Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 193


Regressor of the Fallen family

Chapter 193

“Knights! What are you doing! Make way for the guests to move!”

Upon the mayor’s shout, the knights of Ruspelheim hastily moved to the front of the group.

And then—

“Hey, don’t push!”

“It’s the knights, move aside!”

“There, there are the soldiers! Damn it, stick close!”

The already bustling city gate descended into further chaos due to the overwhelming crowd.

However, there was no resistance against the knights or soldiers, and soon a straight path was cleared in front of Logan’s group.

“What’s with that giant party?”

“Is this happening because of them?”

“Damn, life’s hard if you’re not a noble.”

But as if the mayor did not hear those grumbling voices, he looked at the cleared path with a satisfied smile, bowed his head, and extended his hand to Logan.

“Come this way, please. Allow me to guide you.”


Suddenly the center of attention from many eyes, Logan’s group followed behind the mayor with somewhat sheepish expressions.

“…Is it normal to do this when a national envoy is dispatched? For the mayor himself to come all the way to the city gates?”

“Hardly. I came here about 10 years ago, and it wasn’t to this extent. That guy was the mayor back then, too.”

Logan whispered his question to Luther Kyle in the confusing situation, but his doubt only deepened.


“Why is the mayor like this?”

“I don’t know. Normally, he wouldn’t move a step out of his residence, right?”


Logan’s confusion only grew as he overheard the knights of Ruspelheim through his keen hearing.

“Count Logan Maclaine, I’ve heard much about you. The entire city has been abuzz with tales of Grandia’s holy knight, the kingdom’s young hero…”

The man introduced himself as Dmitri Ryan, the mayor of Ruspelheim, and his speech never ceased. A middle-aged man with an amiable appearance, he seemed to talk more than Logan had anticipated, mostly trying to flatter Logan, making it quite uncomfortable for him to listen.

Regardless of how well he seemed to know about the kingdom’s affairs.

“Do you, by any chance, have some kind of connection with that man? He’s almost carrying you on his back!”

Luther Kyle’s expression of incredulity was understandable, given the mayor’s excessive attitude.

It was not appropriate to question someone’s kindness too harshly.

Logan felt his cheek burn with too much praise but still tried to maintain a calm facade as he followed the mayor.

As soon as they stepped within the city’s gates, the exotic scenery captured the gaze of Logan and his group without fail.

The first thing that caught their eye was the spacious main street, around 50 meters wide, flanked by three-story buildings lined up endlessly on both sides.

The buildings, each the same in size and evenly spaced, gave a neat impression rather than feeling cramped.

Countless people were trading various wares inside those buildings and by the roadside.

“Most of the outer city is the marketplace. This is the foundation of Ruspelheim’s pride as the largest trading city in the eastern part of the continent. Oh, but of course, it can’t match the Azerean Empire. The Empire is the largest nation in the world, and as such, lacks nothing. If you need anything, try looking for it. Except for what truly isn’t there, everything else is available.”

Until then, the mayor had only been praising Logan, but now he proudly swept his gaze over the street, spreading his arms out.

Indeed, the sight was impressive enough to warrant such pride.

“Exotic animals from the western end of the continent. Come see!”

“Beasts, selling horns and hides from Calcutta!”

“Fruits from deep within the southern mountains!”

Numerous items that were unseen in Grandia caught the group’s attention.

“Until 10 years ago, it wasn’t like this… The Empire’s pace of development is fast indeed.”

The oldest of the group, Luther Kyle, marvelled as he looked around, and the other members of the group were just as busy taking in the sights of the large city like country people visiting for the first time.

“Indeed, our territory has developed tremendously thanks to the young master, but this is a different level. The Empire indeed… Heck! Why? Ah… Hey, fall in line! Didn’t we come to have fun?!”

While continuously making exclamations of admiration, Henderson was elbowed by Victor and forcibly straightened his face to adjust the formation.

And watching all this with a pleased look was the mayor, who shifted his gaze to Logan.

However, Logan’s expression didn’t show any significant change.

‘Even so, it’s definitely not as advanced as it was 20 years later. Of course.’

Unlike the rest of the party, preoccupied with observing the cultural attractions, Logan was taking notice of the soldiers and knights positioned between the markets.

‘The level of security forces isn’t much different from my previous life. But the fact there’s no difference in forces between now and 20 years later means…’

While pondering alone—

“Ah, seeing you here reminds me, a trading company from Maclaine recently visited us. They were notable folks. They established a branch here in no time.”

“…Does the mayor tend to pay attention to every trading company?”

“Ha ha. Given Ruspelheim’s location, we always keep an ear open for news from Grandia, not so far away. Especially when it concerns the Maclaine household, how could we not pay attention? When you hear the report later, you’ll understand that I extended all the convenience I could.”

“Oh, we are inadvertently in your debt, then. Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Mayor.”

“No, it’s only natural for fostering goodwill between nations. The power in Grandia now belongs to the Maclaine family, does it not?”

“Ha ha. Such an overstatement.”

Although Logan continuously smiled, his gaze grew colder.

Grandia might be the closest major city, but traversing on horseback would take three days.

How could a city’s mayor concern himself with the news of Grandia to the extent of keeping track of a single trading company?

‘During the imperial war, this man was still the mayor… Could it be that they were preparing for war around this time?’

It seemed there was a need to delve cautiously into the matter.

While maintaining such thoughts and exchanging meaningless chatter with the talkative mayor, they arrived in front of a massive building unwittingly.

“This is Ruspelheim’s residence, also my office and home.”

In front of the seven-story building, unfathomable from the likes of Grandia except for a few mage towers, Dmitri Ryan turned to Logan with a proud expression.

“We have a guest room prepared inside. You may rest as much as you would like before you leave.”

With no reason to refuse, Logan readily nodded.

“Thank you. I will not forget your excessive consideration, Mr. Mayor.”

It was just a polite exchange like the rest of their conversation, but—

“Ha ha ha. If that’s what you say, then I am truly grateful.”

An odd response followed.

A sincere reaction to a casual, perfunctory remark.

Logan could not help but ask with a strained expression.

“…Is there any particular help you need from me?”


“Oh, no. It’s just that if you ever attain a high position within the Empire, please do not forget about me.”

The mayor’s words were strange.

“The high ranks of the Empire? Me? What do you mean…?”

Logan couldn’t contain his disbelief.

Was the position of a city’s mayor a job a fool could hold?

Logan inadvertently cast a confounded look towards the giant at his side.

“What does this mean?”

“…I have no idea.”

“My ears aren’t deceiving me, are they?”

“That’s right. In my opinion, that man seems crazy.”

Luther Kyle, his face twisted, spoke loudly enough for the mayor to hear.

However, the mayor, whether he truly did not hear or pretended not to, kept smiling placidly.

So Logan had to ask again.

“Could there perhaps be some misunderstanding? I am here as a national envoy, am I not?”

“Ah, it seems Lord Logan is the one slightly mistaken.”

Me? Mistaken?

Logan made an overtly bewildered face when—

“The invitation you hold is not an ordinary one. His Imperial Majesty did not invite the envoy of a nation, but ‘Logan Maclaine’ as an individual. This makes it very different. Quite different.”

“Does that have anything to do with the nonsense I thought I heard just now? Hm?”

It was only after hearing this that the mayor finally nodded with a smile.

“Yes. Truth be told, few who have received a personal invitation from His Majesty like that are not by his side right now. His Majesty loves talent, and as such, grants positions that match the talent and ability of those individuals.”

At last, Logan grasped what the mayor was trying to say.

But no matter what, it seemed too far-fetched.

“Ha ha ha. With all due respect, the situation is different, is it not? While the Empire is incomparable, I am still a person who belongs to a firm house.”

To that sensible remark, the mayor simply replied with a laugh.

“Just bear it in mind as a casual suggestion from me.”

At those words, the knights behind Logan furrowed their brows hostilely.

They took that as the mayor belittling the Maclaine household and thus, Grandia itself.

“How dare you insult our kingdom?!”

Luther Kyle bellowed out loud, but Logan, on the other hand, quieted him down.

“Luther, please calm down. You know I would never allow such a thing.”

“Even so, there’s a propriety to be maintained towards an envoy. To utter such offensive language…!”

“That’s presumptuous by his standards.”


Blocking the way in front of Luther Kyle, Logan faced the mayor again.

And looking at his unwavering expression, he felt certain.

‘This man truly believes I might do that? Is he in his right mind?’

He could feel the pervasive imperial superiority complex that the empire’s nobles held.

“…I understand. I will remember the mayor’s intentions.”

Including his arrogance.

Just as Logan was about to turn away—

“I heard that His Imperial Majesty’s guests had arrived, Mayor.”

A sharp-toned voice suddenly drew everyone’s focus.

‘Who is that?!’

The voice’s owner was a middle-aged man with common brown hair, black eyes, and a mustache.

However, the typical appearance of the man belied the voice that made everyone around turn their heads—this was no coincidence.

“That man, he’s a superhuman.”


Luther Kyle stepped forward, warning the group of the stranger’s threat, and everyone’s expression turned solemn.

Except Logan, who had already discerned the truth.

“Who… are you?”

The answer came from right in front of them.

“Ah! It’s Sir Blake. Mr. Logan, this gentleman is Count Blake Evendoor, in charge of the esteemed 3rd Legion of the western armies of the Empire.”

“Mr. Mayor, you’re too kind. I’m merely one of the eight in the western army. But may I ask if this person is…?”

“Yes. That he is.”

Upon the mayor’s answer, Blake extended his hand politely towards Logan.

“If it’s not too much trouble, may I have the honor of seeing His Majesty’s invitation with my own eyes?”

While inwardly sighing at the absurdity, Logan handed over the invitation from his cloak.

The superhuman examined it thoroughly, and, after twitching his eyebrows, returned it to Logan with both hands in a respectful gesture.

Logan received the invitation back in confusion when—

“I have confirmed the Emperor’s personal letter. It is an honor to serve you.”


“I, Blake, shall escort you safely to the capital from this moment.”

A nonsensical declaration followed.


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