Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 74


Chapter 74

“……Is that all?”

“There’s worse.”

“What could be worse?”

I wondered what could be worse than the high nobles fighting at the state council meeting.

“The trouble began when 1st Prince faction member Fallon Davis was promoted to Finance Minister, which led 2nd Prince faction rival, Larry Cret, to expose Fallon’s corruption to the king.”

– Count Davis does not suit the role of the incorruptible Finance Minister!

Then Fallon exposed Larry’s corruption, and what followed was a vicious cycle of mutual accusations.

Ironically, during the process, it was revealed that many nobles from both the 1st and 2nd Prince factions were implicated in the corruption.

Both parties promptly withdrew their accusations, exchanging apologies as if it were merely a joke, destroying the evidence as well.

It was as if they had mocked the royal family in the name of factional fighting.

“……Idiots. And the royal family just let this slide?”

“What can they do? They lack power. At least it seems the king is benefiting somewhat from the competition between the two groups. It seems like not a bad move for the royal family.”

“That is one way to see it.”

Upon reflection, Roger Bifrost’s behavior could be interpreted in the same light.

I confirmed that there were no immediate issues with the king, but it didn’t exactly feel like good news.

No matter what, the road ahead felt daunting.

‘Of all things, the reasonably decent 3rd Prince is the one without power. That’s the problem.’

Logan sighed in dismay.

The current king, in his youth, had no heirs; as he approached the age of forty, at the nobles’ urging, he took several concubines, which is where the problems started.

It seemed as though the heavens heard the desires of two dukes to solidify their power by producing a royal heir, as the daughters they had placed as concubines each gave birth to sons around the same time.

This signaled the stirrings of future turmoil, and nearly a decade later, 19 years ago, the queen conceived past the age of forty and gave birth to the 3rd Prince.

He was a legitimate child of the queen with no external family influence.

It was imaginable to anyone that his birth was not exactly celebrated.

Moreover, the talents and disposition the 3rd Prince exhibited as he grew led some to believe he might be the reincarnation of the founding king.

And this was in stark contrast to his hot-headed, arrogant older brothers, who alternately caused trouble ycounty.

No wonder rumors started that the 3rd Prince was the true heir to the throne.

The king did favor the 3rd Prince, but the two dukes—the external relatives of the 1st and 2nd princes—would not let him be.

They found every excuse to impede his rise to power.

Even the king tried to support the 3rd Prince, but there were limits to his influence.

Perhaps things would have been different if the king had lived longer, but with the king’s sudden death just before the 3rd Prince reached adulthood, a civil war erupted.

For the 3rd Prince, the worst scenarios unfolded consecutively.

The 1st Prince was backed by his grandfather, Duke Juan Douglas, a 6th circle magician.

The 2nd Prince rode on the might of the largest noble in the kingdom and his grandfather, Duke Yordan Valdermaine, the kingdom’s youngest hero.

Ultimately, the 3rd Prince, unable to compete with either, was the first on the list for purging when…

– By the previous king’s will, should you promise to preserve the life of the 3rd Prince, I shall become the sword of the new king.

With the declaration of a neutral noble, coveted by both major factions, the 3rd Prince barely managed to save his life.

Though he would be confined to the palace for life, never permitted outside his room.

And so, through the civil war, the 1st Prince and Duke Juan Douglas ascended the throne, purging all opposing nobles and weakening the country to its foundation.

Five years later, when the empire waged war, they continued ruining the nation with their tyranny.

Even during the war, the king exploited Ronian recklessly, failing to protect his own lineage, and ultimately abandoning Gran as a shield while he fled.

‘I’ll never let that man become king.’

There was no way he could allow the history of his past life to repeat itself.

Somehow, he needed to twist the current flow of events.

‘The 2nd Prince isn’t much better than the 1st. If anyone is to become king, it must be the 3rd Prince.’

It was a difficult path, but one that had to be taken.

He had to quickly put an end to the devastating three-year war incited by the factions of the 1st and 2nd princes.

Many things had to be done to achieve both goals.

Of course, he had plans in mind……

“……It’s going to be an incredibly tough journey.”


“Nevermind, you’ve worked hard. Wrap up things in Impo-Rick as soon as possible and come to the Sword Sage’s residence. I’ll be staying there for a while.”


“I’ll let you know what to do afterward.”

Leaving the bewildered Philip, Logan led his entourage toward the Sword Sage’s estate.

* * *

“Identity confirmed. Please proceed inside.”

Following the knight’s guidance, Logan entered, and though the knights like Henderson were busy looking around, Logan did not mind.

‘Any knight from Grandia would do the same.’

In fact, his past self would have done the same when pursuing a connection with Impo-Rick.

Of course…

“Your Highness. Would it not benefit the family if I and that handsome maid got along well? Could you, uh, introduce me… Ow! My hand! It’s just a joke, jest!”

However, Rick was, perhaps, in need of a little discipline.

Not long after following the knight, someone approached from the opposite direction.

A thirty-something pleasant-looking man in a knight’s uniform.

Upon receiving a salute from the leading knight, the man slightly bowed his head to Logan’s party.

“Are you young lord? Please follow me. The Duke is awaiting your arrival. As for the others, you may continue with Sir Erman.”

The man was someone Logan did not see in his past visit.

Yet Logan felt an odd familiarity as he observed the man more closely.


Logan exclaimed without realizing.

“Why so surprised? Have I committed some faux pas?”

“No, just… I mistook you for someone I know… Could it possibly be your name is……”

“Ah! I forgot to introduce myself. I am Luis Hayon, the adjutant to Duke Felix. Please forgive my rudeness.”



“Nevermind. Thank you for guiding me.”

Engaging with a smooth smile, the man turned and walked ahead, leaving Logan to reflect with a nostalgic expression.

Luis Hayon, as Logan remembered, was solid and stern, the hero known for the long cross-shaped scars across his face.

‘Lieutenant Luis, you never spoke of it, so you hail from here.’

Logan’s thoughts drifted back through the vast expanse of memory, recalling a time that may well be from a past life.

– What good does it do for a knight who failed to protect his lord to speak of his lineage? My only remaining purpose is to dedicate my life to Grandia’s independence. Are you not the same?

Logan could not deny those words at that time.

The leader of the Grandia Liberation Front, unlike Logan, who was consumed with vengeance, held onto ideals.

He vividly remembered the last day he saw Luis.

– I entrust you with this task. If I am no longer around, you’re the only one knowledgeable in the ancient languages. Commit it to memory, at all costs. Should the need arise, burn the book but keep its contents in your head to pass on to someone with the gift. If that even proves impossible, then……

Logan recalled the other item that Luis had entrusted to him along with the secret texts.

Wait? Another item?


“Young lord! What’s wrong?”

Luis, walking ahead, quickly supported Logan, whose old memories were suddenly overtaken by the presence and voice of the man before him.


“Are you alright?”

It felt like an important memory, but as the headache dissipated, the recollection vanished like a blank slate.

“Thank you, Lieutenant… I mean, Adjutant Luis. Perhaps I didn’t get enough rest.”

“……You should take better care of yourself while you’re young. Even though you feel fine now, it will all come back to haunt you as you age. Take the necessary precautions.”

In the distant future, or rather, past life, that was something he often said.

Hearing the same words from a much younger Luis, Logan felt a sharp clarity return.

‘Whatever memories they are, they’re now part of a bygone time. As long as they don’t repeat in this life, that’s all that matters.’

No reason to lament; no reason to dwell.

Logan let go of any lingering regrets with a light sigh and followed Luis once more, oblivious to the fluttering response of the Postcore.

“We shall meet again later.”


Before fully parting with Luis, a crisp voice came from beyond the door.

“Aren’t you coming in?”

With a faint smile, Logan suppressed a chuckle and opened the door to the Sword Sage’s office.


The first sight greeting him was a radiant blond middle-aged man with a beaming smile and a full-bellied noblewoman standing by his side.

Both looked radiantly happy, especially the man who looked closer to middle age than seventy, seemingly bursting with vitality compared to when Logan about saw him last.

“It’s a pleasure to see you well after so long.”

Logan bowed respectfully, but the first to respond was not the Sword Sage, but his wife.

“So you’re young lord. I’ve heard a lot from my husband. We owe you a great deal.”

The duchess, with her tender and warm impression, blushed ever so slightly.

“I’ve heard she’s close to forty, yet her bashful demeanor seemed as youthful as a young girl’s.

“It is I who am honored to meet you, My lady. Indeed, you are as beautiful as I had heard. Now I understand why Master has spoken so highly of you.”

“Oh my, really?”

Looking at her husband in disbelief, he retorted with a flushed face,

“Don’t start with nonsense the moment we meet! If I hadn’t acted, you wouldn’t have bothered to come, you heartless fellow.”

“Come now, I would have visited regardless. Perhaps not right now, though.”

As the master and apprentice exchanged glares momentarily, the wife became puzzled. Then, almost in unison, they both burst into laughter.

“Haha, truly, what was Roger’s face like?”

“You should have been there. It was priceless. Hahaha.”

Their second face-to-face meeting, an association formed through one-sided magi-phone communication – a deep connection had been forged, independent of time spent together, through significant shared experiences.

“Anyway, I again congratulate you on your coming heir. Oh, have you not settled on the child’s gender yet……?”


“It doesn’t matter. Boy or girl, it’s the precious child who has healed our regret. We’ll raise them with love.”

The Sword Sage soothed his wife’s hand, beaming contentedly.

A difficult sentiment in a society that fiercely favored sons, especially for a noble in the Grandia kingdom.

Yet there was genuine warmth in his smile, and his wife looked nothing but happy.

‘This is good.’

The act, although meant for his own ends, had yielded unexpectedly positive results, bringing a strange sense of satisfaction.

‘Ultimately, is everything the same?’

His own goal was to save his family and preserve their legacy.

Fulfilling that alone would increase the likelihood that the citizens of this kingdom would be happier than in his previous life, where they were sold into slavery and wandered as refugees.

A newfound perspective, the modest epiphany, involuntarily brought a grin to his face.

The joyful countenance of the Sword Sage and his wife seemed to whisper that Logan was on the right path and encouraged him to maintain that course.

“Your views are indeed unique, Master. Admirable.”

“Oh, stop it with the flattery. A guy whose skills have improved rapidly but whose manners degrade as he ascends. If you truly aim for higher mastery, align your behavior with your ambition. Keep your words in check.”

The rush of hopeful sentiment was fleeting, as the Sword Sage’s subsequent advice stung a bit.

“It’s in that vein that there’s something I’d like to ask of you.”

“Yes? By all means, tell me, My lady.”

“Our unborn child – would you name the child?”

“……Excuse me?!”

Caught off-guard, Logan’s eyes widened in surprise.

“My wife and I have discussed this for a long time. Since you’re responsible for it all, we thought you’d best to open the child’s fate too. You wouldn’t refuse, would you?”

In the culture of Grandia, the act of naming was akin to opening one’s destiny.

There was a belief among the people of the kingdom that a name held power over the life and fortune of the child.

Because the act of naming was regarded with such significance, nobles would immediately seek distinguished individuals to name their child upon birth, even organizing a naming ceremony, known as ‘Naming Feast’.

Now they were entrusting Logan with such a crucial task?

Even if it was thanks to Logan that the child was to be born (?) in the first place, essentially it was a gift no less.

A gift that would elevate Logan’s status in the social circles.

Although burdensome, there was no reason to decline.

“Of course.”

Logan’s grave expression brought relief to the couple’s faces.

“Thank you. Now go and rest. I told you there’s no need to come out.”

“But it’s only proper manners… when we’re asking…”

“Favors ultimately lead to reciprocation… Ah, I’m clearly not much of a talker. Let’s simply show it through actions.”

“Excuse me?”

“In this short time, how did you manage to improve so much? I’m utterly curious. Show me your skills first.”

Taken aback by the Sword Sage’s sudden challenge, Logan answered warmly.



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