Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 184


Regressor of the Fallen family

Chapter 184

Accompanied by only the minimum number of knights for his escort, Logan had hurried back to the capital. Instead of stopping by the mansion prepared for him in the capital, he headed straight to his master’s residence. There, he heard shocking news.

“An assassination attempt?!”


The white hairs had seemingly multiplied on the master’s head since the civil war and the death of the previous king—a fact seen clearly by Logan since it had been a while since they last met. His expression was also far from good.

“I’ve asked those who know the truth to suppress rumors as if nothing happened on the outside. However, it seems that rumors are spreading clandestinely regardless.”

“What exactly happened? An assassination attempt out of the blue?”

“Indeed, it’s perplexing. And there are several odd aspects to it.”


The explanation from his master continued slowly.

“…The thing is, the bigger problem is that there’s absolutely no trace. No evidence, no witnesses. Even after interrogating the chief of the royal guards, nothing came out. The man knew nothing at all.”

During the lengthy explanation, Logan tried to calm his shocked feelings as his mind raced to make sense of it all. No matter how much he thought, only unsatisfying conclusions emerged.

“…This is strange.”

“Yes. It is strange.”

“Who would do such a thing in these troubled times? Master, you don’t seriously think it’s the faction of the First Prince, do you?”

“How could that be the case? Even if they killed the king, they wouldn’t be able to ascend to the throne.”

Logan nodded at that. He refrained from saying it outright in front of his master, but more than anything, he, Logan, who had killed his own father to ascend the throne, would never harbor such intentions. Never would he fancy catching himself in his own trap.

‘It’s more likely they’d look for some distant blood of the royal line, blurred by mixed lineage.’

This was a thought that could occur to anyone with a bit of wits to them.

“Then you’re saying that it’s just as you mentioned before…”

“It’s necessary to have a presumed enemy to turn His Majesty’s anger in that direction. That’s why I brought it up.”

“It’s worrisome.”

“Yes. It is. Moreover, the testimony of Louis is a bit odd.”

“Lieutenant Louis?”

“Yes. To put a long story short, the assault in the deepest part of the palace was sloppily executed, which is strange for such an attack, but the retreat was meticulously carried out. It doesn’t smell right to you, does it?”

“…Yes. It reeks of suspicion. What were they aiming for?”

Following his master’s grim expression, Logan’s face also changed as the master let out a sigh and added more.

“Who these people are, and what exactly they were aiming for, we don’t yet know. But it’s clear that this incident has caused problems. Problems that are most uncomfortable for you.”


“His Majesty is suspecting you.”

“What are you talking about…?!”

Logan’s words made him spring up before he knew it.

“I’m the one who put His Majesty on the throne. Why would I target His Majesty’s life?!”

“That’s the logical train of thought. But emotions of humans don’t always follow logic….”

“If Lieutenant Louis says it’s strange, it may not have been a life-threatening ploy!”

“Yes, I think the same. However, Louis’ testimony is just an opinion, not an objective piece of evidence. We trust Louis, but…”

“His Majesty believes otherwise. Ha….”

Logan’s heart sank with frustration as he collapsed back onto his seat.

He had finally realized that the urgent matter his master spoke of wasn’t just the assassination attempt that had already occurred, but rather this predicament that had arisen from it.

“Everyone suspects there’s a different force behind it. But considering that those of high rank with Force ability were mobilized and even the royal guards’ shift schedule in the heart of the palace was manipulated, it seems it could only be you or me.”

“…So His Majesty pointed at me?”

“Yes. Though not explicitly…but he instructed me to summon you for a talk.”

“Good heavens. What’s going on…”

It was a series of perplexing events.

Frankly, this was even more disconcerting than the assassination attempt itself.

‘Why would His Majesty suspect me?’

A stifling feeling pressed on his chest, but there was only one way to solve it.

“…I must see His Majesty.”

“Do you have a plan in mind?”

“Should I not first find out why I am under suspicion before I can formulate any plan? I will request an audience immediately.”

“Good, I will get ready too.”

“What? Why do you need to prepare, Master?”

“If I’m not there to control you, he won’t even grant the audience.”


Logan was left speechless with indescribable feelings.

The King’s condition seemed more serious than he thought.

* * *

“Your Majesty, it’s been a while.”

“Yes. Indeed, Logan.”

They exchanged formal greetings, but the King’s face was tensely hardened as he glared at Logan.

“I heard of the unfortunate incident that recently occurred. Are you unharmed?”

Despite Logan’s utmost polite phrasing.

“Why do you ask such redundant questions when you have already heard about it, and even as you are here, seeing everything with your own eyes?”

The King did not respond positively.

‘Why is this happening?’

Logan glanced at his master who shook his head, motioning not to say anything unnecessary, so Logan changed the topic.

“…I’m relieved to see you are unscathed.”

“That truly comes from your heart?”


“I wonder if that is not perhaps a disappointment to you.”

Beneath his platinum hair, piercingly blue eyes narrowed sharply as the King cut straight to the point.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. My only concern has been for Your Majesty’s well-being.”

“Then why don’t I feel that sentiment at all?”

Despite facing a King who blatantly regarded him as a foe, Logan responded calmly.

“Do you believe I caused that incident? May I inquire why you have come to think so?”

I’m the one who placed you on the throne.

Why would I do such a thing?

He posed the question with tactful courtesy, to which the King brought up an entirely unexpected topic.

“I’ve heard that ever since you returned to your domain, the McClain family has been increasing their military force continuously. They are even mobilizing women for military training. As someone who has reached the highest rank among the kingdom’s subjects, what is the reason for this? Is it not because you covet this position?”


Logan’s face was at a loss at the King’s words.


Could that have been perceived as such…?

A troubling realization hit Logan.

Yet there was no hesitation in his response given his clear conscience.

“The truth is, I am concerned that within a few years, the Empire may invade our kingdom. This is a point I have made to my master as well, and the military bolstering is merely in preparation for this potential threat.”

“The Empire’s invasion?”

With a disbelief that rang clear towards his Master.

“Indeed it is. I am also steadily increasing the troops within my own domain, watching the west carefully. Furthermore, Logan has already supplied crossbows, which played a significant role during the civil war, at a reasonable price throughout the country. It is all for the sake of the kingdom.”

Even with the Swordsman’s supportive fire, the King’s gaze remained firm and distrustful toward Logan.

“Is there evidence of the Empire preparing to invade?”

“…As of now, it is merely suspicion. However, historically, the Empire has invaded neighbouring territories after the successional wars and establishment of a new heir over 70% of the time, Your Majesty.”

Words that Logan had prepared to persuade the King now felt like excuses being sputtered out.

Yet the King’s attitude remained unchanged.

“70%, huh. Yes, quite a high probability indeed. So high that a subject can keep amassing military forces and the King can say nothing about it.”

“Your Majesty!”

The Swordsman’s face hardened in defense, stepping forward as the conversation escalated.

“In the role of a Border Duke, it is within the discretion of the noble families, as specified by the laws of the kingdom, to increase military force. The McClain family is simply fulfilling their duty of guarding the southwest border.”

There was a moment of silence from the King before he sighed deeply, accepting the explanation.

“I spoke too harshly. I apologize. It seems that I have been on edge due to that unfortunate incident.”

The Swordsman too heaved a small sigh.

“Perhaps consider reducing the consumption of your customary drink. In such times, it’s important to take more care of your health.”

Casual drink?

Confused, Logan tilted his head while the King waved his hand dismissively.

“Let me worry about that, Grand Duke. However, I believe we were discussing something else prior to this, weren’t we?”

“My apologies, Your Majesty.”

Retreating, Logan stepped forward again.

“I am appalled that I did not fully take into account Your Majesty’s earnestness. I hope you can trust that my heart is always with Your Majesty and the kingdom.”

“Indeed. That must be the case. Ha… I might have overreacted. Who else would I trust if not you? After all, you are the one who made me a King.”

Despite his words, the King’s firm expression never softened.

‘He still suspects me.’

He had believed that the man he placed on the throne would show complete support and trust in return.

‘Was the Third Prince merely an ordinary person after all?’

Logan felt weighed down by unexpected changes in the man he had thought possessed the qualities of a true ruler.

If he sought the simplest and quickest solution, there was only one.

“I will find those responsible for this unfortunate incident and bring them before you, Your Majesty.”

“I trust you will.”

Even as he stated his trust with an expression that said otherwise, Logan could only turn and leave the presence of the King.

The Swordsman’s face revealed a deep melancholy as he observed the exchange between the King and Logan.

* * *

“Your Majesty. Grand Duke Esperanza requests a private audience.”

“The Grand Duke? A private audience? Hmm… Let it be so.”

The King, with a troubled look, set down his cup and nodded.

Cleos retreated, and the Swordsman entered through the door.

“A late visit alone, Grand Duke? Ah, this is but my small luxury after the day is done, do not mind it.”

The King signaled towards his cup with a smile, yet the Swordsman began with a grave tone.

“Although it may be presumptuous, as one who occupies the position of the King’s teacher, I have come seeking to understand Your Majesty’s true feelings.”

“…My true feelings? What do you mean?”

“Regarding the incident… do you truly believe it was Logan’s doing?”


Alcohol, mid-pour, spilled over the King’s hands.

After chuckling softly, he wiped his hands nonchalantly before lifting the full cup and downing the drink in one gulp.

“Your Majesty. Such a manner of drinking without accompaniments is detrimental to your health…”

As the Swordsman patiently waited, attempting to intervene.

The King abruptly asked.

“Grand Duke. Who, in truth, is the real King of this country?”


The absurdity of the question left the Swordsman aghast.

“Me? Or Logan? The subjects say they will seek Logan’s permission for every matter, and even you, you listen to Logan more than to me.”

“Your Majesty. Those are preposterous…”

“No, would this remark reach Logan too? What would Logan say then, I wonder? Hmm? It piques my curiosity.”

The King said, his face reddening with a snide smile, cutting off the Swordsman’s words.

“How, how can Your Majesty speak such things?”


“Whether I suspect Logan or not, honestly, does that even matter? Consider it as the whimpering of a puppet King. My thoughts, surely, can be easily dismissed with your power, can they not?”

“…It is not so. The true sovereign of this land is Your Majesty.”

The Swordsman deeply bowed his head, his face overcast as he responded, prompting the King to erupt in laughter.

“Hahaha. Do you truly believe so? So if I command you to exclude Logan from state affairs, would you comply?”

“Your Majesty. Logan is only striving for Your Majesty and this nation!”

“…What does that matter?”


“I’m not discussing whether Logan has done well or poorly. If I give the order to pressure Logan, will you carry it out? I am still the King, am I not?”


As the Swordsman froze, silent, the King snickered and motioned with his hand.

“Leave me. I need to have another drink.”

With a stiff face, the Swordsman turned and walked out as the King, bearing a bitter smile, continued to gulp down his drinks.

Yet, why did the alcohol, which used to clear his heavy heart with ease and refreshment, make his chest feel tighter today?


Angrily thrown, the alcohol bottle struck the wall and shattered into pieces, while the moon outside slipped away quietly behind the clouds.


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