I can’t leave you humans roaming around here.

The demon’s eyes covered in red. A massive resonance spread through the corridors.

– So, humans! Go mad! Seek out the most horrifying sights and the deepest despondence!


Suddenly, the guards clutched their heads and rolled on the ground. Areina moaned, clutching her head.

– Ah! Yes! I didn’t expect humans to have weakened so much! Good! Let’s expand the territory one by one, making this land mine!

“That’s a big dream.”

Asher spoke to the delighted demon as he flapped his wings.

The demon’s pupils widened.

– You! What are you! Why aren’t you going mad!

Both Asher and Takan looked serenely at the demon. Gerran as well took a deep breath but appeared unaffected.

“Something is wrong with my head…”

– Kyaa, kyack! How can a human resist this!

The demon’s eyes reddened further, spreading a thin curse of madness through the darkness.

– You! Go mad! Lose yourselves and fear everything!


Gerran finally fell to the ground, possibly unable to endure anymore. However, Asher and Takan still stood nonchalantly. The demon flapped its wings back in dismay.

– What is this!

Though startled that Asher was unaffected, he was unimpressed. It was strange to be susceptible to such things.

[A low-grade demon, not even a lesser one.]

The sword muttered indifferently.

Shaking heads and creating mental chaos, a typical demonic eye trick, but not strong. Anyone with a sufficiently trained mind could withstand it.

[Not even a demon, the power of a low-grade demon wouldn’t be able to shake a swordmaster’s spirit. But…]

“The important thing isn’t that.”

The appearance of a demon. It was a tale vastly different from mere beasts popping up.

“If you don’t want to be driven back to the demon realm, it’d be better to just go back quietly.”

– Keck! This human, trying to kill a demon!

“What’s new.”

Humans have traditionally vanquished evil. The panicked demon pointed at a goblin.

– You! You slave! Quickly stop that human! Save me!

Monsters have always been slaves to demons. During invasions by the Demon King, they were the first to die. However, Takan chuckled and stepped back.

“Cackle. Really?”

– You. Insolent slave…

As the demon was about to shout, Asher pressed power on his foot, launching through the air.

– Oh! Ohhhh!

The demon screamed loudly as it narrowly escaped Asher’s grasp. Asher rushed in, grabbing the demon’s head, and slammed it to the ground.

– Eek!

And was subdued within a second. Asher stomped on the demon’s back.

– I, I surrender!


Asher hesitated. Demons were beings that seduced and bewitched humans, never admitting defeat to them. But as soon as it was subdued, it accepted surrender?

– I, I am weak. I’ll be devoured if I return to the demon realm. I don’t want to go back.

The demon rolled its eyes, whining pitifully. Asher merely scoffed.

“That sounds rather human.”

– Sob… I thought I could live comfortably after coming to the world, but immediately encountered humans with inaccessible powers… What a life…

Though filled with grievance, Asher’s eyes remained unshaken as he pressed his foot down harder. The demon screamed.

– Eek! I say I surrender! Brother! Brother!

“If you talk, I can finish it at the seal. How did you get here?”

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