Reincarnation of the Swordmaster Chapter 47

While there were a few troubles, things mostly went smoothly. Asher was diligent in teaching the sword, and Asher followed without complaints. Two days passed like that.

[A talking goblin, huh? Interesting. What’s it up to?]

“I wouldn’t be asking if I knew.”

[I obviously don’t know either. Nothing like that existed in the past. It’s intriguing. You said it performed spear techniques, right? Show me.]


Asher gripped the spear with both hands, lowered his waist, and thrusted forward. The spear tip moved rapidly, soon leaving behind numerous afterimages.



After the spear technique ended, the sword expressed its admiration.

[Was that really performed by a goblin? Hard to believe. And you as well. To execute that instantly. You really have talent.]

“Again with that.”

Asher put away the spear with a nonchalant face.

In a past life, the sword had told him he had talent too. But that wasn’t true. He had no talent.

“It’s just a simple technique. There’s no need for talent or anything.”

[Oh, really?]

The sword murmured, sounding amused.

[I think I’m starting to understand. You guys, you’re misunderstanding something.]


[Yes. It’s just a technique, but it still involves using your body and wielding a weapon. Doesn’t it make sense that someone with no talent in swordsmanship isn’t supposed to have an exceptional technique?]

“Swordsmanship is something entirely different.”

Swordsmanship was different from mere technique. It enabled movements that humans couldn’t normally perform. That was what swordsmanship was about. The sword chuckled.

[Let’s assume that’s true. This should be interesting too. Anyway, I’m looking forward to it. It will be the first time seeing a goblin become a Swordmaster.]

“Can a goblin really become one?”

[The realm does not discriminate against races. As long as one is worthy, it’s open to anyone. But let’s save that for later fun… Break’s over. Pick up the sword again.]

Asher picked up the sword without a word. The sword began speaking in a serious tone.

[I’m going to adjust your movements, your swordsmanship, to suit your body.]

He moved his body. His enhanced physique swung the sword, and the movements were somewhat awkward. It felt unbalanced.

[Don’t rush. You’re overhauling everything you’ve built up so far. It won’t be easy.]


He had spent his entire life training in the imperial sword techniques, and all those movements were ingrained in his body. Now they had to be changed.

The fact he had to overhaul his lifelong learning was enough to drive one to despair, but Asher didn’t feel that way. Instead, he found it enjoyable.

“I never thought I’d learn something new at this age.”

The realization that there was something new to learn, that it wasn’t just the same repetitions, delighted him. With a smile on his lips, Asher swung his sword, eliciting a grumble from the sword.


And another two days passed.


“Our supplies are out.”

Opening his bag, only breadcrumbs were visible. Asher licked his lips in disappointment.

“Is this the end?”

[Has it been three days? That’s longer than last time.]

“There’s nothing holding me back this time. I’d like to stay longer, but that would only cause issues.”

In his previous life, he had been a captain of the guard. He managed to hide the fact that he had opened the seventh gate through power, keeping it from becoming widely known.

But now, he was nothing. He had a letter of recommendation, but it was just that—an inactive piece of paper without any real power.

The longer he stayed, the higher the risk of entanglement in troublesome affairs. He had no intention of wasting time like that. The sword spoke in a regretful tone.

[Consistent training. Don’t forget that. Though, I guess that might be a meaningless phrase for you. So, what will you do now?]

“I don’t know. I might visit an old friend, or maybe do as you suggested and look for the elves.”

Now, nothing bound him. His steps were free. Wherever he went, he intended to continue his training.

[Then go. It’s been a long-awaited reunion. Now, I’ll wait here in this tiresome place.]

The sword sounded weary. Asher gazed thoughtfully at the sword.

He had gained much from this nameless sword. In the past, he learned methods of technique and training, and in this life, it validated him as a Swordmaster and taught him how to wield that power.

If there was anyone he could call a master, it was surely this sword before him.

‘A master?’

At that thought, Asher chuckled softly.

He had never had a master from the very first time he wielded a sword to the present. Despite teaching at the academy, that was within the domain of sword skills he couldn’t perform.

Even after graduating and joining the city guard, nothing changed. Though heroes like Hyiban occasionally offered to teach him, none lasted more than a week.

As someone who couldn’t learn from others, his time spent with the sword was profoundly unusual. Learning from someone was an incredibly enjoyable experience.

Then he ought to repay his master.

“I’ll consider your request earnestly.”

[That’s kind of you. Then go. I’ll always be here, forever waiting for you.]

Asher answered and moved away. He didn’t head towards the gate. The sword asked, puzzled.

[Why are you coming towards me?]

“To pull you out once.”

[No, you can’t. You don’t have the aura. You might be a Swordmaster, but you’re only a half—not fully whole to touch me….]

Asher gripped the handle and pulled. As simply as pulling a radish from the earth, a golden sword emerged.


The sword mumbled stupidly.


Asher picked up the spoon with restrained movements. At that moment, his whole body was tensed; even a slight exertion of force would have shattered the spoon into powder.

“It’s difficult.”

Using his abilities in daily activities was a way to master control better. After all, he had been advised to always be prepared with his swordsmanship.

He barely managed to sip the soup. The familiar taste spread through his mouth.

“Ah, a nostalgic taste.”

It had been fifty years. The meals at this lodging were cheap and delicious, a favorite place from his past life.

[I don’t understand.]

Someone muttered, a voice that only he could hear. Asher mumbled a small reply while chewing on bread.

“What is it?”

[How did you manage to choose me? You don’t have any aura!]

“I wouldn’t know myself.”

Asher shrugged slightly. A golden sword was now at his waist.

The sword had claimed he couldn’t be chosen, but when he tried, it came out as easily as drawing a breath. Bewildered, Asher took the stunned sword out of the sword chamber.

He had expected the staff to fuss over him, but they were sound asleep. The dark circles under their eyes suggested they had fought sleep for as long as they could before succumbing.

There was no need to create a disturbance, so he quietly left and returned to his lodging.

[You, who lack aura, how could you… It should be impossible. Surely…]

“But it has already happened. Now that you’ve been taken outside as you wanted, shouldn’t you be happy?”

[Ah. Yes, I am indeed outside.]

The fact seemed to have slipped its mind in shock. After a moment of silence, soaking in its surroundings, the sword murmured.

[Yes… this is the outside.]

Its voice carried an unmistakable joy. After an immeasurable eternity, it was naturally a heartfelt emotion.

Asher drank his soup.

“So, have you achieved what you wanted?”

[Not yet.]

The sword’s voice was buoyant.

[The seal is broken, but it’s not perfect yet. My power and memories haven’t returned. It’s probably because you have no aura. I can move to different places, but the actual seal remains intact.]

“So, it’s about the aura after all.”

[I’m still quite satisfied, though. This is enough happiness for me, even if I were to disappear now. So, what are you planning to do with me now? Will you abandon me somewhere, or will you carry me around?]

“I don’t intend to just dispose of you. Let’s say you’ve become a companion.”

Asher wouldn’t treat someone he regarded as a master cruelly. Pleased by Asher’s words, the sword chuckled.

[That’s kind of you. Now what shall we do?]


Where should he go next? There was nothing holding him back. He could hide away in the mountains to practice swordsmanship, or he could visit old acquaintances elsewhere. It was all up to him.

‘Elves are tricky for now.’

Although he was intending to check on them, elves were elusive creatures. He knew a few of their dwellings, but those were from twenty years ago. It was likely they had moved, and the known locations were on the opposite side of the continent.

‘…The Kingdom of Ravia.’

Suddenly, he recalled a conversation with a slave trader he had met earlier. The Kingdom of Ravia had perished; either the king had gone mad or the people had turned into the undead.


He knew the King of Ravia to be an upright and righteous man. Therefore, he found it hard to believe that the king had gone mad.

‘Maybe I should go.’

It seemed like a decent option. But first, he had to eat. He planned to enjoy the taste he hadn’t experienced in fifty years leisurely. With a sacred motion, he scooped the soup with the spoon, directing it towards his mouth.



Someone hit him on the back, throwing off his balance, and the spoon turned into powder. Asher stared blankly at the soup that dropped onto the table.

“Huh? Why’d it turn into powder?”

Asher didn’t respond. He slowly turned around. The face of a distressed girl appeared.

“What happened, Rayka?”

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