Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 205


Regressor of the Fallen family

Chapter 205

“Very well. From now on, I will follow you.”

“What? Wasn’t that a joke?”

Faced with the unexpected words of Luther Kyle, Logan was rather stunned.

“A joke? I have already discussed it with your master.”

“With my master?”

“If I see potential in you, I will help you create the future of the kingdom.”

The condition for his pardon after the civil war was to join the Esperanza Order and serve in the white.

It was up to the Swordmaster to decide such movements.

Though there was nothing strange about it…

“The future of the kingdom, after the civil war…”

“You too! Try getting pressured by your father-in-law after getting married! The pressure from the family elders, and when someone stronger than me intervenes, what can I… Ah, it’s killing me inside…”

Overwhelmed by Logan’s incredulous tone, Luther burst out in anger.

Logan chuckled and offered his hand to the fallen man.

“If the Superman himself is willing to lend his full support, I have to be thankful. Welcome to the Macline, Luther.”

“Hng. You’re even better at seeing through people than your master. Anyway, it’s not just because of my master’s request.”


“The words you spoke in front of the Emperor, those words were too impressive. I was surprised by the Emperor’s breadth of vision in making such an offer, and surprised again by your rejection of it.”

“Just because of that?”

“…Just? Anyone who hears about your rumored conflict with the new king would think it’s an absurd choice. You’re truly an amazing fellow. Truly the future of the kingdom, even without this title.”

Bitterness built up in Logan. It was an inevitable choice he made to prevent a destined conflict, yet it had been extravagantly praised.

“For such a foolish act.”

“What? You don’t mean to go back to the Empire…”

“No, just…”


“The king is doing foolish things.”

Everyone, including Luther, tensed at this, but Logan was too preoccupied with a sudden realization.

‘It’s not the time for us to be clashing.’

He was reminded of his time in the Empire once again.

Overwhelming power, countless powerful superhumans. And the Emperor who held and shook all of this in one hand.

The Emperor he had seen in his previous life was greedier and more stubborn than the rumors had suggested.

Therefore, the likelihood of the war breaking out was as he had expected.

‘We only have 4 or 5 years left.’

There wasn’t enough time for the entire kingdom to unite and prepare.

Logan’s sense of urgency grew.

Yet he could not hurry back as he had hoped.

– The young hero favored by the Emperor.

This undesired title constantly hindered Logan and his party. Whenever they visited a city on their route, they attracted the attention of mayors and lords.

No matter how much they preferred to camp, to rest the horses carrying eight carriages, they had to regularly enter cities. Thanks to this, the party consistently delayed by the nobles’ invitations.

Each city visit devoured at least a day to three days, so by the time they arrived back in the first major city they had passed through, Rustfelheim, another month and a half had elapsed.


“At least I trained a lot because of it.”

Victor smiled, having grown different in demeanor since they first started their journey.

While Logan was busy with noble affairs, the knights had plenty of time on their hands, and now that Luther Kyle had joined the Macline Order, he had started actively teaching, which led to noticeable progress.

“That’s good for you. While some unlucky guy is wasting his time on pointless betrothal and drinking invites, you’ve been training diligently.”

“Still, you changed the most, my lord. Even after ‘that day.’”

Victor’s reply to the teasing had sincere admiration in his expression.

In fact, Logan, despite being the busiest among them, had become noticeably more powerful.

Though Logan brushed it off as getting accustomed to new levels.

“You’re a genius, but your lord is something entirely beyond. Where in the world did that monster come from…”

Luther Kyle spoke with a hint of astonishment, a different meaning than Logan’s modest excuses.

“Why are you treating a normal person as a monster?”

“Hen. Then what should you call a monster, if not a monster?”

“Then, I won’t spar with you anymore?”

“Hmhm. Just an expression of awe for remarkable talent. Don’t make a fuss over such things….”

As Luther swiftly shifted his stance after Logan’s awakening and joy in correcting his flaws after decades, those watching them all smiled.

It was proof that a once formidable enemy was now seen as a solid ally.

While they were chatting,

Someone hastily ran out from the city gates, causing a commotion.

“Oh, Sir Logan! You’ve returned. I’ve heard about your deeds. His Majesty speaks so highly of you, I find our relationship even more precious.”

Mayor Dmitri bowed lower than before, his voice softer and smoother.

“Thanks to you, Mr. Mayor. You needn’t have come out like this.”

“Oh, it’s natural for me to welcome Sir Logan. Come, please enter.”

Logan, seeing no need to refuse such hospitality, accepted, and the party was able to rest in comfortable beds for the first time in a while.

Yet that evening, Logan found himself facing another unwelcome appointment.

“Who, you say?”

“The second prince, who happens to be touring the eastern side of the Empire, wishes to see Sir Logan and has been waiting.”


Taken aback by the mayor’s message, Logan could only chuckle.

He had felt a slight regret at not being able to meet any of the competing princes.

‘Especially the second prince.’

Curiosity unknown, but a meeting worth having. Logan readily nodded.

* * *

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Baros ban Ares.”

Black hair, black eyes, yellow skin; his face bore distinct lines, different from the Emperor’s.

Upon meeting him for the first time, the second prince offered a respectfully polite greeting, unlike others who held absolute power within the Empire.

“The honor is mine, Your Highness. But why do you address me with such formality?”

“As you’re neither a subject of the Empire nor one unrecognized by His Majesty, it would be inappropriate for me to disrespectfully address a distinguished guest. Wouldn’t you agree, Plan?”

“As the prince wishes.”

The second prince’s escort knight answered curtly.

‘Superior knights. The two behind him aren’t quite there, but in the same realm. As expected…’

Even the Empire wouldn’t be able to provide such escorts to all princes. It meant that the second prince was even more exceptional.

Logan forced a smile against the dreadful discord he felt in the presence of the young prince who approached him with a soft expression.

“But what brings Your Highness to meet with me?”

“Wouldn’t any member of royalty be curious about a hero recognized by the Emperor himself, now celebrated as a hero of the Empire? I wished to greet you in person.”


“Of course. I also wanted to meet the hero of the Grandia civil war.”

Yeah, I also wanted to meet you.

Logan involuntarily struggled to control a surge of murderous intent.

Before his regression, this individual had been one of his prime targets to kill in his previous life.

Baros ban Ares.

Currently just the second prince in the midst of a succession war but was destined to become the Crown Prince, and ultimately, the Emperor.


‘The mad murderer.’

After the Empire’s conquest war ended ten years later, this very person would drag millions from Grandia and other regions for inscrutable magical experiments, treating people as mere specimens.

If the current Emperor was a violent conqueror who initiated wars of conquest, this individual turned the conquered lands into a hellish nightmare.

Even as Logan died on his last mission after 25 years from now, it had never been revealed what experiment consumed over ten million lives.

Yet, within the controlled lands of the Empire, he was praised as a saintly ruler.

That very monster was now right before his eyes.

The memory etched into his soul brought animosity bubbling to the surface, his hands twitching uncontrollably.

Fortunately, it was easier to hide his emotions.

‘I must hold back. The second prince won’t become Emporer for another 10 years after the conquest war ends. He’s not my priority right now.’

Killing him now was unnecessary, and it wouldn’t affect the ongoing war.

It was only after this realization that Logan could genuinely smile.

“Being so highly esteemed by the prince, I don’t know what to do with myself. I was just fortunate.”

“Ahaha, impossible. The hero who turned the tides of a hopeless civil war and grasped the kingdom surely has more than luck on his side.”

“…Haha. You flatter me.”


The second prince knew all too well about the Grandian civil war, a subject that even the Imperial nobility showed little interest in.

As Logan’s expression turned rigid once more, a more astonishing conversation followed.

“When I heard rumors of Sir Logan opposing the new king, it really seemed absurd.”


“Oh, there are plenty of rumors in the kingdom; was it just a rumor?”

The prince is interested in such rumors?


While Logan pondered, he smiled and shook his head.

“…Of course. There’s no conflict with His Majesty.”

“Then the rumors are just rumors. You’re indeed a loyal subject. Surely that’s why you refused His Majesty’s proposal.”


With a hearty laugh, Logan asked.

“But you seem well-informed about our kingdom’s affairs. I thought the Empire didn’t care much about other countries.”

“Having an interest in Grandia, with its deeper history than the Empire, I’ve learned recently that all the rumors concern Sir Logan. It sparked my curiosity. I hope I haven’t offended you.”

“No, not at all. How could you?”

Facing the continuously praising smile, how could he spurn him?

Unwillingly, Logan spent a pleasant evening with the one who topped his assassination list in his previous life.

“I enjoyed this evening. I hope we meet again soon.”

“As do I.”

And, if possible, by then I’ll be able to take your head.

With a friendly farewell, hiding sinister thoughts, the dinner ended.


“Ah, about that rumor I mentioned earlier.”


“Though rumors are just rumors, should such an unfortunate event occur, perhaps reconsider the Emperor’s offer?”

“…What do you mean?”

“The Emperor is magnanimous. And once he makes a promise, he stands by it. Whenever you decide to return, he will honor his previous promise.”

Come to the Empire.

In the end, the prince’s words echoed the Emperor’s.

Only now, he directly mentioned the conflict with the king.

“I will deeply consider your generous offer.”

“Haha. I was worried it might seem impolite, but I’m grateful you took it well. Ah, I can’t offer you more than His Majesty, but please accept this small gift.”

The prince handed over a little orb.

Recognizing the mana contained inside, Logan’s expression showed curiosity, and the prince explained with a smile.

“I’m currently in the eastern part of the Empire for some business. It’s close to Grandia, so should you need my assistance, use this to contact me directly. It’s a communication orb that reaches me just once.”

“…Need for your help?”

“Of course, there wouldn’t be such a need in your kingdom, but consider it a gesture to strengthen our newfound bond.”

The prince’s face still beamed with a smile, but Logan’s suspicion could only grow.

‘This is strange. He’s not usually this friendly, right?’

Even considering a personality shift before and after becoming Emperor, as someone who knows the prince’s future, Logan couldn’t easily accept this amiable attitude.

‘I don’t know his ulterior motives, but I have to be careful.’

He resolved never to use the communication orb if possible.

With a grateful acknowledgement, Logan smiled faintly.

“Thank you once again for your deep kindness.”

“Don’t mention it. I look forward to seeing you again.”

Their meeting with the second prince concluded.

And as Logan returned, he became more firm in his resolution.

‘Even the Imperial prince knows. Now really isn’t the time to oppose the king.’

That same evening, a message reinforcing Logan’s resolution arrived at the Macline Corporation branch in Rustfelheim.


[Yes. Terrorism is breaking out across the kingdom. And they’re claiming to be the followers of the first prince, Clavis, who once slipped through our fingers. The terrorists demand the throne for the rightful heir, the first prince, with such an absurd rationale….]

Dwayne’s familiar voice relayed a baffling story.

“What nonsensical talk?”

Confounded, Logan could only stare at the communication device.


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