Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 30


Chapter 30: The Reason Teslon House Forced a Territory War

In my previous life, the reason why the Teslon family caused a territorial conflict only became clear a year after it had ended. It was at that point the Teslons started exporting gold from their territory, which came from a newly established mine on a mountain originally part of the McLaine territory. The Teslons of my previous life built a force surpassing that of an ordinary Count’s family because of this. That was until Ronian McLaine, an Aura user burning with revenge, annihilated their family.

It was not known how Haman Teslon discovered the gold vein in my previous life, and even in this life, Logan could not confirm the process. The only clue was when they captured Teslon castle; they found a group of self-proclaimed mining experts in the dungeons.

“We are innocent! We only extracted gold from the ore brought by Baron Teslon as per our contract, but then that brutal noble locked us up here!”

Regardless of the process, it meant that Haman Teslon had discovered a gold vein, and Logan knew its location. So, what did he need now?

“Just technicians who can set up a mine and extract gold.”

Finding someone with specialized knowledge in mining, not just an ordinary miner, was challenging. However, that difficult task had already been accomplished by Haman Teslon. Logan simply promised them slightly more money than Teslon did, and the contract was quickly settled.

“Let’s go and check it out.”

Without delay, Logan, Hammer, and the five mining experts headed west and rode horseback for half a day. Naturally, their destination was the mountainside that Logan had won as a reward.

“Here, in the middle of this mountain, lies a gold vein. I aim to mine and establish a mine here. How much do you think the estimate for this will be?”

Logan asked nonchalantly as he turned around, and the experts, all wearing incredulous expressions, responded.

“Are you certain there’s a gold vein?”

“Even if there is, we need to know the reserves…”

“The cost will vary depending on the depth of the strata.”

“The location of the tunnels will differ.”

“Depending on the case, the cost might multiply by dozens of times.”

As soon as the conversation about their area of expertise began, a flurry of opinions emerged. Ultimately, what they all wanted to say was the same:

– How can you be certain there’s a gold vein here, and even if you are, can it produce enough gold to be worth the investment? What’s the basis for your claim?

However, Logan’s answer was simple and disappointing.

“I’m certain. I’ve seen it. Dig no matter what.”

The group of five mining experts, who had been promised more than a thousand gold a month, and the dwarves, who had to roll up their sleeves and work for no pay, simultaneously scowled at this absurd proclamation.

* * *

Because of the need for secrecy, Hammer and the five mining experts—a total of six—had to proceed with the drilling work. Naturally, the stakeholders were not pleased.

“We’re supposed to do the drilling with just six of us?”

“Are you trying to kill us…”

“Even with a dwarf present…”

Moreover, since they were originally not convinced by Logan’s words, the work progressed slowly. However…

Before long, they found a tunnel most likely excavated by Haman Teslon, and the work became shockingly easy, almost as if it were a joke.

In just fifteen days, the small group of miners extracted gold from the ore they unearthed.

After recalculating the potential output, they reached a unanimous decision:

– It’s possible to extract at least 10 tonnes of gold a year; the reserve’s volume is incalculable.

Only upon hearing that news could Logan fully cheer.

“From a tonne of ore, we can extract more than 100 grams of gold. With this level of purity, there’s a high chance of finding larger nuggets deeper in the strata!”

“100 grams from a tonne…? By gram?”

“A mine is considered profitable even with just 30 grams!”

Everything was rated better than expected, but the initial investment turned out to be slightly higher.

“You’ll need a substantial investment to start. You should expect at least 5 million gold.”

The amount included costs for equipment to extract gold from ore, furnaces, manpower to dig the tunnels, supports, as well as transportation equipment.

If it were a territory with many serfs or slaves, they could be put to work to save money. However, given the nature of the McLaine territory, where most were free people, they needed to spend more money for the necessary labor.

“Master. The family doesn’t have money right now. Maybe we should reveal the situation to other noble families or merchant associations and receive investments?”

Hammer’s suggestion sounded reasonable to anyone. The mining experts beside him nodded in agreement, but Logan flatly refused.

“Let others dip their spoons in the gold mine on my land? No way!”

“Then what do you plan to do?”

“I have that kind of money.”

“What? Where will you…”

Logging such an amount of money was unheard of for a remote territory like McLaine’s.

The incredulity of his listeners was palpable, yet Logan’s expression remained confident—he had something to rely on.

* * *

Click. Whirr.

As the personal vault opened, dazzling jewels greeted their owner with their radiant luminance. An immense collection of jewels in the private quarters of a son of a noble in a remote territory was not fitting.

Logan, looking at those jewels, couldn’t help but let a corner of his mouth rise smugly.

“It’s a good thing I had saved them.”

These jewels were precious metals that Haman Teslon intended to abscond with. Logan had taken them after dealing with Teslon—not for personal gain but for righteous reasons.

Though it was still a mystery why Haman Teslon had amassed so many jewels…

“I’m grateful, though.”

Despite moving nearly 4 million gold worth of jewels, the vast quantity meant it went unnoticed.

“Sigh, still, it’s a shame that I have to use almost all of this.”

On top of those jewels, he would have to invest most of his existing wealth into the mine’s development.

– If you’re willing to grind people down and carve out the tunnels with blood, you might be able to save about 2 million…

Such was the implicit message behind Hammer’s gaze when he said that; Logan naturally rejected the notion with a wave of his hand.

He didn’t desire such a mining development, and there was another crucial reason not to proceed this way.

“Moral and ethical issues aside, I can’t afford to tarnish the reputation for the sake of earning money with regards to the future. The war with the empire is the key issue. It can’t be overcome with just the strength of the nobility.”

Whether he became a small variable or the pivot point, the nation’s full strength had to be harnessed.

That meant it was time to be mindful of public perceptions too.

With that mindset, Logan tasked the disposal of the precious metals and the mine’s development, but…

“For a stable mine development, utmost attention must be paid to safety from the moment the initial tunnels are drilled. Please be patient, as it will take some time.”

According to Hammer, that preparation period alone would take about half a year. Even after that, another half a year would be needed before profitable mining could begin.

‘Yes, it took Teslon a year too. I had anticipated that.’

Trying to comfort himself with the thought, Logan couldn’t help feeling anxious about the money draining away now that the burden of the territorial war had eased.

“Just one year of mining will bring in profits tens of times over. I can’t give up.”

With one full year of proper mining, he could extract at least 10 tonnes of gold. Rough estimates indicated that could be worth about 100 million gold—a staggering sum necessitating the investment.

But he needed funds to supplement the money flowing out until the mine was developed.

‘Ah… if only I could sell that right now…’

He still had another weapon in his possession, the karok meat, which remained intact. However, to sell that, he would have to wait until the year after next.

Once the antidote was released in the summer and the karok meat became edible, and after the rumors spread, and it expanded, it would take that much time.

From then until the beginning of the civil war, he planned to sell it frantically for six months, and if there was still a shortage, he would even…

“Wait, why do I have to wait?”

As he continued thinking, Logan realized that he might be missing something. The antidote that would be released in the summer had been used countless times during his mercenary days—it was something he could make himself as well. The only problem was that it required a considerable amount of ingredients.

‘Then, if I make it myself…’

A spark of inspiration showed him a new path. It felt as if a bright light shone before his eyes.

* * *

Logan requested strict confidentiality from the five mining experts and Hammer. While Hammer could be trusted, he wasn’t so sure about the mining specialists, so he even made a magical contract for a handsome sum of 50,000 gold. He promised a relatively high wage to the locals he was bringing in for the initial development and decided to provide them with lodgings and food in barracks.

As the money continued to seep away, Logan’s heart grew more restless.

‘What if something goes wrong? Should I just wait for the rumors to spread as in my previous life?’

Whenever such thoughts crept in, he pushed himself.

‘Time won’t solve anything if you just wait for it. Win or lose, I’ll try!’

[We have received simultaneous reports of the outbreak of war and its conclusion. I am relieved to know you are unharmed… Why do you look troubled?]

“It’s nothing. Is there any other news?”

[Your orders are proceeding without any trouble. The karok meat is now being collected on a large scale, so you should soon receive a considerable amount.]

Philip’s face, appearing through what seemed like a communication device, was blurry but confident.

“Well, I’ll trust you with that. Also, I have another request.”

[Please, tell me.]

“From now on, purchase the following herbs I tell you and send them to McLaine territory. Evening primrose and Plott herb, and also Licky grass. About 500 kg in total with equal proportions will be enough.”

[Excuse me? Why those cheap herbs?]

“Just do it. You’ll know why soon enough.”

[Haah, every time… it’s always vague…]

“Did you get that? Can I cut the communication now?”

[No, could you at least give me a reason instead of being so abrupt?]

“Shut it! I can’t waste expensive magical communication just to explain things. I’ll explain when we meet next.”

[Alright, I understand.]

“Good. If there’s any issue, request communication to this coordinate. I already have the family’s permission, so it should be fine.”

[I suppose your reputation has really improved…]

Click. Static.

“You could at least wait to hear the rest of what I had to say…”

Dwayne clicked his tongue as he listened, but Logan remained unfazed.

“There’s no need to listen to obvious things through magical communication that costs 1 gold per second.”

“Heh, Your Highness, you seem to have plenty of money, why be so stingy?”

“Quiet. I’m totally broke right now and quite irritable.”


“No matter how much money you have, it’s never enough with an uncertain future.”


Dwayne was at a loss for words upon hearing Logan, supposed to be the richest individual in the McLaine territory with an estimated fortune of over 1 million gold, speak such a statement.

A week later, the herbs sent by Kaihl began to pile up in the storeroom of the southern villa. And without delay, Logan started producing the antidote.

* * *

“What are you making?”

“Quiet. If I tell you to do something, just do it.”

“But shouldn’t you explain the reason before giving orders…?”

“I’m not using any bad drugs like the old days, so don’t worry and just do it. Have I been doing any needless things lately?”

“…That’s true but…”

Those words slightly eased the dumbfounded expression on Patrick’s face.

Logan could still feel his concern that he might take the wrong path, and although it brought a wry smile to his face, no one else came to mind who was trustworthy and competent enough for the job.

Together with Patrick, Logan ground the three herbs in equal proportions and placed them in wooden barrels. He then filled them up with about half the amount of water, mixed them, and stored them neatly in a dark corner of the warehouse.

Meanwhile, the massive supply that Philip had spoken of entered the McLaine territory.


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