Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 63


Chapter 63

“A month for the deadline. They’re quite relaxed, aren’t they?”

A deep voice punctuated the loud clatter of horse hooves as a cavalry unit dashed across the fields, reaching Logan’s ears at the vanguard.

“They must be talking about the time they need to ally among themselves.”

“Even considering that, it seems a bit long. Especially since Feretta has had an unusually sparse response.”

“By the time we take over Sylvan, Feretta will react. Or they might contact us during the battle.”

“Yes, that’s likely. But by then, everything will be too late.”

Patrick turned to glance back, wearing a satisfied smile on his face.

The gallant knights leading the charge and the thousand soldiers trailing behind them, weapons in hand, brought smiles to their faces even on the verge of war.

With time to spare, Patrick naturally took interest in other compelling stories.

“I heard your slave has become a Force user. Did you foresee this when you brought him in?”


“Planning to make him a knight?”

“Once we return, I shall do so.”

“Heh, who knew you had such an eye for talent?”

“Fortune was on my side.”

As Logan smiled and looked back, he saw Victor, still in a soldier’s garb, riding at the front of the soldier’s line just behind the knights.

Though he could appoint him a knight immediately, as he had become a Force user, Logan had decided to delay it a bit longer.

‘He’s still raw. It wouldn’t do for him to clash with knights and get ruined too swiftly.’

Regardless of his consideration, Victor’s expression was slightly discontented.

Since his slave documents had been burned before him, it wasn’t an issue of status, but perhaps…

‘He wants to fight. With the strong.’

Logan let out a stealthy chuckle at that thought.

He had already prepared a worthy adversary to challenge the boy.

Ronian, who was diligently training in Blade Vision at McLaine Castle.

The two prodigies would doubtlessly become excellent rivals.

‘I’ll let you fight to your heart’s content later. For now, hold on, kid.’

True adversity had yet to show even a shadow of itself.

The future’s greatest weapons were still in need of careful tempering.


“Let’s go kick the backsides of the Sylvans!”

For now, it was time to utilize the present’s main actors rather than focus on the future.

Two from the McLaine family, 73 knights, 1,390 soldiers, and 313 mercenaries.

Nearly 1,800 cavalry troops, after obtaining ample rest, raced for half a day.

Then, they could see the bewildered expressions of Sylvan troops atop the city walls.

* * *

– Come out, Sylvan! Accept my blade!

The booming voice shook the air, causing trembling among the soldiers atop the walls nearly a kilometer away.

“What… what is that?”

“Flame banners?”

“Quick, inform the lord!”

As the soldiers panicked, silver-armored knights appeared as if they had been waiting for the moment.

Each one donned armor embossed with a greatsword engulfed in flames.

At the forefront, a slightly overweight middle-aged man grimaced with disgust as he looked over the ramparts.

“McLaine, to actually storm in… These madmen dare to make light of me!”

“My lord. Let me lead the way. I will stop Patrick McLaine.”

“We’ll smash them! All 120 knights of Sylvan are ready!”

“2,512 soldiers are also ready, since they’ve been anticipating their hollow threats.”

With the recently promoted high-grade knight and his subordinate’s confident shouts, the battle lines were drawn.

Although McLaine’s forces were unexpectedly numerous, their own troops were vastly superior.

Even after receiving magical communications, they hadn’t expected the enemy to really show up. But now that they did, it was almost laughable.

‘Callian also became a high-grade knight. Patrick McLaine, you’re no longer the only one in this territory.’

As Sylvan seethed with fury, he abruptly steeled his expression as if recalling something.

“…What news from Feretta? No response yet?”

“Silent still. It seems they haven’t settled internal agreements.”

“My lord. Even if Feretta’s reinforcements come, it will take half a day. We don’t necessarily have to wait…”

“No, that’s not it. What if Feretta attacks us from behind after we’ve crushed McLaine?”

“Excuse me?!”

“Isn’t it strange? McLaine rushing in right after a declaration of war sent out immediately after protests, and silent Feretta. Callian, do you think that’s normal?”

“…It wouldn’t be.”

“Right. They’ve conspired together. The damn lot!”

Although there was no concrete evidence, Sylvan was convinced of his suspicion.

Otherwise, the swift and absurd behavior of the two families was inexplicable.

“These wretches dare…”

Barely containing his anger, he clenched his fists violently.

– If you’re scared, Sylvan! Continue to cower like a frightened fox! I will personally behead you!

Stung by the insulting shouts from outside the walls, Sylvan made his decision.

“Contact Bifrost. Tell them that after smashing McLaine, I will offer tribute worth half of its value.”


“Do whatever to keep Feretta, those dogs, from taking action!”


“And gather the knights and soldiers! Completely smash McLaine, before those Feretta dogs arrive!”


Grinding his teeth in rage, he muttered to himself.

“How dare they stab me in the back? McLaine will be devoured first, then it’s your turn, Max Feretta.”

Sylvan’s gaze was no longer on the enemies outside the walls but on his rival to the south.

* * *

“Wouldn’t it be better to charge into the castle after the soldiers provide covering fire? With our knights’ skills…”

“No, not yet. If that Sylvan cheapskate runs away, we’d be in trouble. Wait.”

“Father is right. If the knights jump over the walls and fight haphazardly, we’ll damage the castle. They’ll come out soon, thinking they have the upper hand.”

“But still, with no response…”

“Sylvan cannot stand insults. Just wait a bit.”

How could the heir who spent his life in McLaine territory know about him?

Heinckel swallowed back his words as he witnessed the enemy forces begin to move.

Moments later.


As the castle gate opened, Sylvan forces began pouring out.

Knights in armor engraved with the crossed greatsword of flame, numbering in the hundreds. Cavalry numbering over a thousand. And a larger number of pikemen.

“Quite impressive forces, roughly 3,000.”

“Within the expected range.”

“Of course.”

McLaine leaders, facing nearly 1.5 times their forces, were unfazed.


– Those who know no shame, McLaine…

“Advance! Charge!”

Before the opposing leader’s cry had fully subsided, Patrick’s blade surged with red energy, unhesitatingly pointing forward.



“I’m taking the lead!”

Inspired, McLaine’s soldiers spurred their horses forward in unison.

“Such barbaric…”

The subordinate yelled in anger, but Callian simply snickered.

“Just look at them charge. They’re all just soldiers.”

Instead of leading with their knights, McLaine’s line was rushing forward, oddly broken up and spread out, with ordinary soldiers leading the charge instead of having their knightly crests.

Seeing such a foolish charge, Sylvan cavalry laughed.

“Poor rabble.”

“Yes, fancy equipment. McLaine must have made a good profit.”

“Shall we crush them?”

“Of course!”

– Charge!

Unlike the disorganized McLaine forces, Sylvan’s army maintained a standardized formation with the knights leading the charge followed by a support of over a thousand cavalry.

A tested and proven formation it was, symmetrical and effective.

Once the knights and cavalry break through the center, the scattered remnants will be easily taken care of by the pikemen.

Callian imagined the battle neatly playing out in his mind.

But the reality of the battle unfolded in a far different manner.

“Let loose!”

Amidst the scattered McLaine rabble, a middle-aged mercenary with grey hair shouted, and McLaine soldiers promptly aligned themselves and raised crossbows.

Once the distance between the two forces narrowed to 300 meters…


A barrage of death rained down upon Sylvan’s forces like a storm.

Screams and clangs of metal filled the air as the front lines of knights, previously lax, now fell beneath the onslaught of arrows, leaving the following cavalry defenseless and wrecked.

As their lines fell apart and tangled up, the Sylvan ranks were rapidly devastated.

“Increase speed!”

As Callian gritted his teeth and shouted, the knights closed ranks, enhancing their Force to the maximum as they charged.

With the leading high-grade knight, Callian, and the others energetically charging their horses with Force, it seemed that victory was still within grasp.


‘I’ll kill them. I’ll kill them all.’

As Sylvan knights, powered by fury, approached the McLaine frontline…


Following the command from the grey-haired mercenary, McLaine’s cavalry split off left and right, avoiding the knights.

“Target their soldiers, not the knights!”

Annoyed by those words, Callian clenched his teeth, but he and the other knights of Sylvan couldn’t turn back; McLaine knights were now emerging from the center of their own forces.

“If you have the guts, try this!”

A red-headed giant bellowed confidently as a red Force blade over two meters long erupted from his sword.

‘Force Blade!’

Before Callian could contemplate its significance, he instinctively leaped off his horse to evade.

The nearly three-meter-long blade of crimson light swung left and right, slicing through knights who had withstood the rain of crossbow bolts, now cut down in swathes.

“Top tier!”

With more than seventy knights perfectly halved by one hundred and twenty, screams of despair filled the air.

“Annihilate the enemy!”

Patrick McLaine’s command roared as McLaine’s knights dismounted and charged towards the still superior numbered Sylvan knights.

Every swing contained formidable force that pressed the opposition.

It was not just momentum but sheer power from McLaine’s knights overwhelming Sylvan’s.

“How… How is this possible…”

In the midst of the battlefield, Callian stood with a dazed expression.

Henderson, a McLaine knight well-known for his strength, reveled in the exhilaration of the battle, swinging his greatsword with gusto.

He felt an exhilarating surge of strength flow through him unlike anything he’d experienced before.

Though his previous encounters with intermediate-grade monsters during logging missions in the monster forest had been challenging, clashing with knights was incomparable.

To think he was pushing back two standard knights, equals to his past self, with his newfound prowess.

With each swing, his thrill intensified, strengthening his greatsword more and more.

His vastly improved force and heightened sensation had his blade carving ever more precise arcs through the battle.


With a scream from the enemy, Henderson sensed his Force grow by more than thirty percent and realized he could harness it even more effectively – another thirty percent or more.

In this moment, he understood the sensation his seniors had only described in words.

“Rise up!”

Henderson’s battle cry echoed as he matured into a intermediate-grade knight in the heat of combat, seeking his next target.

‘Hmm, Henderson too?’

Watching his subordinates ascend to the next level mid-battle, Heinckel couldn’t help but smile.

‘The lord’s rigorous training was not in vain.’

The intense battle felt far from desperate.

Sensing his assurance, a Sylvan knight ground his teeth and swung his sword at Heinckel.

“Let’s see how long you keep that smile!”

The movements of the surrounding knights were on a different level, clearly elite intermediate-grade knights circling Heinckel, but they were the ones being pushed back.

“A high-grade knight!”

“These aren’t anything like Callian’s moves…”

Grinning at their despair, Heinckel simply smiled.

‘Mid-tier knights are precious.’

Perhaps these opponents would be conscripted under his command, and he took care (not to damage them too?) as he handled them with ease.

Simultaneously, Heinckel looked around for any ally who might be in danger.

Only one enemy, a high-grade knight, was of any concern.

With his side’s ultimate weapon rushing towards the castle, he was ready to intervene if necessary.

However, Heinckel turned away with a laugh as he saw a head of red hair dart toward the enemy knight.

‘There will be plenty of spoils once these lot are captured.’

Victory was theirs.

A satisfied smile spread across Heinckel’s face.


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