Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 159


Regressor of the Fallen family

Regressor of the Fallen Family Chapter 159

On the day Logan entered the capital.

The great hall of the royal family, where the future affairs of the kingdom and the royal family were discussed, was stained red with blood of the royalty.

An event that had never occurred in the thousand-year history of Grandia.

The notoriety of Logan McLaine spread throughout the entirety of Gran quickly, through the mouths of the countless soldiers and nobles who had witnessed the process.

The very next day.

“I wish to see His Highness Rogers. Please lead the way.”

At Logan’s words, the Count and Captain of the Royal Knights, Francisco Romero, paled significantly.

Yet, he could not refuse that request.

‘Surely, he wouldn’t harm a prince who is to be king, right?’

With that one belief, Francisco moved his reluctant steps, deliberately ignoring the sinister killing intent that seemed to radiate from the McLaine knights and Logan’s stern expression following behind him.

* * *

“Please wait here for a moment, Sir Logan. His Highness the Prince will be with you shortly.”

As the knight guarding the Sword Sage’s residence spoke, the procession that had attracted the attention of everyone around came to a halt.

“Is he planning on imprisoning or killing the prince?”

“Surely not…”

“What do you mean, surely not? Didn’t you hear what happened yesterday?”

“Perhaps gathering people like this is meant to…”

The whispering murmurs of those around started to grow, and it was then that Francisco, who was leading Logan and the McLaine knights, felt a sense of unease.

He recalled a simple fact that he had overlooked in the midst of being swept away by the atmosphere.

‘Sir Logan is a disciple of the Sword Sage. He would’ve known that the prince was here. Did I really need to lead them here?’

If this was how it seemed, then the knights of the Royal Knights, including himself, might as well appear as mere errand runners for McLaine.

At that realization, Francisco’s expression hardened just as the mansion’s doors opened.

Emerging from within was a young man with platinum blonde hair and blue eyes, flanked by knights of Esperanza with eagle emblems on their armor.

The Third Prince, Rogers von Grandia.

An eerie silence fell upon the crowd with his appearance.

Ironically, the gaze of the onlookers shifted away from the prince and onto Logan instead.

Thud. Thud.

As the slightly stiff Prince descended the steps slowly, followed by knights with frozen expressions.


“I, Logan McLaine, have come to pay my respects to the noble bloodline, His Highness Rogers von Grandia.”

Kneeling on his left knee and placing his right fist over his heart in a gesture of extreme respect, Logan deeply bowed his head, causing many of the onlookers’ eyes to widen with surprise.

Thump. Thump.

“I am at your service, Your Highness!”

Following Logan’s example, the McLaine knights saluted in unison, their powerful voices easing the tension that had filled the silent streets.

The solemn-faced Third Prince’s expression softened to a gentle smile, and Luis Hayon, who had been tensely guarding the prince, released a sigh of relief, letting go of the hilt of his sword at his waist.

“Sir Logan…”

“It is at last possible for me to fulfill a promise I made long ago. I am sorry for the delay.”

“A promise…”

The Third Prince was momentarily at a loss for words, then let out a chuckle.

“Indeed… I do recall making such a promise. Yes, that’s right… Ha…”

His soft chuckle soon turned into a hearty laugh.

“Hahaha! Never did I imagine that promise would be fulfilled in such a way. Your efforts are greatly appreciated, Sir Logan.”

The Third Prince helped Logan to his feet and clapped him on the shoulder, unwittingly employing a mixture of formal and informal address for the first time since meeting him. However, that one sentence solidified Logan’s current position.

The prince, or rather, the future king, was treating this person with proper etiquette, indicating his station.

After receiving the prince from Luis, Logan escorted the prince straight to the Royal Palace.

Subsequently, he issued a public statement announcing the new king’s accession and used the excuse of guarding the prince until the coronation ceremony to stay at the palace.

“The Royal Palace’s security has traditionally been the responsibility of the Royal Knights! Sir Logan.”

“Is that so, Your Highness? Shall we allow that?”

“If the Royal Knights had been trustworthy, would I have needed to stay at the Sword Sage’s residence? Sir Logan, I wish for you to remain by my side.”

“I shall follow with utmost loyalty.”

“Count Francisco?”

“I… will follow your command.”

Despite Count Francisco’s distorted expression, even he could not go against the overwhelming tide.

From that point onwards, the McLaine knights and their forces began to replace the roles of the Royal Defence Forces at the Royal Palace Grandpia.

The next day, Logan, under the pretext of a temporary council of state, summoned all the nobles in the capital to the palace.

“Sir… Logan McLaine, present yourself.”

A tentative announcement untethered to any specific title.

The voice of the palace’s attendant shook with the anxiety of uttering this for the first time, but no one laughed at the wavering voice. If anything, the nobles seated inside the great hall rose to their feet upon seeing the red-haired youth entering through the front door.

“Ah, there’s no need to stand on my account. Please remain seated. Such overcourtesy is overwhelming for someone without a title. I am already apologetic for being late.”

With an amiable smile, Logan naturally took the highest seat and cut straight to the point.

“The reason I have called you all here is that we need to form a new cabinet. Even though His Highness Rogers’ coronation is yet to be held, we need ministers to take on tasks to prepare for it, don’t we?”

A new cabinet. This meant those present were potential candidates for ministerial roles.

The nobles, long suppressed by factional strife, sensed an opportunity and began to stir, with ambition glittering in their eyes. Confronted with this desire, yet no one dared to come forward.

“Ahem. It was none other than Sir Logan who drove out the traitors and established a new kingdom. We trust and follow Sir Logan’s judgement without harbouring any ambitions.”

Eventually, in consideration of the formal setting, Count Roberts Floyd spoke out with a smile, initiating a polite response.

His approach prompted other nobles to nod and agree.

“Indeed, you speak truly!”

“Who among us could match Sir Logan’s sagacity?”

“We trust unconditionally anyone recommended by Sir Logan!”

Acclaim? Unconditional trust?

A bitter smile surfaced on Logan’s lips at these excessive flatteries.

But this was exactly the situation he had intended to create.

Holding back a twitching smile, Logan continued.

“Hmm. Since it seems there are no objections, I will provide my thoughts. Here is a list of ‘candidate’ ministers that I have ‘humbly’ selected.”

Logan emphasized certain words as he distributed documents pre-prepared for the nobles.

The document evoked a collective inward sigh from the nobles. It wasn’t so much the other names, but the topmost name on the list that made Logan’s intentions crystal clear.

[Prime Minister: Count Roberts Floyd]

The highest bureaucratic position in the kingdom went unanimously to the man likely to become Logan’s father-in-law.

The list continued with names of individuals known to be close associates of Count Roberts Floyd, an inner circle-focused selection rather than one based on capability.

At first glance, it seemed like a subjective list ideal for ruining a country, but there were no objections.

“Ahaha… I… ahem. It humbles me that Sir Logan holds someone as unworthy as myself in such high regard. I will gladly dedicate myself to the country.”

In spite of the private agreements, Roberts Floyd created a warm atmosphere without a hint of awkwardness.

“Exemplary selections.”

“Typical of Sir Logan. Such an exceptional mind.”

“We all concur!”

Those whose names appeared were pleased, while those without names clapped in hopes of reaping whatever rewards they could.

‘In the past life, I beheaded many of the 1st Prince’s bureaucrats who had plunged the country into misery. At least these individuals will fare better. There are those among them who were dismissed due to factional politics.’

Although the list was completed with the active input of Roberts Floyd, whom he was fated to call father-in-law, it would undoubtedly be better than the cabinet from his past life.

‘Besides, they must heed my words without question.’

With that expectation, Logan again spoke with a gentle tone.

“If anyone has any objections, please speak now.”

Of course, there were no objections.

“Then I will report accordingly to His Highness. The ‘consensus’ of all nobility has been swiftly achieved. His Highness will be pleased indeed.”


More like an agreement between two.

Despite what everyone thought, naturally, no one protested.

“Of course, the official appointments will take place after His Majesty’s coronation. Those on the list should take this time to prepare adequately.”

For the first time since entering the hall, Logan smiled genuinely.

In his past life, he had never concerned himself with who was competent in administration, hardly hearing any rumors.

There weren’t likely rumors about famous bureaucrats like there were about famous knights or mages.

Yet, he had a contingency in place.

“We will prioritize rehiring former officials who lost their jobs due to factional struggles for the detailed operations, and we will fill any gaps with graduates from the Administrative Academy. Any objections?”

“None at all!”

Among the assembled nobles, only a few sincerely smiled.

With Roberts Floyd’s hearty approval, the ‘temporary council of state’ came to a swift conclusion.

* * *

Though a civil war had ended and a single power had taken control, not everything was settled cleanly.

It took over a week just to sort out the final battle that took place in McLaine’s territory, and another week passed before the Sword Sage, having wrapped up all matters, returned to the capital, Gran.

Upon his arrival, the Sword Sage found the city buzzing with the news of Logan’s actions.

After a moment of contemplation upon hearing the story, the Sword Sage set out to find Logan with a heavy expression.

“Was all that truly necessary? The royal children were barely over ten years old.”

“There was no need to leave any potential threats behind. Well, I did fail to catch the first prince, who has already disappeared.”

Unmoved by his master’s dismay, Logan seemed to regret missing out at not having killed off the entire royal line on the eldest prince.

Seeing his disciple’s response, the Sword Sage struggled for words.

“Is that truly what’s best for the kingdom?”

“Yes, I believe it is. It’s for the best, considering His Highness Rogers’ imminent reign.”

“And not out of your own selfishness?”

“Of course.”

His disciple’s eyes, gazing back intently, seemed genuinely free of any self-interest.

However, that made the Sword Sage more uneasy.

“Did you come to the capital ahead of me to do all this? Were you worried I might stop you?”

“…I didn’t think it necessary to dirty my master’s hands further.”

“No excuses… Ha, enough. Fortunately, you seem aware that it was a sordid affair.”


Logan’s expression darkened.

“I won’t dwell on what’s happened. Be at ease.”

“…Thank you.”

“But remember this: you’ve already crossed a line once.”


“You have reasons and justifications for your actions, so this time, I’ll let it be. But I’m concerned.”

“What do you mean…?”

“Be aware of the line you must not cross, and recognize it clearly. The moment crossing that line becomes nothing to you, you become no different from Yordan or Juan.”

“That’s not…”

“Didn’t you promise not to become like them once? Don’t disappoint me further.”

A brief silence fell between the two before Logan spoke, his voice low and heavy.

“…I will never change.”

“We’ll see.”


“If you were the same person I first met, you would have answered my question honestly. You wouldn’t have come to the capital before me to do so.”


Taken aback by an unexpected remark, Logan’s eyes widened momentarily.

Observing his disciple, the Sword Sage sighed softly.

“People always change, Logan. Just as I’ve changed to protect you, once vowing to stake my life on my word.”

“I am truly… sorry.”

“There’s no need to apologize. It was also my decision. However, be aware that you have changed. Above all, remember there are lines that one must not cross to remain human. When those lines become invisible, a person becomes a monster. Like Yordan whom you killed.”

With those final words, the Sword Sage left, and Logan remained still, silently watching his master’s retreating figure.

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