Regressor of the Fallen Family chapter 117


Regressor of the Fallen Family Chapter 117

Chapter 117

News that the young lord had vacated his seat in the McLaine territory did not spread widely outside. However, murmurs began to emerge from within the territory itself as the young lord, who was usually at the forefront giving work instructions and supervising training, had not shown his face for nearly ten days.

Yet, as the Lord who knew Logan’s whereabouts and the magician Clayton who had aided him kept silent, no one in the territory dared inquire about the young lord’s whereabouts. The only problem, though, was that despite the situation, knights from ruined families began knocking on the doors of McLaine Town one by one.

A neutral powerhouse actively recruiting knights, offering generous conditions—it was an attractive option for knights who had lost their affiliations due to war. Among them were some who sought to exploit the situation. The knights, Tenan, Dylan, and Jacob, now raising their voices in the manor office, were such examples.

“We came here because we heard that the young lord was recruiting.”

“How can it be that the person in question is not present?”

“Isn’t it against propriety?”

Having lost their liege in the civil strife, the three, who had met on the way to McLaine Town and had gotten along despite their recently formed acquaintanceship, were, surprisingly, a good match. The absurdity that the ones seeking appointment were now voicing complaints did not pass unnoticed, but they had their own calculations.

McLaine had made a fortune through something, and it also took control of the stronghold of the Bifrost, one of the three wealthiest families in the kingdom. In other words, they became incredibly wealthy and were actively seeking to expand their power. With just cause, they could demand better terms, banking on the fear of rumors if nothing else.

…or so they thought.

Thus, these three pressured the civil servant accommodating them with polite yet forceful voices. Naturally, the official facing them felt like he was on the edge of death.

‘But they are guests who have come upon the young lord’s invitation.’

The bald Regal Hice kept wiping sweat off his forehead and forced a smile.

“Ahaha… The young lord will emerge as soon as he completes his seclusion training. If you could stay here until then…”

“No. How long are we expected to wait? We need a definite answer before then. We’re not in a position to wait around.”

Do they think we have the luxury to wait, the scoundrel?

Regal was filled with doubts whether he should earnestly welcome these ruffian knights. At that moment, one influential figure passing by in front of his office extended a helping hand.

“Hmm? Regal? Are they guests? They’re dressed as knights?”

“Ah! Sir Heinckel! You’ve arrived at just the right time. These knights have come from the front lines, and they wish to meet the young lord to negotiate terms… Ah, knights. This is Sir Heinckel, the commander of McLaine’s knighthood.”

With relief, Regal explained the situation, and the observing knights stepped forward.

“I am Tenan from Tainan. Back home, I was known as Tenan of the Strong Sword. It’s an honor to meet you.”

“I am Dylan from Gepfield. Likewise, in my hometown, comrades called me Dylan of the Swift Sword.”

“I am Jacob from Tehennan. The Brute Force…”

“Ah. Okay, I got it. All of you have epithets, so you must be exceptional. I’m envious; I don’t have one.”

Jacob, cut off, displayed an awkward expression but didn’t dwell on it further. He stood before the strong territory’s commander of the knighthood—a man who would become their superior if they were employed here.

All three simultaneously waved their hands dismissively.

“No, it’s just a nickname from the countryside.”

“My comrades would be the ones acknowledging that.”

“As for me, enemies found me rather fearsome, but here…”

“Well, we can test that later, can’t we? I’d rather see skills than words.”

Heinckel’s casual demeanor did not feel out of place.

“Yes! That’s right!”

“We’ve heard of McLaine’s fame…”

“We know of the commander’s reputation…”

“Save the chatter. I have something to say.”

Heinckel, with a hand raised, cut them off, his gaze coldly scanning them.

“Our young lord values ability and rewards it accordingly. If you want better treatment, prove your abilities. I’d prefer skills over words.”

Chilled by Heinckel’s firm words, the three couldn’t help but nod awkwardly.

* * *

“Load! Fire!”

A torrent of quarrels from hundreds of soldiers followed the command, turning the trees before them into swiss cheese. The flood of bolts they had unleashed was unprecedented, and the three knights could not help but express their awe.

“The soldiers are well-trained indeed.”

“I’m amazed. I didn’t know there were crossbows like this.”

“Now I see why McLaine is so prosperous.”

Mounting their horses, they clapped their hands in admiration. That’s when Regal inwardly scoffed.

‘Are these guys knights or flatterers? Why couldn’t they act like this with me?’

While he aired his grievances to himself, Heinckel soberly corrected the knights’ misunderstanding.

“They are not soldiers. They are the militias.”


“Like, the village militias?”

“They are not official soldiers even with such equipment?”

“That’s another great thing about our Lord. It’s trouble if you’re only impressed by this.”

Thinking they were just showing off, the three smiled awkwardly, their exchanged glances plainly expressing their thoughts.

‘They’re probably just making it seem more than it is.’

‘There are ten forts, and for only two to three hundred militias? There must be hundreds of villages.’

But as they headed to the practice field and saw such groups time and again, their thinking inevitably began to change.

“Surely not every group is from a single village…?”

“That would be a stretch, even for us.”

“Ah, yes, of course…”

“They are assembled in units from three villages.”

“Three… villages?”

“In the last few days, it’s been collective training. Most are gathered nearby. It also doubles as preparation for a new town construction, so you’ll see many on your way.”

Speechless they remained, and upon arriving at the knight training grounds, their words had completely vanished.

“Try to block this!”


“I’ll leave you with your life, at least!”


“Shut your mouth, or you’ll lose your teeth!”


The violent noise belied it was a sparring session with wooden swords. The air seemed to tear with each swing, and the imbued sword force in the blows was palpable.

Most knights possessed such techniques, and their basic forms were also alarmingly similar. As knights who had been on the field for years, Tenan, Dylan, and Jacob knew the implication of what they witnessed.

The knights appeared to be on par with them, yet clearly, they displayed a level of skill far beyond.

“Aren’t those average knight swords imbued with unusual strength? Could there be…a intermediate-grade swordsmanship exclusive to McLaine’s knights?”

“That’s right.”

“Then, if we join, we could…”

“Of course, it’ll be taught.”

“We would like to join!”

“No, we wish to join!”

“Just meet the minimum requirements!”

Their previously haughty attitude had vanished. However, Heinckel didn’t nod in agreement.

“It’s up to you.”


“We can’t take in every knight who comes looking, can we? We have to test them.”

– Knights should just be accepted.

– With training, they’ll become adequate.

– If they don’t turn out right, then deal with them then.

Ignoring the straightforward and harsh philosophy of his lord at this moment, Heinckel had not taken a liking to their conduct in the manor.

“We’ll do whatever it takes!”

“Test us, please!”

“What should we start with?!”

Ignoring their eager responses, he said, “For now, watch the training. After the official session, we’ll hear your thoughts and proceed with the test.”

Will they maintain the same attitude then, Heinckel wondered, his cold smile making the three knights’ eyes quiver.

Knights who had injuries from the wooden sword sparring were quickly healing with provided potions.


“They’re using potions during training?”

“Is that real?”

“Of course, it’s real. Though they are diluted potions.”

Even that was a luxury compared to ordinary knighthood training. However, the limit of a low-grade diluted potion was clear, and a few knights with broken bones had to withdraw from the training.

And yet, these knights seemed eager, burning with spirit for another go.

“Garren. Next time, it’ll be your ribs!”

“Ha-ha, let’s see in a few days.”

A few days?

Heinckel happily clarified for the bewildered three, “There’s a temple in Bifrost serving McLaine Town and here… well, this will soon be the second town. In any case, we have a clinic with priests stationed to attend to us. A fracture’s nothing, only a few days to heal. Priests won’t join the war, but they assist in training.”

More astonished admiration bubbled up within them. With an advanced mid-tier swordsmanship offered, despite the rigorous training, the welfare seemed exceptional. Again, a desire to join welled up inside them.

“End of training! We ride back to McLaine Town.”


As Heinckel clapped, the knights ending their rest were forced to let out a groan.

“The knights’ passion is impressive.”

“Is it disappointment that training is over?”

“Haha. I should work hard too.”

They stayed excited, praising the atmosphere, until they watched the weary knights not mount their horses but pick them up and run.

“They said it was horseback training, didn’t they?”

“Our horseback training involves the horse riding the person.”

Silence fell over them.

What nonsense is this?

Heinckel smirked, reading their thoughts. “You’re not in our knighthood, so don’t worry. Regal, take your time riding back.”


“Alright, let’s go!”


As Regal responded, Heinckel too lifted his steed and started sprinting back the way he had come.

The three stood dumbfounded, then followed suit, though they couldn’t bring themselves to actually ride and leap with their horses.

“Hold on! What about the horses you rode…?”

The administrative officer’s voice failed to catch up with the galloping knights.

“Damn it. Why does everyone have the same reaction?”

Muttered Regal, but a faint smile played on his lips.

The knights who had recently come to McLaine were not the first. Their reactions alone made it clear how strong the territory was becoming.

And soon enough, their choice would be the same.

Filled with pride for his noble house, Regal led three horses leisurely back the way he came.

* * *

Leading the charge on foot, holding the reins of the knights’ horses, Heinckel soon caught up with the front of the knighthood. Yet it wasn’t a tiresome exercise for him, having reached the advanced stage of Force users. Instead, he comfortably checked on the knights, taking delight (perhaps) in their distorted faces.

Particularly in the ‘young’ three leading the group, who showed a stark change in behavior and skill after the Bifrost seizure—or accurately, since Tomodo’s defense. Among them, one was the Lord’s son, and another, a female knight no one had imagined in this place before the siege.

‘Whatever lesson they got from Tomodo…’

As long as they didn’t overdo it, it wasn’t a concern.

With their faces set in grim determination, running harder than anyone else, the visages of these three knights embedded themselves deeply in Heinckel’s mind.


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