Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 2


“Young lord, here…”

“Yes, thank you. You may leave now. Make sure no one enters this room today.”


“…Why do you keep making me repeat myself?”

“Oh, no. It just felt strange to be thanked…”

A sigh came out involuntarily.

“Haah… It’s all my fault, indeed.”

The opinions of the servants would change if he changed his behavior, but every time he became aware of a mistake, his conscience pricked him painfully.

And moreover.

“Young lord, are you really alright? You’re not still suffering from a headache, are you?”


He nearly broke the pen he had unwittingly gripped too hard.

“Ah! I’m fine! Leave, right now!”

He shouted loudly, yet Rick’s expression brightened a bit.

“Yes, yes, understood. Please rest.”


– Judging by the shouting, he seems normal. Go on and see to the tasks.

– Yes!


The voices outside the door once again made his head throb.

However, he couldn’t afford the luxury to worry about such trivialities right now.

What was immediately important was…


He had to write down everything he could remember before he forgot.

In order to change the future.

‘I must save them! I must, at all costs!’

And to save his family.

While the memory was still vivid, he had to organize the key events of the future.

Among those, the most crucial was clear.

‘The imperial war.’

A war that would break out ten years later.

The disaster that not only brought ruin to his family and younger brother but also the entire nation, triggered by the emergence of Ronian McLaine, the youngest Aura user from the wavering McLaine household.

He had to plan with the goal of preventing that.

‘At the very least, I need to grow the power to influence this country until then.’

And so, he needed to turn each trial that would come upon the family into a chance for growth.


‘The Territory War that will happen in a year.’

A Territory War that erupted suddenly at an unexpected time.

The first trial that needed to be addressed was precisely that.

Originally, as a result of it, the family was halved, and it wasn’t until Ronian became an Aura user that they’d go through dark times.

It was an imminent crisis that would strike in one year’s time.

‘But I can do it.’

Having knowledge of the future was an unparalleled advantage.

Ablaze with hope, Logan passionately scribbled down his thoughts.


“Hoo… That should do it.”

Logan rose from his seat with a sigh of relief.

He had recorded all the information in a code known only to him at the current time.

In the code used by the Grandia Liberation Front thirty years in the future.

Even if someone else saw it, they would be clueless.

‘Just in case…’

The information Logan had written was, in a literal sense, the affairs of the future.

Even if this document were to spread now, it wouldn’t be possible to figure out what happened to him overnight, but suspicions about the source of the information would start to grow over time.

And if it ever spread that he had regressed to the past,

the Order of the Nine Great Gods, the continent’s most powerful force with a different significance from the Empire, would turn against him.

He had seen more than once how the dogmatic Order dealt with heretics or those who committed blasphemy.

The moment he got entangled, not only he but also his family would not escape disaster.

Therefore, it was a secret he couldn’t reveal even to his closest allies.

He checked the content on the paper carefully once more to make sure there was no error or chance of leakage.


Only then did he start his second task.

In some respects, this was as important as the information about the future.

‘The Divine Sword Manual.’

A tome embroidered with a golden hawk, which Logan had burned before returning to the past.

The grand manual named ‘God’s Swordsmanship’ was indeed a treasure of worth.

A hero who had conquered the evil dragons ruling the ancient world and ushered in the ‘Age of Men.’

A manual from the ancient hero who was later worshiped even as a Sword God was, in the current continent where an individual’s power could determine social status and authority, an invaluable treasure.

The imperial high command celebrated upon hearing about the retrieval of such a manual from the ruins, and the Grandia Liberation Front was ready to sacrifice most of its elite to secure it.

He was its last owner.

He was entrusted with the treasure simply because he was fluent in ancient languages, and he ended up chased to his death as a result.

‘I must write it down before I forget.’

The manual he memorized to train talents of the resistance.

If its content proves true, mastering it would bring forth the ultimate technique that even the Empire’s Aura Masters and Grand Magicians wouldn’t need to fear.

‘It’s possible. Absolutely.’

In his previous life, his age was far past the point of starting something anew, and he also lacked talent. But now, things were different.

He was young, not yet of age.



The golden energy that rose in response to Logan’s will flowed along his body.

The force of life, ‘Force.’

A power he couldn’t even dream of at this stage in his previous life now amplified his expectations.


Physical youth and experience with the Force. If these merged harmoniously, even with his deficient talent, he might be able to master this ancient manual.

No, he would certainly master it.

‘Ronian, this time you won’t have to struggle alone. Absolutely.’

An overwhelming expectation for a changed future made his heart beat faster.

After organizing all the critical matters he must never forget, his goal became clear.

‘What I need to focus on now is obvious.’

The upcoming Territory War in a year’s time.

He had to overcome this crisis first.

‘I can do it. So, the first thing to do is…’

Logan began fervently brainstorming ideas, as if the Territory War was about to start at any moment.


* * *

10 hours later.


The final conclusion reached after much deliberation and headache was clear.

“There’s nothing I can do…”

Logan, having spent the night to the point of pallor, slumped over his desk, his face cupped in his hands.

To win the Territory War, what needed to be done was simple.

Strengthening the territory’s military power.

And what was needed to achieve that was also clear.

“Strengthening the knights or soldiers, or enhancing and developing weapons.”

There were a few ideas he came up with immediately, but they all…

“Money, I need money.”

It was not just a mere problem like his current poor reputation.

Even if his reputation had been good and he had been a solid heir, nothing would have changed.

“…We were a famously penniless noble house. Damn it.”

He needed a way to earn money. And he needed a great deal of it, quickly, in the near future.

Such a convenient method…

“It couldn’t be possible…”

Thump. Thump.

No matter how much he banged his head against the desk, nothing came to mind.

Just yesterday night, he was happy to have hope.

He felt like punching his yester-self.

‘If only I had regressed like 5 years, no, even just 3 years earlier…’

He was so desperate that he even had the audacious wish for a greater miracle to happen.

But he couldn’t continue to escape reality forever.

‘It can’t be helped. I have to prepare, even if I have to wring out what I have.’

Focusing on surviving the Territory War and preserving forces rather than winning seemed feasible.

‘Yes, it can’t be helped. First, I’ll recover my previous abilities, then change my reputation. Personal issues can wait until that incident 3 months from now… Hm? Wait a minute?’

A thought flickered through his mind.

‘Oh? That’s right, at that time…’

A way to potentially make a fortune came to his mind.

‘In 3 months…’

To execute this newfound idea, he had things to do before that.

* * *

“You seek an audience with the Patriarch? You’re going intentionally?”



“I need to get his permission for something.”

He had somewhat anticipated it, but seeing Rick’s surprised expression made Logan remember even more clearly the relationship between his father and himself at this time.

But now it was something unavoidable.


Logan steadied his breath as he stepped out of the room and focused on his memories from his previous life.

His father was caring when he was young, strict as he grew up, and,

when he himself was wasted, his father was nothing but cold.

– From now on, you are not my child.

His father had already given up hope on him even before those words came out.

When Logan was found unconscious with a head injury from the recent official duel, his father didn’t show up at all.

An extravagant son and a cold father.

The vicious cycle of emotions produced by their relationship lasted until the moment he was expelled.

Of course, in his past life, he was too busy blaming his father for years after being thrown out.

It wasn’t until he realized his own faults and heard of his father’s demise that he regretted not asking for forgiveness sooner.

Those years of regret spanned over two decades.


– How troubled must the parents be who cast out their child?

A question that lingered in his heart, compounding the guilt as he hesitated to return and beg forgiveness from the family.

Such a word from an old mercenary left a lasting impression.

Meeting that father again, it was impossible not to feel nervous, and his hands trembled ever so slightly.

From guilt?

Or perhaps fear?

Or anticipation?

Even Logan himself could not precisely express his emotions at that moment.

Taking a deep breath, Logan tried to smile with effort,

And resolutely moved forward.

But then.

“Oh my, excuse me, My Lord.”


He had to keep smiling.

“Oh, please spare me, My Lord!”

To keep… smiling.

“I’m sorry, I made a mistake. Please, calm your anger!”

…For a slightly different reason, his hands trembled again.


“Damn it…”

He felt even more tense because of the servants’ hypersensitive reactions.

But this was the result of his own misdeeds.

The rudeness and violence he committed at this time had built up to today’s situation.

His conscience pricked at him, but he knew he could change this gradually over time.

Hopefully, his smile wasn’t too awkward.

…It mustn’t be.

As he calmly took a breath and continued walking, he eventually saw his father’s office.

Knock, knock.

“Father, it’s Logan.”

“……Logan? Hmm, come in.”


As he opened the door and entered, a burly redhead, his father, examining documents at the desk by the window, looked up at him.

Red hair, red eyes. The fierce eyes and firmly closed lips made the resemblance to Logan unmistakable in the stalwart figure.

As Logan’s gaze met with that of the stubborn-eyed middle-aged man,

His heart felt as if it were storming.


How much had he resented that face?

How much regret had that person caused him?

And how much…

Had he missed him?

‘The fault was all mine. Really…’

There were so many things he wanted to ask that were heavy in his heart.

Whether he was loved as a son, even if worthless.

If it hurt his father too when casting him out.

And… had he missed him?

All the things he’d never said and the complex emotions of his past life surged inside him.

But he forcefully suppressed the welling in his chest.

Unlike when he spilled his heart out to his younger brother as if it were all a dream, now was the time to show he had changed.

Steadying his wavering gaze, Logan strode into the room.

“……You seem fine. Well then, what brings you here?”

Contrasting the complex feelings of longing and regret inside Logan, his father’s response was cold from the first word.

He had expected as much. What mattered was from this point forward.

“……I wish to undergo secluded training in the ancestral lands. I’ve come to seek your permission.”

Logan responded firmly with a steady voice, having made up his mind.

Before the incident three months from now, the first thing he needed to do was to return to his former level of skill.

In an era where one’s personal might could decide status and power,

It was a basic condition he deemed necessary to reverse his current reputation and to have weight in his words during the upcoming events.

Of course, the response he received was not encouraging.

“Secluded training? You?”


An expression of disbelief and astonished eyes.

“Hmm. Are you trying to escape because you lost to your brother?”

“I’ve realized my efforts have been severely lacking. Although late, I intend to awaken my spirit.”

“Just the efforts were lacking?”

“You still don’t seem to have awakened.”

Despite Logans’s prepared, resolute speech, the tone and expression his father returned lacked any belief or warmth.

“……I also realize my behavior has been problematic.”

“I’ve heard that many times before.”

“Until now, I’ve failed to recognize my faults and projected my anger onto others. I was foolish and immature. I intend to come to terms with my immaturity during this time of training.”


Whether the sincere words had reached him, his father’s expression finally changed slightly.

“……This time, it doesn’t seem like your usual excuses.”

“I won’t let you down again.”

“So you’ve been disappointing me so far.”


“And you just talked of repentance while looking aggrieved.”

He could hardly say anything.

Logan simply bowed his head without a word.

“……How long do you plan to stay?”

“About three months.”

“Is that so? Do you think just that will be enough for you to catch up to Ronian?”

“It’s not about beating Ronian. I’ll do my best, even if it’s just for a short time. If it doesn’t work out, I will humbly accept it.”

Surprised by the prompt answer, his father gazed at him for a while, then slowly nodded.

“……Indeed, you seem a bit changed. Yes, it’s good to change. I grant my permission.”

“Thank you.”

After bowing politely, Logan turned to leave when a hesitant voice reached out.

“……it is still Spring. The grave tomb is cold to sleep in. Make sure you take care to keep warm.”

Taken aback by the unexpected warm words, Logan just nodded his head.

Exiting the room, however, his footsteps felt unconsciously lighter.


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