Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 146


Regressor of the Fallen family

Regressor of the Fallen Family Chapter 146

Chapter 146

In the northern part of McLaine, an entire corner of a nameless mountain crumbled away, transforming into the figure of a massive golem.

Thud. Thud.

The golem, easily thirty meters in height, left deep footprints in the field as it approached, its powerful presence overwhelming all who watched.

Its impressive stride ceased upon reaching a specific location, where it collapsed into rubble.


“There, a dozen or so more rounds like this and we’ll have enough earth and stone to build a fortress. Put your back into it, mage.”

“Heh. Hehehe.”

Clayton laughed with a touch of madness in response to the dwarven miner’s jest, likely because he had heard the same comment ten times over.

By his reasoning, the mounds of earth and stone already seemed sufficient to build a fortress, but he couldn’t ignore the words of an expert.

Thus, with the power amplified from obtaining the top-grade artifact, Clayton managed to move an entire ridgeline in one day – a feat that sent many rushing towards the piled earth and stone.

“The Master has the artifact, but why must we…”

“It’s a priceless treasure, they say.”

“So why are we?”

“Well, it does feel like more toil than before, even though he settled here for our sake.”

“Brothers! Are you not working?! Keep this up, and I’ll tell the Master!!”

While Greck and Enan grumbled, they jumped at the sharp voice that cut through from behind them.


“Oh, when did you arrive, our Ria. Ah. Haha.”

Victoria, the new disciple who joined after their arrival in this territory, had formed a bond with them since the days of the Tower of Earth.

The young girl’s cuteness and genius endeared her not only to her Master but also to all her senior peers.

“I’ve been watching you all along! I could really…”

Even her threatening posture with her hands on her hips was adorable.

Yet the threat of invoking their Master was enough to instill fear in Greck and Enan, who pointed in unison to the front without any delay.

“See! Look! My golem!”

“Me too! I’m working harder than anyone!”

They were filled with a sense of injustice, and for good reason. Greck, who had just entered the 4th Circle, commanded a golem over five meters tall, shoveling earth, and Enan, now at the 3rd Circle, was doing the same with a nearly three-meter tall golem.

Even as they bantered, their golems worked autonomously, showcasing the demeanor expected of Clayton’s top disciples.

They were well aware that the downfall of McLaine would spell disaster for them as well, and they weren’t simply wasting time with complaints.

Unfortunately for them, their excuses did not convince Victoria.

“Why not use other spells?! The others are struggling!”

“Well, you see, our realm has only recently advanced, so…”

“It’s difficult to control the golems…”

She made a face as if to threaten them, when a nearly two-meter tall golem, one of three she commanded, continued to work behind her despite only having 2nd Circle mana.

‘Right, I used golem magic even at the 1st Circle. Normally, it shouldn’t be possible.’

‘To think she has become this adept so soon…’

The situation was frustrating, but they couldn’t show weakness.

Or rather, they didn’t want to.

‘I have my pride as a senior.’

‘Do it. I can do it!’

Gritting their teeth, they summoned all their mana.

“Earth Wall!”

“Solid Ground!”

Their mana surged, causing the earth to rise and then promptly solidify into sturdy forms.

It was a splendid joint magic that only long-standing brothers could perform, and their golems, powered by one-tenth Master’s mana and nine-tenths gemstone energy, worked tirelessly, shaping the earth into walls and steps.

‘Good grief, brother. I nearly messed up my mana…’

‘Me too. It’s suffocating.’

Though their eyes communicated only pain, their faces were smiling.

“How about that?”

“We’re doing well, aren’t we?”

Victoria simply gave a thumbs up in response to the pleading gaze of her younger peers.

“Keep it up, can we? How often can we do it? Once an hour? Every two hours?”

“If we put our mind to it, we could do it every thirty minutes…wait…”

What was that?!

Greck shot a reproving glance at Enan, who, pale-faced, awkwardly laughed and showed a new trick—wordless pleading.

Victoria turned cheerfully to report back to the Master, as Greck angrily shook Enan.

“You fool, there are things you should and shouldn’t say…”

As Enan’s pleading cries faded into the background, Victoria silently apologized in her heart.

‘Sorry, senior.’

But she had her reasons—her Master’s earlier words echoed in her mind, telling her that others were inspired by her talent and that their magic would grow with each challenge.

‘Faster! It must be built stronger and completed sooner. Only then will our territory survive.’

She held an intense desire to save McLaine, which now felt like her own hometown after how much she had grown there.

The shape slowly forming on the plain still seemed too slow to Victoria.

So, she went on.

“Senior Truce. What are you doing over there?!”

“Ri, Ria! No, just a bit tired.”

She had no choice but to push the seniors hard.

Truce’s flustered response made Ria sigh deeply.

‘The Master is busy.’

From afar, her Master managed twenty-three-meter-tall golems with an immense mana, fully focused on his work, leaving no room for trivial reports.

‘Senior Truce is a 2nd Circle Master. An Earth Wall every hour…’

Victoria meticulously timed and memorized the limits of her seniors, visiting them periodically.

The shadows under the senior brothers’ eyes deepened with each visit, but the construction soared higher at the same rate.

* * *

Due to its location on the northern mountains, the McLaine fortress had been built to the south to ward off monsters from the southern ranges.

Consequently, the plain between the fortress and the northern mountain range, that is, the McLaine Town, spanned over ten kilometers.

Wide enough for an invading force to bypass McLaine fortress and directly target the town.

In the middle of the plain, in just one week, eleven mages and more than ten thousand able-bodied men, driven by an enormous budget, created a miracle.

“We did it!”

“We’ve accomplished it!”

“Who would have thought such a feat was possible!”

Cheers filled the plains, resembling the victorious triumphant shouts of a war-weary army.

And indeed, they had achieved the near impossible.

No one would believe the fortress was built in just a week, for it stood grandly in the midst of the plain.

As the cheers echoed, Clayton reported the results to Logan with exhaustion etched on his face.

“A diameter of 5 km, the walls are uniformly erected in a circle, and without internal structures, we maximized the wall’s thickness to 50 m, raised the merlons and created support and stair columns on each floor. Soldiers can target enemies outside the fortress through the gaps on the three-tier merlons.”

Logan nodded, impressed by the design tailored to their purpose.

“Like in Tomodo’s defense, we polished the outer walls to minimize outward protrusions, applied oil processed with magic to prevent burning, and made the walls tough to climb. The castle ditch was similarly designed, partially diverting the dam. The gates were placed on all four sides, but without the use of magic from the inside, they wouldn’t open and are much stronger than normal.”

Logan’s mouth widened in amazement as he listened.

“The design and construction were overseen by the Hammer Guild and the dwarf smiths. The labor included my disciples, myself, and the voluntary cooperation of the local militia.”


“Is something the matter?”

“Of course not, I’m just astonished by the result.”

A relieved Clayton breathed out.

All the sleepless nights and hard work had paid off.

“It’s even stronger than McLaine fortress, isn’t it? The durability is without question, right?”

“We poured every last mana stone you supplied into the magic. The walls won’t crumble for at least three months.”

“Remarkable. It was expensive, but worth it—if I knew it would turn out this well, I might have opted for an even larger and more enduring structure… Yes, I know this is the best we could do. Please, it’s just a joke.”

They knew well they couldn’t do more, even if asked.

“Now, since both sides will arrive within a week anyway.”

Had Logan really considered asking for more?

Clayton suppressed the urge to shout out his complaints, focusing on the present reality.

“But will we be able to hold off, or rather, win? They’re essentially half the royal army.”

“It’s possible. We have weapons they don’t.”

The weapons and supplies were already stacked inside the fortress: repeating crossbows in overwhelming numbers and the economical bombs, Liberatio. Those were certainly enough to justify the confidence.

“But what if they stay out of range and force us to waste resources?”

“Excuse me?”

“Once the magazines and Liberatio are exhausted, our current forces are essentially twenty thousand civilians.”

Clayton pinpointed the root of the concern circulating among the lords and questioned Logan, a perfectly rational worry that the enemy would transition to that tactic sooner or later.

‘After all, they wouldn’t be reckless enough to trample us whatever the cost.’

Logan’s response was straightforward.

“Oh, we’ll just have to end the war before then.”

Are you planning to send the militia charging at the enemy if you’ve built the fortress? They’ll all be killed!!

Clayton tensed, but then he heard Logan’s reassurance.

“Just hold on. If you can do that, I will end the war.”

He was reminded of a year gone by, a story he heard on the tumultuous Tomodo battlefield. And because of that, the promise felt unsettling.

Swallowing hard.

“You have a surefire plan this time, right?”

“…Of course.”

That short hesitation, why did it instill so much uncertainty?

Clayton didn’t press further.

Or rather, he couldn’t.

He feared that if he did and didn’t accept the answer, he would lose even the fighting spirit in his heart.

And as that thought crossed his mind, a wry smile appeared on his lips.

‘I’ve truly become a part of McLaine.’

When had this transformation occurred? It seemed sudden, but when he considered it, it was inevitable.

The artifact from the Tower of Wind, Atlan’s Staff, which had come into his possession.

The monstrously talented disciple he’d gained here.

His disciples who had begun to grow after continuous challenges to the impossible ends.

To hold onto all this, he had to protect McLaine.

‘This is now my home.’

Unbeknownst to him, he was mirroring the thoughts his youngest disciple had just days before, as he clenched his fist.

Days later, the McLaine territory would face an enormous army.


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