Reincarnation of the Swordmaster Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Goblin (5)

Why would that be? To call the swordsmanship, the grand realm, the footsteps of heroes, a lie.

“I can’t understand.”

“It doesn’t matter. Whether they are fake or not doesn’t change. But you’re not.”

With flushed face, the goblin raised his spear. His green face turned red, a curious sight indeed.

“After realizing the truth, I despaired. This world is a false world. A complete lie. But you are not a lie. You alone have value!”


Asher pondered. What should he do? The tactics he often used did not apply to the goblin. Was there a useful method? As he halted his thoughts,


A chuckle escaped him. Asher shook his head and drew his sword, tightening his grip on it.

“It’s absurd.”

His usual tactics, his way of shifting focus, were used because his opponents had superior swordsmanship. To look for an opening because a direct confrontation wouldn’t work.

But what about the being before him? He was the same. A being who also relied solely on technique for victory.

What use was there in employing tricks against such a one?

“Finally, you’re coming at me seriously.”


Let it be with swordsmanship, honestly, purely with skill.

Purely with skill.

Laughter came to him at that phrase. It was a word he hadn’t embraced in decades.


The goblin swung his spear violently.


The spear and sword collided. There were no transcendent movements, just the pure motion of arms and hands as they each sought the other’s life.

As Asher struck down with his sword, the goblin stepped back to avoid and simultaneously jabbed with his spear.

Turning his body, Asher avoided and in that moment, the goblin steadied himself, the spear leaving a trail of afterimages as it fiercely pressed on.


Asher regulated his breath, plunging into the storm of afterimages with slight twists of his arm and bends of his leg to avoid them all, reaching right in front of the goblin’s nose.

“You and I are alike.”


The goblin hurriedly blocked the descending sword. In that gap, Asher drew a dagger with his other hand and stabbed at the abdomen. The goblin stepped back, not completely avoiding and green blood flowed.

“But there’s one difference.”

As the sword swung, the goblin gritted his teeth blocking it, but his steps gradually retreated. Asher pressed forward, stabbing with his sword.


A streak was drawn on the goblin’s leg, green blood splattering into the air. They were alike. If there was a difference, it was that his skills and techniques were superior. His capacities as a warrior gave him the upper hand.

He lightly stepped forward. The goblin gripped his spear tightly and thrust it out. Asher manipulated his sword to create openings and pressed on again. The sword moved, a pained groan erupted. Then he plunged with all his might into the chest.

A booming sound erupted.


As if hit by a cannon, the goblin was flung back far away. The tree it collided with snapped and branches tangled, a loud noise spreading across the forest, as goblins watched helplessly and screamed.



As Asher moved toward where the goblin had fallen, the creature was spewing blood, spread out on the ground. Trying to rise but falling like a broken doll.

“Cough. Didn’t expect you had that in you.”

“I meant to crush your chest, but you survived quite well.”

Even in his final moments, he managed to deflect and evade. Truly fantastic technique. The goblin chuckled.

“If defeating me is your kind of thing…ah, it was enjoyable. Though I’m grotesquely defeated, there’s much I learned.”

“Should I congratulate you?”

Asher raised his sword. This creature was dangerous. A goblin with intelligence and skills, leading others. Letting him go would cause endless trouble.

“Ruthless, huh. Cough.”

“Just one question. Where did you come from?”

These creatures had suddenly appeared from within the Empire. And Asher remembered this wasn’t the first time. Something similar had happened around fifty years ago.

“A question then. No reason to answer but… think of it as the loser’s tribute to the winner. We came from another place.”

“Another place.”

“From another place. A door opened, and when I came to, we had arrived here. Then a damn command drilled into our minds. Kill the humans.”

“A command.”

It was like when the Demon Lord appeared. Sudden ferocity in the monsters attacking humans. There was a backstory then.

It wasn’t good. Monsters suddenly appearing within the Empire, growing violent—all tied to the Demon Lord’s resurgence.

‘The Demon Lord.’

An enemy of humans.

The lord of demons.

The grim word circled in his mouth.

‘Has he emerged again?’

But the Demon Lord was supposed to have been expelled from the surface, bound by a strong seal that wouldn’t break even after a thousand years.

And yet he has reappeared in less than fifty years?

‘Nothing’s certain yet.’

There could be beings who incite monsters and open doors. It couldn’t be definitively stated that the Demon Lord had appeared.

Asher slowly approached the goblin.

“I have many questions for you.”

“Keke, those murderous eyes.”

Even in peril, the goblin’s face was beaming, confident like a youthful warrior.

“It was a good experience. Defeat sometimes brings more than victory. To be defeated by one who walks the authentic path, it’s good. I know the way forward now.”

“Dead men walk no paths.”

“Cack. Don’t be pretentious. You can’t kill me.”

“…Truly like a human.”

Asher clicked his tongue. The goblin chuckled.

“You’ll find plenty to take from me. Ultimately, I won’t die. With this, I’ve achieved my minimum goal.”

Cryptic words. The goblin’s eyes widened.

“Go back! Go back and wait for the return of your master!”



As soon as the goblin finished speaking, all the goblins began to run backwards. The people tried to chase after them in haste, but by the time they came to their senses, they had already dispersed.

“A lord who cares for his subordinates,” someone remarked.

“Cackle. As dumb as they are, I can’t just leave them to die. Well then, let me guide you.”

The goblin stood up as Asher gestured backwards.

“Lord Leverock.”

“Ah. Ah.”

Distractedly watching, Leverock suddenly snapped to his senses and gestured with his hand. The soldiers hesitated momentarily before tying up the goblin.

“As the loser, you must follow the victor’s orders. I suppose I should check out what a human prison is like.”

The goblin walked boldly into the village, his demeanor as confident as if he were the victor.

“…We won.”

But in the end, the real victors were them. Cheers filled the air from all around, and soon a huge wave of celebration followed.

“It’s our victory!”

“We’ve protected the village!”

“Long live Lord Leverock!”

People hugged each other, shedding tears. Asher sheathed his sword, the crisis of the village’s destruction had been diverted. It was time to celebrate.


“We won!”

The village rejoiced. They had won the fight against the monsters. They had protected their land themselves. They shouted in a state of exhilarated fulfillment.

“Humanity’s victory!”

But the excitement was short-lived. Soon groans and screams were heard, and the atmosphere slowly began to calm down. The number of goblins had been fewer than expected, so the damage wasn’t extensive, but it wasn’t non-existent either. There were deaths and injuries. In a solemn atmosphere, they began to slowly tend to the wounded and assess the damage.

“What a headache.”

Thus, the one beset with worries was the lord, Leverock. Papers were piled up in front of him as if they were mountains. Even though he had distributed some to his retainers, the amount was overwhelming. Staying up all night for a whole week might not even be enough to finish everything.


Leverock composed himself amidst his turmoil. The repair of the broken walls, the treatment of the wounded, compensation for families of the deceased—all these matters couldn’t be taken lightly.

“Will you be grinding through the night again today?”

“Oh, Asher. Come in.”

Leverock’s expression brightened as if he had seen light in the darkness. Asher chuckled at his visibly relieved face.

“It looks like you’ve been having a tough time. Where’s my stack?”

“It’s over there. Thanks a lot. Your help has speeded up the work considerably.”

“It’s about the village. It’s only right I help too.”

Asher sat down, a decent stack of papers in front of him as well. He picked up the first document and began working on it skillfully. Leverock watched him, as if seeing this precision for the first time.

“I never knew you were so skilled with paperwork.”

After the battle, when Leverock was buried in file work to the point of exhaustion, Asher had glanced over and started to help. Leverock had initially been reluctant to let a novice intervene, but as the speed of processing improved, he soon started allocating more work to him, until Asher had become an integral part of the team. Asher casually flipped through another document.

The captain of the guard, who oversaw the internal affairs of the empire. Considering the volume he used to handle, this was just a moderate workload. At one point, his warehouse had been filled with papers.

As time passed, a significant amount of paperwork had been processed. Leverock frowned as he signed a document.

“That goblin.”

“Are you referring to the goblin in the prison?”

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