Reincarnation of the Swordmaster Chapter 27

27. What They Believed In (3)

Caius’s expression, which had been giggling at Asher’s words, suddenly hardened. He began to speak with an unpleasant tone.

“It feels bad. Do you not trust us?”

“Quick on the uptake, aren’t you?”

“Only idiots fail to notice.”

Caius glared sharply at Asher.

Asher had no reason to hope for their information. If there was any reason, it would be only one: to gauge their capabilities.

An information organization ultimately needs to infiltrate to gather data. Their effectiveness is graded based on their capabilities. Understanding this was fundamental.

“You’ve been cooped up in a closed place and just came out to the world. It seems more thoughtless to trust you guys.”


However, Caius clenched his fist with a face wounded in pride.

“We don’t need such things. There’s no information in this world that we can’t find.”

“Even the doppleganger didn’t notice.”

“…That’s a completely different matter.”

Caius’s eyes slightly wavered before he retorted.

“We’ve gathered information about the world from a closed-off place. From trivial to important matters, we didn’t discriminate. There’s no information that we can’t find.”

Caius declared confidently. However, Asher’s expression remained subtle.


“Such a distrustful brat.”

Caius grumbled.

“Just tell me what information you need. You’re probably only hoping for some internal affairs of a domain or something.”

“Information about heroes.”


Caius faltered. Asher continued calmly.

“Bring information about those who have disappeared and scattered.”

Many heroes had disappeared twenty years ago, and some had reappeared.

And twenty years ago, Balbaca had disappeared, twisted. What about the other heroes?

It should have been a story irrelevant to him, yet something bothered him. The sensation of clinging things crawling up one by one. He had no intention to remain passive.

After all, they were some of his few close friends.

“Uh, um.”

At Asher’s words, Caius wore a reluctant expression.

“I didn’t expect you to ask for that…”

“So, can you do it?”

Information about heroes was top-tier data. No major information guilds even properly held pieces of it.

To think that an information organization just emerging into the outside world could achieve this was unthinkable. Caius groaned.

“Heroes, heroes, their information… Specifically, what?”

“All missing heroes. Focus on the whereabouts of the champion, and also the information from the north.”

“…Are you serious?”

“Of course.”

Caius grimaced.

“There’s no need to overdo it. We have other necessary things.”

It was an excruciatingly harsh request for a small information organization. But Caius shook his head.

“No. I can’t just sit by after being scorned like this.”

“I didn’t scorn you.”

Asher muttered, but Caius didn’t seem to hear him and clenched his fist with resolved eyes.

“Fine. But information is information; it will take some time. I can’t compromise on that.”

“As you wish.”

Asher wasn’t particularly expecting anything surprising to come from them. Caius seemed to read that sentiment and gritted his teeth.

“I’ll prove that smart nose of yours wrong.”

“I wasn’t smart particularly.”

“Shut up. I’ll return when I found the information.”

‘An easy one to handle.’

Asher murmured inwardly.

Caius stuffed his body into the alleyway. His figure gradually obscured by the shadows, and just before his entire form disappeared, he turned his face.

“Ah. One more thing to tell you.”

Caius smirked.

“You better be prepared soon. Monsters are coming.”


If it was a monster, there was only one kind.

Monster. The enemy of humans.

Lebroc was preparing a countermeasure, but would the timing work? Probably not.

Asher returned to the training ground.

Rayka was panting as she drank water.

“Are you back? You’ve been busy lately.”

“Quite so.”

Asher quietly observed Rayka, and she flinched.

“Why, why that look?”

“You didn’t know about the doppelganger.”

“Of course. How could I know about those who disappeared ages ago?”

Rayka was not yet twenty. For her, beings from fifty years ago were indeed stories of history.

‘Not good.’

“Do you know about the monsters?”

“Monsters? Those old creatures?”


Rayka closed her eyes and flicked her finger.

“Hmm. First, goblins, ogres, and then orcs…”

“Orcs are not monsters. They’re a race.”

“Oh. Really? Weren’t they monsters?”

“Similar, but not the same. It’s like not calling elves monsters, right?”

“Elves are beautiful.”

“Beautiful indeed.”

Many magnates had desired elves. This led to multiple catastrophes, and the continent almost collapsed, but still, human greed did not stop.

‘She must have grown quite a bit by now.’

His adoptive sons and daughters were not just humans. There were also elves, and twenty years later, they must be adults now.

I’d like to meet them, but it’s impossible. Now that their guardian had passed, the elves would have returned to their own kind.

“Why the daze?”

Rayka was staring blankly at him. Asher opened his mouth again.

“How much do you know about them?”

“Monsters? I don’t know. Just the name

“Only the ignorant. How could anyone remember mere extras from fifty years ago, not even heroes.”


Asher smirked. Being called a mere extra by a monster.

“Anyway, you don’t know much about it.”

“That’s right.”

Reika, a noble, had access to ample information and could read many books. Additionally, she was very interested in history. If even she was unaware, it meant that the common folk wouldn’t know the names either.

‘This isn’t good.’

To them, monsters were an unknown entity. One could only imagine the outcome if such beings suddenly made an appearance. Certainly, the future didn’t look bright.

“Now that you mention it, things have been a bit strange.”

Reika muttered, seeming troubled.

“The number of people having nightmares is increasing, and there’s some unsettling aura. Even my father seems to be preparing for something.”


Asher recalled the words left by Hyban half a year ago. The world had twisted. And with the death of the Demon King, the demons and monsters that had been driven out appeared in this world.

The world was changing. Suddenly, screams could be heard from outside the training grounds. Reika frowned at the murmuring sounds.

“What’s causing such noise all the way here.”

“Let’s go and see.”

Asher picked up his sword and walked outside. Inside the castle gates, traders looked terrified, shouting at the people around them.

“That’s right! I saw it! Those little things attacked us!”

“What’s happening?”

“Ah, Lady Reika.”

As Reika approached, the local inhabitants bowed their heads. She was well-regarded for her humane approach and for listening to the local citizens, much like Luke did.

“You’re from the Luban trading group, right? What’s the matter? And why are there so few of you?”

Knowing them well as they were frequent visitors to the territory, it was unusual not to see the mercenary force that usually accompanied the sizable trading company.

Now, only about ten could be seen. The owner of the Luban trading company shouted, his face pale.

“Monsters! Monsters have attacked us!”

“Monsters? What are you talking about?”

Reika scowled. It was a term she had never heard before.

“I don’t know. We were just leading the caravan as usual when suddenly these small creatures attacked us. Monsters… the monsters…”

“Calm down.”

Reika held the trader’s owner with a cold voice.

“Relax and speak clearly. What happened?”

The trader’s shaky eyes began to settle. He slowly opened his mouth.

“I really don’t know. They aren’t human and they aren’t beasts either. They killed our mercenaries and looted our carts. We barely escaped…”

He gritted his teeth. Beings neither human nor beast. Reika tilted her head in confusion.

“That thing.”

Asher spoke up, the surroundings growing quiet. He asked calmly.

“Were their skin green and their ears long?”

“Yes, exactly. How did you know…”


“Goblins? What are those?”

Here it comes. Asher quietly sighed.


Fifty years ago. A hero shouted as he plunged his sword into the heart of the Demon King.

“Demon. Withdraw from this world. Return to where you belong.”

Then, the Demon King responded.

“Humans, it is your victory. Enjoy the peace.”

Subsequently, all demons and vile creatures were expelled from the world, and monsters disappeared from human sight. From thereon, humans became their own enemies. Humans had forgotten the monsters.

Ogres turned into mythical beings, and dragons became supreme beings of fairy tales. If peace had lasted forever, it might not have been such a bad thing. However, forgotten fantasies returned as reality, and the price was steep.

“So what should we do!”

“Monsters? What nonsense…”

“Are they beasts or not?”

“Goblins. I think I heard about them when I was young…”

Suddenly, the region became a marketplace. Those who faintly remembered and those who had completely forgotten the monsters argued.

“Do we have to fight?”

In an instant, silence swept through the crowd as fear filled their eyes.

Ayrack Region was near the capital, far from any battles. They had a standing army for policing but hardly anyone with battle experience.

Watching the scene, Asher sighed lightly. Probably similar in other places.

“Just making them retreat…”

“How do you propose?”

“My son is a guard! Are you telling my son to fight?”

“That’s what guards are for!”

“What are you saying…”


Reika furrowed her brow and shouted loudly. The locals fell silent.

“First of all, we don’t know for sure. They might come here, or they might just pass by. Let’s send someone to the capital. Go inside and rest. People from the Luban trading group, enter the fortress.”


The citizens dispersed, the fear evident in their eyes.

Asher clicked his tongue. They might die without even getting a chance to fight. Peace had turned humans into cowards. To be so fearful of mere goblins.

‘If this was targeted, it was well-targeted.’

Suddenly, he remembered the last words of the Demon King. Humans, enjoy your victory. Now, the result was unfolding right before his eyes.

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