Reincarnation of the Swordmaster Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Goblins (4)



The goblins raised their arms and burst into mad shouts. Unwittingly, the humans stepped back in terror. The talking goblin, unafraid, strode forward confidently.

“It’s just a goblin, after all!”

A soldier who had single-handedly slain several goblins today charged in with a confident look on his face. Several more soldiers circled around to surround the goblin. Leika screamed out.


“Stupid humans.”


The soldiers simultaneously thrust their spears. The goblin mocked them.

“You’re not worth my time.”

The goblin grabbed the spear. The spearhead charged towards him, but the goblin didn’t even blink, countering with swift hand movements. An afterimage formed.


Almost instantly, the soldiers’ arms and legs were pierced. They screamed in pain, rolling on the ground.


“It hurts!”

“Back off. Lies, all of you.”



Cries of horror and despair followed. The goblin walked towards the lord’s land without a hint of disturbance, as people stepped back while Caron stood in his way.

“Next is you.”

“This land belongs to Lord Reberoc. I won’t let a mere goblin tarnish it.”

Caron took a defensive stance with a determined look. The goblin lifted his spear, drawing a trajectory. Caron quickly swung his sword.



Caron spat blood and backed away. A single strike had paralyzed his left arm. Disbelief was etched all over his fallen face.

“How, how can a goblin…”

“You too are a fake.”

The goblin raised his spear. Seeing the trajectory, Caron moved his right hand.

Cling clang!


He barely managed to defend, but the skill difference was clear. Lines slowly formed on Caron’s body as blood flowed. Leika couldn’t hold back and grasped her sword.


“Why do so many useless ones gather together?”

The goblin, bored, swung his spear again.




And both were knocked down. Reberoc’s eyes bulged as he yelled.

“How, how!”

Caron was among the elite, and Leika was a talented swordfighter who could even defeat Caron. Yet they both were defeated in a single strike. It was unbelievable.

“Among all of you, only one has any value. The rest are worthless.”

The goblin’s spear pointed at Leika. Caron hurriedly shielded her. The goblin nodded.

“There is value in you as a knight.”

The goblin pulled back his spear.

“Then die as a knight.”

The spear moved. Caron closed his eyes. Screams echoed around him.


However, the expected pain did not come. Caron opened his eyes. The spear had stopped just in front of his forehead.

“Kack. Here it is.”

The goblin smiled. Clearly, it seemed unperturbed by Caron’s defiance as it withdrew its gaze.

In its view was Asher.



“Why this child?”

Voices rose among the people. The goblin smiled looking at Asher, unable to contain the silence. Another goblin rushed from behind.


Asher easily grabbed the spear tip and slit the incoming goblin’s throat. Using his hand, he wiped off the green blood splattered on his face, approaching the other goblin.




The nearby goblins approached slowly, seemingly to protect their leader, while Asher let out a sneer.

“Really unlike a goblin.”

“Indeed. Stupid and dull kin. But I cannot just leave them. Someone needs to lead them, right? Don’t you think so?”

“Me, a human, answering that seems pretty obvious.”


The goblin laughed, almost human-like. He planted the spear shaft on the ground.

“Step back.”


“This is between me and him. You have no part in this.”



The goblins cried out as if resisting but gradually moved away. Asher grasped fallen Leika’s shoulder.

“Step back.”


“You can’t help.”


Leika took Caron and retreated. Soon, only Asher and the goblin were left in the midst of the battlefield, with the village people’s shocked and questioning gazes directed at Asher.

“You look very curious.”

“Really. It’s driving me mad.”

Asher murmured quietly.

Is this being really a goblin? Not just a spear skill driven by instinct, but wielded for a higher realm. A fully-formed intelligence. And a hierarchy.

Even if it were some other intelligent species resembling goblins, it would be believable.

“But I have no intention of letting go.”

The goblin gripped the spear shaft with both hands, its eyes glaring fiercely at Asher.

“I came here to fight you, the first genuine being I’ve encountered in my short life.”

“I’ve always been curious, but what exactly is the ‘fake’?”

“The fake is just that. Those who don’t even understand their own intentions. The human with you seemed useful, but a fake nonetheless. Enough chatter. Human!”

The goblin shouted, unleashing its aura. A deadly intent that seemed to pierce through everyone touched it, causing people around to groan softly.

“You are a human! And I am a goblin! We have invaded you! There’s only one thing for you to do!”


Asher drew his sword.

Seeing this, the goblin’s mouth curled into a genuinely pleased smile.

“Let the bloodbath begin!”


“Damn. That hurt like hell.”

Leika grumbled. She was already in a bad shape, and the ordeal only added to her misery. Now she would likely have to spend a week in bed.

“Leika, are you alright?”


Luke looked worriedly at Leika while Reberoc hurried over.

“Are you okay?”

“Why don’t you check on Caron instead?”

“I already checked it out. It doesn’t look very good, but the internal organs aren’t damaged… Luke. Why are you here?”

Lebrock looked at Luke with surprised eyes.

“I am the successor… I can’t just stand by.”

Luke gritted his teeth. He had chosen a life bound by a sense of responsibility.

“I may not be able to fight, but I should at least be present.”

“That’s a good decision. You will become their lord.”

Lebrock nodded warmly, always concerned about Luke; this was a positive change for him.

“Karon. How about going in?”

“No. I will not.”

Karon shook his head, his face pale. The internal organs might not be damaged, but the injury wasn’t minor. However, Karon adamantly refused.

“I will watch from here.”

“Leave him be.”

Reika understood Karon’s feelings.

“As a swordsman, I can’t leave without seeing this through.”


Karon murmured with a heavy voice filled with complex emotions.

“What is that.”

“Curious, isn’t it? I thought the same.”

Suddenly, there were no more cries from the battlefield. All the goblins and humans were simply standing, watching their fight.

“…Asher was at this level?”

Lebrock and Luke absentmindedly stared out into the middle of the battlefield.

Swords and spears moved. Their movements were clearly within the bounds of cognition but also monstrous.

“See? How can you say there’s no talent in that movement?”

Reika grumbled.



The spear shaft quivers. A streak caused by sheer speed blurs vision. Asher swings his arm. Only a single line is smoothly drawn, diverting and twisting the trajectory of the afterimage.

“Kyak! Kyagak!”

A goblin bursts into laughter, pulling and thrusting its spear. The spear was faster than sound, difficult to react to, but Asher charged in reverse. He held his sword before his head.


The trajectory of the spear collides with the sword, twisted by a hair’s breadth past Asher’s cheek. The impact to his hand sends his sword flying, and he burrows into the goblin’s side.

“Joyous indeed!”

The goblin pulls back its hand holding the spear shaft, targeting Asher’s back. Asher moves as if crawling on the ground, sneaking to the goblin’s left side and draws a dagger. Suddenly the goblin is stunned as Asher chops down at its side.


With a groan, the goblin barely twists its body, but a line is inevitably drawn. Asher attaches himself immediately, giving no room.


The goblin throws its spear with fierce eyes. The muscular green fist cuts through the air, and Asher swings his arm.

With the momentum to crush a skull, he intercepts with his arm and bends it to break. The goblin inhales sharply, straining to release its arm. Asher twists his body, preventing his wrist from breaking and kicks at the head. Stubbornly, the goblin punches Asher’s chest, and they separate.

“Such a sight.”

Karon sighed, watching the battle. To him, a master swordsman, the fight between the goblin and Asher seemed crude. No arcane finesse, just bluster and linear movement.

Others might say it wasn’t swordplay, but Karon instinctively realized. The level was incomparably high.

‘…did I really challenge such a person to a fight?’

In that moment, Karon was relieved. It was indeed fortunate to end up merely getting hit. He truly felt so.


In a brief lull, Asher regains his breath. The goblin seemed truly enjoying itself, brimming with laughter.

“Exactly! So very joyous! A pure contest of weapons! Exactly what I desired!”

“That’s right.”

Asher nodded. Now he understood what being in front of this goblin meant.

“You are like me.”

The goblin was no different from him. His swordplay might look unimpressive, but it was merely compensated by pure technique.

‘Such a fight is a first for me.’

Throughout his life, he had seen swordsmen practicing heroic swordplay. He had only ever faced overwhelming sword techniques; he had never dueled purely on technique.

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