Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 172


Regressor of the Fallen family

New recruits are being sought in the MacLaine domain.

A total of 5,000 men.

Ages 16 to 20.

(…the rest omitted…)

As expected, the announcement for soldier recruitment was met with fervent response.

Over 2,000 applicants came forth from just MacLaine Town, while combining all 20 castles resulted in an overwhelming number of over 30,000 candidates.

The surge of applications exceeded expectations, burdening the likes of Heinckel and Kaisollon along with the military instructors and administrative managers, but for the leadership, it was nothing short of delightful.

Among them all, Logan’s heart felt a special kind of anticipation.

‘If everything goes as planned, the probability is high that awakeners will emerge from this first batch by this year or the next at the latest.’

If it happened that way, it meant that within just 4-5 years since setting new standards and beginning soldier training, someone would awaken to their power—an incredibly short period, especially since MacLaine’s army faced many battles that provided dramatic stimulus.

Once individuals begin to awaken, followed by soldiers recruited later and the new applicants now being gathered, if they experience a surge of awakenings over a few years…

‘That alone would mark the start of another preparation to confront the empire.’

And then.

‘Finally, the whole nation will start adopting MacLaine’s method of selecting soldiers. Voluntarily.’

In fact, after seizing power, Logan had briefed the nobility on the method of selecting soldiers, but none seemed to have implemented it in the same manner yet.

But to force them into adopting these selection standards would be asking too much, even for him.

Hence, he was awaiting the natural development of events.

In such high spirits, as he observed the unfolding situation, Eileen came to visit.

Since her return to the domain, Logan had been too preoccupied to meet her, and seeing her face after such a long time brightened his day. But his smile stiffened upon facing her somber expression.

“Eileen, what’s the matter…?”

“Lord Logan, I have a suggestion regarding the soldier recruitment.”

“Ah… haha, you startled me. Please, tell me. I’m always open to suggestions.”

“Why don’t we also recruit female soldiers while we’re at it?”

“…Excuse me?”

Logan was caught off-guard by the unexpected proposal.

‘Someday, of course, but so soon?’

Her talent was important, but Eileen’s symbolism was key when she joined; her fame would demonstrate to the kingdom the value of female knights and soldiers, paving the way for further female recruitment.

However, the civil war ended quicker than expected, and her name spread only among MacLaine domain, the capital’s social circles, and not as a knights-errant but more as Logan MacLaine’s fiancée.

Clearly, a miscalculation on his part.

Thus, Logan had been counting solely on her potential to become superhuman.

But now, she was addressing this issue herself.

“Could you tell me why you’ve thought this way?”

“I’ve given it a lot of thought. What I can do for this family.”

“…You’re doing more than enough.”

“I know.”

With a wry smile and a moment’s amusement, she returned to seriousness.

“After meeting you and coming to MacLaine, I found my path. And a partner, too.”

Clearing her throat, Eileen turned her blushing face away and continued.

“Then it struck me. Am I really the only woman like this in our domain, in our country?”


“Yes. I want to offer the same opportunity you gave me to others. And ultimately, I believe it will be a great help to the MacLaine family. What do you think about that, my lord?”

Taking a deep breath, Logan looked into her red hair so similar to his, and her emerald eyes so different from his own.

A long-contemplated goal.

One he had almost given up on.

Yet now, the very person meant to be a symbol of that goal was volunteering.

Logan nodded sincerely at the sight of his fiancée, who seemed particularly beautiful today.

“Very well. We’ll target female soldier development, and I believe you, Lady Eileen, should take responsibility for this.”


Caught off-guard, as if she hadn’t considered that aspect, Eileen was perturbed.

“There are more qualified individuals for soldier training than me…”

“They may not understand women as Lady Eileen does. Perhaps you can handle aspects they cannot?”


“Besides, there is none other who can be the rallying point for those with such dreams, being the kingdom’s first female knight and the first noblewoman to receive a title, Lady Eileen Floyd.”

Eileen, who had earned a baroness title from her contributions in the civil war, was now free of any embarrassment attached to her great honorifics.


Even though she appeared a bit flustered.

Logan had to restrain his laughter at her lovely demeanor, calmly bringing up potential issues.

“You must be prepared, though.”


“The ideal is excellent, but it won’t be easily achieved. We’ll face difficulties and opposition.”

Eileen’s green eyes held a steely resolve.

Seemed almost pointless to warn her any further with this degree of determination.

Thus, Logan simply promised his total support.

But as expected, the situation wasn’t going to be easy.

– They’re recruiting female soldiers in MacLaine?

– A woman’s army? Is this a joke?

– Come on, women can’t possibly…

– Someone’s playing a bad prank. Just get rid of it.

Butler Dwayne’s voice turned softer as he confirmed the meager number of female applicants, despite the massive publicity effort.

“Yes, 232 to be exact… Almost all of them applied just after the announcement.”

Eileen sighed in disappointment, but Logan was reassuring. “It was to be expected, Eileen. They are the beginning.”

Encouraged by Logan’s sincere comfort, Eileen nodded, her fists clenched in resolve. Logan felt guilty for underestimating the scarcity of women like Eileen or ‘that girl.’ His past experiences had led to unrealistic expectations of women in the kingdom.

Suddenly recalling memories and considering whether to target female mercenaries from the kingdom in the empire, Logan sighed at the absurdity of it all.

“Cassandra, you’re really leaving for MacLaine?”

“Yeah. Obviously, I can’t stay here much longer.”

“But still…”

“I’m fine. You know me, I’m Cassandra of Mighty Strength! I’ll manage. So, take care, Anna.”

After overpowering her prospective groom on the eve of a forced wedding, staying in her hometown was out of the question. Utilizing her innate strength elsewhere seemed prudent, likely as a mercenary in the empire.

At least the empire’s eastern dialect wasn’t too far from the kingdom’s. She could make a living there by showing off her ability to outmatch several men easily. That’s how Cassandra reassured herself as she left her home of twenty years. But then.

“Hey, Cassie! Are you going to MacLaine now?”

“What? No, I’m headed for the empire…”

“Didn’t you hear? The MacLaine domain in the south is recruiting female soldiers and knights. Wouldn’t it be better to go somewhere closer instead of another country?”

“…Really?! Is that true?!”

In Logan’s altered future, another destiny was changed.


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