Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 199


Regressor of the Fallen family

Chapter 199: “Damn!”

Just as Tris’s sword flashed, a whirlwind swept through the center of the courtyard. However, those watching were more focused on the situation within the dust cloud, stirred up by the whirlwind, than the miraculous sign itself.

As the swirling dust settled, people simultaneously let out sighs of dismay.

“Oh no…”

“How could this happen!”

Jerome, having dropped his sword, lay motionless as if unconscious. More shocking was the thick blood flowing from his head. Those with keen eyes realized it was coming from his right eye. At that moment:

“How dare you!!”

Tris roared like a thunderbolt, lunging forward with the two superhumans at his side, heading straight for Logan, who was still standing despite clutching his torn flank, in stark contrast to the unmoving Jerome.

Tris’s glittering killing intent turned Logan’s face ashen in an instant.

“Stop right there!”

A giant emerged, shouting simultaneously, but his approach seemed far too slow, prompting Logan to grit his teeth and redirect his sword.

Had he underestimated the pride of the Emperor and the Empire too much?

‘I’ll take at least one down with me!’

Fueled by a possibly futile hope, he forced out his fighting spirit. But his depleted strength could hardly surpass its limit.


As Tris’s strike sent Luther Kyle flying, the two superhumans easily subdued the tired Logan, seizing his limbs and slamming him to the ground.

‘Damn it all.’

Was this how he was going to die? In such a pitiful way? As he bit his lips until they bled, a strong blow struck his head.



Tris, stepping on Logan’s head, pointed his sword down silently.

“For the crime of harming the Empire’s talent, pay with your life.”

His cold voice pierced Logan’s ears when suddenly, a still yet forcefully poised voice captured everyone’s attention.

“What are you doing now?”

As if drawn by an unknown force, everyone’s gaze unfailingly turned toward the voice coming from the high seat. Upon seeing the Emperor’s slightly furrowed face, Tris immediately kneeled down.

“Your Majesty. This man has dared to harm the Empire’s talent in your very presence. He should be killed brutally to uphold your Majesty’s and the Empire’s authority.”

“To order punishment for what I commanded, if the outcomes are unsavory? You’re making a mockery of me.”

To everyone’s surprise, the Emperor spoke harshly, not to Logan, but to Tris. His face turned pale with shock, Tris lifted his head then pressed his forehead to the ground again.

“No, absolutely not! Your Majesty, my actions were only with the Empire’s best interests at heart…”

“The Empire is me, and I am the Empire. Yet you refuse my command while claiming to act in my favor?”

With a tone devoid of emotion, Tris trembled as he repeatedly struck his head on the floor. Blood from his broken forehead stained his face.

“I beg forgiveness, Your Majesty. In my folly, I did not discern Your Majesty’s will and overstepped my bounds.”

Tris then raised his bloodied face, crying out.

“I beg for punishment!”

The superhumans who had helped restrain Logan also lay prostrate in unison. Luther Kyle, who was ready to burst in, froze, and Logan too wore a dumbfounded expression.

The Emperor’s composed voice continued.

“Nevertheless, you have realized your sin in time. Considering your lifetime of contribution to the Empire, I have decided on a punishment.”

Logan felt a bit sobered by the soft flow of words.

‘He’s probably just putting on a show.’

But the following words of the Emperor were nothing like what Logan had anticipated.

“Tris, you are stripped of your title as the Captain of the Imperial Knights, and your rank will be demoted. Runas, Fabian. You two as well.”

The too-harsh punishment for unintended disobedience, perhaps even action taken with the Emperor in mind, was unexpected.

‘What’s this?’

As Logan looked around, wondering if he was the only one caught off guard,

“We’re grateful for Your Majesty’s lenient decision!”

Surprisingly, the superhumans bowed their heads again, showing no regrets. At least outwardly, they seemed genuinely accepting.

‘Even if the monarch’s authority is strong, to have such control over superhumans…’

As Logan watched incredulously, the Emperor’s gaze fell on him. Those compelling black eyes that always drew attention flashed again.

“Despite the unfortunate circumstances, mishaps can certainly happen in a warrior’s duel. I will not pursue accountability for this matter. Instead, I am amazed by the marvelous valor of the young hero, Logan McClain. I hereby declare his victory and wish to bestow upon him the appropriate rewards.”

The nobles erupted in cheers as if erasing the superhumans’ previous shame.

“Logan McClain, young hero of Grandia. Swear fealty to me. If you do, I will grant you power and wealth beyond anything that meager kingdom of yours can provide.”

Stunned by the Emperor’s unexpected words, Logan could only stand speechless for a long while.

– I will give you beyond what you can imagine.

The offer was beyond belief, irresistibly enticing, especially because the Emperor wouldn’t make such statements lightly in front of so many nobles.

‘If I nod here, the danger facing my family will disappear.’

There would be security for his family, which he had focused on since his regression.


‘If I naturalize to this nation, I’ll be at the vanguard of the imperial conquest. To prove my worth. I would have to… attack my own homeland.’

He had given up the hope that the conquest would not happen. Even without confirming the rumors he’d heard in his past life, the Emperor’s black eyes brimmed with greed.

At the moment, the greed might be in his favor, but it was clear from the gaze of someone who had never needed to concede anything in life.

‘He’s not someone who would listen to others.’

And then there was Logan’s own simmering heart. Thoughts of bowing his head quietly for his family immediately triggered memories that forbade him from making the comfortable choice.

– Adapt and live, isn’t it? What’s the difference between the tyranny of the rotten kingdom’s nobility and the Empire’s oppression?

– I’ll tell you a clear answer. The difference is between those who view people as people and those who see them as objects.

– I will die to live as a person!

Luis Hayon.

The right-hand man of the current Sword Master and the leader of the Grandia Liberation Front in a past life. While his former self, engulfed in vengeful thoughts, dismissed these ideals, the majority of his comrades endorsed them and died for the cause based on those beliefs.

‘Cassie, Laymon, Trey…’

Dozens of names of fallen comrades emerged in his mind. Some under his protection, others living as hermits somewhere. People who denied becoming second-class citizens under the Empire, even possessing power as force or mana users, chose instead to fight.

Even though his past life had been half-mad, those comrades were imprinted in him.

In his memories, those same people intertwined like fish in a seaside city, dragged to the center of the Empire. Devastated lands, scarred from war.

‘I didn’t fight for ideals in my past life.’

And the current situation had not yet occurred. He hadn’t even considered if his affection for the kingdom and his compatriots was that deep.


Yet, the anger from his past life couldn’t be forgotten. No, it couldn’t be forgotten. He might be called foolish or silly; it didn’t matter. He couldn’t choose the easy path with such lingering resentment from his past life, even if it meant heading toward destruction.

‘I’ll protect my family and my house with my own strength!’


“Your Majesty, I sincerely appreciate the generous offer. However, as a Grandian through and through, I can’t serve a foreign monarch. I would be thankful for your understanding and forgiveness.”

Murmurs of disbelief seemed to spring up from somewhere, and even the Emperor’s face appeared to harden slightly.

“Huh. I could give you a land as big as the kingdom of Grandia or wealth greater than the entire kingdom. Is that your decided answer, knowing that?”

The room buzzed with gasps, shocked by the Emperor’s unprecedented display. However, Logan’s expression remained undeterred.

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty. I will never forget the favor you’ve done for me.”

Simply kneeling with one knee and bowing his head, he thought the Emperor would not press further with royal dignity in mind. But:

“Hmph… Haha. Ha ha ha ha! Rejection, rejection? It’s been a long time since I’ve encountered this. Intriguing, but that makes me want you more.”


The Emperor continued, “Well, I’ve seen a splendid sight today. Stay in the imperial palace a bit longer. Once you experience the Empire and realize what you can enjoy, your heart might change.”

The court was now abuzz again with the Emperor’s unexpected continuation.

Logan had a bad feeling, but he couldn’t object right there.

“…Thank you for your grace.”

“Good. Summon the bishop to treat Jerome and our guest! And enjoy the beginning of the feast! Let my guests see the prosperity of the Empire!”

“As you command!”

With a resounding chorus of affirmation, the uproar in the hall subsided.

* * *

“My name is Flentas, servant of Ageron. It is an honor to meet you.”

A pale, elderly priestess stood before Logan, her hands clasped in prayer. Though she dressed plainly for a priestess of Ageron, the god of commerce and gold, the tall mitre on her head was indicative of her high status.

“Not at all. It’s an honor for me as well, Bishop. It’s troubling that I’ve caused such a fuss over a minor injury.”

“Do not trouble yourself, brother.” Bishop Flentas replied in a manner befitting Ageron’s high priestess, smiling gently.

Although summoning a bishop, not just a high priestess, for a simple wound might have cost a significant price, it wasn’t Logan’s concern.

‘This isn’t about me, after all.’

That naturally made him curious about the outcome.

“Bishop, how is Sir Jerome?”

“Ah, unfortunately, Sir Jerome’s right eye could not be healed.”


Feigning surprise, Flentas revealed a bittersweet smile.

“Though it’s common for aura users to be more resistant to divine power, Sir Jerome’s injury was unusually stubborn. It must be my own shortcomings.”

A surge of triumph filled Logan at her words. The last piercing strike, Flame Cutter, imbued with the ability to sever the energy, had indeed inflicted a fatal wound on the future monster.

Although his face remained composed, Logan sighed inwardly.

“That’s regrettable… I saw the look on your face, Bishop…”

“The Emperor didn’t seem too bothered, but as for Sir Jerome… Well, that’s beyond my purview. Let’s attend to your injuries now, brother.”

“My injuries are not so severe…”

“It is imperative to take care of wounds inflicted by aura. Though it may appear trivial now, it could lead to lingering issues.”

Smiling, the Bishop began her prayers.

“Before the all-seeing Nine Divines, your humble servant beseeches…”

Simultaneously, a profound and secret energy that Logan hadn’t felt in a long time roused around him.

The swelling energy soon permeated Logan’s entire being.

Though different from the white divine power of Stella’s Sanctuary Rite, this golden light was equally potent. Minor injuries vanished as if washed away and even the slight internal damage from his restraint healed in an instant.

“Wow. Your divine power is truly impressive, Bishop.”

As Logan marveled, Bishop Flentas looked at him quizzically.

“I haven’t seen many injuries caused by aura, but I’ve never seen one heal so quickly. Surely, brother, it’s due to your robust constitution.”

Unaware that Logan had already expelled the residual aura, the Bishop naturally assumed the recovery was due to his physical resilience. Logan simply smiled and bowed to her.

“Thank you for your kindness.”

“Not at all. As I said, it was a favorable trade-off.”

Smiling and shaking her head, Flentas suddenly asked as if remembering something.

“Oh, didn’t you come from Grandia? I heard you hold quite a high position there?”

“Why do you ask?”

Not wanting to boast about his status before a clergy member, Logan responded tentatively, prompting her to explain.

“Oh, there’s been some peculiar news from the Grandian diocese.”

“Peculiar news?”

“Yes. Stories of babies being born who are immune to divine power have been circulating. Do you know anything about this?”


And where did that come from?


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