Reincarnation of the Swordmaster Chapter 46

Chapter 46: The Sword’s Gate (2)

“I don’t know either.”

Asher shook his head. He is a Swordmaster, that much is certain. However, his aura is not manifesting.

[Strange. That is the mark of a Swordmaster. Anyone who has reached it should definitely be able to use it.]

The sword muttered in a puzzled voice.

[You can’t even see its remnants. It’s as if someone has taken it.]

“It seems someone has taken it.”

[That can’t be. Even a deity couldn’t casually meddle with it. Precisely because they are a deity, they should not interfere.]

The sword spoke emphatically. Yet, Asher felt indifferent.

“Could it be because my body is different?”

[That’s overly simplistic. It doesn’t make sense.]

“Even so, I don’t understand.”

Before reincarnation, he could generate an aura, but now he could not. At the beginning of his reincarnation, he found it odd but didn’t actively seek an explanation. If it’s gone, it’s gone; he just needed to train.

[Indeed. You were like that before. Maybe that’s why you reached enlightenment.]

The sword mumbled, resigned.

[Still, it would be good to investigate. Visiting the elves might help. They might know something.]

“Elves it is, then. When I have time.”

[Yes, that’s unfortunate. I thought we could finally leave this dreadful place.]

Regret dripped from the sword’s voice. It was like this when he first came too. Happy at meeting after so long but simultaneously disappointed. He had said that if the door had opened, it surely meant he was a Swordmaster.

[Only a Swordmaster can wield me. You could have done so if you possessed the aura… But you lack one qualification.]

“Do you want to leave that badly?”

[Isn’t it obvious? I’ve been here for countless eons. I can no longer remember who or what I am. I’m sick of it.]

The Sword’s Gate is a place that proves one’s state. What is its purpose? The answer was right in front of him. Asher looked at the sword with renewed curiosity.

‘So, this place is just a seal.’

A great mage tried to break it but couldn’t even scratch it; dragons attempted to open it but the door did not budge. Even when the city fell to dark beings, this place stood unscathed.

Only those who trained with their swords could open it. Even a Swordmaster couldn’t open it on the fifth attempt. Such formidable restrictions were laid out solely for the sword in front of him. Asher grew curious. What exactly was this sword?

[So, I’d appreciate it if you could find the aura for my sake.]

“I’ll try.”

[For that, I’ll give you some advice.]

The sword sung out, its gaze invisible yet focused on Asher.

[You need to properly handle the power you possess.]

“The power I have?”

[Obviously. You became a Swordmaster and gained tremendous strength, didn’t you?]

“Yeah, was that the Swordmaster’s power? I thought it was due to reincarnation.”

[Being a Swordmaster means transcending human limits. Your physical limitations are gone. That’s the influence. How many times can you exert your full strength now?]

“Ten times.”

Over two years, he had doubled the number of times he could wield his strange power. Moreover, his body had nearly reached the peak it had during his previous life. It was an unbelievable growth rate.

[Huh. Being able to use it ten times. It seems you’ve been training madly. Try it now.]

Asher grabbed the sword.

Holding it with both hands, he exerted his strength and struck down simultaneously. The air exploded, sending vibrations spreading across the ground.

With power clearly beyond human, the sword murmured approvingly.

[Satisfying indeed. In terms of power alone, you rank among the top Swordmasters I have seen. None were as obsessed with self-training as you. However, your handling of your strength is quite primitive.]

The sword began to explain as if teaching.

[You move your body with human sensations, right?]


[That’s about to change. You have a body qualitatively different from humans. You’ll need to adjust your movements accordingly. I was getting bored; it’ll be an enjoyable time.]

The sword chattered in an excited tone.


“To be taught after becoming a Swordmaster.”

[There’s no end to state. Just grab your weapon.]

Asher complied, gripping the sword in both hands and muttered.

“It’s been a while since I received your teachings.”

In the past, when Asher first came here, the sword had given him various advice which had helped him escape crises.

“Your techniques were quite useful.”

[It’s not techniques, it’s swordsmanship.]

“No. It’s techniques.”

[Fine. Arguing with you is pointless since I always lose. Annoying. Is that what they call it outside now? The world sure has changed.]

The sword grumbled. But to Asher, what the sword taught was techniques; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to learn them.

[Ah. Do you have enough food?]

“Enough for three days.”

[That should suffice. What I’ll teach is merely the basics. Mastering them and applying them in real combat is up to you.]

“I know.”

[Good. Then let me teach you. You need to realize how fortunate you are. Do you think there’s another being capable of teaching a Swordmaster?]

The sword’s voice grew serious, resonating deeply in the space.

[As I said before, your body has transcended human limits. You know it well yourself.]

“I’ve painfully realized it while training.”

His physical training rate was incomparable to the past. A normal body would have broken down long ago with the intensity of his training, but his remained unbroken and even became more robust—its durability and recovery rate beyond compare.

It was a good thing. He wouldn’t die from a blind attack at the least.

[A Swordmaster is one of the endpoints humans can reach. Hence, your body qualitatively diverges from theirs.]

“Conventional training methods won’t work at this point. Even if they do, the effects are minimal. For that, we need…”

“I’ve already tried increasing the intensity.”

“Well, of course you would have tried that already. It’s been a long time, and I had forgotten.”

The sword grumbled in a baffled voice, then cleared its throat without need and continued.

“Though training is standard, it’s not the only way. It might be unorthodox, but there are other methods. The most traditional way.”

Killing a mighty being and absorbing their power is what most heroes have done.

“Either kill a dragon and drink its blood, or kill a demon and swallow its demon blood. There are various methods.”

“Dragon’s blood and demon blood?”

Asher frowned slightly.

“There were indeed crazy fools who tried that.”

And without exception, they all exploded and died; their bodies couldn’t handle the power contained within. Only heroes were the exception. The sword lazily continued.

“You’re a Swordmaster. The reason those others couldn’t withstand it is because they were of a lesser caliber. You won’t have that problem. It’s not the right way, but it’s a convenient method.”

“I’m not sure if I’ll go looking for it.”

Asher nodded. The sword continued its explanation.

“Then let’s talk about how you manage your power. Normally, aura is more important, but since you don’t have it, we’ll skip that part. Come back after you’ve recovered it. For now, what you need to do is control the intensity.”

“Control the intensity?”

“Yes. Can you perfectly control your power?”


Asher shook his head.

The sword spoke as if it was obvious.

“Typically, you can only use your most basic or your utmost powerful state. There’s no middle ground, which is extremely inefficient, and if you use it about ten times, your body won’t be able to withstand it.”

“That’s right.”

That’s why, when he first awakened to this power, he thought it was unusable. Over time, he thought it might be used strategically, but that was it. There was another reason.

“You need to control it. Use only as much power as your body can handle and maintain.”

The sword murmured in a light tone.

“Start now. Try flexing your arm at full strength.”

“Got it.”

Asher raised his arm and clenched his fist. Power surged through his bones and muscles. His muscles swelled as if they might burst at any moment.

“Now slowly release the power. But don’t completely let go. Think of it as draining the power, but not as a human would.”

“What kind of explanation is that?”

Frustrated by the incomprehensible advice, Asher grumbled. The sword replied in a nonchalant tone.

“It’s the best explanation I can give. Did you think advancing beyond the pinnacle of your lifelong martial path would be easy? Stop complaining and just do it.”

“Damn it.”

A swear word escaped him, a rare occurrence. He felt a sense of déjà vu, as if he had returned to the past, and obediently followed the sword’s instruction.

He tried to make sense of the incomprehensible advice, adapting his body to the sensation.


About an hour later, he felt a slight grasp of it.

As he swung his arm, afterimages lingered in the air, causing explosions in the atmosphere. It was a speed unthinkable for a human, but slow compared to the full extent of his power, and not excessively straining on his muscles.

“Huh, faster than I expected? I thought it would take you a whole day at least. Not bad.”

“I’ve done so much physical training, it’s tedious.”

Asher replied flatly. This wasn’t like swordsmanship. In terms of pure physical control, there was no one superior to him.

“But I don’t think I can maintain it for long.”

“The method of applying force is difficult. Keep it up as long as you are here. The more familiar your body becomes, the easier control will get.”

“It’s difficult.”

However, it seemed it would be quite useful once he got used to it. This world contained beings that no amount of human movement could match. If he could maintain this state, he might manage some response.

“Don’t forget to keep training your body. Right now, your body has no limits. The more you train, the stronger you’ll become. And the rest will be easy.”

“What now?”

“Now, put more force into it.”

The sword began with a tone filled with laughter.

“Apply your power; just don’t smash it all at once but in a controlled, step-wise manner.”

Asher followed the sword’s instruction tightening his muscles gradually from his shoulder down, focusing intently until it reached his wrist and hands gripping the sword.

“…This is dangerous.”

Sweat dripped down Asher’s forehead. The power in his arm was beyond his own limits, making it difficult to even maintain his grip.

“Strike with all your might.”

There was no turning back now. Asher raised his arm and brought the sword down in a massive strike.

A thunderous boom resounded.

It was a noise that seemed impossible from just swinging a sword, like a cannon had been fired, and it violently shook the air within the room.

“Seems useful, right?”


Asher groaned. The force embedded in his sword strike could have broken city gates. It was a power beyond comprehension, truly transcending all norms.

“It’s a trump card. Though it’s single-use.”

Asher collapsed. His muscles refused to cooperate, and it was difficult to even speak. With great effort, he muttered barely moving his muscles.


“You’ve used all your strength. Quite literally used it all up. It’s impossible to be okay now, but don’t worry. You’ll be fine after a day or so.”


“Of course, I didn’t tell you on purpose. This is a way to pass the boring time.”

Struggling to keep his eyes open, Asher glared at the sword.

The sword chuckled as if it were human.

“See you tomorrow.”

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