Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 54


Chapter 54

The elite troops supporting the knightly order were essentially aspiring knights, otherwise known as knight trainees. Tasked with undergoing the rigorous training required to become a knight, they simultaneously assumed the roles of soldiers responsible for the peace and security of their territorys. Not just in McLaine, but in most territories, adolescent boys on the cusp of adulthood were tested for their physical abilities. Among them, only those who surpassed a certain standard and boasted remarkable strength were recruited and trained as soldiers. The grueling training was not merely a test of human limits but also aimed to nurture Force users.

Among the selected soldiers, those with talent would awaken to the Force during their training and become knights. Of course, the majority would abandon the path of knighthood and remain common soldiers, but even then they became a force to be reckoned with, vastly surpassing average conscripts in combat power. ‘Enduring the harsh training to become a knight certainly requires stamina. That’s what everyone thought.’

In fact, most knights were chosen through this method and only awakened to the Force after enduring many years of demanding training. There were also those who came from traditional knightly or noble families, awakening their Force from an county age through training within their households. Without any special secrets, these individuals didn’t necessarily have a higher chance of awakening to the Force. This in itself was evidence that the existing theories were flawed, but at the time, such awareness was not common among the people.

However, even at this time, the Empire was experimenting with a new theory. ‘Superior strength and Force awakening are distinct matters. Sensitivity might be more important,’ were the thoughts of the time. ‘There will surely be opposition within the Empire…’

Research conducted by the imperial Magic Tower over many years had led to this realization. They had collected data on individuals who had undergone even more rigorous training but failed to awaken to the Force, and based on this data, formulated their theory. The Empire accepted it as official doctrine and changed the entire process of recruiting regular soldiers.

As a result of focusing on recruiting children with exceptional senses and reflexes to serve as regular troops, the Empire would, after ten, no, just nine years, boast an overwhelming force of 50,000 knights in the impending war, crushing the neighboring nations with sheer might. Naturally, the Empire’s standards became known throughout the world thereafter.

‘Just looking at Ronian or Victor makes it clear that selecting soldiers based solely on physical strength is foolish.’ However, at that time, there were few who paid heed to this fact. They simply thought that a genius was different because they were a genius, recalling the approaching sight of the Empire’s knight legion that filled the horizon was enough to make one sick even now.

‘Then I should do it too. Even if it’s only within the territory controlled by our family. Nine years should be plenty for those with talent to become knights.’ That was why he was excessively investing in weapons and paying attention to the expansion of the regular soldiers. And to utilize them properly, standards had to be set from the beginning.

“How’s the situation with the regular soldiers now?”

“Out of the 502 who survived the last war, 402 excluding 100 have been dispatched on public order missions with General Vector at Teslon Castle.”

“Are all the knights in McLaine?”

“As per your directive to not separate the main knightly force…”

Logan barely suppressed a snort. ‘Probably because of the knights who defected. Any excuse would have been pointless…’ The knights from Teslon numbered 32, not much different compared to the 41 surviving knights of McLaine. Even with the presence of an high-grade knight, or rather now a high-class knight like Patrick McLaine, it was impossible to let them operate separately.

‘Well, that’s probably for the better.’ There was no space in McLaine to accommodate the accommodations of more than a thousand regular soldiers. It was also one of the reasons why there was a limit on the number of recruited soldiers.

“All the trainees to be recruited from McLaine Castle will head to Teslon. From now on, Teslon will serve as our base for military training. Leave only the top fifty senior soldiers in McLaine Castle. Notify all the soldiers.”


“We’ve got over 70 knights here; we don’t need that many soldiers.”

It was a potential problem that could arise when the number of knights surpassed that of the soldiers.


“Well, Father will keep the knights busy with continuous training. Just tell the remaining soldiers to work a little harder. The seniors have had it easy until now, haven’t they?”

In McLaine Castle, the only source of pride was the stable public security. A decrease in soldiers was unlikely to pose an issue.

As if in agreement with his thoughts, resonant voices echoed from the inner training ground.

“Your movement is wrong. Start over from the beginning!”

“You son of a…”

“Who’s talking during training! Double the work!”


‘It remains to be seen whether this will cause problems for the knights.’

Listening to the voices, which were a mix of shouting and screaming, Logan couldn’t help but smile faintly.

“Well, it’s not a bad thing.”


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