Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 85


Chapter 85

“The Young lord has passed through the McLaine Castle!”

“Really? He should arrive soon then.”

Patrick beamed a smile upon hearing the report.

Everything in the territory had been going smoothly lately.

How could he not be delighted by the news that his son, who had accomplished all this, was returning home?

The only concern was the movements of Bifrost, the formidable rival to their family, but so far, there had been no significant changes.

‘Well, all thanks to my son’s mentor.’

His son had gone to the capital saying he would prepare a countermeasure.

Patrick couldn’t help but look forward to what kind of answer his son had brought back.

“It seems he will be delayed more than expected.”


“He’s coming by carriage.”

“By carriage, not on horseback? Why? He shouldn’t have any luggage.”

“Well, about that I’m not quite sure…”

The messenger, who had ridden furiously from McLaine Castle, was drenched in cold sweat.

But there was no need to confront the weary soldier over a non-emergency, so Patrick nodded understandingly and dismissed him.

However, thoughts of his son kept flooding his mind, making it impossible to concentrate on work.

‘Since when have I been such a warm-hearted father?’

A self-deprecating chuckle escaped him, but it wasn’t a bad feeling.

‘A carriage… Perhaps he’s bringing a guest?’

In that case, Patrick couldn’t just sit and wait.

He quickly covered his paperwork and left the office.

Outside, an unusual scene was already unfolding.

“Young lord will be returning soon.”

“He’s bringing a guest, they say.”

“Let’s go see!”

Rumors had already spread, and his guess seemed accurate as the household staff moved busily about.

Even without special instruction from himself, the lord’s manor was bustling.

It was an odd situation, but Patrick was pleased with the commotion.

‘I could retire now and there would be no problem.’

Filled with a sense of unwarranted pride, Patrick quickened his pace.

* * *

“Hail! The castle!”

“Good work.”

After a brief greeting with the guards at the entrance to the town, Logan closed the carriage door as exclamations of admiration reached his ears.

“Wow, it’s much cleaner than I thought?”

“It’s a newly-built area.”

Although Logan replied modestly, the corners of his mouth slightly rose.

“Can you believe that all this was achieved because of our Young lord’s plans? Isn’t it impressive, my lady?”

“You made the right choice, Young lord. Our miss certainly picked the right partner!”

Two attendants bantered back and forth, matching well with each other.

It could have been seen as impolite to intrude upon their masters’ conversation like this, but Logan and Eileen did not mind it.

Thanks to the persistent efforts of the two attendants during the return journey, they were at least able to engage in such conversation.

Not long after Logan laughed quietly at this,

“Young lord, young lady. We have arrived at the lord’s manor.”

Henry, the coachman, announced their arrival, and the carriage door opened.


Upon stepping out of the carriage, Logan saw a crowd that included his father and his retainers.

At first, he tensed, wondering if something had happened, but seeing everyone smiling, his worries naturally vanished.

‘Right, not yet. There’s still time.’

Logan reassured himself and smiled back at the many eyes focused on him.

“I have returned.”

As was natural, greetings in return were expected, but despite the crowd, not a word of welcome was heard.

Confused, Logan noticed that people’s gaze was directed behind him.


“So this is McLaine.”

A light exclamation followed another step out of the carriage.

Without elaborate insignia, the person donned ‘armor’ and took light steps forward.

With hair a brighter, lustrous red than McLaine’s and with distinct features and beautiful blue eyes, there was no denying this person was a ‘woman’.

– The Young lord has brought back a woman.

The pupils of all the onlookers widened.

“Wow, she’s beautiful.”

“Who could she be?”

“It’s obvious.”

Murmurs and whispers.

After a brief silence, the crowd began stirring once more.

Front and center, Patrick opened his mouth, eyes slightly wider.

“Right. Welcome back, Logan. But who might this young lady be?”

Logan’s father was already smiling cheerfully.

‘He had no interest in women, or so I thought.’

Hadn’t he arrogantly relied on the fact he was his son’s mentor and even gone as far as to ask the Sword Sage for a favor?

But now, it seemed to have been unnecessary worry.

‘He’s managing well enough on his own.’

Even though the armor was a bit conspicuous, it was understandable if a woman had to arm herself for a long journey.

Patrick looked at the woman who had already become his son’s lover in his mind, with an expectant heart.

And then, the returned answer indeed met his expectations splendidly.

“This is my fiancée, Lady Eileen Floyd.”


“The Young lord’s fiancée?!”


Murmurs and murmurs.

The commotion around them grew, and Patrick grinned, looking broadly at his son’s fiancée.

“Oh! Come forth, young lady. I am your…”

“And she is also a new recruit to the McLaine Knights, Father.”

“Knight-Commander Patrick Mc… What?”

“Lady Eileen Floyd. My fiancée and the new recruit for the Knights.”

“Um. Heh. My hearing isn’t what it once was… Could you repeat that, son?”

“I said, a new recruit for the Knights. Also, my fiancée.”

“A fiancée and also a knight? Ha. My ears…”

The formidable presence that emanated from Eileen’s entire being confused Patrick further, yet he maintained a firm stance.

“On all accounts, that’s preposterous! How can you make a lady of a noble family a knight?! And your fiancée at that!”

“I see no reason why it shouldn’t be possible.”

“You must have lost your mind, truly. Oh, how am I to deal with this…”

As Patrick struggled to laugh it off, Dwayne cautiously interrupted.

“Maybe the Young lord has something in mind?”

“Do you understand what’s happening, Dwayne? Am I the only one confused here?”

“…Well, it is what the Young lord has decided.”

“Haa… I’m frustrated. Logan! Come, let’s have a word in private. You need to realize just how senseless your words are…”

Patrick tried to remain calm and continue the conversation, but Logan cut him off decisively.

“Oh, we should notify the Floyd Count that we’ve arrived safely. Father, why don’t you join us? Proper greetings are in order.”

“What, what?”

Patrick, still half out of his wits, was unwittingly dragged into the communications room.

* * *

[Ah, you’ve arrived safely. How’s your health?]

“It’s only been a week, Father.”

[I feel as if that week has been a month long…]

“Baron McLaine can also hear you!”

[Ahem. Ah. Baron… McLaine? A pleasure to meet you. I’m Roberts Floyd.]

“Count. Pleased to meet you. Patrick McLaine here. I am honestly a bit bewildered to contact you so abruptly, so please excuse my expression and demeanor.”

[Heh, the sentiment is mutual. It’s a matter between our families, but the children are so insistent, so I couldn’t reach out first. I apologize for urging you to call me.]

“Ha. No, not at all. Isn’t it a good connection between them? If there’s no specific opposition, it’s nice to respect the children’s wishes. But I’ve heard a strange story… Your daughter intends to be a knight…”


Patrick had broached the topic delicately, but a pronounced sigh came through immediately from the other side of the communication device, startling Logan and Eileen behind him.

[…I ask for your favor, heh, in that matter, son-in-law.]

“Father. Surely you aren’t cryin-…”

“Son-in-law. Are you saying these kids are insisting against your wishes?!”

Patrick cut off Eileen to enunciate his joy.

[I’ve agreed to it. My daughter is quite insistent. But she’s a well-bred young lady, please…]

“Ha, no need, son-in-law. If you are not keen on the idea, there is no need to break tradition. I will appropriately handle it…”


Eileen’s shout interrupted, catching Patrick off guard as he turned to look at the prospective daughter-in-law.

[…It is what I have wished, ahem. I entrust it to you, son-in-law.]

The Count shifted his tone, clearly against his will.


Patrick looked incredulously between his son and his fiancée.

Unlike the seemingly conscience-stricken prospective daughter-in-law, who tried to squeeze out an awkward smile, his son wore a brazen grin.

“As you’ve heard, the Count has given his permission, Father.”

“First… Let’s talk about that later.”

Upon changing the topic, the conversation hastened.

And after merely 30 minutes,

[Thank you. We will find a suitable day soon and contact you. I look forward to meeting you in person.]

“I share the same feeling.”

After a formal goodbye, the communication ended.


Despite the seemingly warm end to the communication, an awkward silence enveloped the room for a while.

“Regardless of the Count’s permission, I’m still opposed to his daughter becoming a knight.”

Patrick’s parting words left Logan and Eileen sighing, yet they firmly nodded and left the room together.

* * *

“At least we’ve overcome one hurdle.”

“You must be tired from the long journey. I appreciate your hard work.”

“Not at all. You’ve worked hard too, Young lord.”

“It’s uncertain when the day will come, but it seems we can proceed according to plan now.”

Even while saying this, Logan did not truly believe that things would go so smoothly without incident.

The internal strife to come, and the things he intended before and after that.

The resulting storm would leave no room for comfortably planning a wedding.

Fortunately, Eileen, unaware of this truth, did not seem particularly bothered about this aspect.

“Yes. I won’t disappoint you. Joining the Knights…finally…”

Her interest clearly lay somewhere entirely different than the engagement.

An uncontrollable smile came over Logan as he instinctively found her interest more attractive, and he shook his head in surprise.

‘Focus. Is this really the time for that?’


“…Young lord?”

Eileen looked at Logan, slapping his own cheek in surprise.

Laughing awkwardly, Logan hastily changed the subject.

“Ha. So, when do you plan to start training? Maybe you should rest for a few days first…”

“Don’t bother testing me. Let’s start tomorrow.”

Eileen confidently decided without a second thought, and Logan couldn’t help but smile wryly at her stubbornness.

Overflowing talent and a clear resolve were there.

However, Logan knew it was not something that could be easily overcome.

‘Will that be enough for her to overcome everything?’

Eileen’s challenge was, in a way, Logan’s challenge as well.

And at that moment, he did not have the luxury of time.

‘At most two months. I have to finish preparing and start the war within that time.’

Even if Eileen couldn’t adapt by then, he couldn’t wait.

“So, do I stay at the knight’s quarters now?”

“…That might be a bit difficult. It could make the other knights uncomfortable.”

“That’s a bit disappointing.”

“Instead, I’ll provide you with a room closer to the training grounds.”

…Given how proactive she was, adapting didn’t seem likely to be an issue.

If everything went according to plan, great; if not, another way would be found to cultivate the ‘Iron Rose’.

Logan solidified his thoughts and led Eileen to the room he had prepared in advance.

* * *

As many had witnessed, rumors about Eileen spread quickly.


“The Young lord has started another peculiar venture?”

“What? What kind of venture?”

“They say he brought a woman to the knight order. A noblewoman! His fiancée!”

“Wow! And then?”

“Huh? And then what? A fiancée in the order…!”

“Is that it?”


“I thought there would be more… like piercing through mountains again or something.”


“It’s not a big deal. Let’s just eat.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

It was far less impactful than someone’s concern.


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