Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 178


Regressor of the Fallen family

Chapter 178: The Sudden Family Conference

As Ronian’s words reached their parents, their reactions differed sharply.

“A high-ranking knight is more than capable of taking care of himself anywhere. I’m in favor of it,” said the father, smiling with pride.

“Why?! Why would you voluntarily seek danger? Why?!” exclaimed the stepmother, her expression changing drastically.

Logan understood some of her concerns but, having promised his brother, he had no choice but to try and convince her.

“Ronian has reached the age to learn about the world, Mother.”

“No! That’s nonsense! Do you know how much I’ve cried every time you went off to war? Just when things have gotten peaceful, you want me to worry again?!”

“But you told me to be strong, didn’t you…?”

“How can you compare you and the child?!”


The patriarch, who had once come back gravely wounded during the civil war, sank down with a hurt expression, while Merian’s face remained unmoved.

“Regardless, it’s a definite no!”


Was Merian turning a blind eye to Ronian’s earnest appeal out of fear of being persuaded?

She got up from her seat without another look at her son.

“That’s it! I’m absolutely opposed. There’s no need for further discussion!”

Her refusal to even listen was evident.

Ronian, unable to bring up any more arguments, could only look to Logan.

‘Big brother. I can’t persuade mother. Please!’

A silent plea conveyed through his eyes, and with a sigh, Logan spoke up to the retreating stepmother.

“Mother, Ronian will soon be an adult. We can’t keep treating him like a child forever. Please reconsider, for Ronian’s future.”

“Indeed, you spoke well. He’s almost an adult but not yet! Are we really sending someone like that out into the world all by himself?”

He wasn’t exactly going to be by himself, Logan thought about adding…

But that wasn’t the point.

“Mother. As you said, Ronian is young, but he is also a hero of reversals who has faced war numerous times. He is perfectly qualified to choose his path.”

Classic lines for persuasion, but they fell on deaf ears with Merian, who was blinded by worry for her son.

“Is this your doing? You told him to go out into the world and suffer?”

Logan’s sigh deepened at the dangerous glint in her eye, reminiscent of times she had opposed his stepmother.

“I was against it at first.”

“But why have you changed your mind?”

“I was persuaded by Ronian’s own wish.”


“He wishes to gain experience in the world and surpass me. So, I told him to go ahead.”

Logan’s concise explanation was not enough to convince.

“Ronian has exceptional talent. Mother, do you wish for him to remain simply the second son of the Maclain family? He has the potential to become the kingdom’s greatest knight. It’s right for us to allow him to pursue his own path for his future.”

Logan spoke calmly about the future.

A son’s safety, and his success.

Merian’s eyes wavered slightly, but a mother’s heart leaned once again towards safety.

“It’s still far too dangerous…”

“If Ronian, a high-ranking knight, ever faces life-threatening danger, the world would essentially be hell. You know that’s excessive worry.”


Ronian might indeed seek out dangerous places for his training,

but Logan left out such details for the sake of persuasion.


“If something happens to Ronian, that would be hell for me! What’s wrong with him being my child? He’s not even an adult yet! It’s not like the knight’s errand needs to be done right this moment. Just a bit longer, just a bit more….”

Merian remained resistant.

Ronian, observing his stepmother’s expression silently, finally stepped forward.

“Mother. I know you worry because you think I’m lacking.”

“Not at all. You are my strong son…”

“If it were my brother saying he’d go, would you oppose it this much?”

“That’s not what I mean. I just…”

“Mother. I promise I’ll return safely. I’ll grow stronger, become tougher than my brother, and return as your brave son. Please trust me.”


Ronian, gripping his mother’s hands, had eyes unshaken from before, and her wavering gaze finally steadied.

In that moment, Logan sensed that his mother had been won over by his brother’s plea.

‘That sly boy, acting as if he can’t when he can.’

And as expected.

“….How did such a young one grow up so much.”

Merian’s voice carried a sentiment similar to Logan’s just a few hours earlier, along with a resigned sigh.

As she tenderly touched her son’s hair, her eyes welling up with tears, she realized that her son had grown taller than her.

The family, including the person at the center of it all, waited in silence for a moment, then a composed Merian spoke again.

“Do you truly need to do this?”

“Yes. I am certain it is my path.”

“You won’t engage in risky endeavors, right?”

“….Yes. Of course.”

Ronian stuttered, taken off guard, but reassured by his brother’s signals.

A little white lie to calm his mother was not so bad after all.

With that, Merian finally nodded.

“Alright. Return safely. And don’t forget to stay in touch periodically.”

“Yes, Mother.”

“Oh my. When did my son become so…”

A warm embrace followed between mother and son.

With that, Ronian’s solo mission was set in stone.

* * *

“Are you sure it’s alright to leave so unprepared?”

Logan’s gaze swept over the barren surroundings.

The family’s second son set off on a journey of indeterminate length, and only he and the parents remained to see him off.

Feeling somewhat uneasy about it, but recalling that the person himself had declined a grand farewell, there was ease in the adventurer’s tone.

“Why make a fuss? It’s nothing more than a brief outing.”

His younger brother treated a journey that could take years as a mere errand.

Logan had felt a peace of mind, even compared to when the matter was first broached.

“Then. Return immediately if it gets too hard or you feel you have met your goals.”

“I certainly will return after achieving my goals.”

He hugged his brother, who smiled in response, preparing to see him off. Logan’s heightened senses then picked up sniffling from behind.


Confident in his brother’s abilities, yet knowing the importance of experience to avoid the pitfalls that lay ahead, he felt the need to share advice one last time.

“So. Even though we’ve talked about it before, what is the most important thing to keep in mind when traveling alone as a mercenary or a free knight?”

“Don’t trust people carelessly.”

“That’s right. Why?”

“People will mask their intentions and approach those who display talent or wealth, as they seek to take advantage.”

Logan nodded, pleased with the response.

“That’s correct. A blade wielded in front can be countered with skill, but a stealthy stab in the back can inflict a deadly wound unnoticed. Always beware of people.”

“Yes, brother.”



“Especially be cautious around women. With your skills and looks, there will be women who become entangled with you, and in those moments…”



“You’ve mentioned it several times already.”

“Ah, right. But listen again. At those times…”

Ronian chuckled at his brother’s persistence, while Logan remained earnest.

‘This is advice that will save your life, buddy.’

He intended to share decades of experience from a past life with his brother for his own good.

Yet as time passed, Ronian’s expression became increasingly impassive.

“Brother, maybe that’s enough…”

“Eh? No, I’m in the middle of the most important part. If you find yourself pinned down in the vanguard, then…”

“Brother! You’ve already said that three times…”


Realizing his brother looked exasperated, Logan noticed the sun’s position had changed as well.


“…or else I’ll leave tomorrow.”

“I’m fine not leaving.”

“Ah, come on. Regardless…”

“It was just a saying.”

The voices of their parents reached Logan, forcing him to feel bashful.

“Alright. Have a safe trip. Don’t forget the regular check-ins and reports. If you’re late, I’ll come looking for you.”

“Understood. I’ll keep that in mind!”

Ronian’s suddenly brightened face seemed almost like a freed prisoner’s, though it must have been Logan’s imagination.


“Stay in touch!”

With his parents’ farewells, Ronian turned and stepped forward, and Logan felt a shifted future.

“I’m crying again. Heh, but I’m here. When Ronian looks back, he’ll see us. How can he leave worrying like that? People… really.”

Patrick chuckled lightly as he comforted his sobbing wife in his arms.

“Sniff. Be quiet. Sigh. I’d be happier if he didn’t leave, you know.”

“We should let grown children live as they wish. It’s time for them to worry about us now.”

“But I can’t help worrying.”

“Wasn’t all your worrying saved for when I went off to war?”

“What are you saying? It wasn’t like that.”

Merian looked baffled at Patrick.

“Why did you just worry about Ronian…?”

“I said what I said. Of course, I worried. About you, about Logan.”

“Ah… Haha. I knew it, right?”

“What’s this? You got jealous over your son?”

“That’s not… jealousy….”

Patrick smiled sheepishly.

“Don’t worry. I won’t worry anymore.”

Merian, with tears dried up, seemed resolutely determined.

“Eh? And why’s that?”

“Instead of worrying, I’ll prepare. So that Ronian can always come back to a comfortable place.”

“…Well, if that’s it, then by all means.”

Patrick finally relaxed, responding with a bright smile.

“You need to step back from the territorial affairs a bit and let Logan handle them.”

“He’s doing fine, what’s the problem? As you say, let’s just prepare for when the kids need a place to rest.”

“I’ll handle the preparations. You work. Logan’s been losing sleep over the fort lately.”

“Not really, I still oversee the knights…”

With the back-and-forth, their voices filled Maclain Castle as the sunset waned.

‘I have to prepare thoroughly to protect all of this.’

Smiling from afar, Logan affirmed his resolve again.

* * *

“My brother, really…”

With the setting sun as his backdrop, Ronian chuckled at the thought of his recent ordeal.

It felt like an interrogation standing up – how many hours of talk about mercenaries had that been?

He knew it was all out of concern for him, yet he still felt patronized.

‘So I must return stronger.’

As he reaffirmed this determination, to the west, where the Maclain plains ended, stood a man with blue hair, backlit by the falling sun.

Seeing the man standing as if waiting for a long time, his boots dusted with soil, Ronian grinned and called out.

“Viktor! How long have you been waiting? I thought you were a statue!”

Approaching the figure, Viktor smiled wryly.

“You’re complaining, but how long did you spend on that farewell? I thought I got the date wrong.”

They greeted each other naturally with jokes, fists bumping, shoulders clashing, and then a light hug.

“Take care.”

Though brief, the words were drenched in pure sincerity, allowing Ronian to return the smile wholeheartedly.

“When I come back, I’ll be strong enough to face you with just one hand. Stay on your toes.”

Ronian’s playful brag was met with Viktor’s chuckle.

“Just make sure to come back safely. Even if you haven’t grown, I’ll take care of you.”

“What, mate?”

Laughter filled the air, and with the farewell of his only friend in the territory behind him, Ronian strode forth on an indefinite journey.


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