Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 73


Chapter 73

“So, you’re saying this child… has seen the threads of mana?”

The meaning behind Clayton’s gaze when he first heard Victoria’s story was clear.

It was as if he was telling an adult not to play a fool with a child, or more bluntly, not to spout nonsense.

However, after a few tests, that gaze quickly turned to astonishment.

“I, I will take care of her training! Such an incredible talent is unheard of!”

Not even the legendary grand mages could see mana with their eyes.

He boasted about having the highest sensitivity to mana among the magicians he knew.

He began to make a fuss, his voice raised to the point of bursting a vein.

Logan, expecting a refusal based on her being a girl, was taken aback by the unexpected turn of events.

‘Was her talent really of such caliber?’

He wondered what chaos would ensue if he claimed he could see mana up close.

With that thought, Logan couldn’t help but smirk.

He then turned to the dazed young girl and spoke again.

“Victoria. Do you really want to learn magic?”

“If, if it means controlling a giant doll, then yes, I want to learn.”



Watching the hesitating child, Logan waited patiently with a smile.

“…If I have a powerful doll, I’ll be able to do much more.”

The girl’s desire to find her own way to contribute remained unchanged.

Logan nodded, impressed by her spirit yet saddened by her situation.

“Alright. If that’s your wish, it’s good. Then, Master Clayton, please take care of her.”

“Not at all! It is I who should be thankful!”

The sight of the formidable middle-aged magician grinning at the young girl wasn’t quite fitting, but ultimately, it was a satisfying arrangement for both parties—and for Logan, who watched from the sidelines.

‘A talent worthy of a grand mage…’

Even if Clayton’s words were an exaggeration, it seemed undeniable that her talent was rare.

‘Are both siblings geniuses?’

It was unusual to see two children with unique appearances both possessing prodigious talents in certain fields.

Now that things came to this point, Logan was curious to know what kind of lineage they had.


‘Well, there’s no need to know.’

There were seven years left until the imperial war.

Regardless of how much Victoria would grow, the addition of a strong force was not a bad thing.

Another hurdle loomed near, and this unexpected good news lightened Logan’s heart, even if only slightly.

* * *

After calming down the startled family and vassals and sorting out the matters with siblings Victoria and Victor, Logan declared his intention to head to the capital, Grandia.

After all, the outcome of the play staged in Bifrost had led him on the path to seek out the Sword Sage.

Of course, it was necessary to head to the capital, even without the Sword Sage’s summons, to witness the flow of this year’s crucial events.

And there was another important reason.

As usual, Logan wanted to set out alone, but this time, there was no choice.

“The Sword Sage wouldn’t appreciate it. Take at least a minimum entourage.”

Even his solid reputation as the established heir couldn’t sway this decision.

As a result, Logan had to set out on his journey, burdened with unwanted company.

“Henderson, captain of the 18th unit of the McLaine Knights. It is an honor to accompany you, young lord. I shall serve you with all my heart.”

Henderson declared excitedly, bowing deeply.

His enthusiasm was shared by his five subordinate knights, who all bowed in unison.

The reality of joining the young lord’s journey away from their lord’s immediate service was indeed joyful for them.

‘I must seize this opportunity to remain close to the young lord.’

That was the only thought occupying Henderson’s mind.

A prodigy in swordsmanship, capable of defeating a high-grade knight on his own at the tender age of 21—a talent that seemed to come out of legends.

And his talent wasn’t limited to martial prowess.

Once known as a prodigal yet always maintaining composure, he became the savior of the McLaine family when crisis struck.

Reversing an unfavorable war into an overwhelmingly victorious march, creating miracles such as transforming wastelands into fertile plains, he was a once-in-a-century genius.

How many colleagues had he outcompeted to volunteer for this journey?

There were envious remarks about being too conspicuous due to his size, but he believed that it was recognition of his loyalty.

‘I’m serving a person who will be remembered as a legend. And the legend will say that the immortal knight Henderson was always by his side…’

With a heart thumping with excitement, his fantasies unfolded with no end in sight.

However, after leaving the McLaine territory, the hero’s first command following more than half a day’s silence was nothing like what Henderson had expected.

“Go fetch some firewood.”

‘Even though we have servants to do such tasks, why ask the knights?’

Henderson’s pride was hurt, but…

– The young lord’s thoughts are beyond the comprehension of ordinary men. No matter how nonsensical it may seem, there must be a reason for it, so don’t speculate and just obey.

Remembering the knights’ commander’s cautioning words before they departed, Henderson regained his determination.


But, his forced eagerness led to overzealous action.

Rumbling thunder.

A intermediate-grade knight, trained in the art of swordsmanship, brought his blade down on a tree with all his might.

It was nothing short of a disaster for the quiet forest in the dead of night.

“It’s that madman…”

Asking for firewood only to cause a ruckus in the woods.

Considering it was a highway to the capital nearby, there might be fewer beasts or monsters, but causing such a commotion during the night when sound carries far was another matter.

As Logan observed the remaining knights with a bewildered gaze…

“Hey! Are the tents ready?”

“I should get the fire started.”

“I’ll prepare dinner.”

The knights, who had been dumbfounded by their leader’s folly, suddenly seemed to recall their tasks and dispersed in different directions, feigning ignorance.

‘What a mess…’

Was this the consequence of appointing a captain based on strength alone?

It seemed the foolish captain had likewise chosen only similar types of fools to fill his ranks.

But, fortunately, there was at least one sane person among them.

“Our Captain Henderson may be strong but not the brightest. I’ll try to mediate properly. I apologize, young lord.”


Logan begrudgingly nodded at the vaguely familiar knight’s words.

There was no point dwelling on it now.

He gestured subtly to Rick, who was sneakily glancing his way from a little distance.

“Come here. Let’s talk.”

“Hehe. Young lord, is there anything you need?”

There’s a saying you can’t spit in a smiling face.

But seeing that grin while rubbing his palms together was enough to rile up Logan.

“Naturally, some thoughts that shouldn’t have been uttered in the presence of parents now slipped out.

“Why are you following me?”

While he could tolerate the presence of a few knights, he’d wanted to avoid non-combat personnel as much as possible.

Yet, somehow this guy had convinced his parents and was now part of the entourage.

“Why? The rightful heir of a noble family can’t always be wandering the streets without even a servant, can he? What would people think of the McLaine family!”

“I guess they’d think we’re beggars.”

“I’m here to protect the McLaine family’s honor! I must!”

Rick’s resolve seemed earnest, but his true intentions were apparent.

“…You just want to go to Grandia, don’t you?”

“Wh-why would you think that! I’m always thinking of the young lord out of devotion…”

“Hmm. That devoted servant might soon return home injured. Where do you prefer to be hurt? Choose.”

Rick immediately prostrated himself at those words.

“I really want to see it! The capital!”

“Haah… Hey, man.”

“Please take me with you! I want to see the big city too!”

“Trouble follows when you leave home…”

“Even the maids won’t deal with me anymore, let alone marry! They say I keep stinking like shit! Whose fault is this!”

Rick’s desperate cry of injustice left Logan with a hollow laugh.

“Are you telling me this is why you want to head to the capital…?”

“I still need to be wed!”

Rick’s eyes blazed with an inextinguishable desire, and the echo of another mad shout came from the woods.


Rumble, roar.

A series of cries in response.

‘Ah, this burdensome lot…’

Logan already had much to address, and my headache was already brewing.

* * *

The purpose of this journey to the capital was two-fold: To ascertain if any variables related to upcoming events would emerge, and to forge a connection with the Third Prince.

Both were important tasks, yet neither posed a direct threat to personal safety.

‘Given that I owe Rick from a past life…’

Consequently, Logan no longer voiced his reluctance to their company.


“Wow! Grandia is amazing!”


“Look at that over there!”

The hubbub that had started even before entering the capital was enough to make Logan regret his decision.

The young men were hardly containing their excitement, clearly showing their rural roots.


“Hey, lady. A true man of the McLaine family, a man among men—this here Henderson, would you like to…”

The inane pick-up lines weren’t even worthy of a street thug, just a bonus absurdity.


“Argh, what are you…”

“Insane fool. Rein it in a bit! Are you in heat or what?”

As Logan’s expression soured, Digrom stepped forward to handle Henderson, who was shamelessly flirting without any sense of embarrassment.

“Looks like the knights who have only focused on training are a bit… rutty. My apologies.”

Looking for Logan’s reaction, Digrom added…

“No, it’s fine.”

Logan’s unexpectedly calm response was met with relief.

Of course, internal reactions were another story.

‘As soon as we reach the Sword Sage’s house, I’ll make them work to death. They won’t have any time to entertain absurd thoughts.’

The number of maidens scurrying away from this crowd on the capital’s streets was nearing a hundred.

Rumors sprouted easily in the capital, and with such behavior, scandalous gossip was to be expected.

Bearing down his urge to thrash his knights right in the street, Logan drove his steed swiftly.

He needed to find the one sane person among this madness.


– McLaine special sale! Crazy blowout sale from Impo-Rick!!

– Our young lord has lost his mind! He’s closing down a booming business!!

– Fire sale! As fiery as the merchant’s burning heart, chilled and thrilling deals!

The supposedly sane person was dancing in a clown outfit, holding up signs with bizarre slogans.

“Today’s a one-time deal! The essential item in the capital’s socialite circle, specially chilled for today! Hey there, young lord, I’ll serve it up cool, just like our… uh… when did you get here?”


Logan’s grip tightened involuntarily.

* * *

“But due to the increase in competition, I had no choice but to…ugh.”

“Steady yourself. Find your balance.”

With Logan on his back, Philip pounded his head against the floor, feeling utterly wronged.

Even with increased competitors, Impo-Rick had been ahead in the market.

Being ordered to close such a lucrative business, he’d simply come up with the best countermeasure he could.

‘He used to laugh it off even when hearing worse nonsense as long as money was being made.’

How was Philip to predict such a sudden change, he thought, aggrieved.

Of course…

“I told you it’s time to change our image, didn’t I? But I never imagined this approach.”

Listening to that, Philip could only respond.

“If you gave me a reason, perhaps I could’ve…”

His employer was always the same: provide no reasons, just follow orders.

Though the outcomes had always been positive thus far, working blindly without clear direction was troublesome.

‘It’s not my fault! I’ve been treated unfairly!’

Philip felt a need to fix this flawed work structure.

‘I need to make this clear.’

Resolving himself, he began to speak with conviction.

“I shall…”

“I said I’ll make you more money, so don’t worry about Impo-Rick’s bonus, didn’t I?”

“…I will take extra care from now on!”

What did a work structure matter?

Money was what counted.

“Alright, that’s enough. Stand up. And repeat what you were told to remember.”

At that, Philip’s expression hardened a touch.

He was about to delve into a topic that weighed heavy by mere thought.

After bracing himself, Philip cautiously began.

“Despite your guidance, no bad news has come from the royal court. However, given the King’s age, the noble factions supporting the claimant princes have intensified their conflicts, and at the recent council meeting…”

His narrative would continue for quite some time.


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