Reincarnation of the Swordmaster Chapter 39

Chapter 39: The Captain of the Guard (4)


“Yes. The issue with the Bellaturia estate that Lord Asher resolved was also one of them.”

Balvarka had died twenty years ago and a doppelgänger had taken his place.

“Lord Asher may wonder what is so strange about the disappearance of the heroes.”

“Not at all.”

I am well aware of what that means. They are the sovereigns of a nation or the rulers of an estate. If not, they are leaders of a group.

The hero was the sovereign of a country, and the dragon slayer had obtained the position of an earl. Even the roaming Highvan was the head of a prestigious swordsmanship family.

Among the heroes, there were hardly any who were not bound by responsibilities, excluding one or two.

“Of course, many heroes disappeared twenty years ago as well, but back then those who disappeared took care of some aftermath. They designated successors, or set laws in place to ensure that there were no major issues even in their absence. But this time, they disappeared without arranging any such things.”

Silently, the leader of a group vanishes. What would the members do?

“They are undermining and suspecting each other. The demons are playing a part in this mess as well. I’m not sure what will happen.”

“…How many heroes have disappeared?”

Listening silently, Asher slowly asked. Arenia gave a bitter smile.

“I couldn’t even count on both hands. The influential ones would be the hero, the dragon slayer, Goros, and the Queen of the Northern Seas, Lephenia.”

At the last name, Asher’s eyes narrowed slightly. Arenia sighed, as if it was difficult to bear.

“The world is currently in complete chaos. Few realize it, but they will begin to notice eventually. Somehow the empire is managing to patch things together, but… it won’t last long.”


What will become of it? Asher tapped his knee with his fingers.

Fifty years ago, when demons overflowed and the world was full of war. That was when heroes existed.

Heroes defeated the enemies of the world, sealed the demons beyond the world, and even toppled beings from beyond the darkness. It was because of the heroes that the world could be at peace.

But the demons returned, and the heroes vanished. What then?

No matter how much I thought about it, the future did not seem promising.

“This is the truth that the empire is desperately trying to hide. This is Highvan’s message. What will you do?”

Would you follow the tracks of the heroes like Highvan? Or would you go to defeat the demons as the heroes did? In response to the question laden with such meaning, Asher quietly opened his mouth.



“I do not plan to leave to do anything.”

Asher spoke with an indifferent face. Arenia looked at him confused, but his expression remained unchanged.

When the world was engulfed in war in the past, he simply wielded his sword silently. He fulfilled his duties as captain of the guard, but that was all. He did not seek to quiet the empire’s turmoil for acclaim, nor did he challenge the knights for honor. He did not walk the path of the sword at the western frontier to prove his mastery of the sword, nor did he undergo the elf’s trials to train his spirit.

He did not travel to save people suffering from a rampaging draconid, nor did he leave everything behind to defeat evil when the demon lord’s surge burned half the world. Even when his contemporaries and comrades made names for themselves in the world, he simply wielded his sword.

What he desired was the sword. He had no intention of turning his gaze to anything else. He could travel the world, meet heroes, and defeat demons, but that was it.

His purpose had not changed from his past life to now.

“…You do not seek honor?”

“I do not want to waste time on such meaningless things.”

Arenia looked shocked as she observed Asher. Soon, she chuckled helplessly and muttered.

“Just as Highvan said.”

“What did he say?”

“That you are a consistent person. No matter what happens, you do not change… Indeed, you really are similar.”

She didn’t ask who he was similar to, as the answer was obvious from her expression.

She briefly shook her head, then soon smiled lightly. The heavy atmosphere began to ease slowly.

“It’s your choice. I don’t plan to force you.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

“Not at all. In times of crisis, asking someone to abandon their own purpose is as absurd as it gets. Anyway, out of curiosity, what do you plan to do? Surely you won’t stay here forever.”

“On the day I come of age, I plan to head to the capital.”

“To the capital? For what purpose?”

“The Gate of the Sword.”

“The Gate of the Sword?”

Arenia tilted her head, uttering a groan as if trying to understand the meaning behind Asher’s words, then exclaimed.

“Ah. You’re referring to that place. Why, though? It’s not particularly meaningful.”

“Not meaningful?”

Asher murmured to Arenia’s words.

“Has no one ever opened the seventh gate?”

“Well, as far as I know, no one has in the last hundred years. Not even the fifth gate, let alone the seventh…”

Arenia was baffled. The place Asher mentioned was such an unexpected location.

“How could.”

“It’s a personal goal.”

None had opened even the fifth. Then, it was natural not to know what lay beyond the seventh.

Upon reflection, it was remarkable. In his previous life, he hadn’t been a swordmaster until just before his death. Yet, he reached the seventh level, which even swordmasters hadn’t attained. He hadn’t cared much in his previous life, but now he was curious.

‘I’ll understand once I get there.’

The being there was likely capable of answering the questions he had. Arenia looked puzzled but did not press further.

“The circumstances are different for each person. If it’s Asher, perhaps you could reach the fifth.”

Arenia smiled as she finished speaki

After speaking, he got up. “Are you leaving now?” “Yes. I’m the captain of the guard, so I can’t afford to stay long. But before I go, I have a proposal for you.” Areina’s serious eyes met his. Slowly, she opened her mouth. “Would you consider joining the guard?”

“Thank you for your hospitality, Lord.” “Not at all. I feel like I’ve only been an inconvenience. So, did you find out everything you wanted to?” “Yes, it was very helpful.” “Glad to hear it.” Leverock glanced at Asher, but quickly looked away. Perhaps there was a reason they spoke alone. He didn’t feel the need to be curious.

Behind Areina, a goblin was tied up, its body bound with a thick rope usually used for sails. The goblin laughed. “Kakak. Isn’t your wariness a bit too much for just one goblin?” “Whatever you say doesn’t matter,” Areina said with an icy face. “You will be detained in the empire’s prison for life.” “That sounds fun, false child of an elf. Let me make a prophecy.” Despite the sharpness in his words, the goblin smiled. “I’ll return to the world under your hands.” “Nonsense.” “You’re too harsh.” The goblin turned to Asher, chuckling. “Sending me to a fake like this. Quite harsh. It would be honorable to face death by your own hands instead of leaving it to these false folks.”

“Shut up and follow the victor’s words.” “Yes, the loser must follow the victor.” Proudly, the goblin walked while tied with ropes. “Come on. Show me around. It’ll be the first time a goblin like me experiences a human conveyance.” “…That’s quite peculiar.” Areina shook her head, watching the goblin, knowing from past experiences how odd this goblin was. “Thank you, Lord.” “Be careful. Monsters are about.” “Understood. And Lord Asher. Your answer is…”

Areina’s hopeful eyes were on Asher. After a moment of thought, he shook his head. “I’m sorry.” “I see…” Areina muttered, her face falling. She’d considered the offer to join the guards but decided against it. This life was meant to be dedicated solely to the sword, and despite the ample training time in the guard, it was still a job. Jobs invariably led to being pulled in different directions.

Reborn into this life, she didn’t want to waste it. She wanted her life’s worth to be contained in the sword. “But not just that,” Asher’s gaze returned to the disappointed Areina. Becoming a subordinate of the former subordinate. Even for him, the reluctance was inescapable. “Then.” Areina hesitated briefly, then determinedly pulled out a piece of paper. The guards behind her started to murmur.

Areina handed the paper to Asher. “Please take this. It’s a recommendation from the captain of the guard. With this, you can go anywhere within the empire, except the castle, without being stopped.” “…Thank you.” Asher accepted it reluctantly. It was a familiar format. “I never thought I’d receive one.” It was essentially a document that carried almost as much authority as the captain of the guard himself. He’d never given it to even his family, only to those he truly trusted.

While he knew it was a favor, he hadn’t expected it to go this far. Might as well accept it gratefully; it would help avoid troublesome situations. “I seem to keep receiving things.” He’d gotten a wrist guard from Hiban, and now a recommendation from the young woman. Asher tucked the paper away, feeling a strange emotion. “Then. I’ll see you later. Until you become an adult, there are two more years, right? Since you said you will come to the Sword’s Gate… I’ll see you then.”

The captain of the guardian left, and the carriage moved out of the village. Leverock, as if relieved, pulled at his neckband, gasping. “Phew. Such a lot going on for a rural estate. Good work, Asher. Rest well today.” “Yes.” Asher’s gaze followed the departing carriage. He hadn’t told Areina everything.

He explained there was a goblin with intelligence, who spoke human language and had remarkable abilities. But he hadn’t explained about the ‘fake’ the goblin talked about. There was no point; she wouldn’t understand, and there was a chance the goblin’s words were false. “What am I hiding?” And Areina hadn’t told him something as well.

“Phew.” Areina leaned back in the carriage. The jolting sensation climbed up her spine. ‘A talking goblin, huh.’ She eyed the prison at the back of the cart. It was worth the precious time. Now to return to the empire and dig up more valuable information. “……” She absent-mindedly raised her hand. Under the lamp light, her skin color was brown. When she was very young, before the forest perished, her skin might have been as white as snow. Her hair might have been a dreamy purple instead of ash gray. Her race, unswayed by anything, would have been that of Libra.

But she had no memory of that. Her memories started only after she met her foster father. Brown skin and ash gray hair were natural to her. ‘I almost made a mistake.’ She nearly spoke of something she ought not to. Being too similar to them, her guard had slipped. She chuckled. “I’m not one to talk.” She had suspected Hiban was enchanted, but she had been enchanted too. But she didn’t feel bad. After all, she was merely a human’s daughter, not an elf. Laughing to herself, someone knocked from outside. “No.” “Yes.” The footsteps faded.

She muttered to herself. “O Swordmaster.”

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