Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 160


Regressor of the Fallen family

Regressor of the Fallen Family Chapter 160

“It’s too extravagant.”

“This is tradition, they say…”

“Still, it certainly looks splendid.”

The chatter filled the grand hall of the palace, which was usually steeped in solemnity. Decorated with ornate jewels, the walls boasted paintings and ornaments, while the high ceiling was adorned with a massive chandelier prepared for this special day, enhancing the beauty of the decorations.

The grand hall, usually reserved for solemn affairs, was now filled with the voices of dozens of nobles. At the northern end, a magnificent throne took center stage, surrounded by ornate tables and seats typically off-limits. The focal point, however, was not the throne but two chairs placed slightly lower. Less ornate and a bit smaller, one of the seated figures found the situation quite uncomfortable.

“Was this really necessary, Logan?”

“Yes, of course. Though, if you find it bothersome, you may leave. But then, you’ll just watch your disciple grasp power and potentially become corrupt from afar.”

“Hmm. I told you not to change…”

Logan smirked at the Sword Sage’s reaction.

“Being directly by your side to guide you is the most effective, isn’t it?”

“So, you’ll follow my instructions from now on?”

“It seems the ceremony is about to start, Master.”

“Crafty as ever.”

As the Sword Sage sighed and lifted his head, a booming voice announced, “We now commence the coronation of Rogers von Grandia, the 42nd King of the Grandia Kingdom! All noble guests, please rise.”

The voice of Archbishop Crimson Matthew, representing the temple at the royal court, echoed throughout the hall. Logan, upon seeing the Archbishop, remembered their earlier encounter and the several times he had pestered his master, suggesting that his master’s precious offspring, Stella, should join the priesthood, a life of solitude.

Logan pondered, dismissing the thought of clashing with the Archbishop. The nobles, led by Logan and the Sword Sage, stood up as the announcement continued, marking the beginning of an elaborate, meticulously planned ceremony.

Five hours later, Logan, seated in a prime spot, began to regret organizing this event, bombarded with endless traditional formalities. His main objective was to assert his presence to the newly crowned King Rogers, who seemed oblivious to everything else, captivated by the object that had just appeared before him.

“The Crown of Ruler,” a Class-5 artifact, allowed only for Grandia’s king. Crafted by the great mage Premlyn Douglas, one of the founding heroes, its brilliance captivated everyone. Logan saw not just its physical light but also the mana wrapping around the new king, realizing the crown’s magical nature.

Reflecting on the late king’s assassination, Logan doubted his previous assumptions. The crown’s powers suggested that such an assassination would be difficult to carry out unnoticed.

His thoughts were interrupted as Archbishop Crimson Matthew finally concluded the ceremony with a blessing, recognizing Rogers I as the new king and offering divine blessings. King Rogers, donning the radiant crown, solemnly declared his commitment to his royal duties.

The event everyone eagerly awaited followed, addressing the aftermath of the conflict between the Valdermaine and Douglas factions. The new king’s speech proposed surprisingly lenient punishments for the subordinate nobles involved, merely imposing fines and limiting their military authority.

The unexpected twist, however, came when the King granted clemency to Dukes Luther Kaihl and Wicken Callian, who were forced into rebellion by their fathers-in-law. This unforeseen act of mercy left the court in utter shock.

Amid the shocked nobles, a voice of astonishment erupted, loud enough to interrupt the newly crowned king’s speech. However, the nobles, rather than blaming the source of the outburst, turned their confused gaze toward the new king. They couldn’t fathom why the king would pardon the two dukes who were central to the factional conflict, even if their leaders were dead.

But the king met the eyes of the Sword Sage and Logan, seated right below him, nodding at their silent agreement to continue his speech. “…their titles will be demoted to counts, half of their territories will be surrendered to the state, and they will serve a ten-year military duty under Duke Felix Esperanza in the Esperanza Knights.”

Murmurs and whispers filled the hall. Logan looked at his master, understanding the discomfort in his expression. He had never been an optimist to believe he could capture the strongest of the enemy’s forces with his inferior troops. Yet, after the war, his master had captured them.

“A superhuman’s power is a symbol of a nation’s strength. These two were merely swayed by the greed of Yordan and Juan, not inherently greedy. I’ll keep them in check,” his master had reasoned, leaving Logan with no choice but to agree. After all, in his previous life, only Juan Douglas and Wicken Callian had survived the civil war. Maintaining the number of superhumans could mitigate unforeseen variables.

Now, these decisions were reflected in the king’s speech. “Having settled the remnants of the past, we shall now reward the heroes who ushered in this new era for Grandia.”

All eyes in the hall turned to the Sword Sage and Logan. Everyone was curious about the rewards for the Esperanza and McLaine families, who had essentially ended the war. The king began, “First, to honor Duke Felix Esperanza for his victory in the McLaine Battle and the beheading of the traitor Juan Douglas, I grant him the title of Grand Duke and annex the former territories of Counts Talos and Cherno to the Esperanza Duchy.”

While the nobles were impressed, the Sword Sage, now a Grand Duke with a vast territory and title, seemed displeased. Logan could only offer a bitter smile, understanding his master’s frustration with these unwanted responsibilities. “It’s a nuisance. I didn’t seek these gains. I’m already a duke,” his master grumbled.

“Since we’ve defeated all the border counts, we need to secure the western borders in case the Empire considers war. Please oversee this, Master.”

“Why must I do it?”

“Then who else should?”

With a sigh, the Sword Sage resignedly accepted the burdensome titles and territories, though he seemed more like a man forced into a high-grade position against his will.

As the king turned his attention to Logan, the hall fell silent, anticipating his reward. “Now, for the greatest contributor to the new Grandia, Logan McLaine and his family,” the king announced, with Logan kneeling before him.

The king’s praise for Logan was markedly different from that for his master. “As everyone now knows, Sir Logan McLaine is a young hero who slew the traitor Yordan Valdermaine, a pillar of our kingdom’s future.”

The king’s high praise for Logan’s strategic mind made him slightly uncomfortable. He knew his limitations, having almost jeopardized his family’s status despite his knowledge of the future. “He foresaw the country’s misfortune years ago, promising to eradicate the court’s corruption and secure the throne for me,” the king continued, stretching the truth.

Logan’s face fell as the nobles behind him expressed their admiration. “He compassionately stepped up to reduce the traitors’ forces significantly, leading them into a prepared battlefield and decisively cutting off their command,” the king added, embellishing the story.

Feeling overwhelmed by the exaggerated acclaim and recalling how close he had come to disaster, Logan wished for a simpler acknowledgment of his bravery. He realized the underappreciated need for strategic thinkers in a world dominated by superhumans and knights.

The king reached the climax of his announcement, ready to bestow Logan’s reward. Logan braced himself, his thoughts mixed with anticipation and trepidation about what lay ahead.


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