Reincarnation of the Swordmaster Chapter 3

Reincarnation (2)

Buzz! Buzz!

A wooden stick is swung and the air splits. He pulls back his foot and strikes down, making a loud bursting sound with a rough noise.

“Huh? What is that?”

A girl’s voice echoes from the entrance. Ignoring it, he continues to swing his sword, and a grim voice targets him.

“…Asher. What are you doing right now?”

“Swinging a sword, miss.”

Despite not being conscious of it, honorifics naturally slipped from his mouth. Is this child my employer? He glanced sideways.

A girl with red hair was holding a wooden sword, looking at him with uncertain eyes. The girl he had seen earlier.

“I can see that much. Why are you doing that?”


He calmly continued to swing his sword as she fell silent. A voice filled with reluctance rang out.

“…Something is strange. Who are you?”

“Asher, miss.”

“Don’t joke. The Asher I know would never swing a sword, and definitely wouldn’t behave so casually towards me.”

The girl held the sword with wary eyes. Well-trained, perhaps, as her stance looked sharp.

“Who are you and why are you here?”

Asher was taken aback. Clear hostility. It was hard for him to comprehend. Keeping still might really lead her to stab him, so he stopped the sword and shook off the sweat.

“I’ve lost my memory.”


“Since I woke up this morning, everything’s been fuzzy. I remember trivial things like your name, Miss Raika, but nothing else.”

How would she react? Asher calmly observed the girl.

As he came out to the clearing and started swinging the sword, fragments of ‘Asher’s’ memories began sprouting, yet that was it. At most names and places. No matter how much he thought, nothing else came to mind.

He’d considered lying, but seeing her earlier demeanor, it seemed she had a deep connection with this body’s actual owner. Being caught out could make things messy.

So, he opted to tell the truth from the start. As for his manner of speaking, he wasn’t sure; he tried to sound as dutiful as possible, but possibly due to his age, it felt quite awkward.

Raika looked bewildered.

“You’ve lost your memory?”

“Yes. I thought swinging the sword might help bring some memories back, but it hasn’t. It’s still a blank void.”

“…Last year at Lake Kangkaid.”

His lack of response seemed to confirm it for her.

“What is that?”

“There is such a thing, hmm.”

Raika frowned. Asher looked puzzled; the ‘Asher’ she knew wouldn’t have taken it so calmly.

“Then you’ve forgotten about the Fereight incident too.”

“What is that?”

“Trying to burn down the stable. What was the reason again? Fireworks?”

Asher clicked his tongue. He might not know what Kangkaid was, but trying to burn a stable was no joke. His expression soured as he muttered,

“Lucky I wasn’t driven out.”

“My parents, the lords, stopped it. Well, my mother, actually. You’re a bit different from the other hired hands. And the earlier… I didn’t speak of it.”

“Is that so.”

Asher nodded. The words made sense; he could understand the scornful gazes from the entire village.

A servant not following the employer’s orders. Even with the diminishing power of the nobility, such actions were beyond the line.

“Are you really losing your memory?”

“Why else would I invent such a thing?”

“That’s true, but…”

Raika looked at him suspiciously. From her perspective, it was hard to believe. Waking up and immediately doing something he typically wouldn’t, claiming amnesia. His tone, actions, and expressions had all changed. It was as if…

“A different person?”

“Are you suggesting a doppelganger? You may call a priest if you wish.”

“I have no such intentions. Just strange that something like a monster would take residence in you, especially since those beings are gone now. It’s just odd.”

“That’s how it is.”

He spoke nonchalantly, which only increased her discomfort.

“Lost your memory, and yet you’re so calm?”

“Panicking won’t bring back memories. It’s best to do as I normally would. By the way, I have a question for you, miss.”

“What is it?”

“Why are you talking so calmly with me? If what you say is true, despising me wouldn’t be odd.”

Asher was employed in the domain yet caused nothing but trouble. A servant reflects the face of their master.

It was tantamount to demeaning her name and status. As the daughter of the lord, she had no right to complain, even if she despised it. Raika said indifferently,

“What does it matter if I despise you?”

She spoke as if it truly meant nothing.

“Anyway, your parents won’t disown you. I might not know if something big happened… but so far, you’re still within the permissible range. You knew that and adjusted accordingly. What’s this sentiment about?”

If her words could have changed anything, they would have. But nothing would change. So Raika ignored Asher. She treated him emotionlessly, like an inanimate object.

“Lost your memory? Honestly, it doesn’t concern me. Rather, it’s better. No more troubles. Take care, Asher.”

Her words were cold. Asher grimaced with a bitter smile. It was not disdain or hatred, but neglect. An emotion not suitable for someone of her age.

But as she said, it was a matter that didn’t concern her. He was different from the person she knew. He just had to treat her as a new person. Asher nodded.

“Then I’ll be in your care, Miss Raika.”

“Ah, our time for conversation ran out. What a waste of training time.”

Raika drew her sword, assumed a stance, and began swinging. The tip of her sword moved strangely, like a slithering snake.

Asher muttered,

“That’s the sword technique of Rephenia.”

“Hm? Do you know what technique it is?”

“It seems that I still have some memories of that area. It looks like you’ve trained for about four years.”

“Losing memories teaches you that? Maybe I should lose mine too. It seems like a profitable deal.”

“I wouldn’t recommend it. By the anomaly, may I ask you something?”

“Well… I need to train too…”

“That sword technique.”

He smiled wryly.

“Isn’t it incomplete?”

“How so?”

“I’ll tell you the solution. But in exchange, I’d like you to invest some time in this training session.”


She instinctively stepped back. He shook his head.

“It’s nothing strange. I still have mixed memories. I’d like you to tell me about the current time and this place.”

“Ah, I see? You could have told me that later.”

“I’d like to know as soon as possible. Are you willing to make a deal?”

“Hmm… alright. What do you want to know?”

Raika put down her sword. Asher pondered. What should he ask? Start with the contradiction. He began,

“The name of this domain is, Ailock Domain. Correct?”

“That’s right.”

She answered as if it were obvious. Her sweat-soaked crimson hair fluttered.

“It’s just an ordinary village. No heroes born here, no one significant enough to be recorded in history books, no mines, just a common domain.”

“Yes, I’m aware.”

Asher closed his eyes. Ailock Domain. This was the place where he had lived in his previous life. Listening to her, it seemed as if his past self had been forgotten; however, it didn’t hurt much. He was just a captain of the guard then. An ordinary person wouldn’t know of his deeds.

‘Both lives, the same place was home.’

Was there any purpose or reason behind that? He pondered for a moment but no answer came. He opened his eyes again.

“What is the current year?”

“Ten years since His Majesty Ailock III ascended the throne.”

“…The Third?”


“Isn’t His Highness’s name,”

“He’s the first child of Empress Hemiania. The prince with the fourth right of succession. His Highness Ailock Bokeytos.”

Asher was taken aback. He knew that name, but it didn’t make sense.

“Wasn’t the Second still alive?”

“He’s been gone for a long time.”


That couldn’t be. He knew this time was after his death, but it shouldn’t have been time for a change of emperor yet. The emperor at the time of his death was young and full of ambition to conquer.

It might have been another twenty years or so, but not yet. Especially since,

“Prince Bokeytos should be less than ten years old.”

He had held him in his arms on the day of his birth. He still remembered those tiny eyes and adorable movements.

Raika furrowed her brows as if he was talking nonsense.

“Maybe your head is a bit off, huh? Ah, I shouldn’t say that to someone who’s lost their memory. His Highness the Third is now over thirty.”


“Why that face? Are you really hurt? Should I call the medic?”

“No, thank you.”

Asher managed to compose his emotions. His memories were accurate because, just a month before his death, the emperor had come to visit with the Third.

However, she said he was over thirty. That left only one possibility.

Twenty years had passed since ‘he’, the former captain of the guards, had died.

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