Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 190


Regressor of the Fallen family

Chapter 190: Identity Confirmation of Five Individuals from Four Years Ago

“We have confirmed the identities of three out of the four unidentified individuals from the request you made four years ago pertaining to the identity confirmation of five individuals. The attached materials below will show……” (omitted) “That is all.”

– Nox

“How ironic…”

Logan cradled his head, thinking that lately, there had been too many reasons for him to sigh.

In the asymmetric power struggle between the Empire and Grandia, the most significant factor was the number of superhumans. The imbalance was further exacerbated by the five unaffiliated superhumans, and Victor, the royal assassin and aristocratic killer, who had plunged Grandia into utter despair in the past. Victor had since joined his ranks, and the Artifact Master, Kraune, the Mage of Massacre, had died. Although he had obtained their research results, this didn’t mean he could ignore the other superhumans. If left unchecked, they would emerge as mercenaries for the Empire and invade the kingdom in five years’ time.

‘Especially that scamp, Ban Johnny. He must be killed,’ Logan thought, as he crumpled Nox’s letter and tore at his hair.

The unaffiliated superhumans were mostly those who had just become superhumans during the war of the Empire. They had been belatedly contacted by the Imperial family to become mercenaries.

‘The probability that they’re no longer superhumans is quite high now. If I’m going to deal with them, now is the perfect time.’

Sooner was better than later. He wished to handle the matter immediately, but…

‘There’s no time…’


“Logan, about the envoy to the Empire. Are you really going with just a few men? Even so, there is such a thing as the dignity of the family…”

Entering the room without knocking, his father’s words reminded Logan of the approaching date when he should depart for the Imperial Capital. It was a tight schedule, just to check on the various matters he had set up in his land.

‘Well, there’s no need for me to handle it personally. The names, appearances, and those to be recruited or killed. That much distinction should suffice…’

“Why, why are you looking at me like that? I just wanted to suggest for the procession, in the interest of the family’s dignity…”

“Father. There is a favor I would like to ask of you.”


“There are matters that need to be dealt with discreetly, and either you or I must handle them ourselves.”

“At this moment?”

“Yes. It is imperative.”

“Haa… What’s the matter now? Tell me.”

With a heavy voice and serious eyes, Padric sat down, abandoning his original request to listen to his son’s story.

“I have scouted some talents. Under normal circumstances, I would need to visit and recruit them myself, but given the situation, I would ask you to go in my stead.”


“Yes. They are individuals with exceptional talent. It seems appropriate that if I cannot go, you should be the one to go.”

“That doesn’t sound difficult. But why do you make it sound so grave?”

“If they refuse the offer to join, you will have to kill them.”


Padric’s expression changed drastically.

“So, you mean there are talented individuals out there, and you’re saying that if they don’t accept an invitation, I should kill them? Me, a count of a nation?”

“Yes. That’s why we can’t entrust this to anyone else. It’s better if either you or I do it. The fewer people who know, the better.”

Padric sighed softly, hearing his son talk about such a grim matter with a calm voice.

“What’s the reason for doing this?”

“At this point, if we don’t bring them in, there’s a high chance they will become part of the Empire’s forces later on.”

“Just for that reason…”

“They are talents whom I am confident will all become superhumans.”

At that, Padric closed his mouth. His son believed that the Empire would wage a war of invasion and if that prediction came true, such drastic measures would be understandable.


“Not all geniuses end up becoming superhumans. There was a time when I too… Hm. Hmm. Well, it seems like an overly ambitious thought.”

“Do you doubt that Ronian or Victor will become superhumans? And what about Eileen?”

With those words, Padric was at a loss for words again. Talents whose overwhelming abilities went unparalleled, akin to geniuses who were likened only to each other within the Knight Orders, geniuses who had already become senior knights before becoming adults. The thought of them not becoming superhumans in the future hardly crossed anyone’s mind.

Of course, before that…

‘Should I consider not mentioning it as modesty, I wonder.’

Before him stood a genius who had far surpassed him at the tender age of twenty-three, a prodigy among prodigies whom anyone would believe if one said he had become a superhuman.

After organizing his thoughts, Padric sighed and replied.

“Are these individuals as genius as those children that you’ve mentioned?”

“Of course there’s a difference, but they are definitely going to be superhumans.”

Logan was confident because he was on his second life and knew the story that would unfold, but Padric could only wonder in confusion.

‘If they had that much talent, it’d be strange that they’re unaffiliated so far. And how would this child know about it?’

Nonetheless, despite such doubts, the impressive achievements shown by his son over the past few years caused him concern. His son, who seemed like a careless strategist, didn’t seem to fit the description of a genius, had nonetheless succeeded in many endeavors.

His skepticism about the whole context was not a matter of a day or two. However, he had no intention of delving into it.

‘…Someday, he’ll tell me.’

Everything his son had done thus far was undoubtedly for the family.

Understanding this, Padric nodded.

“Alright. We’ll do as you say.”

“Thank you, Father.”

Another plan to prepare for the future seemed to be progressing without trouble.

* * *

The following day.

“Th-there’s someone coming over there…”

“What are you so startled about? A visitor, apparently.”

“But, he seems far away, yet why does he look so big?”

“What? Oh, no…”

The soldiers guarding the eastern gate of McLean Town saw a gigantic shadow approaching from the east. As the shadow grew closer, one soldier recognized its identity and let out a scream.

“Luther Kyle!”

“It’s a superhuman!”

The monstrous superhuman who had confronted them in the civil war half a year ago was remembered for his daunting presence. Those who remembered the intimidation of his solitary approach hit the alarm bell despite themselves.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The urgent ringing of bells reached Logan, who was planning at the residence, prompting him to rush to the eastern gate.

“Hah, that guy…”

Though Logan was surprised, he readily understood what was happening.

– I will assign you an escort on your way to the Empire.

– Hmm. I will conceal it for the sake of future fun.

The superhuman, Luther Kyle, whose title had been demoted and was serving a sentence in the Esparanza Knight Orders after the civil war, approached with a reluctant stride, even as he was close enough for his emotions to be visible. His massive size, proportionate to his face, made his unwillingness all the more evident.

Already large at a distance, his muscular build only seemed larger as he neared—transcending human limits, his over 3-meter tall figure was overwhelming just by sight.


“Is that a human?”

“Shh. He’ll hear you.”

Though they likely would have already been heard.

Regardless, watching Luther Kyle’s expressionless face, Logan stepped forward unabashedly.

“Welcome to McLean, Lord Luther.”

The piercing gaze that had been fixated on Logan from the distance intensified.

“Have you come at the behest of your teacher?”

“…Yes. I have been ordered to play nanny to you.”

“Not as a nanny, but as an escort.”

“Same thing.”

“If you’re unwilling, feel free not to accompany me. I’ll talk to the teacher.”


“Are you asking me to be a coward who breaks his promise!”

The superhuman, whose very step seemed to make the ground rumble, had not been able to fully display his power in McLean’s battle due to Clayton’s Gravity Control, but the brief show of force he had exhibited in the final combat was enough to instill fear in those who recalled it.


“The young master is in danger…”

Ordinary people would be concerned, of course.

“I see no meaning in being guarded by someone who is reluctant. And as you know, I’m confident I don’t need an escort.”

Logan gazed calmly into Luther Kyle’s eyes.


“…A diplomat from another country would better have someone of ordinary build as an escort. But Wicken would want to stab you at the sight of your face, so he refused. That’s why I came.”

“You have no grudge against me, Lord Luther?”

“How could I not? However…”

Hesitating to speak, Luther glanced at the sky and sighed, then swallowed his words.

“Hmph. Let it be. I’m tired of pointless chatter. Just provide me a place to sleep, a barn will do.”

“How can we dare treat a superhuman so sparingly? I’ll arrange a comfortable room.”

“Hmph. Flattery…”

“Please follow me. I’ll show you the way. And if you need anything, do just tell me.”

“I don’t need any…”

Grumbling, grumbling.


Before Luther could finish his sentence, a tremendous rumble came from his stomach, and the surroundings plunged into silence for a moment.

“Hmm. Let’s start by preparing a meal.”


Sounds of smothered laughter resounded around as people averted their gazes from Luther Kyle. The giant, now blushing, followed Logan with noticeably less energy in his stride, his presence already seeming less frightening after the incident.

The day Logan was to depart for the Empire was just two days away.

“Are you really going to go so modestly?”

“Three units of knights, 18 men. Including myself and Sir Luther, that makes 20 in total. That should suffice.”

Logan smiled at the sight of his father’s continuing worries and the knights around Victor.

“It’s not about the number of people. Going to meet the Emperor with neither attendants nor carriages… I fear it would bring shame upon our nation.”

“That won’t be the case.”

Logan firmly dismissed his father’s concerns.

He had decided to go without attendants or carriages and form a group primarily composed of knights so that they could move quickly if anything happened. That was the primary goal but…

“The nobles of the Empire will scorn our kingdom regardless of our appearance. I have no desire to try hard to impress people who will look down on us anyway.”

It didn’t matter how much they mocked; they would eventually be enemies to fight.

“…You said this is your first time to the Empire, right?”

His father’s query caused Logan embarrassment.

“Ah… well, I’ve been there before, haven’t I? To get the artifact.”

“Hmm. Yes, well, you’re the representative so do as you wish. But…”

Padric’s gaze shifted to another member of the group.

“Lord Luther, are you really alright with this? To set off without saying a word.”

“It is alright. Anyways, there’s not a horse that can bear my weight, so, what’s the point?”

Whether due to his title or his age, Luther Kyle used semi-honorifics with Padric. While he was curt with others, his every move seemed cautious, as he had taken care not to damage anything during his stay—a refreshingly new side to someone whose acquaintance during the war had been so adverse.

– Jordan and Huán may be hard to deal with as in-laws, but those guys are not that bad. I’ll take responsibility for them.

The teacher’s assurance made sense just a few days later.

“Then, Lord Luther. I won’t make unnecessary accommodations. Will you be able to keep up?”

“Hmph. Of course.”

“Then off we go, everyone!”


At Logan’s command, the knights’ horses galloped forward.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the lead, a single giant running on foot matched the speed of the knights on horseback, a rare spectacle not commonly witnessed.

As the group sped off to the west, they quickly vanished from sight.


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