Reincarnation of the Swordmaster Chapter 49

Title: The Master of the Abyss (2)

Gerran blinked as he gazed into the darkness.

“I can see it though?”

“You would.”

That’s why Gerran was chosen. Asher focused his eyes and stared into the darkness. Something faintly appeared through the smoky haze.

‘I couldn’t see this in my past life?’

Now he could vaguely make out objects. Whether it was due to reincarnation or because he had become a Swordmaster was unclear.

However, that wasn’t what mattered. Asher pointed a finger into the darkness.

“We need to deal with that immediately.”

“We are aware of the danger, but we can’t just approach recklessly… we’ll need time to find a solution….”


Asher cut off Araina’s words.

“There’s no time to spare. It’s nearly at an end.”

If this much magical energy was leaking, it meant the passage was nearly open. At most a day, maybe two. That would be the limit.

Araina, not expecting this, stumbled over her words.

“But, magical energy has been emanating like this for some time now. The Master of the Abyss has always been in such a place….”

“The Master of the Abyss suppresses the magical energy.”

The role was to block the spreading darkness across the world.

“There are cases where magical energy leaks during suppression, but this is much different from that. This energy is being spread deliberately in all directions without any intent of control.”


“Soon, the rift will open.”

“What did you say?”

Araina’s eyes widened.

“You mean it could go that far…”

“If a rift opens right beneath the capital, you can well imagine what will happen.”

The name of the capital would become synonymous with hell. The empire would crumble.


“Who knows.”

The Master of the Abyss was not performing his duties. Was it an error? Or intentional?

“Whatever the reason, we must resolve it quickly.”

“…But we can’t just go in.”

Human exposure to this concentration of magical energy would drive one insane instantly. Only Gerran could withstand it here. Asher could endure, but his vision was obstructed, making it hard to move effectively.

“It’s not difficult to remove the magical energy itself. If we just remove the opening rifts, the darkness will lighten considerably.”

“The very entry is impossible, though….”

“There is one who can.”


“The magical energy belongs to the darkness. It’s like home to those born from it.”

Monsters are beings of darkness. Realizing the implications, Araina’s pupils dilated.

“…But that creature….”

“We don’t have the luxury to choose.”


Araina bit her lip, deep in thought. But her response was predetermined.

“…Wait a moment.”

She hurried outside. Gerran fidgeted, shifting his gaze around.

“Br-brother, what’s all this? Is our master safe?”

“I don’t know.”

The Master of the Abyss was well-known to Asher too. He was a friend and had been present during the transition of power from the previous Master.

He was a man who never neglected his responsibilities. Though he may suffer or struggle, he always fulfilled his duties.

But now, he seemed to have abandoned them.

‘Twenty years.’

Heroes twisted over time.

Asher closed his eyes, waiting for Araina.


An hour later. Araina returned with a stern face.

“Come this way.”

She led the way out of the corridor.

“Permission has been granted. It’s dangerous, but less so than the current situation.”

As they passed through crowds, she whispered.

“Please be cautious with your words. This entity is a state secret, known by only a few in the empire.”

Past the imperial prison, Araina went even deeper.

They arrived at a dilapidated house on the brink of collapse.

Araina lifted the carpet on the floor, revealing a small door.

‘Teng Tia Lon.’

A prison for one, used when the empire needed to contain a significant threat.

Asher entered. Araina operated a device on the wall, and lights brightly illuminated the underground.

A being sat quietly within.

[Ah. Is that creature the one you mentioned?]

“Kakak. It’s been a while.”

Asher responded with a laugh.

“Hello, Goblin.”


“How long has it been?”

“One year.”

“Is that so? Being locked up here makes one lose track of time.”

The goblin spoke in a languid tone. Asher examined the goblin.

Its body was firmer and larger than before, hardly distinguishable from a human’s size; its muscles swelled beyond what one could typically call a goblin.

“It’s become more complicated.”

“Call me Takan.”


Suddenly, the goblin said, smirking.

“Just call me Takan. There are many goblins. We need to distinguish.”

“You a liberator now?”

Takan meant ‘one who frees’ in an ancient tongue. The goblin looked intrigued.

“Oho. You knew?”

“Where else would I have heard that word?”

“From the humans, I suppose. It’s a word I fancy.”

Takan grinned. The more you looked, the more he resembled a human.


Takan shifted his gaze from Asher to Araina.

“It’s not always those blood-thirsty fools, but him this time.”

Takan twisted his lips.

“You’re finally letting me out then?”

“Does it mean you’ve become rain?”


In response to Areina’s silence, Takan scoffed.

“Don’t bother with futile bravado. Only two things can influence me: the victor and my own will.”

“What do you wish for?”

“I told you before. I will return to your hands.”

Takan gripped the window frame, which bent under the force of his iron grip.

“All I want is freedom. That alone.”

Takan released the twisted frame and stepped back.

“So, your answer?”


There was no choice but to agree. Takan was certainly a menacing presence, but the current crisis was even more pressing. If not for Takan, it could not be resolved, forcing the empire to make an unavoidable decision.

“Click. The outside air is fresh.”

Takan, with a yearning expression, gathered his armor— necklace, clothing, and weapons. He spun his spear around.


The sword exclaimed in amazement.

[Hearing your explanation, I expected as much, but seeing it in person is still surprising. A goblin reaching this level.]

“Strange creature.”

[Truly astonishing. Even among humans, this level is rare, let alone for a goblin.]

The sword couldn’t hide its admiration, while Areina was puzzled.

Goblins are strong but still inferior to Reika. When the sword spoke of Reika, admiration was all it held, yet it showered a goblin with such praises.

“So where to?”

Takan spoke after finishing his preparations.

“You must want something from me in return for granting me freedom. Lead the way.”


Areina took the goblin into the empire’s underground, a place dominated by the underworld’s leader.

The soldiers and Gelun watching the goblin were horrified.

“A goblin?”

“Why is a monster here!”

“Stop it.”

Areina restrained those who drew their weapons.

“He is not our enemy at the moment.”


“Put down your weapons.”

Her calm words caused the soldiers to reluctantly lower their arms. Takan watched and smiled at the scene.

“Well-trained ones. They hold value as soldiers.”

“They speak…?”


“Move aside, fools.”

Takan pushed past the guards and stood before the darkness, chuckling briefly before saying,

“Click. So, this is why you summoned me. Humans can’t endure it, so you push it onto another monster. Smart move.”

Takan grasped his spear.

“So what am I to do?”

“…Eradicate the rift inside.”

Areina bit her lip. A goblin was ultimately a monster, a being of darkness.

Could such a creature truly seek to eliminate the rift? That was her greatest worry.

“I understand your concern.”

Takan then mocked Areina.

“Don’t worry about betrayal. I particularly despise them.”

Fierce anger filled Takan’s eyes.

“If you’re still worried, there’s a simple solution.”

Takan extended his hand, with Ascher at his fingertip.

“If someone capable of subduing me comes along, what’s the problem?”


Ascher grimaced. Takan looked at him with a smile.

“Is this what you were aiming for?”

“I don’t understand what you mean. I’m just an ordinary goblin.”


Ascher clicked his tongue and stepped forward. Areina tried to hold him back, but he shook off her hand.

“Monitoring is necessary. We won’t be completely blinded in there, there’s no one else better suited.”

“But inside, humans can’t endure.”

Ordinary beings would descend into madness the moment they entered that concentration of magical energy.

Yet, Ascher gently pushed Areina aside.

“It’s alright.”


“Don’t argue with a warrior’s decision. Pretender.”

Takan cut off Areina’s words.

“Come in.”

Takan boldly entered the darkness. Ascher followed him.


The sticky darkness engulfed their entire bodies, shaking their brains and breaking their spirits.

Ascher shook his head, his mind beginning to stabilize.

“As expected. You wouldn’t be tainted by such darkness.”

Takan waited inside the darkness, his face serene.

“A warrior is a warrior because they never waver.”

“Stop talking and lead the way.”

“Click. Alright. A fair price must be paid for compensation. This way.”

The goblin delved into the darkness.

Ascher followed, blind but sensing Takan’s trail.

“I despise this feeling. I’ve always hated the darkness.”

Takan murmured to himself. Ascher sneered.

“A goblin who hates where he was born?”

“An unwanted birth. An unwanted position. An unwanted body. Why would I like it?”

Takan chuckled, while the sword snickered.

[What kind of goblin… Be honest. That’s not a goblin, is it? It’s something pretending to be one, right?]

“I wish that were true.”

[Throughout the ages, I have never seen one. In a way, this is more irregular than a Swordmaster. Quite fascinating.]

“There it is.”

The goblin stopped and grasped his spear as darkness coiled into forms.

“Demon shape?”

Ascher muttered as he grasped his sword. When microscopic beings encounter highly concentrated magic, they gradually develop form and transform. And at their culmination, they become demonic beasts and creatures. That was the demon shape.

Dozens 박사 of demon shapes crawled forward. Takan scorned.

“Loathsome creatures approach.”

Takan spun his spear and struck, causing an explosion of darkness.

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