Reincarnation of the Swordmaster Chapter 32

Thanks to Asher dealing with the goblins, they had unexpectedly gained an extra two days. It took time for the goblins to settle and take care of their injured.

This allowed the humans to regroup and focus more on their training. A day passed, then another.

When there was one day left until the goblins would attack, Leyka woke up.


A familiar sensation spread throughout her body. When she slightly raised her hand, the soft blanket slid off.


She lifted her upper body. She hesitated for a moment due to the pain she felt in her muscles, but she managed to sit up properly.

“My room?”

“Oh, Miss!”

The maid, who had just entered with clothes for Leyka to change into, screamed. She rushed to Leyka, fussing over her.

“Are you alright? You hadn’t woken up for days; I was so worried.”


“Yes. You’ve been asleep for four days straight.”


Her foggy mind started to clear. That’s right. She had seen that strange goblin, and lost. And then…


As Leyka clasped her forehead, the maid screamed. Leyka stopped her as she hurried to call the lord.

“Before that, just one question. Who brought me here?”

“What? It was Asher, that child…”


“Oh, anyway, I’ll go inform the lord. He’s very worried.”


The maid hurriedly left the room. Leyka watched her go, then stood up. Her torn muscles and overused bones screamed in protest, but she ignored them.

She grabbed her sword.


Asher walked over to the practice yard, but paused when he heard a sound from inside. After a moment, he recognized who it was and entered.

Vroom. Vroom.

There was Leyka, swinging her sword. It wasn’t the swordsmanship of Lephenia. It looked awkward and shoddy. Her blood-stained hands roughly maneuvered the sword.

“What’s that?”

“Oh. You’re up?”

Leyka hastily stopped her swordplay. She looked nervously at Asher.

“Did you see?”

“Just the end part. It seems oddly familiar. Where did you sell the swordsmanship of Lephenia?”

“Ha ha. Sometimes a change is needed.”

Leyka shrugged her shoulders, hiding something. Asher looked at her silently, making her nervously speak.

“I, I’m trying to learn a different style.”

“Stop it. You’ve already surpassed the level of Lephenia’s swordsmanship. If you try to learn a new style in such a situation, you’ll only break down more.”

“Is that so?”

Leyka fiddled with her arm, murmuring to herself. She said quietly.


“That’s no matter.”

Asher dismissed it. He had anticipated it might go this way. No matter how talented she was, she was still inexperienced, and it had been her first actual combat.

It should have been surprising she came back in one piece considering the unusual goblin. He glanced at Leyka’s hands.

“You’re not even in a proper state to do anything. You shouldn’t overdo it.”

“Are you one to talk?”

“…That’s true.”

He realized that it really wasn’t his place to say that. But his actions and hers right now were clearly different.

“I am always pushing limits. It’s like walking a tightrope at the edge… But you, you’re not.”

She had barely woken up, yet her body was near its limits. Her bloodied hands were proof of that.

A mistake could break her completely, with no hope of recovery.

Asher’s gaze slowly grew stern. The usual warmth in his eyes disappeared as he looked at Leyka, who shivered a bit.


“I say this as your teacher. Don’t cross the line. The human body will break.”

“…I want to be strong like you.”

Leyka spoke as if vomiting the words. Asher’s expression slightly changed.

“That’s curious.”

“What is?”

“Wasn’t your goal to escape the constraints of your family and political strategies? You’ve already achieved one of those, haven’t you? And yet, you still want to be stronger?”

“Yeah. Ah, you knew?”

Leyka stammered, her face flustered. It was obvious what she was thinking, so Asher spoke disinterestedly.

“It’s been a year. Even if you don’t say it, I know.”

“…You didn’t kick it out of me.”

“It doesn’t matter why. A sword is just a sword.”

It could be a purpose or a tool. There was nothing sacred about it.

Some revered the sword, claiming it held greater value, but such thoughts didn’t resonate with him. To him, a sword was simply a weapon. He never regarded it as anything more.

Therefore, he had no intention of interfering with Leyka. Leyka scratched her head, her hand’s blood smearing her hair.

“It used to be that way. But not anymore.”

“Different, huh?”

She wanted to see the end of the path of swordsmanship. That was probably it.

For someone with her talent, it wasn’t uncommon. And Leyka could actually reach it.

Then, he should speak kindly.

“It’s possible. Over time, you might become stronger than me.”



He turned his head at the muttered words. Leyka hurriedly relaxed her expression, laughing and waving her hand.

“It’s nothing. Nothing at all.”


He must have misheard. Asher sorted out his thoughts. A swordsman wouldn’t say such a thing.


“Oh no.”

From a distance, the maid ran towards them, her face pale as a ghost. Behind her, the lord followed, his face flushed with anger.

Leyka awkwardly smiled.

“Reika, you…”

“I’m fine.”

Reika swung her arms around. Reberock, with a flushed face, began to say something but then shook his head.

“You’re always trouble. A different kind of trouble from Luke.”

“Hey, it’s harsh to compare me to my brother. He doesn’t even come out of his room anymore.”

“Why is the heir to the territory acting like this?”

Reberock sighed deeply. He truly had suffered a lot. Monsters got involved, and his only heir turned into an invalid. He had felt like he aged years in just a few months.

“Ah, Asher. It’s about time.”

“I know.”

“Huh? What are you doing?”

At Reika’s question, Asher pulled out his sword.

“Reika, how did it feel when the goblin came to kill you?”

“I… I thought… I was going to die.”

“It’s okay. You’re still alive, aren’t you?”

Ignoring Reberock, who was clutching his forehead, Asher asked as Reika’s face hardened. She clicked her tongue.

“It was disgusting. I couldn’t move, barely felt half the pressure.”

“Yes. People lose their reason on the life-threatening battlefield.”

At least the soldiers shouldn’t be overwhelmed by battlefield pressure.

Asher walked outside the training grounds.


“Damn. What the hell is this?”

Boham muttered. The men called up for battle were now all queued up in line.

“It’s busy enough with training, what is the lord thinking?”

Asher wanted the soldiers to feel the pressure of the battlefield in advance, and Reberock agreed. Thus, Reberock personally summoned the soldiers to carry out the order.

They were to experience something with Asher.

Naturally, there was resistance. Despite being a disciple of a swordmaster, Asher’s reputation hadn’t changed much. He was seen as a problematic scion of a noble estate, a position many thought he was just lucky to fill.

“A guy like that, what could we possibly learn from him?”

“But it’s the lord’s command. I don’t like it either, but we have to follow.”

“If something strange happens, I’ll give him a thrashing.”

Boham gripping his spear firmly. None of them thought Asher was all that strong. They had never fought a goblin themselves; to them, goblins were weak enough to be beaten by novices.

As the line slowly shortened, Boham’s turn was coming up.

The door opened, and a soldier who had gone inside came back out. Boham waved at him.

“Brother! You done?”

“Uh… yeah…”

The soldier nodded blankly. Boham approached him.

“How was it?”

The brother in question was a veteran, not quite at a knight’s level but unmatched among ordinary people.

“It was nothing for you, right?”


The soldier laughed dryly. Boham was taken aback by the unexpected response.

“Why, what’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

The soldier waved his hand and left. Boham waited for his turn with a uneasy face, seeing the expressions of those coming out of the room, all of them looking like the previous soldier.

Their soulless faces made Boham mutter,

“Is he doing all this alone?”

There were about a hundred soldiers. It was impossible for one person to handle this number alone. Yet, as the line dwindled, and it was Boham’s turn,


Boham opened the door and stepped inside. Asher stood in the center of the building, not a drop of sweat on him.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Take your spear.”


Boham, who would’ve normally objected, complied due to a bad feeling. Asher drew his sword.

“Just don’t be scared.”


Asher moved. With a speed hard to follow with the eye, his sword certainly targeted Boham’s neck.


Boham dumbly watched the sword’s trajectory. A chilling sensation engulfed his entire body, his hairs stood on end, and a warning rang in his head.

I’m going to die.

It was his first encounter with the sensation of death. While the sword seemed to slow to the pace of a crawling bug, Boham was still stiff and motionless.


The sword blade touched Boham’s neck. Asher put away his sword. Suddenly, Boham collapsed as his strength left him.

“What… what is this?”

“More serious than I thought.”

Asher slightly furrowed his brow and pointed to the door.

“It’s over. Please leave.”

“Uh. Okay…”

Boham dumbly got up and opened the door. His face, like the others before him, looked as if his soul had left him.


“…This is really troubling.”

Reberock sighed.

The act put up by Asher was a test. A test to see how much the soldiers, who had never experienced real combat, could react in a genuine life-threatening situation.

And the results were quite disappointing.

“Twenty out of a hundred.”

The number of people who blocked Asher’s attack.

The remaining eighty simply offered their necks without doing anything. Despite being able to block if only they could calm themselves and break free from their fear, only a very few succeeded.

Meaning, if it had been a real battle, the eighty would have perished helplessly.

“Now it should be fine. They have experienced it once, so they should feel less pressure now. But if you’re still worried, assign Caron to train them more intensively.”

“Really… thank you.”

“No need for thanks. By the way.”

Asher turned around.

“How is the young lord doing?”

“…He still only stays in his room.”

“Is that so.”

Asher clicked his tongue. Never thought that the heir of the territory would end up holed up in his room.

‘I should stir him up a bit.’

But that was not for now. The minimum preparation was done; now what Asher had to do was his own training.

Heading to the training grounds, Asher grabbed a sword.

‘That goblin.’

It was certainly not weak. Probably even Caron couldn’t handle it.

An opponent not to be underestimated.

Asher gripped his arms and forcefully brought his sword down.

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