Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 81


Chapter 81

“Cutoff? How disheartening. What kind of talk is that? The past mistakes of the family are just mistakes, and blood is blood. Considering the amounts of money our Kairos family has supported over the past decade or so, one mistake can be overlooked, can’t it?”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”


“If that mistake wasn’t ignoring the kin on the brink of falling off a cliff, that might have sounded more plausible.”

At Logan’s words, Veron’s face twitched slightly.

He knew it was a stretch from the start, but he didn’t expect to be so bluntly reprimanded by his young nephew, not to mention one from a junior generation.

He had thought himself lucky to have naturally started a conversation at the party instead of a one-on-one meeting, reflecting on himself from 30 minutes ago as laughable.

Above all, his anger toward Logan was greater.

‘You get a bit of fame, and you think you can puff your chest out, huh?’

Sure enough, the reckless disposition was there to stay.

But… that also meant persuasion would be easy.

Veron calmed his mind with this thought.

“That was indeed a fatal mistake by our family. I’m late, but I’ll formally apologize on behalf of the family.”

“You are aware it’s late.”

He nearly lashed out at that comment, but since he had come prepared for the worst, retreating wasn’t an option.

“If you desire an apology, I will do as you wish. What do you want? It’s better to reconcile after receiving a reasonable apology than to never see each other again.”

Veron showed a blank cheque to Logan, who was continuously prickly.


“Hmm. Did you really come for an apology? So, if I accept the compensation, you won’t say anything else?”

Again, faced with a sly reply, Veron unconsciously ground his teeth.

‘Where do you think you’re dispensing medicine?’

Logan openly grinned upon seeing Veron’s face contort.

There must be something Veron regretted, hence these fruitless efforts now.

“If you have something else to say besides an apology, I won’t accept it. Please return.”

Logan drew a firm line with his declaration, but the other’s reaction was not what he expected.

“Help me. I’ll grant you everything you want. Let us look towards the future rather than dwelling on past wrongs.”

Veron’s head was almost at a right angle, his voice desperate.

The sight of Veron in total surrender was unexpected for Logan.


The Kairos family he knew, especially Simon Kairos, would not do such a thing. They were not ones to regret or reflect on their actions.

And the only heir, Veron Kairos, was known by all to never go against his father.


‘It must be the will of Simon Kairos’ superiors.’

Logan glanced around the party and noticed Duke Yordan Valdermaine and Duke Juan Douglas, the kingdom’s only 6-circle mage and a rival power, throwing a quick glance his way before looking away.

It seemed they wouldn’t get involved directly.

Even with the title of the Sword Sage’s apprentice, to the Dukes, it was just a matter of testing the waters.

‘Doesn’t matter if it’s Bifrost or Kairos, two of the kingdom’s three richest men, they’re still played by the Dukes’ tactics.’

This realization hit hard, that even the entanglements his family had made were nothing more than small hills compared to the real mountains they had to overcome.

‘Then, I’ll have to use them for now.’

There was something the kingdom’s wealthiest families, no, the merchants needed.

‘That should be enough to firmly support Philip.’

Bifrost was practically already aiming their dagger.

No ordinary frivolity would win them over easily, but Kairos was a different story.

“Hmm. Uncle, there’s no need for such excessive courtesy towards your nephew. Well, it’s not difficult to grant a small family favor, right?”

Logan’s tongue danced lightly, concealing his tremendous greed.

“…Thank you. Nephew.”

Veron’s face brightened a little in gratitude.

But as the conversation continued in a secluded spot, his face inevitably hardened.

“If you do that, meeting the Prince won’t be difficult.”


He had no choice but to nod.

Roger Bifrost watched from a distance, his gaze turning icy, but Logan paid it no heed.

Bifrost and Kairos.

Even after their entanglement passed, many nobles approached Logan.

However, Logan, finding it tiring to deal with so many people, excused himself using his master’s name and carefully declined numerous conversations.

As the complex party time ebbed.

“Attention, everyone. Now the most important event of the party will take place. To wish for the noble lady’s safe growth, we will have a distinguished person name her. That person is… Eh?”

Luffman, a retainer of the Duke Esperanza’s family and an Honorary Count, was surprised as he read the prepared text and looked back at his lord.

The Sword Sage nodded with a smile, and Luffman called out the name on the script with a somewhat puzzled expression.

“…The disciple of the Duke. Young lord Logan McLaine.”

‘That expression…’

Why was he, of all people, naming the young lady?

Count Luffman was unable to hide his reluctant expression, unbefitting of a wily noble.

But considering it was out of strong loyalty to his master, it brought a smirk rather than annoyance.

Logan, managing his expression, made his way to the high seats.

Faced with the adorable baby who looked intently at him with big eyes while wrapped in soft silk, his smile naturally broadened.

The baby, born out of overflowing paternal love and having received an Aura Shower instantly, was bursting with vitality, making her even more adorable.

As Logan carefully cradled the baby, she reached out with her tiny hand and grabbed Logan’s finger wrapped around the swaddle, smiling brightly at him.


Knowing that this action held no meaning and was merely a coincidence, Logan’s heart still swelled with emotion.

And looking into the baby’s eyes, shining like bright stars, all the other name candidates he had been pondering disappeared, leaving just one.

“The child’s name shall be Stella. It’s an ancient word meaning ‘star.’ I’ve named her with the hope she becomes a brilliant light that brightens the night sky.”


The baby’s beaming smile as if pleased with her name, allowed Logan also to smile brightly.

“…Young lord Logan McLaine has chosen the name Stella. Duke, will you accept this name for the lady?”

“I will.”

“The lady’s name is decided. Stella Esperanza. Let’s all bless the new star of the Esperanza family!”


Amidst the cheering and applause, Logan exchanged glances with the baby he held, carefully handing her back to the Duchess.

Her smiling and waving appearance erased all the unpleasant feelings left by the crimson bishop’s sacred power.

* * *

The naming ceremony of Stella Esperanza became an occasion that spread the close relationship between Logan and the Sword Sage throughout the kingdom.

The invitations from those wanting to meet him poured in the day after the ceremony, but by that time, Logan was already preparing to leave the capital.

‘The winter is coming soon.’

That meant it was time to return to his territory to prepare for the civil war.

He checked the capital’s movements, dispelling any doubts of divergence from his previous knowledge, and strengthened his trust with his master.

Although he regretted not directly connecting with the Third Prince, acquiring talent like Eileen meant the trip to the capital yielded greater results than expected.


– The projected yield of the wastelands, or rather the new McLaine Plains, is expected to exceed the McLaine’s past by 20 times. The lands are still undermanned, so next year’s yield…

– Even in monetary terms, we’re looking at a comfortable 30 million gold. Just the taxes from Teslon and Sylvan exceed ten million. They’re cheering because of the reduced taxation as you promised.

– What? Even with this year’s yield, we have enough for 3-4 years… Not to sell? Okay, understood. We have plenty of money anyway.

The changes in McLaine during his absence were enough to bolster his confidence.

‘Preparations are going well.’

It’s time to return for final preparations and go forth with our plans.

As Logan settled his mind…

“Planning to leave?”

Startled by the familiar voice, Logan woke from his thoughts and turned around.


“Yes. Thanks to you, the naming ceremony went well. My spouse is grateful.”

“Oh, no need. But why are you here instead of with Stella…?”

The infant who could repel the aura of a high-grade cleric.

He couldn’t dare to speak of it to his master, as it was as bizarre and important as his own regression.

Worrying over the baby, Logan genuinely couldn’t help but express his concern.

His master smiled, apparently sensing the earnestness.

“An Aura Shower is sufficient for the child; any more is superfluous. Now, I’ve come to once again take care of my diligent disciple’s training.”

“Master, I appreciate that, but as I mentioned, it seems it’s time to go back to the territory. There’s also the Bifrost issue…”

“It won’t take long.”

Past training always ended with near exhaustion, so Logan asked with a puzzled expression.

“You’ve worked hard following the intense training. Now that you’ve grasped the basics, I’ll teach you a technique that can maximize them.”


“Surprised by your technique, and yet so easily shaken. Tsk tsk.”

“Master, that’s…”

The Sword Sage slightly smirked but continued in a serious tone.

“That ancient manual… I once looked down upon it, but if used properly it could exceed my secret techniques. Just don’t forget what’s more important, do you know?”

“…The basics.”

“Right. I’m now thinking of passing on to you a secret technique that maximizes those basics. Follow me.”

It sounded contradictory, but the offer was too tempting to refuse.


Entering the training ground, the Sword Sage drew his sword with a smooth sound.

“The foundation of the martial arts I’ve established throughout my life is to constrain my opponent’s movements and maximize my own.”


An aura erupted around the Sword Sage as he explained, and the entire training ground felt a heavy, oppressive force.

“Ultimately, it’s about dominating the space on the battlefield. The Overbearing Sword technique you learned is the first method to embody this principle. Can you endure?”

‘Not at all.’

Logan’s thoughts didn’t manifest as words.

Barely standing there was enough to break into a cold sweat due to the powerful pressure.

The master smirked and released his strength.



Even without being directly attacked, the dizziness was momentary but intense.

Logan’s amazement renewed at the capability of the so-called superhumans.

“That’s right. It’s quite a good technique that I’m proud of. But the technique you possess is superior as a means of attack compared to my secret techniques. So, it’s unnecessary to teach you the continuation of my sword arts which involve pressuring, silencing, and chasing lightning.”


“Stop looking so disappointed and keep your eyes open. This is even more impressive.”

At his words, Logan focused, watching his master when suddenly the standing master’s figure blurred.


In bewilderment, the transparent figure vanished, and Logan felt a cold sensation at his nape.


Startled, Logan turned to find his master poised with a slightly lifted sword.


“Did you see?”

“…I didn’t.”

“How about the experience?”

Logan couldn’t immediately reply.

The movement was definitely extraordinary and completely invisible.


‘Is that all that impressive?’

The fact that the kingdom’s renowned sword master prided himself so much on his sword art technique, more than the Overbearing Sword?

Contrarily to the Overbearing Sword, it wasn’t as viscerally impactful.

Naturally, if the sword master, a superhuman himself, attacked head-on, it would be reasonable for Logan not to react due to the speed.

Noticing Logan’s thoughts, the sword master spoke, still smiling.

“What’s the foundation of all martial arts?”

“Lower body strength and footwork.”

Logan’s answer came promptly, though his expression remained unsatisfied.

And the sword master knew why.

“So you think that only applies to those with no aura or at a low level? Is that what you want to say?”

Logan hesitated, unable to outright say yes.

“So why am I rated higher than other aura users in the kingdom like Yordan, Luther or Wicken, if not for my swordsmanship but for this movement technique?”


“Indeed, this ‘Ghost’s Shadow’ is an excellent technique, no less significant than any sword art manual.”

‘Ghost’s Shadow…’

A dark, ill-fitting name for the renowned sword master, yet his tone clearly conveyed immense pride.

“You struggled in your fight with that Franz fellow, no? If you had learned this technique beforehand, it wouldn’t have happened.”

Adding an undeniable motivational sting to his words,

“Do you want to learn it?”

“Of course!”

A flame reignited in Logan’s red eyes.


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