Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 192


Regressor of the Fallen family

After Logan displayed his aura, he aggressively attacked Luther Kyle, since he wasn’t confident he could maintain his still unrefined aura for long. Fortunately for Logan, Luther was more than willing to face him head-on. The result was Logan gasping for air, admitting, “This is a devastating loss.” He plopped down on the spot, completely battered, then laid sprawled on the ground, wiping the blood from his lip.

The giant who left him in such a state looked down at him with a confused expression. “It would have been much more difficult for me if you hadn’t used aura and just fought your own way.”

“I’m aware it’s still half-baked. That’s why I need to use it in sparring. Thanks to you, I’ve learned a lot,” said Logan, his expression lightening with gratitude. By clashing with Luther’s powerful aura, Logan’s understanding of aura had significantly improved. Luther, however, still looked bewildered receiving Logan’s thanks.

“A half… It’s unbelievable that someone who’s not an aura user can use aura. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it myself…”

“Is my case that rare?”

“Rare? I’ve never even heard of such a case!”

“Is it that unusual?”

Luther shook his head in disbelief, then suddenly asked, “Could you possibly explain the method of converting force into aura?”

“Yes. It’s not perfect, but I have a general idea… But why do you ask? You’re an aura user.”

Luther burst into laughter, incredulously muttering, “So it is actually possible… Unbelievable…”

“Indeed, aura is normally used instinctively by force users who have surpassed human limitations, not something that can be understood through theory.”


“An aura user capable of explaining how force is converted into aura is almost unheard of! That includes your master!”

Logan was stunned by this unexpected revelation. “Perhaps someday you’ll be able to objectively explain the process of a force user becoming an aura user. That’s far more incredible than becoming a superhuman at your age.”

“Is that so?”

Logan understood Luther’s words, but believed that creating aura required detailed and sensitive control of force, similar to learning the mysterious techniques of swordsmanship.

As Logan pondered the possibility of a new approach, Luther excitedly added, “Of course, it might not work. But just the possibility is significant. Thus, keep your aura hidden, especially from the Empire’s people. At least until you truly become an aura user.”

This confirmed one thing to Logan: the towering superhuman genuinely cared for him. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For worrying about me. And I hope for your continued support until I return home.”

Luther, embarrassed by his earlier excitement, turned his head away. Logan smiled warmly. In his past life, when the civil war raged, he had died knowing little about this superhuman. But now, Logan wondered why his master had appointed Luther to accompany him.

But as they exchanged banter, Logan realized how much he had come to trust Luther through their single bout, more than the several days they had spent traveling together.

* * *

“My Lord, congratulations!”

“The youngest aura user ever, even for a young master…”

“It’s a blessing for both the MacLaine family and the kingdom.”

As Logan and Luther approached the encampment, the knights who had been watching the sparring match from afar cheered them on. However, Logan, with a deadpan expression, clarified, “It wasn’t aura.”

“Not aura?”

“It was just condensed force blade. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have lost so pathetically.”

The knights, who had been excited as if it were their own victory, fell silent. Then Luther interjected, “It was a clever technique. But it wastes too much energy and is no match for real aura. Focus on serious training and aim to surpass the threshold.”

“Yes, yes, I understand.”

The knights had nothing further to say when the superhuman himself confirmed it. This was a smokescreen by the two to block unnecessary attention and rumors from the get-go. From that day on, the practice bouts between Logan and Luther became part of their routine. Luther’s robust presence had become a powerful stimulus for Logan, allowing him to lay aside his concern for his family and kingdom for a while and focus solely on training.

Three days later, as they approached their first stop on their journey, Luther spoke to Logan about something that must be heard.

“Do you know about the traits of a superhuman?”

“Yes, I’ve heard of trait manifestations. The moment one surpasses human limits, they evolve. That’s the foundation of being called a superhuman.”

While they discussed this, Luther expressed his regret about how he might have been stronger if his body had not grown so much during awakening. Logan respectfully listened, but his thoughts were elsewhere.

Luther told Logan that while control over one’s awakening trait wasn’t possible, he felt Logan was different and could perhaps influence his awakening. Logan took Luther’s words to heart and pondered over the possibility.

* * *

“There it is…”

“Rusphelheim. The largest city in the eastern Empire. The closest major city to our kingdom.”

Yet it was also the city that would serve as a bridgehead for the war of invasion. Logan suppressed the bittersweet memories that inevitably came with mention of Rusphelheim.

“I need to make sure of the current state there.”

“Sire? If we are in a hurry…”

“The schedule accounts for that. Don’t worry.”

As they questioned him, Logan approached the city gates. Soon after they reached the end of the long queue at the gate, they were greeted unexpectedly.

“Ahahaha! It is an honor to have you here. I am Dmitri, Mayor of Rusphelheim. Please, come inside. I shall personally guide you.”

The entire party was left bewildered by this remarkable encounter.


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