Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 38


Chapter 38

Logan discreetly stored the top-grade potion given by the Duke Esperanza’s healer, opting not to use it.

‘Indeed, the Duke’s generosity is remarkable to give such a potion to an outsider…’

Valued at 500,000 gold, this rare potion was in high demand and difficult to acquire. Logan chose not to use it for his injury, confident in his recovery without it.

‘I can heal without drinking it.’

His evolved Force had remarkably healed his severe internal injuries, enabling movement in just a few hours, misleading the healer into thinking he had consumed the potion. However, a few more days were needed for complete healing.

“Take care,” Logan bid farewell, receiving an unexpectedly grand departure from the Duke’s knights, starkly different from his arrival. But once out of sight, his face contorted in pain.


Walking alone induced cold sweat and sharp pain. Despite the severity of his injury, it was astonishing he could move at all.

“But the gains are much greater.”

He wasn’t just referring to the potion. In his pocket, Logan felt a neatly folded paper, a treasure far more valuable than the potion.

‘It’s the communication coordinates to my residence. If you’re stuck with the Overbearing Sword Technique, feel free to contact me.’

Being treated almost like a disciple was more than he had expected. The skill and connection with the Sword Sage would be a significant asset in navigating his perilous future. This thought seemed to ease his pain.

As he relaxed, Logan began to appreciate his surroundings.

‘Truly magnificent.’

The grand mansions in the heart of Grandia, a millennia-old city, showcased various architectural styles representing different eras. Even to Logan, who lacked architectural knowledge, the beauty of these estates was evident, and the elegant carriages added to the charm of the streetscape.

‘This is why it must be protected.’

Entering a bustling area, a carriage abruptly halted beside him.

“My, isn’t that young lord Logan? It’s been a while.”

Recognizing the familiar, melodious voice, Logan turned to see a carriage adorned with a silver wolf crest. Rina, the lady he knew, was inside.


“Oh, were we close enough to be on a first-name basis? That’s a bit surprising.”

Indeed, they weren’t close. So why stop him?

“…Lady Wolves, it has been a while.”

Despite the lack of warmth in his tone, Rina, inside the carriage, smiled brighter.

“Never expected to meet you here. I hope my presence isn’t bothering you?”

Yes, it was bothersome.

“I see you’re frowning…”

‘I’m in pain, you fool.’

His relationship with Rina, both in his current life and past, was far from pleasant. However, given the circumstances, open hostility with the Wolves family was unwise.

“It’s nothing, Lady Wolves. Just some personal concerns. Please, proceed on your way.”

He made it clear he didn’t want to engage in conversation.

“Oh, I heard you’ve been doing business in the capital recently. Is there a problem with your family?”

Rina’s innocent-sounding question halted Logan’s departure.

“…What do you mean?”

“Well, I heard despite the money I gave, you were engaged in some embarrassing trade…”

Her supposedly shy expression did nothing to conceal her condescending tone.

‘Annoying as ever.’

Logan sighed, unwilling to start a quarrel.

“It’s just my greed for money, as you know.”

“Oh, right. To sustain in a barren territory…”

Without further ado, Logan turned to leave.

Following him, the carriage finally stopped as Logan, fed up, confronted Rina’s continued interest.

“…I appreciate your concern, Lady Wolves, but your attention is somewhat burdensome, given our broken engagement.”

Her response, sharp and calculated, sought information about the weapon he used in the regional conflict. Logan deflected, emphasizing its insignificance.

They exchanged false pleasantries, their cold gazes betraying their feigned smiles.

Left alone with his thoughts, Logan pondered Rina’s presence in the capital, particularly since her family was based in the east. Overhearing passersby discuss her rumored engagement with Heizner, he quickly moved away, seeking to avoid further attention.

Back at his base, Philip’s concern about Logan’s pallid appearance gave way to relief, then to frustration as Logan brushed off his worries.

Logan had survived his encounter with the Sword Sage, albeit not without injury. He humored Philip’s panic, finding some amusement in his dramatic reaction.

He explained the situation to Philip, ensuring him he’d take full charge of their affairs for a while. Philip, relieved yet overwhelmed, accepted the responsibility.

Logan’s plans were clear: Utilize the profits from Impo-Rick sales, forge a stronger alliance with the Sword Sage, and implement the Ironblood Sword Technique within his family’s ranks. These steps were crucial for his territory’s future and survival in the impending civil war.

Gazing towards the southwest sky, Logan felt a yearning for his rugged homeland, determined to safeguard and nurture it.

Logan, with a mix of irritation and restraint, walked away from Rina, the silver-haired lady from the Wolves family. Despite their unpleasant past, he chose not to provoke unnecessary conflicts. As he departed, Rina’s carriage continued to follow him, prompting Logan to question her motives once more. Her interest in his recent exploits in the regional conflict and his business activities in the capital was unsettling, but not entirely unexpected given their past connection. However, Logan made it clear that he found her attention burdensome, especially after their broken engagement.

Rina’s persistent inquiries about Logan’s weapon indicated her deeper interest, but Logan dismissed her questions, stating that the weapon was not significant enough to discuss further. Their exchange of formalities was strained, each masking their true feelings behind a facade of politeness.

As Logan watched Rina’s carriage move away, he pondered her reasons for being in the capital, considering her family’s base was in the east. He overheard passersby discussing Rina’s engagement with the Heizner family, which sparked further curiosity about her presence.

Returning to his base, Logan was met with Philip’s anxious questioning about his well-being and the encounter with the Sword Sage. Despite Philip’s panic and suggestions of fleeing, Logan humorously reassured him, lightening the mood and easing the tension that Rina’s visit had caused.

Logan then shifted his focus to his next endeavor – mastering and documenting intermediate-level sword techniques. He recognized the importance of these techniques, which harnessed and amplified the power of the Force. The McLaine family’s current intermediate techniques were basic compared to the more advanced ones practiced by the Esperanza Knight Order. Logan knew that in the future, access to these techniques would become more widespread and crucial for the development of knights across the continent.

As Logan contemplated these future developments, he prepared to take a break from his immediate responsibilities due to his injuries, entrusting the ongoing affairs to Philip. He planned to use this time to delve deeper into the study and documentation of the Ironblood Sword Technique, foreseeing its significant impact on his family and their military capabilities in the challenging times ahead.

In about ten years, a merchant from the empire would discover an ancient swordsmanship manual in ruins. This manual, belonging to the upper echelon of contemporary intermediate techniques, would have been a closely guarded secret, but the merchant chose to copy and sell it. Initially sold at a high price to a select few, the manual eventually became widely available, turning into a common resource for knights across the continent. This proliferation would lead to extensive research and a general increase in the combat capabilities of knights, though Logan considered these future developments beyond his immediate concern.

His priority was the Ironblood Sword Technique, a method named after the ancient knight order that originally developed it. Logan planned to attach the Sword Sage’s seal of approval to the documentation of this technique, hoping to gain his father’s endorsement to teach it to the knights of his family. The Ironblood technique, demanding extreme control of the Force, could potentially cause internal injuries during training. However, with the Sword Sage’s endorsement, Logan believed the knights would be more receptive to learning it.

In the meantime, Logan amused himself with the process of breaking down and documenting the technique he had learned in his past life. As he delved deeper into the work, his eyes shimmered with a golden hue, a sign of his heightened senses and focus, brought about by his Force core.

While Logan was engrossed in this project, Philip continued managing their business, successfully selling all the Impo-Rick that Logan had brought. The staggering profit of 4.1 million gold was an incredible achievement for just over a month’s work. Philip, though slightly disgruntled about the lack of a performance bonus, remained dedicated to the business, considering the possibility of settling in the capital for the long term. However, Logan clarified that their stay in the capital would be limited, hinting at undisclosed plans that necessitated their eventual departure.

As Logan contemplated their future steps, including purchasing essential items from the capital for his territory, he felt a longing for his harsh but beloved homeland. Determined to protect and develop it, he gazed towards the southwestern sky, his resolve as firm and vibrant as the sunset coloring the horizon.


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