Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 84


Chapter 84

“I am Logan McLaine. I am pleased to meet you for the first time, Count Floyd.”

“Ha-ha, just as I heard, a young man full of vigor. Right, take a seat.”

Count Floyd greeted Logan with a bright smile, his face framed by blond hair and sharp features. Even though Logan felt slightly burdened by Floyd’s probing gaze scanning him from head to toe, the goodwill reflected in his eyes mitigated that pressure. Logan bowed his head lightly and took a seat opposite the Count, as suggested.

“Is it true you’re leaving the capital right away?”

“Yes. I must return now. My business here is done, and I’ve left my territory unattended for too long.”

“Of course, that makes sense. A lord must prioritize his realm…”

Count Floyd’s expression subtly shifted as his voice trailed off, and he hesitated before continuing.



“To be blunt – which of my daughter’s qualities caught your fancy?”

The question came without warning, though fortunately, it was one that Logan had anticipated and he was quick to respond without being flustered.

“She is beautiful and considerate, with superb swordsmanship that I could not have imagined. She fits my ideal perfectly.”

While the ‘ideal’ was fabricated on the spot, Logan was proud of his perfect execution of the expression and tone he had practiced.

“Swordsmanship…? Oh, well, yes, my daughter is indeed pretty. Ha-ha.”

Probably a mishearing. The Count’s expression revealed his disbelief, and Logan emphasized his point once more.

“Lady Eileen is extremely attractive. Especially, I’m sincerely amazed at the extent to which she has trained in swordsmanship, despite being a woman.”

All this was groundwork for the ultimate goal of his visit, yet the Count’s reaction was lukewarm.

“…Are you serious, lad?”

“Yes. Is there a problem?”

“No, not at all. Ahem. To think that… ha-ha.”

As Count Floyd forced a chuckle, there was a knock on the door.

“Father, it’s Eileen.”

Her voice came from beyond the drawing room, and Count Floyd threw Logan a brief glance before replying.

“Ah, come in.”

The door, beautifully adorned with elegant patterns, creaked open to reveal Eileen dressed in plain gray military attire.

“Eileen! Now is not the time for…”

“Lady Eileen, it’s been a while. You look as beautiful as ever.”

“…What are you, ah… ahem, hm?”

Caught off guard by his daughter’s appearance, Count Floyd hesitated in his speech.

“You flatter me, Sir Logan. It’s good to see you.”

Watching the two young people exchange pleasant smiles, Count Floyd took a seat with a complex expression on his face.

“Mmm. Even in those garments, our girl does look pretty. But had she dressed formally, she would be even more…”

“Father, there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Oh, I’ve been listening to Logan all along. It’s a matter of the family’s honor, but if you both wish to be engaged, I’d be delighted. Finally, a gentleman has appeared who can truly appreciate my daughter’s charms…”

But before the Count could finish, his daughter, with a stern expression, let out an unexpected proclamation.

“I intend to go to McLaine’s territory as a knight, before becoming Logan’s betrothed. I hope for your consent.”

His daughter’s firm words sent waves of shock through the Count.

“What…what nonsense is this! Logan, don’t mind her ranting. She says these things sometimes. Just a wild dream…”

“I agree to this arrangement.”


While the Count struggled to defend(?), he was caught off-guard by the arrival of an unexpected ally.

“As I’ve said, Lady Eileen’s talent is too precious to waste simply because she is a woman. I want to help her realize her dream as her fiancé and as a fellow knight.”

Confused by this utterly unforeseen situation, Count Floyd switched his gaze back and forth between his daughter and the suitor, frowning deeply.

“Father, please give your consent. With Sir Logan, I will be able to achieve the future you desire for me, as well as the one I want for myself.”

His daughter’s plea steadied his wavering gaze, yet the eyes that met his daughter’s determination weren’t reflecting a positive emotion.

“Nonsense! A knight? A knight, of all things?! If I had known you’d speak such ridiculous words, I never would have let that man enter our home!”

Count Floyd, yelling and pointing at Logan, his face red with rage, didn’t retain any trace of the previously convivial atmosphere. But such a reaction had been anticipated and couldn’t unsettle the two individuals standing before him.

“Count, Lady Eileen has talent. Exceptional talent, and moreover, she wishes to cultivate it. Don’t you want your daughter’s happiness? If so, please permit it. I will cherish and support her together.”

“Happiness? Hap… Happiness!? Don’t even dream of it! My daughter will never do such a terrible thing! How dare you consider such a vile act for my daughter!”



The Count’s baseless rant left them both momentarily speechless.

“At a young age, she lost her mother and swung her sword to forget her sorrow!”


“Swordsmanship was merely her way of dealing with emotions! To a tender and gentle girl like her, you’d consider offering her the life of a knight, taking lives just because she has a bit of talent? Never would I permit such a thing!”

Knighthood wasn’t necessarily about taking lives…

But before that, gentle? Tender? Who is he talking about?

‘The backstory is certainly tragic, but resorting to swordsmanship to vent stress…’

Many thoughts sprang to mind, but Logan found himself unable to speak out. The strong paternal affection in the Count’s roaring voice made him hesitate. On the other hand, Eileen looked pained as she listened to her father’s outburst.

Her own father led a group of knights and was a powerful noble who would certainly recognize the worth of his daughter’s talent, awakened since she was but twelve.

‘If only you had been a son…’

That’s why he felt regret, and that’s why he opposed the idea of her wielding a sword.

‘A man doesn’t want a woman stronger than himself. Child, I want you to find happiness as a woman. Like your mother.’

While she understood her father’s sentiment, she couldn’t accept it.

‘Our daughter, do not live confined as I did. Live freely. Promise me you’ll do everything you’ve ever wanted, alright?’

With her mother’s last words in mind, words she couldn’t dare share with her father now lost to her, Eileen took a step forward.

“Father. Should I just not marry, then?”


“Should I give up on those unfruitful marriage negotiations and simply stay home waving a sword? Shall I grow old in this house as a spinster ghost holding a sword?!”

As Count Floyd struggled to understand how sending his daughter off to wed had turned into her wielding a sword, Eileen pressed on with her cold logic, cornering him.

In the end, he had no choice but to capitulate.

“Logan McLaine, the apprentice to the Sword Sage and the heir to McLaine territory. It’s all fine, but making my daughter a knight… Groan.”

Though much less hostile than before, Count Floyd could not bring himself to look kindly upon Logan.

“F-Father, shall I just stay here for good?”

Thinking of his precious daughter living with him forever somehow sounded terrifying. With the daughter’s cold voice, he resigned himself.

“Well, no more… Right.”

“I will do my best to ensure Lady Eileen’s happiness.”

“Heed this promise well. If anything wrong were to happen to my daughter…”


“…It won’t. But just to be sure, remember this promise.”

“Of course.”

Looking at Logan and Eileen alternately, the wrinkled face of the Count seemed to age another ten years in an instant. But his ordeal wasn’t over yet.

“You mean to take her away so soon? Tomorrow?!”

“Yes. In such matters, swift action is preferable.”

“Father, I would prefer it too.”

“Daughter, why the rush? There’s no need to hurry like this…”

“Once my mind is made up, it’s best to act quickly. Otherwise, you might try to hold me back again.”

Stung by the truth in her words, the Count gave his daughter a grave look and then his expression contorted with fury as he turned to Logan.

Logan reflexively took a step back from his countenance, but the Count only let out a deep, resigned sigh.

“Hoo, it is unavoidable then. Since that is your will….”


“Then let us at least have a modest party of our own.”

“…Excuse me?”

“Since a suitor has come calling, and my daughter is leaving for his home, I, as her father, can’t just let her go empty-handed.”

“Count, there really is no need for that…”

Logan’s attempt to dissuade him was cut short by the Count’s fiercely burning glare.

The next day.

“Well then, I should be going. Father.”

“Eileen, be well.”

“Don’t say goodbye as if you’re never coming back. I’ll visit again.”

“I know. I know but….”

Holding Eileen’s hand tightly, Count Floyd poured out a litany of concerns disguised as nagging.

“…Yes, yes, I understand. We should go now.”

“And also…”

“At least take it down a notch.”


After an extended farewell with Eileen, Count Floyd approached Logan and placed his hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure to take good care….”

“Touch her indecently before marriage, and I will cut off your head.”




Count Floyd gave Logan a venomous stare as he warned him of the consequences of overstepping the mark.

“And if my daughter gets hurt because you made her a knight, I will personally….”


“Grr. Anyway, please take good care of my daughter.”

Trying to hold back tears with a twisted face, Count Floyd patted Logan’s shoulder and turned to leave in a dejected slump.

‘Why did he pressure her to marry if it would come to this?’

Logan, having neither had children in this life nor in his previous one, was unable to comprehend the Father’s intricate feelings.

“Lady, congratulations!”

“We wish you happiness!”

Count Floyd’s servants, standing in for him, saw the pair off. Eileen had been firm in her convictions, pushing her father into acquiescence(?); yet, at the moment of departure, it was difficult for her to take the first step. After some hesitation, with the servants anxiously sweating at Logan’s watchful eye, Eileen turned away with a short goodbye, not looking back until they’d passed the estate’s garden and reached the stables.

“Miss! Slow down! Walk with us, please!”

Only after Eileen confirmed the carriage that would take her away did she pause for a moment to wipe her eyes before lifting her head.

‘Leaving a home she’d lived in all her life…’

Feeling he ought to offer some form of solace, Logan stepped closer, only to be met by Eileen’s flushed face up close.

“Sir Logan.”

Taken aback by her moist voice, Logan felt a sudden awkwardness.

‘This could get rather complicated.’

Somehow having ended up engaged without intent for such a relationship with her…

“You must keep your promise.”

“Excuse me?”

The tear-streaked Eileen, with gritted teeth, widened her reddened eyes as she stared at him, the definiteness of her resolve ringing clear even in her trembling voice. Logan felt an undefined resonance as he stood there, bemused by her words.

“Didn’t you hear?”

Her voice, now colder, snapped Logan out of his reverie.

“No, of course. Certainly.”

She might be an even more remarkable woman than he’d anticipated. A smile instinctively graced Logan’s lips as he spoke without hesitation.

“Let’s go. I’m eager to see what McLaine’s territory is like.”

“You won’t be disappointed, I assure you.”

Of course. Absolutely.


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