Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 194


Regressor of the Fallen family

Episode 194 “Ah, I remember now.”

Blake Evenwood, alternatively known as Blake the “Fierce Attacker.”

During the war of his previous life, he was the vanguard of the Imperial Army, the first superhuman to cross the borders into Grandia. And it was he who led his forces, only a tenth the size of the Esperanza Duke’s army and Sword Duke’s men, and ended up the first superhuman of the Empire to fall.

His name would live on as a great shame within the Empire, but in the end, he gave his life to succeed in killing the strongest superhuman of Grandia.

With their core strength gone, the Grandian Royal Army crumbled helplessly to the succeeding Imperial forces.

“In terms of the power levels among the thirty superhumans within the Empire at that time, he was considered one of the lower ranks.”

From the kingdom’s perspective, it was like losing a queen in chess for an opponent’s knight or bishop—an unfavorable exchange.

Of course, this didn’t take into account the offset between the forces, but Logan tried hard to focus on the absurd situation before him as he struggled to conceal the rising murderous intent within him.

“It is difficult to accept. For an Imperial superhuman to volunteer as my escort is too much of an honor. I must decline.”

“No. It is to prevent any unforeseen contingencies to a guest of His Majesty the Emperor. I ask you not to refuse.”

Why go this far?

Seeing the Imperial superhuman bow his head, Logan could not help but feel bewildered.

Although he was said to be one of the weaker superhumans in the Empire, it also implied that he was amongst the top thirty.

Why would such a person lower himself to such an extent for a mere handwritten invitation?

‘The Emperor… what kind of person is he?’

The tangible reality of a conqueror he had only encountered in records.

He felt a heavy unease at the glimpse of it.


“Look here. If we face misfortune, your presence won’t make much difference, skinny.”


The giant who stepped forward exuded a frightening presence, pressuring Blake.

The Grandian superhuman displayed his power without reserve.

But Blake’s eyes, observing the challenger Luther, showed not a hint of wavering. Instead, he mocked Luther with a sneer.

“Size doesn’t equate to strength in the larger world, big man.”


“I’ll overlook it this time since we’re in the presence of His Majesty’s guest. Remember your place and back down.”

“Huh? What did you say, you madman?”


The tangible killing intent of the superhumans clashed and the atmosphere trembled.

Right when the confrontation between superhumans was unfolding, Logan frowned.

“Lo-Logan, sir. You must restrain your companion.”

“Excuse me?”

“Sir Blake is a general of the Empire. Not someone a minor superhuman can handle.”

The merchant’s words struck a nerve in Logan.

They reinforced the uneasy feeling he had from Blake’s words and actions.

‘Even if Sir Luther was too harsh…’

The fact that while he was polite only to him, referred to as the Imperial guest, he looked down on the rest of the party, was all too clear.

If Luther’s words had been merely provocative, Blake’s words felt more like an intentional taunt, as if spitting out his usual thoughts.

The merchant’s words ran along the same vein, utterly oblivious to how they might sound to someone from the kingdom.

To them, it was an ingrained ideology like a habitual thought.

‘Alright, let’s see just how strong this vaunted Imperial superhuman really is.’

If it was Luther Kyle, he could surely expose an under-ranked Imperial superhuman.

Mixing personal feelings aside, Logan made a strategic choice and shook his head at the merchant.

“Mr. Merchant, I apologize, but if Sir Luther behaves this way, I can’t restrain him.”

“What? Then, what about…?”

“Can you restrain Sir Blake?”

“That’s… I cannot.”

“I am the same.”

“Then, am I not to blame if your companion gets seriously injured? You understand, right?”

“Sir Blake. If Sir Luther wins, I will accept your escort.”

Surprised by Logan’s sudden words, everyone’s gaze, including that of the surrounding superhumans, converged.

“However, I would hope that if an unfortunate incident occurs, it won’t cause an issue between nations. What do you say, Mr. Merchant? Will you act as a public notary?”

“Why are you escalating the situation…?”

“I accept, merchant. Teaching a country bumpkin a lesson isn’t a bad idea.”

Seeing the merchant’s troubled expression, Blake confidently shouted.

He didn’t seem to think there was any chance that he would lose.

The merchant had no choice but to nod at that expression.


In the midst of this, Logan and Luther exchanged a nod.

Watching this, Luther let out a fierce laugh and drew his huge war hammer from behind.


“Then shall we learn how wide the world truly is?”

Without any indication of using a special maneuvering technique like a phantom shadow or using a special attribute like Wicken, Blake drew a daunting sword radiating with mana.

Then two streams of red aura collided violently.


The endless crossing of red light.

Logan cried out for the knights to evacuate the surrounding people as they shielded against the shock wave from the flash of destruction.

Following his command, the knights from both MacLaine and Luspelheim cordoned off a certain area outside the mansion, creating an environment where the superhumans could fight.

At that moment, everyone was just a knight wanting to witness the battle between those at the height of aurora usage, irrespective of their nationality.

Of course, only very few could actually follow their movements and grasp the dynamics of the battle.

And among that minority, there was only one person who could read the outcome of the contest accurately.

Logan watched their showdown with a grave expression.

‘Luther is being pushed back…’

It was an unexpected development.

“This little rat!”


As Luther’s war hammer struck the ground, a fierce impact aris and the spot where Blake had stood was now beside Luther, with his red longsword scratching past Luther’s aurablade.

“Tough for nothing, huh.”



Ever since the duel began, the scene kept repeating.

Watching on, Logan’s expression grew sterner.

It was a familiar pattern when Luther would fight Wicken, a famous rival within the kingdom, but with a slight difference.

‘Wicken is faster, but seems to have less offensive power.’

One could argue that Wicken Kalia might be a better match.

However, ‘slightly’ faster was proving fatal for Luther at the moment.

This was volatility at its finest.

– There are various ways to control space, but the best is speed. If you’re the fastest on the battlefield, that alone can give you the upper hand in most situations.

Blake’s movement, embodying his former master’s words, was impressive.

With his face flushed red, Luther Kyle was different; his look of ease reflected his confidence.

Although his attacks didn’t instantly penetrate Luther’s defenses, he was accumulating damage bit by bit.

Meanwhile, Luther’s attacks couldn’t even graze his opponent.

Logan was particularly struck by the swift movements.

It didn’t appear to be using a specialized maneuvering technique like a ghost or employing special attributes like Wicken.

‘A superhuman specialized in speed?’

At that moment, as the discussion with Luther about superhuman traits flickered in his mind, the overheated Luther Kyle couldn’t withstand the continuous hammering and exploded.

“I’ll smash you to bits!”

Luther’s entire body erupted in red, the once-flickering aura now flaming ardently around his favorite weapon, the Warlord.

His hammer, swifter and stronger than before, struck the ‘place’ where Blake stood.


The powerful attack sent a tremor through the ground as if an earthquake had struck, and the aftermath even shook Blake’s position.

Then, a red auric wave emerged from where the hammer struck, sweeping the surroundings.

The rumbling sound of rocks.

Luther Kyle’s special technique, Aurawave.

If he couldn’t catch him, he would just blow the area away – Luther’s concept was fully embodied in this powerful blow.

However, Logan frowned.

Even with his exceptional vision, he barely saw a few afterimages of Blake’s sword strikes that were too numerous to count.

And he saw the onslaught of aura break through Luther Kyle’s Aurawave.


After the clamor ended.

As the dust cloud created by the Aurawave settled, before the knights, Blake’s blade approached Luther Kyle’s neck.

Logan stepped forward to intervene.

“It is enough, Sir Blake.”

“How could this be…?”

Blake appeared genuinely shocked that his sword, aimed at cutting through Luther’s neck, was blocked effortlessly by Logan.

He also comprehended the situation.

“Indeed, you are worthy of His Majesty’s summons. Remarkable.”

While Blake’s point of amazement was slightly annoying, fortunately, he immediately sheathed his sword.

The face of the giant, saved from a gruesome end, contorted, but, thankfully, he did not show his anger.

“Arrgh. I am ashamed.”

“It’s alright. The matchup wasn’t in your favor.”

Logan’s consolation could hardly be comforting.

But a loser has no say.

Clutching his teeth, Luther glared at Blake once before withdrawing weakly.

As Blake watched this, he smiled at Logan.

“Then, may I take the honor of escorting you to the Imperial Capital?”

How could he refuse under these circumstances?

Logan managed a bitter smile and nodded.

“I accept. Though it seems unnecessary for you to personally intervene.”

“Even merely escorting His Majesty’s guest is a great honor for me.”

Logan’s heart grew heavier at the sincerity in those words.

To think such a superhuman was merely low-ranking in the Empire.

And for such a superhuman to lower himself and bow his head so easily with just an invitation from the Emperor.

‘The Emperor… what kind of person is he?’

A crucial adversary that had to be overcome.

That mere encounter with his shadow was overwhelming.

‘No, hold on. Stay focused. Whatever it takes, I must prevail.’

No matter how strong the Empire might be.

No matter how exceptional the Emperor might be.

He was an enemy to be defeated.

Therefore, even if he had to lower his head now, it was vital to learn more about the enemy.

“Ah, Sir Blake. I am deeply impressed by your bravery. Therefore, I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Yes? Oh, please do tell.”

“That is…”

The frozen expressions of the other companions contrasted with Logan’s smiling face, leaving a deep impression on Blake’s mind.


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