Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 200


Regressor of the Fallen family

As the words reached his ears, the image of Stella flashed through Logan’s mind—a world’s endearing baby who had just begun to call him “Daddy” in her short little voice, the daughter of his master. The scene from the child’s naming ceremony naturally came to mind.

“Hmm. I think I might have seen it before, but is that a serious problem?”

“Umm… Well, it’s not a particularly serious issue. Records of people with that constitution are more common than you might think.”

But why?

“If it’s just a constitution, does it not carry much significance?”

“Yes. There have been many cases of people who don’t take to divine power well. Our Order has invited such individuals to study how to spread the grace of the great gods more widely.”

Study, huh…

What exactly do they study?

As Logan’s brows slightly furrowed,

“However, until now, only one or two such babies have been discovered across the continent every hundred years, but recently, there have been rumors of a succession of such babies being born in Grandia… Oh dear, it seems you truly aren’t aware.”

“Yes, I apologize. I’ve only seen it once by chance…”

“If you are a ruler, I thought you would be very interested in matters of birth and children’s issues… Oh, my apologies, I overlooked your age. You’re still a successor.”

“No, it’s my shame for not having paid enough attention.”

It was already too late to excuse himself by saying that in Grandia, if it wasn’t a large city, there wasn’t a temple; the Maclaine territory had grown far too big.

As Logan bowed his head with these words, Bishop Flentas hastily continued,

“No, no. Since many parents seek temples when their child is sick, I believe it might just be rumors stemming from illnesses that don’t heal easily. Unfortunately, the divine power of low-ranking priests lacking in faith and practice does have clear limits.”

Bishop Flentas added this explanation almost as an afterthought, as if to assuage Logan; it ended up looking like he was making excuses to placate him.

‘If it was just a simple rumor, the bishop wouldn’t have mentioned it.’

It was a bit concerning, given Stella’s situation.

‘Maybe I should check on it when I return?’

Bishop Flentas’ words left a small question in Logan’s heart.

* * *

“Ah, our young hero has finally returned!”

Upon his return to the subsidiary palace, Luther greeted Logan with open arms.

His looming figure, ready for a forceful embrace, seemed so daunting that Logan let out a wry laugh and deftly avoided the rough welcome.

Watching Logan’s actions, Luther chuckled and then gave him a thumbs-up.

“I have to admit, I was quite surprised at the Grand Banquet.”


“No, it’s your response I’m talking about.”


“Even I thought the emperor’s proposal was sensational. Your patriotic spirit, it’s impressive.”

Sighing at Luther’s words, Logan couldn’t help but respond.

“Even if I had accepted, there would have been a price to pay.”


“To simply give an estate as big as a kingdom and wealth for nothing? No matter the emperor, that’s too much. He must have demanded a corresponding great achievement.”

“Having the capability, earning merit is doable, isn’t it? Anyway, once again, I am amazed by you. Truly, you are an extraordinary one.”

Despite the giant’s hand thudding on his shoulder, Logan couldn’t muster a smile.

‘That required merit is likely to be the conquest of a kingdom.’

No territory as big as a kingdom could suddenly appear out of nowhere, even for an empire.

‘By commanding me to conquer the kingdom and appointing me as a governor, the emperor would keep his promise and gain territory.’

It was only speculation for now, but Logan had a strong hunch it wouldn’t be far off.

The emperor who had led the empire’s golden age wouldn’t casually throw around such words for nothing.

At any rate, catching the emperor’s attention was troublesome enough at the moment.

“Was it for a month that the Aserian Spring Festival lasted? I must return as soon as it ends.”

“Yes, let’s do that.”

A week.

It had been a week since the incident at the Grand Banquet, and Logan had deliberately not stepped out of the subsidiary palace to avoid attracting the emperor’s attention further. The emperor had not sought him out either.

But instead, all manner of people had come to the subsidiary palace.

Specifically, all manner of imperial nobility.

“I wish to meet Lord Logan. I am Baron Burten…”

“I am Viscount Cuffs. From Aserian’s Taxation Office…”

“I am Viscount Pomain from the Treasury Department. Is Lord Logan present?”

And it seemed like the nobility of Aserian, all below the rank of count, had at some point knocked on the doors of the subsidiary palace.

Moreover, they were not coming empty-handed.

“What is all this?”

Luther Kail’s expression was one of amazement at the mountainous pile of gifts.

In one corner of the subsidiary palace lay hundreds of presents.

There were low-grade artifacts, rare gems, and even elixirs and tonic foods that would be hard to procure in Grandia, no matter the expense.

At the least, these treasures, only meant as greetings, were worth several hundred thousand gold—if not millions.

“Absurd. They give all this for a greeting gift?”

Considering the worth of the items gathered in this place, it was enough to manage the estate of a noble rank of count for several years.

Even considering the wealth of the empire, this was not a normal occurrence.


Logan couldn’t help but recall the emperor’s words again.

– Show them the prosperity of the empire.

Nobles above count rank, mindful of their pride, did not come in person, but instead sent servants with invitations.

Of course, not all of them were mere invitations.

A delicate whiff of magic emanated from a letter as soon as a seal was broken, a white-bearded elder appeared from the scroll, and a quiet voice began to resound.

[Logan Maclaine, I am Count Ashley Bertman, Deputy Minister of Aserian’s Treasury. I wish to invite you, who are favored by His Imperial Majesty, to discuss the future of the empire and the friendship with your kingdom. If you accept…]

“A scroll-style magical letter. Really are they flushing money down the toilet.”

“That’s just one invitation among dozens. If you attended them all, it would take months.”

“Yes, that’s not possible.”

At Viktor’s words, Logan sighed and responded, while Luther, who had been silently observing, interjected.

“Now they’re even sending me various gifts. They ask me to come to the party with you. Never thought I’d be treated as an accessory. What a ridiculous situation.”

Contrary to his words, Luther’s grinning face didn’t look too displeased.

Indeed, if one were unaware of the coming imperial conquest, the situation wouldn’t have seemed all that bad.

The arrogant imperial nobles were humbling themselves before him, after all.

Of course, Logan’s thoughts were slightly—no, quite—different.

‘No, it’s not just the imperial war that’s the problem. Even the kingdom’s issues are a mountain of concerns.’

News from the outside world was inaccessible here.

Seeing Logan sigh heavily, Luther teased,

“Why so down, popular man? Thanks to you, your subordinates are making a tidy sum. You should enjoy the moment a little, too.”


Logan’s expression tightened at the thought of Henderson and the other knights.

Only Viktor calmly met his gaze.

“You guys…”

“It’s, it’s just a few pence we received to put in a good word for you to your lordship!”

“There were no secrets disclosed, my lord! I swear it!”

Of course, that was to be expected.

‘They wouldn’t have anything to disclose anyway.’

A sigh naturally escaped him.

“Don’t be too hard on them. They are your subordinates after all, and the emperor has highlighted you for indulgence, so why wouldn’t they approach? But nobody came to you with such offers, did they?”

That’s true.

If they had, Logan would not have let it slide.

“That’s impressive enough. To the others, it must seem as though they just leech off bribes without anything to show.”

As Luther’s laughter continued, Logan decided to pull out the magic words to put an end to this frivolous conversation.

“If you keep going on like that, I might just immigrate right here and now.”

“Eh! Come now, you’re just joking around after being teased a bit by an old man. Take it easy, there’s no rush anyway.”

“…I have quite a list of urgent matters, actually.”

The sternness in his voice came unconsciously.

“Ah. Well, if that’s how it is… Hm, hm.”

With that, even jovial Luther cut back his word count, and the knights started to watch Logan for cues, filling the room with an awkward silence.

Only then did Logan realize his mistake.

‘It’s an obsession, an obsession. I’m aware, but…’

It had only been two weeks since he had been confined to the imperial palace.

He knew the anxiety he was feeling was abnormal.

He couldn’t even focus properly on his training to pass the tedious time.

But having felt the might of the empire afresh and having seen the emperor, that titan, up close, how could one not be anxious?

All the preparations he had made seemed desperately inadequate.

‘Maybe I should just return?’

For a moment, he considered ignoring the emperor’s wishes and returning home.

He wasn’t an official diplomatic envoy, so they couldn’t formally take issue with such rudeness.

‘But it would be naive to hope for nothing to happen.’

Three weeks remained until the end of the Aserian Spring Festival, which he had used as an official visit marker.

Once it was over, he could return.

While calming his restless heart with this thought, the emperor sent an invitation.

* * * At the imperial court’s party.

Logan couldn’t refuse an invitation from the emperor himself.

He had planned to simply spend the time and return, but he realized his mistake right after attending the party.

“Red hair, red eyes. You must be the one from the rumors. What was your name again?”

“It’s Logan, ma’am.”

“Ah, right!”

Though the palace’s grand banquet hall seemed to span over a thousand square feet, the crowd seemed to gather around Logan, as if he were the host of the party itself.

‘What is this farce.’

Luxurious chandeliers beyond one’s imagination, unheard-of delicacies, wines so exhilarating with each sip, and lavish performances that one could leisurely enjoy.

It was a truly extravagant party, but Logan felt as if he was walking through a bed of thorns.

“That’s the one from…”

“The yokel from the kingdom…”

“Overindulged by His Majesty’s grace…”

“Still, wouldn’t it be prudent to greet him?”

“It wouldn’t hurt to put on a good appearance.”

While ignorantly letting their voices reach him, outfitted in fake smiles as they approached,

Logan was spent dealing with these fools who were deepening his animosity towards the empire when, finally, he heard the voice he had been waiting for.

– Our Imperial Majesty arrives!

The assembly’s gaze converged, and the mammoth doors of the banquet hall flung open.

The emperor, with his majestic air, followed by a retinue of knights and attendants, confidently stepped into the hall.

“Long live His Imperial Majesty!”

As everyone kneeled and bowed their heads, the emperor didn’t proceed to his designated seat of honor; instead, he approached Logan.

“Logan Maclaine, the star of Grandia. Are you enjoying the party?”

Behind the teasing tone lay a new title.

‘The star of Grandia?’

Logan’s face involuntarily wrinkled up even as he bowed his head.


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