Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 15


Chapter 15: Patrick’s Sigh

Patrick sighed deeply as he watched his eldest son leave the room.

“I will prove the reasons for my actions within a year. Until then, please turn a blind eye to what I wish to do on my own.”

‘How much should I trust him……’

Although his son’s eyes were resolute, Patrick found it hard to trust him.

Nevertheless, Patrick felt compelled to acquiesce to the request.

“Please, Father.”

It was the first plea he had heard since ‘that day,’ a plea he hadn’t even heard when his son partook in all manner of wickedness.

‘A plea…’

Patrick bitterly smiled, finding it strange that such a normal word between parent and child could feel so foreign.

But should Logan fail to prove his words after a year…

‘I must make a resolute decision.’

For the honor of the family.

He was the head of the McLaine family before being a father.



With a long sigh, weakened hands opened a simple pendant to reveal a portrait within.

Today, the familiar face of the blue-haired beauty seemed to painfully dig into his eyes.

“Reina… I’m sorry. I can’t understand what our son is thinking at all. Despite my promises to protect and raise him well……”

…Perhaps I’ve been too neglectful.

His last words, feeble and filled with self-reproach, stung the heart of a father, not just the head of the family.

* * *

Thud. The weighty sound of the office door shook his chest heavily.


Simply uttering the word brought back vivid memories that would otherwise feel distant.

Even with Logan’s memories of his past life spanning decades ago, the word ‘mother’ held such power.

That’s why it weighed even heavier on his heart.

‘I didn’t expect him to mention her……’

In his previous life, even when he was expelled from the family, these words were not mentioned until the very end.

Objectively speaking, Logan didn’t think his current actions were worse than the swordfight from his past life, so his reasons were somewhat predictable.

‘He still holds some expectations, doesn’t he?’

Without realizing it, Logan let out a soft, mocking laugh.

As he walked down the corridor with his mind in turmoil, a familiar voice rang out from the opposite end.



His younger brother Ronian appeared with an uncomfortable look, escorted by two knights.

“Brother! Are you alright?”

Seeing him panting heavily, it seemed he had run all the way from training.

It was a pattern all too familiar, but now it was a welcome sight.

“Of course, I’m fine. It’s been a while, Roni.”

“Huff, I’m relieved. The rumors were quite bad, so I was worried.”

The sight of Ronian sighing in relief and smiling… that ever-constant and unchanging demeanor…

‘Huh? Something’s different.’

Of course, his brother was genuinely concerned and relieved for him.

But the subtle hint of excitement in his eyes, mixed with a strange sense of anticipation, was different from usual.

And oddly, he seemed more lively than before.

‘Oh ho? Could it be?’

With a hint of curiosity, Logan focused on the inner workings of his brother and sensed traces of active power surging within him.

Suddenly, Logan’s eyes widened.

“You! It’s not just about saying hello, you’ve already…?!”

“As expected! I knew Brother would notice.”

Ronian’s face beamed with pride, his desire to showcase his achievement clear as day.

And just as he intended, Logan was genuinely filled with wonder.

“At merely fourteen years old… Hmm.”

In Logan’s previous life, Ronian had awakened his force only during the territorial wars, and there had been concern that his regression might delay his younger brother’s achievements.

Instead, they had been accelerated, which was a curious turn of events.

“Due to your influence. When I heard you returned, I rushed out to see you, but these knights tried to stop me…”


It was then that Logan noticed the battered armor of the knights standing behind Ronian.

The circumstances surrounding the awakening were absurd, but it wasn’t the end of it.

‘Escaping from two knights immediately after awakening?’

This suggested that his brother’s talent was exceptional, and the news was enough to lift Logan’s spirits.

“Hah, hahaha, ahahaha! Well done, Roni!”

Ronian’s earliest achievement shined even brighter.

And as for…

‘Once Roni’s force stabilizes, should I also teach him the secrets of the divine sword?’

Not only could Logan repay the emotional debt to his brother, but also lay the most solid foundation for overcoming future crises.

It was an unavoidable joy for Logan.

Ronian’s success did not just bring joy to Logan alone.

That day, the news of Ronian’s awakening shook the entire McLaine family.

County force awakening did not guarantee one would become an Aura user, but the likelihood was certainly higher.

The McLaine barony had been established by a former Aura user, and Ronian was believed to be the genius who could bring greatness to the family, stirring excitement throughout.

On the other hand, Logan, compared to his recent past, could not escape being harshly judged.

Of course, the man himself was busy with his own affairs, unbothered by their opinions.

* * *

“There certainly are more C-rank mercenaries who can ride than I thought. With long-term contracts and horses on offer, the mercenaries from across the country nearly flocked here.”

“Is that so? Good grief, selecting just 350 reputable individuals from among them was no easy task, so don’t look at me like that. It took effort to cut off at that point.”

“More should have been accepted, you say? This madness… Ahahaha. Sorry. It appears my limited insight was lacking.”

Dwayne had done his job too well.

A considerable force of 350 C-rank mercenaries, or several company-sized military units, had gathered, armed, in the McLaine territory.

They might not be enough to challenge the barony, but they were plenty to cause disorder.

And so, they had to stay in a nearly dilapidated villa in the southern part of the territory, under the surveillance of the knights, providing their own food and lodging for anywhere between five to ten days.

As the days of waiting added up, naturally, the mercenaries grew more dissatisfied.

“Surely they didn’t trick us?”

“A mere barony wouldn’t be foolish enough to offend the Mercenary Guild.”

“Who knows? Maybe they have gone mad, especially that eldest son with the bad reputation.”

“Ah, I’ve heard about that. He might really be crazy.”

“Damn it, are we just wasting our time?”

“Think before you speak. Considering their relationship with the Guild, the barony will surely compensate us well.”

“What? Seriously?!”

As Logan’s reputation worsened with each passing day and the accumulated stress weighed on them, the mercenaries were on the verge of exploding.

And then, the subject of the rumors himself stood before them.

* * *

“Mounted crossbowmen… you say?”


Logan’s nonchalant response made Kai question him once more.

“You’re not confusing them with bowmen, are you?”

“No, actual crossbowmen.”

“Sir… Logan. A crossbow is not an efficient weapon for cavalry. Not even in wars…”

“I know.”

“Excuse me?”

While crossbows had vastly superior power to bows, even an untrained person would take over a minute to load one on the ground.

With such a force, even if they carried several loaded crossbows, they’d run out of firepower after engaging for more than a minute – an embarrassingly ineffective unit.

So naturally, Kai was in disbelief.

“But regardless of what you might think if you consider it a waste of money.”


“Just train them thoroughly. There’s a reason, and you’ll find out eventually.”

Despite the awkward smile and nod from Kai, Logan chuckled.

He was half-joking, but it seemed that was indeed Kai’s initial thought.

Yet Logan didn’t want to fuss about it.

What mattered now was ensuring the mercenaries were under firm control to undergo the necessary training.

Logan’s gaze shifted to the training ground near the villa, where a discordant group of mercenaries bustled about.

They wore various mismatched garb, typical of their independent lives, and were not the types to let any slight pass them by.

Even a brief observation suggested organizing them into a single unit for training wouldn’t be easy.

‘First, I need to establish discipline.’

A deadly smile spread across Logan’s face.

“If you’d trust me with it.”

Kai stepped forward, sensing his obligation through Logan’s gaze.

“No, you might bring some calm, at least on the surface.”


“I’ll handle it myself; you just observe.”


Mercenaries were driven by money, but endless handouts would make them view their benefactor as a fool.

It was an unfortunate reality for those whose lives were hewn by the blade.

And a veteran warrior from a past life knew just how to dominate such individuals.

* * *

“Look over there.”


“Oh? A flame emblem. Is he some young noble?”

“Shh, he must be that eldest son.”

From the moment Logan approached the villa, whispers followed him, growing louder as he entered the large yard serving as a training field.

“Look at those peach fuzz.”

“Is he even of age?”

“I’ll bet my own hand he’s not.”

“Where do you intend to use my hand?”

Some could scarcely make sense of it…

“There, isn’t that Harun’s Kai behind him?”


“The greatest A-rank, Kai.”

“Oh, I think I’ve heard of him.”

Those who recognized Kai walking behind Logan.

“Tch. It’s obvious he’s been raised well.”

“Ah, this wretched life. I hate nobles more and more each time I see one.”

“Must be nice, being born to lucky parents. Damn it, I don’t even know my own parents.”

And the ones who made it abundantly clear how rough their lives had been.

With each face in the crowd expressing their own take, Logan searched for one in particular.

“Look at that guy in armor. My goodness, he even carries a sword. Planning to play soldier?”

Specifically, someone who thought they were sneaky enough to scoff behind his back.

As Logan stopped, he pinpointed the man.

“Hey you.”

“Me? Are you speaking to me?”

“Do I look funny wearing my armor and carrying a sword?”

“…Wh-what are you talking about?”

The mercenary who had been smirking moments ago couldn’t fathom that Logan had overheard his comments.

“Well, I suppose that’s a thought you might have, if you had the skills to back it up.”

“Excuse me?”

“But for a mere C-rank mercenary to look down on others? Know your place.”

That simple statement froze many of those who had belittled Logan, along with the few who viewed him somewhat favorably.

“You seem to have a sense of pride. Are my words displeasing? Well then, good.”

Stepping into the center of the training field, Logan looked around before spreading his arms wide.

“It doesn’t have to be this fool, but anyone who challenges me and can land even a single blow will be paid a year’s worth on the spot and dismissed. This is a pledge on the honor of a noble, and all of you here are witnesses.”

Startled by Logan’s unexpected proposal, the mercenaries stared at him in disbelief.

When nobody moved for a while despite Logan’s challenge, he nudged Kai, who was standing behind him. With a sigh, Kai stepped forward.

“There must be friends here who know me. This young lord keeps his word. Anyone is welcome to try.”



“Me! I’ll do it!”

At Kai’s word, the mercenaries finally realized Logan was serious and the noise level surged again.

Logan gestured to the first mercenary who had scoffed at him.

“Fine then, why don’t you go first?”

“Alright. Let’s not go back on our words!”

With bravado, the large mercenary stepped forward, his towering figure loomed over 2 meters.

His bulging muscles and size would make anyone believe he was at least A-rank rather than C-rank.

And he looked quite strong, gripping two massive clubs in each hand from their crossed position on his back.

“Isn’t that Hail?”

“Wait, isn’t he B-rank?”

“Not yet I suppose? Maybe after this job?”

For Logan, the man was nothing more than an amusement.

‘So you were confident because of that stature.’

The mercenary brashly stepped forward and shouted.

“Alright then, contractee, come at me!”

“Me first? You’ll regret it.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve had more meals of the blade than you have had hot dinners.”

“Oh? Is that so? As you wish, then.”


As Logan’s words finished, a chopping sound pierced through the air.

Nobody saw Logan’s swift strike to the brown-haired mercenary’s chin.

All they saw was a burst of red and gold light and a sudden gale, and in that instant, the mercenary was flying in the air.

While the crowd looked on, aghast.

Blurp. Crunch. Thud.


The mercenary’s body tumbled across the ground, his face a ruin.

“If you’re going to flap your gums, at least have the skill to back it up.”

Logan spoke coldly, his face impassive as he looked around.

“Anyone else want to flap their gums?”

Every mercenary surrounding them avoided Logan’s piercing gaze.


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