Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 188


Regressor of the Fallen family

Two months had passed since Logan left Taren. Returning hastily, he found that much had changed in the meantime. Gigantic trenches carved at regular intervals across the vast wasteland and the workers, who ignored Logan as he passed them at a gallop, were focused solely on their tasks. The occasional dwarf overseers saluted Logan as he rode by, presenting a strange sight that made it seem as though humans had become slaves to the dwarves. Satisfying as it was, it underscored a dramatic transformation.

Dwarf-directed labor suggested that proper meals and wages were provided, hence the workers’ diligence. “The dam construction must be underway, but it seems progress is good,” Logan thought. Given the vast area, the distant mountains that would serve as dams didn’t need his immediate attention. “No time for that.”

Even as he hurried on, the sight of a colossal earthwork encompassing the mountain range forced him to slow down involuntarily. “Wow…!” The low mountain ranges stretched from east to west, and among them, large fortress walls circled the mountains and plains, including the magical stone mines, as though they were a massive castle when seen from afar. The seamless walls, despite irregular terrain, were precisely connected. Intimidating iron barriers on the ramparts seemed to forbid anyone from climbing over them—only a mining city could maintain such fortifications with the necessary materials and manpower. Soldiers patrolled the ramparts at regular intervals, and every so often, knights in armor could be seen.

“It’s become a fortress in less than half a year,” Logan marveled, a testament to dwarves’ engineering and magic.

“His Highness, the Grand Duke, has returned!” Voices rang out as rumors of Logan’s adventuring nature had spread through his domain. With no concerns for his safety, the soldiers recognized him instantly.

The city gates, constructed of ironwood and steel, lowered over the wide moat, revealing another gate made of closely connected steel bars rolling upwards. “The gates have been completed as ordered,” Logan noted. Taren’s only gate, the west gate he was entering, was built strong and impregnable as he had requested.

Inside, Logan was met by a familiar, bulky knight. “Welcome back, my lord.”

“Henderson. You’re here yourself?”

“Yes, Drillmaster Digrum is needed in the town.”

The city was secure, with a double-barred iron gate, stationed knights, thirty soldiers, and an additional two units of knights, along with a hundred soldiers waiting outside. Golems circled the gates, and among them was Grik, a disciple of Golem Tower.

The city within the fortress was well laid out despite the uneven terrain. Many workers moved about, most heading towards the mines, indicating that magical stone extraction would soon commence. It was a relief to Logan.

However, progress comes with small complications, as evident by an outburst of curses from the Grand Forge when Logan inquired after the chief.

“It’s been a while, Hamar,” Logan greeted, entering his office despite the grumbling. His stern look eased the dwarf’s temper, “Report to me honestly; I know you’ve been working hard.”

Hamar was surprised by the unexpected kindness, his attitude shifted from scowls to grudging respect. “The walls are nearly done, mining is about to begin, and the dam’s design will ensure the wasteland’s transformation, though it’ll take till next summer.”

Relieved that his ambitious plans were on track, Logan’s weighty heart felt lighter with the prospect of the upcoming imperial visit. He encouraged Hamar, indicating he might be away for a long time and entrusted him with continuing their efforts.

Checking on the construction of the Golem Tower and the Grand Forge, Logan assured the artisans that once mining began, they would have priority on magical stone resources.

“Maestro Clayton,” Logan inquired, “how far along is the research into using magical stones as substitutes?”

Clayton, caught off guard by Logan’s presence and question, reddened but promised breakthroughs soon—within two months, or worst-case, within a year.

Satisfied by the dedication, albeit taken aback by the uncertainty, Logan still agreed, emphasizing the significance of success over speed.

After the conversation with Clayton, Logan made a final inspection, noting that the only shortage in Taren was manpower. Determined, he immediately rode off to make the last arrangements before heading to the Empire, for there was no time to waste.


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