Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 82


Chapter 82

“Make your footsteps lighter. It’s enough if your heel touches the ground only for a moment when you leap.”

“It’s still unnatural. Pay more attention to the organic movement of your ankles and toes. Right there…”

The criticisms that continued for hours gradually decreased as time passed.

Watching Logan’s movements swiftly change with each piece of advice, the Sword Sage couldn’t help but smile slightly.

‘He really has an incredible talent.’

In just a few hours, he had moved beyond mere imitation and seemed to have completely internalized the techniques.

It felt as if not finding a talent worthy of passing on his legacy for decades was all for the purpose of meeting this young man.

‘If someone else had told me, I wouldn’t have believed it.’

Endless admiration flowed within him, but the voice that came out was strictly different.

“You’re still sluggish. Your moves must be light, but the flow of your force must be heavy! Push your whole body off the tips of your toes. And then…”

Too much praise for a genius could be poison.

That’s why he had been pointing out flaws for the past month.

Not only to teach swordsmanship, but also humility.

Of course.

‘It seems he modestly thinks himself insufficient.’

There was nothing wrong with being humble.

The Sword Sage urged Logan on, hiding a proud smile.

Another few hours passed, and eventually, the Sword Sage couldn’t find any more faults in Logan’s movements.


His body slid dozens of meters without making a sound, leaving an afterimage.

It was not as instantaneous as the Sword Sage’s teleport-like movement, but to anyone nearby, it would have felt like a ghost, soundlessly rushing forward.

“Good. Just refine and embody it further. Well done!”

The lifetime secret technique had been completely dissected in less than five hours, yet the Sword Sage’s face showed nothing but ease.

He tried not to praise, but this time, he had no other words.

Logan, however, stood puzzled, deep in thought after halting his movement.

“Hmm? Is there a problem? You’re not injured, are you…?”

“No, Master.”

“Then why that expression?”

“It’s… indeed an amazing technique. I can feel myself moving twice as fast as before. But it doesn’t seem like a technique made by a knight. It’s like…”

“Like an assassin?”

The Sword Sage laughed as if he knew what Logan was thinking.

After some hesitation, Logan nodded.

Then the Sword Sage said.

“You’re not entirely wrong.”

He was taken aback by the unexpected response.

“When His Highness was still the young lord and had just become a knight, he made me his personal guard. You know that, right?”


“Not many people know, but even before his ascension, the prince had many adversaries. He went through some unspeakable experiences.”


“Numerous assassins came after him. And during that time, the young man, thrilled by his appointment as a Royal Knight, ended up spilling more blood than at the frontlines.”

Logan imagined a scene from decades ago, a young blond-haired youth before his current maturity, defending the throne and shedding blood.

“To protect someone all alone and to cut through the swarming enemies, that young man kept imagining. He imagined moving more swiftly and covertly than any assassin, mastering martial skills that could dominate space with a single stroke.”


“At first, the goal seemed unreachable, but before long, he mastered creating a pressure wave and learned to split the sound barrier. Only after achieving the Ghost Shadow did he feel somewhat close to his goal. And it was then that he could awaken his aura.”

The Sword Sage’s words implied that the Ghost Shadow martial art was what triggered his awakening as an aura user, a remarkable technique that even its creator considered a miracle.

“Don’t be complacent just because you’ve learned the theory and mastered it. Train it with your swordsmanship for the rest of your life. I myself have yet to see the end of it.”


The path to superhumanity.

What swordsman wouldn’t be thrilled by those words?

Logan tried to calm his throbbing heart and bowed respectfully.

“And one more thing…”

His master hesitated, speaking in a tone different from before.

“There’s another reason why I stopped you from leaving.”


“Have you ever heard of the Third Prince?”

Logan almost exclaimed in shock.

The possibility of ‘minting a face’ suddenly seemed close at hand.

“The Third Prince?”

He replied as calmly as possible, barely managing to control his facial expression.

His master, perhaps sensing his thoughts, continued a bit remorsefully.

“Yes. Of course, I know you’ve been turning down all factional invitations. It might seem odd for me, someone who claims neutrality, to be making such a suggestion but…”

‘No, I know it already.’

Listening carefully to the Sword Sage’s carefully spoken words, Logan smiled subtly.

The leader of the neutral forces, Felix Esperanza, who had pledged loyalty to the future king to save the Third Prince’s life, was already well-known to him.

Neutral in name, perhaps in his heart too…

‘Maybe he’s hoping for the Third Prince, the true heir to the throne, and not the rotten First and Second Princes, to become king.’

Logan speculated.

That’s why he wanted to meet the Third Prince even more.

Disguising his true intentions, Logan answered his master’s question.

“I’ve heard rumors that he’s ‘the sole’ heir apparent of this country.”

“Haha. Don’t talk like that openly elsewhere; it could cause trouble.”

Pride slipped through the Sword Sage’s words.

Logan was certain he had hit the mark.

“Do the Third Prince wish to see me?”

“Yes. His Highness is curious about my disciple. But there’s no compulsion. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to meet him. I should…”

“I will meet him.”


The quick response caught the Sword Sage off guard.

“How can I disregard my master’s advice as his disciple? It won’t matter if I delay my return journey a little.”

“Do you think before you speak? It might entangle you and your family in a difficult path.”

“It’s just a meeting. I’ve heard he’s not involved with any factions.”

“Well, indeed…”

Logan chuckled inwardly at his master’s subtly changing demeanor.

‘There must be something.’

His certainty, coupled with gratitude toward his master, grew. The Sword Sage, Felix Esperanza, wasn’t one to easily show his emotions.

Yet, he often revealed his human side to Logan, an indication of their close bond. It emboldened Logan, who smiled and spoke freely.

“Maybe you have something else in mind for me?”

“Hmm. You sly young man, do you have some ulterior motive?”

Logan inwardly flinched but kept a straight face.

“An ulterior motive? You were the one who brought it up first, Master.”

“Ha. Yes, that’s right. Anyway, when you meet the prince, be careful with your tongue.”

With a warning clearly based on concern rather than a threat, Logan smiled and nodded in understanding.

But the pace of events was much quicker than anticipated.

“Well, since we’ve confirmed your intent, there’s no need to delay. Let’s go.”

“Excuse me?”

Wasn’t meeting a prince of the country supposed to be a big deal?

Even if it was a prince without real power?

Logan was full of questions, but the Sword Sage didn’t reply.

And shortly after,

Under the darkening sky, the Duke and his disciple slipped on masks and raced across the rooftops of the capital’s night.



Barely touching the roof’s edge, one masked figure leaped, crossing a 20-meter gap to appear on the opposite side.

The other figure, pursuing, moved eerily likewise.

Anyone who might have spotted them would doubt their own eyes, so chillingly subtle were their movements.

Then, voiced quietly, a hint of displeasure came from the latter figure.

“Is this why you taught me Ghost Shadow?”

“Well, two birds with one stone.”

Ignoring his disciple’s incredulous look, the Sword Sage sped through the night once more.

Logan had no choice but to grit his teeth and follow, not yet able to match that ghostly speed.

In the moonless night,

Across the roofs of mansions in Gran’s inner sanctum,

Their shadowy figures were both discreet and swift.

The two shadows raced from the center of the inner sanctum to a secluded corner of the city’s outskirts, to a house that barely qualified as a mansion.

An embarrassing ruin.

The shadows entered silently, one pressing something hidden on one side of the ruin.


A staircase leading down into a concealed basement revealed itself.

“Why must you go to such lengths?”

“There are many eyes on him.”

“So much effort just to meet ‘mere’ me?”

“Yes. Because it’s ‘especially’ for meeting the Sword Sage’s disciple.”

The master and disciple exchanged a wry smile.

“Any more questions?”

“If you’ve gone to such lengths, does it mean you support the Third Prince?”

The Sword Sage’s eccentric actions made little sense, unless it was to keep a meeting with the Third Prince secret.

That meant he cared for the prince.

Yet, the master’s reply was contrary to Logan’s guess.

“No. I do not involve myself in the succession.”


Baffled by the unexpected answer, Logan hesitated.

“Then why all this…?”

“If you’re openly seen meeting the Third Prince, misunderstandings will arise. I am but a guardian to the young prince, not a political supporter. The only request from His Majesty was to ensure his son’s safety until he comes of age.”

Logan’s preconceptions about the Third Prince faction were shattered.

“When you spoke proudly of the Third Prince…”

“Of course, our prince is quite intelligent.”

The pleased smile definitely carried affection, though their master was clear about boundaries. If he said no, it must be no.

‘I was mistaken?’

His expectations dashed, the plan seemed harder.

He had to persuade his indifferent master to intervene in the civil war, in the struggle for the throne.

For a moment, Logan felt overwhelmed.

‘But there’s no other way.’

He couldn’t allow the tyrant who had wrecked the country in his past life to become king, nor anyone worse.

The only hope was the Third Prince, still young.

‘I will make it happen. I must!’

As Logan’s resolve ignited, the Sword Sage looked at him curiously.

Now, Logan’s meeting with the Third Prince felt even more urgent.

He advanced down the dark corridor with slightly more determination.

Before long, Logan caught sight of bright light at the end of the tunnel.

A spacious stone chamber.

Dim lantern light faintly illuminated the darkness, and a refreshing scent dispelled the dampness underground, centered around a single figure.

A youth who looked too young to be a man but too old to be a boy.

With shining platinum hair and emerald eyes—a visage unmistakable even without the royal crest of platinum hair.

There could only be one person in this place.

The Kingdom’s Third Prince, Rogers von Grandia.

“It’s been a while, Your Highness.”

“It’s been a long time, Duke. Ah, and that behind you is…”

The curious look from the prince prompted Logan to step forward and kneel respectfully.


“Logan McLaine paying respects to the Third Prince.”

“Is it really you, the Sword Sage’s disciple?”

His title as the Sword Sage’s disciple was apparently more famous than his own name.

Not that it was unwelcome for Logan, who simply nodded calmly in response.


“Well, to have reached the rank of high-grade knight at such a young age? Remarkable indeed. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Your praise is too kind. I am honored to meet you.”

“Honored? I feel ashamed to call you to such a place in the dead of night. Haha.”

He seemed quite down-to-earth for a prince.


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